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ENGLISH exam 1

Direction: Choose the letter that corresponds to the word or phrase that will correctly complete each sentence.
1. We should never ________ people with disabilities for they also have the right to live.
a. look down on
c. look out to
b. look forward to d. look up to
2. Stop ______ your younger brother so he will stop crying.
a. picking at
c. picking up
b. picking on
d. picking out
3. Always ______ your best effort in everything you do.
a. put across
c. put forth
b. put up
d. put down
4. Did you help in __________ the table?
a. setting apart
c. setting back
b. setting down
d. setting up
5. She _________ the details of the program.
a. wrote in
c. wrote over
b. wrote up
d. wrote off
6. Our heroes like Rizal and Bonifacio are worth ________.
a. emulating
c. idolizing
b. comparing
d. role-modeling
7. The modern space explorers have gone ______ earlier explorers.
a. further from
c. farther on
b. further than
d. farther than
8. The local basketball players were supported by the Filipino-American imports. This group _______ efforts.
a. Complemented team
b. complimented team
c. complimented the team
d. completed the team
9. When the Apartheid Policy was still in effect, the Blacks were _______ by the Whites.
a. persecuted
c. praised
b. hailed
d. prosecuted
10. The terms of reference will not _______ these regulations no matter how you protest.
a. give exemptions to
b. exempt you from
c. exclude you from
d. exempt
11. The EDSA People’s Revolution ________ the Marcos regime.
a. brought down
c. brought forth
b. brought on
d. brought in
12. The unexpected ________of vehicles along Marcos Highway way caused heavy traffic.
a. build up
c. build in
b. build on
d. build over
13. After cleaning the entire house, I felt ______.
a. burned in
c. burned out
b. burned up
d. burned over
14. The drug pushers tried to _______ the arresting cops.
a. buy in
c. buy off
b. buy out
d. buy up
15. The cabinet meeting was ________ on account of the President’s ill health.
a. called off
c. called out
b. called up
d. called in
16. The telenovela viewers cried helplessly when they got _________ by the tragedy that befell the main character.
a. carried away
c. carried over
b. carried out
d. carried on
17. The “Home Office Module” greatly benefits single mothers from running their business because they can stay home, make money
and ____________ a variety of people.
a. Get to meet
c. To meet
b. Meet
d. Be meeting
18. _________ dates are irrelevant to her case being heard by Judge De La Corazon.
a. Those
c. That
b. These
d. This
19. The convicted criminal will be _______ the day after tomorrow.
a. Hang
c. Hunged
b. Hanged
d. Hanging
20. Have you __________ enough water today before the final long distance competition?
a. Drunk
c. Drank
b. Drunken
d. Drink
21. The DENR Secretary and the MMDA Chairman ________ going to lead the campaign against the smoke-belchers along EDSA
this coming Wednesday.
a. Is both
c. Will be
b. Were
d. Are

22. “History is the witness that _______ passing of time.”
a. Testifies the
c. Testifies for
b. Will testify for
d. Will testify
23. Mario _____ Maria ______ to dinner.
a. asked - out
c. asked - after
b. called - out
d. called - up
24. ________ the leader of your group?
a. Who’s
c. Which
b. Whom’s
d. Whose
25. Being too ____ will undoubtedly make other men hate you.
a. vein
c. vane
b. vain
d. vanity

Direction: In each question, decide which one of the letters would most suitably complete the sentence. On your Answer Sheet, shade
the box that corresponds to the letter of the correct answer.
26. Although bound to _________ the law, a judge is free to use his discretion to _________ the anachronistic harshness of some
criminal penalties.
a. impose---------mitigate
b. support---------condone
c. initiate---------lighten
d. enforce---------lower
e. exercise---------understand
27. The scientific community was _________ when a living specimen of bacteria, long thought to be _________, was discovered by a
a. perplexed---------common
b. astounded---------extinct
c. overjoyed---------dangerous
d. unconcerned---------local
e. dismayed---------alive
28. Although at times, Steve could be disagreeable and even _________, more often than not, he was the most _________ person you
could hope to meet.
a. contradictory---------disconcerted
b. misguided---------solicitous
c. controversial---------amiable
d. choosy---------discerning
e. disgruntled---------confused
29. Victor’s interest was focused on _________ the division between theory and empiricism; he was convinced that a _________ of
philosophy and applied science was possible and necessary.
a. maintaining---------restoration
b. crossing---------stabilization
c. ignoring---------duplicity
d. denying---------delineation
e. eliminating---------synthesis
30. Thanks to his eloquence and logic, Jessalyn spoke _________ and made it difficult to his bitterest opponents to _________ his
a. monotonously---------clash with
b. persuasively---------disagree with
c. tediously---------contend with
d. abhorrently---------concede to
e. charmingly---------yield to
31. This well-documented part of history of Filipino Artistry is of importance because it carefully _________ the _________
accomplishments of Filipino artist who are all too little known the public at large.
a. substantiates---------considerable
b. scrutinizes---------illusory
c. recognizes---------negligible
d. overlooks---------purported
e. distorts---------noteworthy
32. Because Jason was _________ in the performance of his duties, his employers could not _________ his work.
a. persevering---------complain about
b. derelict---------quarrel over
c. dilatory---------grumble at
d. undisciplined---------object to
e. mandatory---------count on
33. The _________ pack of wolves’ _________ the herd of cattle in their relentless search a stray calf.
a. mendacious---------pursued
b. voracious---------stalked
c. meandering---------harassed
d. treacherous---------followed
e. nocturnal---------guided
34. It is said that the tradition of shaking hands originated when our ancestors held out their hands to show that they had no
_________ weapons and were thus _________ disposed.
a. lethal---------clearly
b. hidden---------harmfully







c. concealed---------amicably
d. murderous---------ill
e. secret---------final
The number of Philippine Eagles has ________ because the encroachments of humans on their habitat have caused them to
________ their breeding places.
a. dwindled---------shun
b. multiplied---------endured
c. expanded---------alter
d. increased---------migrate from
e. diminished---------protect
Despite the Archery team members’ resentment of the new coach’s training regiment, they _________ them as long as he did not
_________ them too strictly.
a. tolerated---------apply
b. embraced---------follow
c. condemned---------formulate
d. questioned---------interpret
e. challenged---------implement
Mating rituals and other animal behaviors seem to be _________ and therefore, __________ external factors such as climate
changes, food supply or presence of other animals of the same species.
a. memorized---------controlled by
b. diminished---------protect
c. specific---------confused with
d. learned---------immune to
e. innate---------unaffected by
Since many advantaged individuals view their situation as _________ as well as intolerable, their attitudes are best described as
a. immutable---------resigned
b. unpleasant---------bellicose
c. squalid---------obscure
d. acute---------sanguine
e. dwindled---------shun
It is ironic that the ________ insights of the great thinkers are voiced so often that they have become mere _________.
a. original---------clichés
b. abstract---------ideas
c. banal---------beliefs
d. dubious---------habits
e. expanded---------alter
Jacqueline kept her late mother’s engagement ring, not for any _________ value it had, but for purely _________ reasons.
a. financial---------pecuniary
b. personal---------accidental
c. potential---------monetary
d. ornamental---------aesthetic
e. intrinsic---------sentimental

Direction: Some or all parts of the following sentences are underlined. The first answer choice, (A), simply repeats the underlined part
of the sentence. The other four choices present four alternative ways to phrase the underlined part. Select the answer that produces the
most effective sentence, one that is clear and exact. In selecting your choice, be sure that it is standard written English, and that it
expresses the meaning of the original sentence. On your Answer Sheet, shade the box that corresponds to the letter of the correct
41. Most students like to read these kind of books during their break time.
a. these kind of books
b. this kinds of book
c. those kind of books
d. these kind of book
e. this kind of book
42. Irregardless of the outcome of the competition, our schools will remain staunchly allies.
a. Irregardless of the outcome
b. Regardless of the outcome
c. Regardless of how the outcome
d. With regard to the outcome
e. Disregarding the outcome
43. It is not for you to assume responsibility, it is, rather, me who is the guilty person in this matter.
a. me who is
d. I who is
b. I who am
e. I who are
c. me who am
44. The reason I came late to office today is because the car broke down.
a. I came late to office today is because
b. I was late to office today because
c. that I was late to office today is because
d. why I came late to office today is because
e. I came late to office today is that
45. When the war is over, no nation will either be isolated in war or peace.








a. either be isolated in war or peace
b. be either isolated in war or peace
c. be isolated her in war or in peace
d. be isolated in neither war nor peace
e. be isolated neither in war or peace
The supermarket owner hadn’t hardly any of those kind of canned goods.
a. hadn’t hardly any of those kind
b. hadn’t hardly any of those kinds
c. had hardly any of those kinds
d. had hardly any of those kind
e. had scarcely any of those kind
The giving of foreign aid is a tool of national policy, the hoped-for return is often indirect and long-term.
a. policy, the hoped-for return is often indirect and long-term
b. policy, however the hoped-for return is often indirect and long-term.
c. policy, albeit the hoped-for return is often indirect and long term.
d. policy, despite the hoped-for return is often indirect and long term.
e. policy, through the hoped-for return is often indirect and long-term.
The “Aurora Borealis” or Northern Lights, is so named because it is a light display that takes place in the northern skies.
a. because it is a light display that takes place
b. contrary to the fact of taking place
c. as a light display taking place
d. because of taking place
e. due to the fact that it is a light display
The difference between the candidates is that one is radical; the other, conservative.
a. one is radical; the other, conservative.
b. one is radical; the other being conservative.
c. one is radical, although the other is more conservative.
d. while one is radical; the other, conservative
e. one is radical; the other, is conservative.
Many middle class individuals find that they cannot obtain good medical attention, despite they need it badly.
a. despite they need it badly.
b. in spite of they need it badly.
c. however, much they need it.
d. therefore, they need it badly.
e. despite their bad need of it.
If I would have known about the traffic jam at the area, I would have taken an alternate route.
a. If I would have known about
b. Had I known about
c. If I could have known about
d. If I would of known about
e. If I was aware of
Using it wisely, leisure promotes health, efficiency and happiness.
a. Using it wisely,
b. Having used it wisely,
c. Because it is used wisely,
d. Because of usefulness,
e. If used wisely,

Direction: Select the best meaning of the underlined word.
53. Carry on with your work.
a. carry the work c. stop
b. continue
d. be on time
54. Cleanliness is still at a discount in many parts of the country.
a. not to be valued fully
b. believed
c. valued fully
d. attended to
55. Mr. Tomas is now rolling in money.
a. famous c. losing money
b. very richd. successful in business
56. She is generous to a fault.
a. excessively
c. infrequent
b. seldom
d. rarely
57. Why are you feeling blue?
a. happy
c. ambivalent
b. confused
d. sad
58. Oh no! You spilled the beans!
a. let out a secret
b. tell a joke
c. tell the truth
d. let out a lie
59. It's raining cats and dogs.
a. chaotic
c. falling animals

b. a downpour
d. stampede
60. Beth likes going to a flea market.
a. open-air market c. grocery
b. pet shop
d. amusement park


Direction: Read the following groups of sentences carefully and answer the questions that follow. On your Answer Sheet, shade the
box that corresponds to the letter of the correct answer.
Hence, it can be said that the President really has a lot of duties and responsibilities.
He has control over department secretaries and can overrule their decisions
Furthermore, the President exercises veto power over bills passed by the Congress.
Lastly, he is the Chief Executive, executing the laws and rules of the country.
The President in a presidential system is the Head of State and the Head of Government
61. What should be the second sentence?
a. A
c. C
e. E
b. B
d. D
62. What should be the last sentence?
a. A
c. C
e. E
b. B
d. D

A. Were you a part of the People Power at EDSA on January 10-16, 2001?
B. It ended bloodless and peacefully, although the emotion was very high.
C. The second People power was called PPEDSA 2 and the major players were the youth, various non-government organizations
(NGO’s), urban poor, cause-oriented groups and various Christian communities like Couples for Christ, etc.
D. Without the support and initiatives of Cardinal Sin and former Pres. Aquino, the Estrada Resign Movement could have failed.
63. What would the order of the sentences be?
a. A-C-B-D
d. B-A-C-D
b. C-D-B-A
e. C-D-A-B
c. C-B-A-D
A. Metro Manila is one of the 10 most polluted cities in the world according to a United Nation’s study on environmental pollution.
B. The Government has passed laws such as the “Clean Air Act” and the “Ecological Solid Waste
Management Act” to solve the
meaning pollution problems.
C. Its pollution index in critical levels, respiratory diseases has affected almost 75% of the population.
E. By educating ourselves and get united in taking care of our environment can we lessen this menacing environmental catastrophe.
F. No matter how well are the laws being implemented if the citizenry themselves are indifferent to these problems; the laws will be an
exercise in futility.
64. What would the order of the sentences be?
a. A-C-B-E-D
d. B-A-D-C-E
b. A-B-C-D-E
e. A-C-D-E-B
c. A-B-D-C-E

One sure way to improve the educational system is to employ competent teachers and improve their teaching skills.
Due to poverty, parents fail to send their children to school.
For lack of needed funds, teaching cannot be improved, infrastructure cannot be upgraded nor can’t teaching aids be purchased.
In most developing countries, poverty is a basic problem that causes social and economic problems.
65. What would the order of the sentences be?
a. D-C-A-B
d. D-A-B-C
b. C-B-A-D
e. D-B-C-A
c. D-B-A-C

A. The presence of American troops under the Mutual Logistics Support Agreement (MLSA) violates the Constitution.
B. Terrorism has become a threat to world peace especially that militant groups are spreading violence especially to those countries who
are perceived to be friendly to America.
C. However, it is sad to note that as more and more money and energy are spent to achieve world peace, more threats surface in achieving
D. Vigilance, unity and cooperation should be undertaken to counter all those threats to world peace.
66. What would the order of the sentences be?
a. A-C-D-B
d. A-B-C-D
b. A-D-B-C
e. D-B-C-A
c. A-C-B-D
A. Drug addiction has become one of the most meaning social problems affecting our country.
B. The passage of the “Comprehensive Drug Abuse Act of 2002” and the establishment of the Presidential Drug Enforcement Agency
(PDEA) reinforces the government’s resolve to combat this social menace.
C. This social menace has afflicted almost half of every 10 youth of our country and has undermined our country’s very existence.
D. The whole nation should work hand in hand in educating our youth as to the evils of drug addiction.
67. What would the order of the sentences be?
a. A-C-D-B
d. A-C-B-D
b. A-B-C-D
e. A-B-D-C
c. D-B-A-C
A. In some instances, the Spaniards were with friendly gestures.
B. Our ancestors lived in organized communities called barangays.

C. So, the Spaniards had to deal with the head of the barangay whenever they go to a certain community.
D. In others, they were engaged in armed combats.
E. When the Spaniards came, they found out that the Filipinos has a system of government.
68. What should be the first sentence?
a. E
b. D
c. B
d. A
69. What should be the fourth sentence?
a. A
b. B
c. D
d. C

For the first time, however, the waters of Laguna de Bay are serving a new and different purpose.
Today, these lands can be planted to palay during off-season.
They are being harnessed to water rice field along the shores which are idle during the dry season.
Fish abound in its waters and its shores have been favourable breeding ground for ducks.
Laguna de Bay has for centuries been a major source of livelihood for people living along its shores.
70. What would the order of the sentences be?
a. C-E-A-B-D
d. A-B-D-C-E
b. C-E-B-A-D
e. B-A-E-C-D
c. E-C-A-B-D

A person who cannot break his bad habits doesn’t have a good character.
Habits are built up slowly, but once established are difficult to break.
Characters, either good or bad, is a matter of habit.
On the other hand, a person who performs repeated good actions forms good habits and therefore builds up a good character.
Any action that is performed regularly becomes habit, that is, it is done without conscious effort.
What should be the first sentence?
a. B
b. A
c. D
d. E
72. What should be the fourth sentence?
a. D
b. A
c. E
d. C
73. What should be the last sentence?
a. D
b. E
c. B
d. A

The new job was attractive.
Consequently, she sought the advice of her parents.
Maria didn’t know whether to accept it or not.
She was pleased with their advices, for she really wants to work.
Now she would be able to save necessary capital for her to open a smell dress shop.
74. What should be the first sentence?
a. B
b. D
c. E
d. A
75. What should be the second sentence?
a. C
b. E
c. A
d. B
76. What should be the last sentence?
a. A
b. B
c. E
d. C

Direction: Read each passage carefully and then answer the questions after it. On your Answer Sheet, shade the box that corresponds
to the letter of the correct answer.
Passage 1
Letters written about remittances, inquiries, requests and acknowledgment of orders, are known as utility letters. Although they are
part of the routine in an office, they should be made very clear, specific and in good taste. Errors made in billing or extra charges
made on orders deserve a gracious apology and fact.
77. The paragraph acknowledges the fact:
a. That the office should have a utility letter form
b. The utility letters are used for some specific purposes
c. That, although by nature a routine matter, utility letter is written for a definite purpose and with clarity, precision and tact
d. That several classes of letters can make up a utility letter
Passage 2
People from all walks of life and of all levels show diversified behaviors at different stages. The very young occupy themselves with
play and do activities from where they learn initials skills essential for mental, physical, social and emotional growth. The middleaged groups, who are at the peak of life, make adjustive behaviors to works, to marriage and to parenthood. The senile group, who
reaches the tapering off period and where life activities are about to finish off, amusing themselves in doing things with relaxation and
in the company of their age group.
78. The paragraph reveals that:
a. People are alike in their life characteristics
b. People have different interests and activities at different stages in life
c. People disagree to agree at different life stages
d. People are funny creatures
Passage 3
Wages refer to the total earnings of a person for doing a certain kind of service in a given period of time. They are paid on an hourly
basis or by the product of a piece rate; hence, the pay rate may be based on time, output, or even a combination of these two.
79. The paragraph states that:
a. Services are wage-oriented
b. Combination of wages is better
c. Wages vary


Types of wages

Passage 4
It is fascinating to observe how people work with lightning speed and with zealousness when the prospect of vacation is clear. One
notices how college students cram toward the end of the semestral work for the final exams and how players in the hard-court work
for the goal particularly at the last quarter of a game. The same spirit is evident when production output in factories is increased
especially if the payday falls on a Friday.
80. The paragraph attest to the truth that:
a. Man can work hard whenever he desires.
b. Man needs a good vacation once in a while.
c. Man works hard whenever he is paid well.
d. Man speeds up the completion of a task when a satisfying end is anticipated on.
Passage 5
Why do most fathers prefer a son to a daughter for his first-born child? In an Informal interview with expectant fathers, most of them
contend that a son in the family will perpetuate his name and will provide a ready substitute for him “in case something” happens.
Others consider a son a source of good luck for a couple starting to have family. Many more reasons are given to justify partiality of
parents to boys. But, the root cause of such sex preference is to be attributed to the fact that less boys are being born than girls in this
81. The paragraph implies that:
a. A father prefers a son to a daughter due to his self-conceited nature.
b. A father likes a son for a first-born child in the family.
c. Daughters are more difficult to take care of than boys.
d. A father likes a son to perpetuate his name.
Passage 6
The Concept of Epicureanism is largely known to us through Lucretius, rather than Epicurus. The latter, born an Athenian citizen in
Samos in 341, founded his school in his garden, a symbol of retirement from the world, in 306 and died in 270 B.C.
For the Epicurean, the universe was chaotic and anarchic, composed of atoms and the void. All knowledge was acquired by sense
perception; observation was therefore essential to understanding. There were an infinite number of worlds, formed by the chance
combination of atoms in infinite space. The gods, unconcerned about human affairs, lived in the void between the different worlds.
They were not to be regarded superstitiously or feared, only to be envied.
Man himself was made up of body and soul. Death was not to be feared. There was no such thing as immortality; after death, atoms of
the soul were scattered. The aim of life therefore was pleasure, the pursuit of which brought about happiness, the final end. The
injunction to follow nature meant, seek pleasure. Everything was desirable insofar as it led to pleasure, but above all, the aim was
absence of pain and the achievement of peace of mind. This would be obtained personally by self-control, the mastery and limitation
of desires as far as possible to those that were strictly necessary. Also, it implied limitation of social relationship – “live unknown”refusal to be involved in family or political affairs, skepticism toward religion, which the Epicureans considered largely superstition.
From The Great Political Theories, Vol. 1
by Michael Curtis

82. Who was born an Athenian citizen in Samos in 341 B.C.?
a. Plato
c. Epicurus
b. Aristotle
d. Lucretius
83. What do the Epicureans think about the universe?
a. It was orderly and without ruler.
b. It was disorderly with an absence of rule.
c. It was atomic and filled with objects and humans.
d. The universe was full of life moving in an orderly manner.
84. What was the Epicureans’ ultimate goal?
a. To bring chaos into the world.
b. The pursuit of being godlike.
c. To bring order out of the chaos.
d. The pursuit of happiness.
85. Epicureanism had a different view about religion. What was it?
a. Religion is merely a superstition.
b. Religion controls man.
c. Religion brings man closer to God.
d. Religion is man’s way of knowing God.
86. Which of the following is not a belief of the Epicureans?
a. Man should live unknown.
b. Limit desires to those which are strictly necessary.
c. There should be no limit to man’s desires.
d. Man should exercise restraints and self-control.
Passage 7
Enzymes are organic compounds. These compounds contain the element in carbon. Enzymes are made in the cell and functions as
catalysts. A catalyst speeds up a chemical reaction without taking part in the reaction. It is neither changed in any way nor destroyed
by the reaction taking place. Each enzyme may take care of only one reaction. There are many enzymes in a living cell because there
are many chemical reactions taking place all the time. Without enzymes, the cell would not be able to work.
87. According to the author, all of the following are true about enzymes, except:
a. Enzymes are organic compounds
b. The cell would be able to work without enzymes.
c. Enzymes are made in the cell
d. Enzymes speed up a chemical reaction.

e. There are many enzymes in a living cell.
88. From the passage, one could conclude that:
a. enzymes can slow down chemical reaction
b. enzymes function within a very narrow range of acidity or alkalinity
c. enzymes are important in inheritance
d. enzymes are made of protein
e. enzymes are indispensable for the cell to do its work
Passage 8
Although many quarts of blood pass through the heart each day, the heart cannot utilize the blood within itself, but rather is sustained
by branches of arteries originating externally. These coronary arteries can become blocked by the deposition of fatty material
(including cholesterol), connective tissue fibers and calcium deposited in the vessel walls. If the blockage is severe, numerous heart
muscle cells become oxygen starved and the heart stops. In less severe cases, only part of the heart muscle dies as a result of the
blockage. The dead muscle is replaced by scar tissue and the heart continues to function, though less efficiently. Diet, stress, smoking
and alcohol all contribute to the problem of heart attacks. Interestingly, although fats in the diet are often blamed for heart attacks,
about 70% of the heart’s energy requirement normally is derived from oxidation of fatty acids.
From: Biology by Norstog and Meyerriecks

89. What causes heart stoppage?
a. Absence of oxygen in the heart muscles
b. Absence of carbon in the heart muscles
c. Presence of cholesterol in the heart muscles
d. Presence of oxygen in the heart muscles
90. Fats in the diet:
a. always causes heart blockage
b. normally gets wasted
c. are normally useless
d. normally provides the heart’s energy requirement
91. What statement is NOT true based on the selection?
a. Scar tissue replaces dead heart muscles
b. The heart utilizes the blood within itself
c. The heart is sustained by branches of arteries originating externally
d. Oxygen is essential for the heart muscles to function properly
92. Coronary arteries can become blocked by:
a. Food deposits
b. Blood deposits
c. Deposits of fatty materials, connective tissue fibers and calcium
d. Too much oxygen in the blood
Passage 9
Cancer is a disease in which cells somehow become activated into uncontrolled multiplication and thus produce an overgrowth, or
tumor, composed of malformed, malignant cells. Cancerous tumors can occur in almost any tissue of the body, although some are
more often affected than others. Three general kinds of cancer, named after the tissues most often affected, are recognized:
carcinomas (from karkinoma, the Greek word for cancer), which commonly involve epithelial tissue (epidermis and lining
membranes); sarcomas (Greek sarkoma, “flesh”), which affect mainly connective tissues, including bone; and leukemias, which start
in the bone marrow and lymphatic tissues and spread in the blood and lymph.
From: Biology by Norstog and Meyerriecks

93. What do you call the type of cancer which affects connective tissues?
a. sarcoma
c. leukemia
b. carcinoma
d. all of the above
94. Cancer found in the skin would most likely be classified as:
a. sarcoma
c. leukemia
b. carcinoma
d. dermacoma
95. How does cancer occur?
a. The cells uncontrollably multiply producing malignant cells
b. Cells reproduce what is normally enough
c. The cells replace the dead cells in the body
d. The cells naturally reproduce malformed, malignant cells
96. It is believed that cancer:
a. can occur in any tissue of the body
b. affects certain tissues of the body more than it does to other tissues
c. neither a nor b
d. both a and b
97. What is the basis for the classification of cancers?
a. the cancer’s length of existence
b. the cancer’s extent of growth
c. the cancer’s size and weight
d. the cancer’s location and the tissue affected
Passage 10
Credit and collection letters are written with sensitive feeling of customers in mind. When the customers fail to pay his debt promptly,
a simple form of collection letter is written as a simple reminder that payment is overdue. If no response was received, then a formal
one is written, followed by a legal action threat as the final action.
98. The paragraph tells:
a. How and when letters of credit and collection are made


The need for writing credit and collection letter
The customer who fails to remit payments
How not to be used for non-payment of credits

Passage 11
Although there are many attributes of maturity, one that is obviously important may be singled out: the ability to make fruitful, loving
relationships with other people on equal terms, without either being dominated or dominating. This achievement implies an
acceptance of the other person as he or as she is, without any wish to alter, to direct, or to submit: a recognition of the other person as
a separate entity and therefore of oneself as a separate entity also.
99. A word that can be used in place of “alter” as used in this passage is:
a. reject
c. educate
b. accept
d. change
100.From this passage, one could conclude that:
a. the ability to make fruitful, loving relationships with other people on equal terms can be taught
b. the ability to make fruitful, loving relationships with other people on equal terms is the only attribute of maturity
c. the ability to make fruitful, loving relationships with other people on equal terms is the most important attribute of maturity
d. the rate of maturation is different from individual to individual
e. every adult human being has the ability to make fruitful, loving relationships with other people on equal terms