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Yorkshire and Humber Regional

Forum February 2016
The Yorkshire and Humber Regional
Forum was held on the 5th of February
at the ST Georges Centre in Leeds at
the forum we talked about Transforming
Care .
40 self-advocates and supporters
attended the forum from

Regional Forum at St George Centre Leeds
5th February
The forum first voted for the subject they
want the National Forum to talk about:
1. Making sure that the voice of people
with learning disabilities are heard
Votes: 23

Regional Forum at St George Centre Leeds
5th February

2. Understanding the welfare

Votes: 4
3. Making sure that people are
Votes: 6

Work that has been
happening in our region.
More person centred planning out there

There has been lots of training around Hate
Crime and Mate Crime. Self-advocates from
Bradford and Kirklees have been training
university students about this and so far have
trained over 2000 students.

Hate crime and mate crime well
covered in Leeds

Work that has been happening in our
Doncaster have done lots of good
work around Hate and Crime and
Mate Crime on all strands.
Doncaster advocacy have also been
quality checking hospital services in their

Rotherham are working with REMA
(Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance) about
hate crime

Work that has been
happening in our region.
In Doncaster they visited the
houses of parliament telling
people with learning disabilities
to use their vote and see how
parliament work.

We are very worried because
There's less than 30% of self advocacy
groups left in our area than there was
10 year ago

Local councils want to co-produce
plans with self-advocacy groups
however funding is more difficult we
feel like we are losing our voice and
missing out on lots of information.

Feedback from North Yorkshire Keyring Selfadvocates
On the 2nd of February I went to
North Allerton Mencap Centre to
meet with the Keyring Selfadvocates
Self-advocates from Harrogate
told me about their Home Alone
Campaign. This campaign is
happening because self
advocates in their group were
talking about how they feel when
they are living on their own

Billy’s Story
One self-advocate shared his story
about his recent experience; this
self-advocate has allowed me to
share his story with you today:
Self-advocate lives in his own flat
and doesn’t have any support to
live there. In December last year
Billy became frightened because
the people below his flat were
making a lot of noise and started
fighting with each other. Petrol was
poured in the flat and it was set a

Billy’s Story
Self-advocate was very scared and
didn’t know what to do. The police turned
up and knocked on the door for
information however, he did not answer
the door to them because he was too
scared he thought it was the men in the
flat below trying to cause more trouble.

In the morning Billy was able to ring the
safeguarding adults board who would
then ring the police for him. They left an
easy read letter through the letterbox.

A Supporter’s Story
A supporter at the meeting also
spoke about her experience of
people with learning disabilities not
getting any support to live in their
flat but don’t get it because they
don’t meet the councils criteria.

A Supporter’s Story
One woman who I know lives in her own
flat independently but needs some
support. The council has said she doesn’t
meet the criteria for housing support. This
woman pays £25 a week for an
organisation to support her in her own
home for one-hour a week. She now has to
make tough decisions about paying for this
support over going out with her friends and
other leisure activities”.

Feedback from region
I think this is an issue the national
forum should discuss and works
well with the national forum priority
of making sure people are safe. Is
this happening in other areas?
does anybody have any advice
that I can pass back to this
advocacy group to support their