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Periodic Goal Statements

One year goal statements:

In one year I hope to be attending University of Chicago double
majoring in East Asian Languages and Evolutionary and Ecological Biology,
this is important to me due to my passion for biology and Mandarin as a
language. In order to reach this goal I am currently in my 7th year of Chinese
and taking multiple biology related courses to prepare. If I dont achieve this
goal, I will study elsewhere, while still double majoring.
In one year I will join and apply for study abroad programs in order to
submerge myself in East Asian languages, right now to achieve this goal I am
broadening my idea of the world and if I dont reach this goal I will immerse
myself into language within my own communities.
In one year I hope to be well rooted in my college community, with
many contacts and good relationships with professors, this is important to
have to be a well-rounded student and to becoming a well-rounded adult. If I
dont achieve my goal I will attempt to become a well-rounded person
through other means.
Five year goal statements:
In five years I hope to be in a graduate program at University of
Chicago, studying East Asian Languages or Evolutionary Biology. This is
important because my goal in life is to be a researcher who is well rounded,
as well as able to translate scientific texts. Right now to reach this goal I am
studying my hardest in both fields. If I dont achieve this goal, I wont be as
competitive in the job market as I desire.
In five years I hope to be near fluent in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean,
this is important as language is the greatest tool a person can use, to
prepare for this I am currently learning the alphabets and phonetics for each

of these languages. If I do not reach my goal, I will continue to persevere and

In five years I hope to be able to communicate with others in as many
languages as possible, this is important as native languages allow people to
forge stronger connections and deeper understandings. Similar to my
previous goal I am learning as much as I can about other cultures and
languages in order to utilize that information in a classroom setting. If I dont
achieve this goal I will continue to strive to achieve it.
Ten year goal statements:
In ten years, I hope to have my masters in either Evolutionary Biology
and East Asian Languages, this is important as it will show that I am fluent in
the studies I have chosen. I am attempting to achieve this goal by looking
into many programs which might aide my growth and understandings, if I
dont achieve this goal I will be deterred from the work I hope to do.
In ten years, I hope to be working in China as a teacher or translator,
this is important as language immersion is the best way to always know a
language, and china itself is one of the most diverse places for languages. To
achieve this goal Im speaking to my Chinese teacher about her experiences
as a translator. If I dont achieve this goal I will seek work in America or
another East Asian country.
In ten years I hope to have a well-established group of friends who will
support me, this is important due to the dynamics of being an adult often
requiring help and support from others. I am attempting to prepare for this
by meeting many different people from different backgrounds. If I dont
achieve this I might be socially stunted as I enter the job market.