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Direction: Choose the word closes in meaning with the underlined word. On your Answer Sheet, shade
the box that corresponds to the letter of the correct answer.
1. The lawyer was accused of trying to mulct his client of his legacy.
a. Destroy
d. Suggest
b. Avenge
e. Swindle
c. Appease
2. They resent his duplicitous posing as a friend for they know he is interested only on his advancement.
a. Deceitful
d. Narrow-minded
b. Excessive
e. Modest
c. Exaggerated
3. Health benefits and financial assistance are part of the remuneration that goes with the position.
a. Allowances
d. Compensation
b. Advantages
e. Package
c. Contribution
4. Because of the drug’s soporific effect, you should not drive after taking it.
a. Monotonous
d. Poignant
b. Inimical
e. Poisonous
c. Noxious
5. Jamaica feigned illness so she could avoid attending the school meetings.
a. Deserved
d. Escaped
b. Pretended
e. Tolerated
c. Condoned
6. Indulgent parents spoil their children by giving in to their every demands and whims.
a. Beneficial
d. Lenient
b. Generous
e. Indecisive
c. Loving
7. News of the surreptitious meeting of the Magdalo Group gradually leaked out to the media.
a. Covert
d. Grand
b. Illegal
e. Constant
c. Nightly
8. Science is constantly seeking to discover the immutable laws of nature.
a. Varied
d. Impenetrable
b. Constant
e. Silent
c. Absolute
9. Somebody has to corroborate your evidence; otherwise, it will not stand as defense in court.
a. Witness
d. Negate
b. Collaborate
e. Uphold
c. Be credible
10. The depravity of the criminal’s behavior shocked all.
a. Deprivations
d. Effects
b. Gravity
e. Harshness
c. Immorality
11. The ancient city was labyrinth of narrow, winding streets.
a. Confusion
d. Maze
b. Collection
e. Path
c. Model
12. Marikina was frightened by the amorphous mass which had floated in from the sea.
a. Rock-hard
d. Solid
b. Vague
e. Rotting
c. Star like

Direction: Choose the word closest in meaning with the capitalized word. On your Answer Sheet, shade
the box that corresponds to the letter of the correct answer.
a. react
c. burn
b. flow
d. decay
a. revolve
c. transform
b. expand
d. change
a. understandable
c. loud
b. unclear
d. equivalent

a. violent
b. cruel
a. speculate
b. consider
a. election
b. constitution
a. hesitation
b. suffering

c. unbroken
d. dictatorial
c. stimulate
d. force
c. permission
d. right
c. concern
d. difficulty

Direction: Choose the word opposite in meaning with the underlined word. On your Answer Sheet, shade
the box that corresponds to the letter of the correct answer.
20. He often got into trouble because he was brusque.
a. blunt
c. civil
b. rude
d. curt
21. That yonder youth is more studious than the nearer one.
a. lonesome
c. closer
b. farther
d. thither
22. The strong current of the floodwaters caused the wooden bridge to vacillate.
a. collapse
c. vibrate
b. sway
d. be firm
23. The vindictive politician spread rumors about his opponent.
a. revengeful
c. spiteful
b. forgiving
d. malicious
24. Never operate a machine once you are inebriated.
a. sober
c. sleepy
b. drunk
d. active
25. The people inveighed against the sharp increase in oil prices.
a. admitted
c. accepted
b. amended
d. deliberated
26. Don’t be so obtrusive but instead, mind your own business.
a. reserved
c. nosey
b. snoopy
d. interfering

Direction: Choose the letter where the word is misspelled.
a. Synoptic
d. Temperate
b. Ocasional
e. No error
c. Loathe
a. Wieght
d. Execute
b. Document
e. No error
c. Eccentric
a. Transgresion
d. All misspelled
b. Transcent
e. No error
c. Inmunity
a. Conspicuous
d. Dormant
b. Commission
e. No error
c. Dissipate
a. Tranquillizer
d. All misspelled
b. Pessimism
e. No error
c. Solemnity
a. Congregassion
d. All misspelled
b. Presumption
e. No error
c. Professional

Direction: In each question, decide which one of the letters would most suitably complete the sentence.
On your Answer Sheet, shade the box that corresponds to the letter of the correct answer.
33. As environmentalists recently _________ in studying the effects of natural caused forest fires, some
phenomena that appeared on the surface to be destructive, often have a hidden _________ effect on
the balance of nature.

a. hypothesized---------catastrophic
b. disproved---------beneficial
c. uncovered---------positive
d. disclosed---------unenvironmental
e. determined---------disastrous
34. The members of the Anti-Graft and Corruption league vowed to _________ all traces of _________
between private citizens and those in government service.
a. abhor---------animosity
b. exterminate---------controversy
c. instigate---------contact
d. eradicate---------collusion
e. impound---------ties
35. Diana kept her late parents’ heirlooms, not for any _________ value it had, but for purely _________
a. financial---------pecuniary
b. potential---------monetary
c. ornamental---------aesthetic
d. intrinsic---------sentimental
e. personal---------accidental
36. Because our supply of fossil fuel like coal has been sadly _________, we must find _________ sources
of energy.
a. exhausted---------efficient
b. depleted---------alternate
c. stored---------hoarded
d. increased---------available
e. compensated---------significant
37. Because Billy was _________ in the performance of his duties, his employers could not _________ his
a. dilatory---------grumble at
b. derelict---------quarrel over
c. undisciplined---------object to
d. industrious---------complain about
e. mandatory---------count on
38. The _________ pack of wolves’ _________ the herd of cattle in their relentless search a stray calf.
a. voracious---------stalked
b. treacherous---------followed
c. nocturnal---------guided
d. mendacious---------pursued
e. meandering---------harassed

Direction: Select the best meaning of the underlined word.
39. He got the money to fund his checks in the bank at the eleventh hour.
a. 11:00 AM
b. 11:00 PM
c. just in time
d. 11th hour of the day
40. A man was caught red-handed stealing a can of sardine in a department store.
a. with red stain upon the hands
b. captured in the direct act
c. accused
d. locked up
41. One day, out of the blue, I got a call from a friend I hadn't heard from in years.
a. unexpected event
b. outside the house
c. expected event
d. the color blue
42. During final exam week, many students will burn the midnight oil.
a. study with lights on
b. sleep all throughout the night
c. to work very late into the night
d. sleep with lights on

Direction: Choose the letter that corresponds to the word or phrase that will correctly complete each
43. We should _________ on our expenditures and spend only on our needs.
a. cut short
c. cut back
b. cut up
d. cut out
44. People of all races should try to _______ with each other.

a. get around
c. get at
b. get along
d. get over
45. We should grow wiser as time _________.
a. goes along
c. goes down
b. goes by
d. goes through
46. The partying teens were told to ______ the noise.
a. hold down
c. hold on
b. hold forth
d. hold with
47. A gust of strong wind _______ the old wooden swing.
a. knocked around
c. knocked down
b. knocked back
d. knocked out
48. A number of factory workers were _______ due to retrenchment.
a. laid aside
c. laid off
b. laid away
d. laid out

Direction: The sentences below contain errors in idioms, grammar, word choice, English Usage, etc.
Choose the underlined words or phrases labeled (A, B, C, D) which are not accepted to formal written
English. Choose the letter (E) if there is no error.
49. The possible effects of television viewing
needs to be explored further. No error.
50. Every weekdays, Che and Char goes to
school together. No error.
51. Nick Joaquin, one of the exceptional Filipino
writers, is also known for Quijano de Manila.
No error.
52. Some people believes that one could see his
future mate by looking into a mirror on May
evening. No error.
53. Jose Garcia Villa was a recipient of
numerous awards, between them, the
“National Artist Award for Literature”.
No error.
54. The Far Eastern University (FEU) also gave
he a Doctor of Literature honoris causa in
1959, aside from asking him to be a visiting
professor. No error.
55. Between the numerous prose writers, I think
Nick Joaquin is the best. No error.
56. Those are work of famous authors. No error.
57. The professor asked her a question about
they. No error.

58. Literature seem elusive to people who
profess indifference to it. No error.
59. It appeals both to the readers intellect and
passion. No error.
60. Robert Frost, an American poet, defines
literature as “performance in words”.
No error.


Direction: Read the following groups of sentences carefully and answer the questions that follow. On your
Answer Sheet, shade the box that corresponds to the letter of the correct answer.
A. Not only that, paying taxes also means the government will no longer need to acquire loans to fill the
budget deficit.
B. Every citizen should lend a hand in pursuing economic progress.
C. One way to do it is to pay one’s taxes correctly.
D. Paying correct taxes results in increased revenues that the government uses for infrastructures and
other projects.
E. So be good citizen and pay your taxes correctly.
61. What should be the second sentence?
a. A
c. C
e. E
b. B
d. D
62. What should be the fourth sentence?
a. A
c. C
e. E
b. B
d. D
63. What is the appropriate title for the above paragraph?
a. Economic Progress
b. A Citizen’s Duty
c. Taxing the Economy
d. Taxes and Economic Progress
e. Lend a Hand for Progress

II. A. Now we shall do everything we can to enforce
this law.
B. In the struggle against crime, government and people should join hands.
C. Republic Act 7659, the death penalty law is government’s response in law against cruelty and
D. The law’s main objective is not retribution but
reform and rehabilitation of offenders and would
be offenders.
E. All countries in the world are presently siege by violent crime.
64. What would the order of the sentences be?
a. C-E-B-A-D
d. A-C-E-B-D
b. E-B-C-D-A
e. C-B-E-D-A
c. C-E-D-A-B
III. A. Talk, read, and take time to bring your children to your place of work.
B. Be the role model thru sharing your world with your kids. This provides them see the need for
education and hard work.
C. Time is the most precious thing parents can give their children.
D. Giving children quality time promotes closer family ties.
65. What would the order of the sentences be?
a. A-C-B-D
d. D-C-B-A
b. D-A-B-C
e. D-B-A-C
c. B-A-C-D
IV. A. It is democratizing, equalizing element in a society.
B. A person has the right to have a profession through education.
C. A good university education gives mobility and social status.
D. It is a viable means to combat poverty and inequality.
66. What would the order of the sentences be?
a. A-B-C-D
d. C-B-D-A
b. D-C-B-A
e. D-B-C-A
c. B-A-D-C

V. A. Upon conviction, the guilty party is removed from office and the person can no longer occupy any
public office.
B. The House Justice Committee checks for probable cause of the complaints against the high official
C. The Phil. Constitution states that the President, Vice President, the members of the Supreme Court
and the Ombudsman may be removed from office by impeachment.
D. Impeachment is initiated only by a verified complaint for impeachment by 1/3 of all
members of
the House of Representatives.
E. The complaint is endorsed to the Senate.
67. What would the order of the sentences be?
a. A-B-C-D-E
d. C-B-D-E-A
b. A-C-B-D-E
e. C-A-B-D-E
c. C-D-A-B-E

Direction: Some or all parts of the following sentences are underlined. The first answer choice, (1),
simply repeats the underlined part of the sentence. The other four choices present four alternative ways to
phrase the underlined part. Select the answer that produces the most effective sentence, one that is clear
and exact. In selecting your choice, be sure that it is standard written English, and that it expresses the
meaning of the original sentence. On your Answer Sheet, shade the box that corresponds to the letter of
the correct answer.
68. The “Aurora Borealis” or Northern Lights, is so named because it is a light display that takes place in
the northern skies.
a. because it is a light display that takes place
b. as a light display taking place
c. because of taking place
d. due to the fact that it is a light display
e. contrary to the fact of taking place
69. The giving of foreign aid is a tool of national policy, the hoped-for return is often indirect and longterm.
a. policy, the hoped-for return is often indirect and long-term
b. policy, however the hoped-for return is often indirect and long-term.
c. policy, through the hoped-for return is often indirect and long-term.
d. policy, albeit the hoped-for return is often indirect and long term.
e. policy, despite the hoped-for return is often indirect and long term.
70. The difference between the candidates is that one is radical; the other, conservative.
a. one is radical; the other, conservative.
b. one is radical; the other being conservative.
c. while one is radical; the other, conservative
d. one is radical; the other, is conservative.
e. one is radical, although the other is more conservative.
71. Many middle class individuals find that they cannot obtain good medical attention, despite they need it
a. despite they need it badly.
b. despite their bad need of it.
c. in spite of they need it badly.
d. however, much they need it.
e. therefore, they need it badly.
72. If I would have known about the traffic jam at the area, I would have taken an alternate route.
a. If I would have known about
b. If I could have known about
c. If I would of known about
d. If I was aware of
e. Had I known about
73. Using it wisely, leisure promotes health, efficiency and happiness.
a. Using it wisely,
b. If used wisely,
c. Having used it wisely,
d. Because it is used wisely,
e. Because of usefulness,

Direction: Read each passage carefully and then answer the questions after it. On your Answer Sheet,
shade the box that corresponds to the letter of the correct answer.
Passage 1
When the tissues of the body are wounded, several events occur that resist the loss of blood from the cut
vessels and begin the healing processes. At the wound site, blood platelets swell and burst, releasing
chemicals that cause the arteries to constrict and thus slow the loss of blood. The platelets also initiate a
process that results in activation of prothrombin activator, an enzyme that converts a blood-protein
constituent called prothrombin to thrombin. In the presence of calcium ions, thrombin catalyzes the

conversion of another blood-protein component, fibrinogen, into fibrin threads. The fibrin threads form a
fine meshwork in the blood and together with trapped cells and other blood particles make a clot and
block further the escape of blood from the wound. In the hereditary disease hemophilia, there is
deficiency in the factors that activate the formation of prothrombin activator; the hemophiliac lacks the
ability to form clots at the point of wounding and may bleed to death from an apparently minor cut or
From: Biology by Norstog and Meyerriecks

74. What is the best title for the paragraph?
a. Blood and Its Uses
b. The Evolution of Blood
c. The Importance of Blood Clots
d. How a Blood Clot is Formed
75. What part of the blood plays an essential role in clot formation?
a. Blood proteins
c. Platelets
b. Fibrin
d. Red Blood Cells
76. What could happen to a hemophiliac should he get wounded?
a. Bleed to death
b. Blood clots will form immediately
c. He will have unlimited supply of blood
d. His blood will become infected
77. What is the first step in the formation of a blood clot?
a. Blood from cut vessel begins to flow
b. Blood platelets swell and burst, releasing chemicals
c. Prothrombin is activated
d. Formation of fibrin threads
78. How is fibrin threads formed?
a. Fibrinogen is converted into fibrin threads by the platelets
b. Thrombin and calcium ion catalyzes the conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin threads
c. Fibrin threads occur naturally in the blood
d. Fibrin threads are the result of the combination of the blood and its platelets
Passage 2
By Langston Hughes
Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.
79. What figure of speech did the author use in the first stanza?
a. simile
c. metaphor
b. hyperbole
d. irony
80. The author is a South African Negro during the Apartheid Policy when most blacks were treated as
inferior. To what could he be alluding to in the last two lines of the poem?
a. white people
c. snow
b. slaves
d. ice
81. What effect does the poem have upon other Negroes?
a. It made them more sad
b. It made them feel downtrodden
c. It increased their anger towards Whites
d. It increased their determination
82. Which statement is not a correct inference based on the poem?
a. Blacks and whites enjoy equal rights
b. Blacks are treated inferior over White
c. Blacks also have dreams of a better life
d. Whites enjoy more rights over Blacks
Passage 3
One day, the guru and his young disciples were seated on the bank of the river, talking and praying
together. An uprooted tree came floating down the river and caught in the bank just in front of them.
Caught in the branches of the tree was a scorpion which must have been trapped on the tree when it was
uprooted by the floodwater upstream. The guru knew that, inevitably, the scorpion would fall from the
tree and be drowned in the river. So he reached his hands out to take the scorpion from the tree and to
put it safely on land. But as he reached out to rescue the scorpion, it stung his hands, and the guru had to
take his hand away in pain.
After a moment, the guru reached out to rescue the scorpion again, and the scorpion stung him again.

The guru kept trying to save the scorpion and the scorpion kept stinging him until his hands was red and
swollen in pain.
Finally, one of the young disciples could control himself no longer and he burst out: “Master, why do you
keep on trying to rescue that foolish scorpion that doesn’t even want to be saved?” The guru looked very
patiently at the impetuous young disciple and said: “Should I be untrue to my nature which is to be
compassionate just because this scorpion is being true to its nature to sting?”
- Henri

83. Why did the guru attempt to remove the scorpion from the branches?
a. Because he did not want the scorpion to die
b. Because he hates scorpion
c. Because he wants to throw the scorpion into the waters
d. Because the scorpion might sting someone else
84. What does the statement, “Should I be untrue to my nature which is to be compassionate just because
this scorpion is being true to its nature to sting?” mean?
a. One should always be compassionate even if it is not properly reciprocated
b. One should stop giving if it hurts
c. One should be compassionate only to those who know how to appreciate
d. One should always count one’s blessings
85. What is the best title for the selection?
a. The Scorpion
c. True Compassion
b. The Guru
d. The Sting

Direction: Choose the word that best completes the analogy. On your Answer Sheet, shade the box that
corresponds to the letter of the correct answer.
86. Pyramid : Egypt :: Taj Mahal : __________
a. China
c. India
b. Japan
d. Malaysia
87. Presidential : President :: Parliamentary : ________
a. Prime Minister
c. House Speaker
b. King
d. Cardinal
88. Earth is the center : Ptolemy :: Sun is the center : ___________
a. Albert Einstein
c. Galileo
b. Aristotle
d. Copernicus
89. Italy : Latin :: Greece : ____________
a. Grecian
c. Greek
b. French
d. Greece
90. extemporaneous : rehearsed :: _______ : _______
a. live : taped
b. momentous : important
c. nefarious : wicked
d. salubrious : healthful
91. duchess : duke :: _______ : _______
a. count : countess
b. ewe : ram
c. gentleman : lady
d. wizard : witch
92. prowess : cowardice :: _______ : _______
a. adept : skilled
b. adroit : uncoordinated
c. garrulous : talkative
d. hubris : pride

Direction: Analyze each of the following carefully. On your Answer Sheet, shade the box that corresponds
to the letter of the correct answer.
93. Olivia is older than Magda. Selena is older than Olivia but not so old as Fernando. Ismael is older than
Olivia but not so old as Selena. Arranged from youngest to oldest, who would be in third from the
a. Olivia
d. Magda
b. Fernando
e. Selena
c. Ismael
94. Human law is framed for the multitude of human beings. The majority of human beings are not perfect
in virtue. Therefore, _________.
a. some human laws are framed for human beings
b. perfect virtues are human laws
c. some human beings are framed for human laws
d. human laws are not perfect in virtue
e. None of the above
95. All people whose primary interest is winning elections are true liberals. All active politicians are persons
whose primary interest is winning elections. Therefore, _________.

a. some active politicians are winning in the elections
b. some people who are true liberals are active politicians
c. all active politicians are true liberals
d. all active politicians are winning elections
e. None of the above
96. Event is to memories as fire is to _________
a. delay
c. ashes
b. waves
d. melancholy
97. Alphabet is to letter as Zodiac is to ________
a. beacon
c. prophecy
b. sign
d. prediction
98. _______ is to votes as census is to ________
a. tally : population
b. election : statistics
c. Comelec : DepEd
d. voters : workers
e. hospital : revenues
99. ________ is to tooth as _______ is to stump
a. decay : dry
b. extract : uproot
c. pull : push
d. fill : plant
e. enamel : cork
100. _______ is to letter as deck is to ________
a. message : ship
b. preface : bow
c. alphabet : cards
d. envelope : ship
e. mail : distance