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Philippine Constitution
Directions: Choose the correct answer from the choices given.
It is the power to apply the laws to contests or disputes concerning legally recognized rights or duties between the State and private persons brought
before the judicial tribunals.
Judicial Powers
c. Legislative Powers
Executive Powers d. Emergency Powers
What is the minimum age requirement of a Senator?
c. Twenty
d. Twenty-five
Which of the following bills do not originate from the House of Representative?
Appropriation bills
Revenue or tariff bills
Private bills
The Members of the Lower House are ____.
Elected by district and appointed by the Senators
Elected by district and party list
Elected by region and by party list
Elected by region and appointed by the President
It sets down in unequivocal terms the mandate that all government officials and employees, shall at all times, be answerable for their misconduct to
the people.
c. Responsibility
Public Trust
d. Accountability
What form of government do the Philippines adopt?
c. Neither A nor B
d. Both A and B
What is the power of the State to take property for public use upon payment of a just compensation?
Right of limiting resources
Right of confiscation
Right of eminent domain
Right of sequestration
They are the rights of the citizens which the will law enforce at the instance of private individuals for the purpose of securing their enjoyment of their
means of happiness.
Social and Economic Rights
Constitutional Rights
Civil Rights
Political Rights
They are rights intended to ensure the well-being and economic security of the individual, among them are the rights to property and just
Cultural Rights
Civil Rights
Social and Economic Rights
Constitutional Rights
The power of the State to enact laws or regulations in relations to persons and properties as may promote public health, public morals, safety, general
welfare and convenience of the people.
Power of Taxation
Emergency Power
Power of Eminent Domain
Police Power
It is the power of the State to impose charge or burden upon persons, property or property of rights for those the use and support of the government
and to enable it to discharge its’ appropriate functions.
Power of Taxation
Power of Eminent Domain
Police Power
Constitutional Power
It is the right and obligation to vote by qualified citizens in the election of certain national and local officials of the government and in the decision of
public questions submitted to the people.
Freedom to Choose
Right to Suffrage
Right to Information
Electoral vote
It is a method by which a public officer may be removed from office during his tenure or before the expiration of his term by a vote of the people
after registration of a petition signed by a required percentage of the qualified voters.
c. Referendum
d. Plebiscite
Which of the following may disqualify a person from running for Presidency?
He is a registered voter.
He is sixty years old on the day of the election.
He lived abroad five years preceding the election.
He has Filipino parents but was born in the United States.
Which of the following shows the transfer of power should the President be incapable of discharging hid duties?
President → Vice-President → Chief Justice → House Speaker
President → Vice-President → House Speaker → Senate President
President → Vice-President → Chief Justice → Senate President
President → Vice-President → Senate President → House Speaker
It is a vote of the people expressing their choice for or against a proposed law or enactment submitted to them. It is applied to an election at which
any proposal, amendment to, or revision of the Constitution is submitted to the people for their ratification.
c. Initiative
d. Special Election
It is the whereby the people directly propose and enact laws. The Constitution mandates the Congress to provide as early as possible a system of
initiative and referendum.
c. General Elections
d. Recall
What do you call the introductory part of the Constitution?
c. Preface
d. Bill of Rights

Who among the following may issue a warrant of arrest or a search warrant?
d. Judge
e. Lawyer
Police Investigator
A foreigner may acquire Filipino citizenship through __________.
c. Naturalization
d. VISA Application
The right to vote is also known as ______.
c. Democracy
d. Suffrage
How many Senators are there in the Philippines?
c. Twelve
d. Thirty
The national language of the Philippines is:
c. Filipino
English & Filipino d. Tagalog
Who may propose any amendments to, or revision of the Constitution?
Congress or a Constitutional Convention
Judiciary and Congress
Congress and a Constitutional Convention
Judiciary and Constitutional Convention
How many years that the Constitution can be amended?
a. 5
b. 3
c. 6
d. 7
e. 10
What is the retirement age of a justice?
a. 65
b. 70
c. 75 d. 78
e. 80
The legislative power of the government shall be vested in the _______.
c. Congress
Supreme Court
d. All of the above
A member of the Supreme Court ______.
Must have been for ten years, a judge of the court of appeals.
May be a naturalized citizen.
May not be a member of the Philippine Bar.
Must have been for fifteen years or more, a judge of a lower court.
The Supreme Court is composed of ______.
A Chief Justice and fourteen Associate Justices
Two Chief Justices and fourteen Associate justices
A Chief Justice and an indefinite number of Associate Justices
A Chief Justice and twelve Associate Justices
Which of the following is a Constitutional Commission?
Philippine Commission on Good Government
Commission on Natural Resources
Civil Service Commission
Commission on Human Rights
What branch of government has the sole right to initiate all cases of impeachment?
Commission of Election
House of Representative
Which of the following is not removable from office by impeachment?
Member of the Constitutional Commissions
The Ombudsman
Member of the Supreme Court
What disqualified a voter to vote during election?
Not able to read and write
Filipino citizen
Less than six months of residence
No person shall be held to answer for a criminal offense without ____________.
Public trial
d. Hearing
e. Speedy trial
Due process of law
In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall be presumed ____ until the contrary is proved.
Acquitted of the crime
Put in prison
Guilty of the crime
What agency of the government that can declare that the city is a highly organized city?
Department of Budget and Finance
Department of Education
Department of Secretary
Department of Agrarian Reform
Department of Interior and Local Government
_________ inflicts punishment without trial.
Ex- Post Facto Law
Bill of Attainder
Writ of Habeas Corpus
Reclusion Perpetua
For expenditures processing of documents, except otherwise provided by law or regulation, how many initials or signature must any written action or
decision contain?
a. 6
b. 4
c. 5
d. 2
e. 3
What government institution that can initiate the impeachment of the Presidency?
House of Senate
Lower Court
House of Representative/Congress

Supreme Court
Which was the largest vote to impeach the President?
House of the Senate
House of the Congress
Office of the Ombudsman
Supreme court
The Legislative power shall be vested in the Congress of the Philippines which shall consist of _________.
The Supreme Court
Senate and the House of Representatives
The President and the Vice-President
The Senate and Justice Dept.
Term of office for the Senate members under the 1987 Constitution shall be _____.
Three (3) years
c. Four (4) years
Six (6) years
d. Nine (9) years
Term of office for the members of the House of Representatives under the 1987 Constitution shall be __________.
Six (6) years
c. Three (3) years
Nine (9) years
d. Extendable
It is that written instrument by which the fundamental powers of the Philippine government are established, limited and defined and by which their
power is distributed among several branches for the benefit of the people.
The Philippine Constitution
Republic Acts
Implementing Rules and Regulations
The 1987 Philippine Constitution contains at least (3) sets of provisions. Which one of the following provisions is not included?
Constitution of Government
Constitution of Liberty
Constitution of Universality
Constitution of Sovereignty
Which government branch has the duty to ascertain and give effect to the intent of the Constitutional provisions as adopted or approved by its
The House of Representatives
The Senate
The Presidency
The Supreme Court
The “Rule of the Majority” is an unwritten law of a democratic government. For the Congress to declare the existence of a state of war or to call a
constitutional convention, ________ vote of all its respected members is required.
Simple majority
c. Minority
Two-thirds majority
d. Concurring
This constitutional principle is meant that no man in the country, not even the government, is above or beyond the law.
Rule of Law
c. Bill of Rights
Rule of Majority d. Republican Law
“The Philippines is a _____ and ______ state. Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them.”
The Philippine Constitution explicitly recognizes that _________ authority, at all times, supreme over the military. Its goal is to secure the
sovereignty of the state.
c. Democratic
d. Parliamentary
General Information, Current Events, Newly Enacted Laws and Environmental Issues
Directions: Select the best answer for each given questions.
The study of relationship between plants and animals and their environment.
c. Biosphere
d. Ecology
Which of the following is the major cause of coral-reef destruction?
a. Dynamite fishingd. Moro-ami
b. Sewerage pollution
e. Oil spill
c. Siltation
Putting up dams along rivers negatively affect on marine fishes because ________.
When dams break, the connection wall can be harmful to fishes
Some marine fishes need the coral reefs upstream
Less water will flow to the sea
Less minerals will flow to the sea
Some marine fishes spends part of their life cycle upstream
The President known for his “Philippines 2000,” which is meant to make the Philippines an economically developed country and make it globally
Corazon Aquino d. Joseph Estrada
b. Manuel Roxas e. Fidel V. Ramos
c. Ferdinand Marcos
President Joseph “Erap” Estrada’s flagship is known as:
Erap para sa Mayaman
Philippines 2000
Jeep ni Erap
Padyak ni Erap
Erap para sa Mahirap
The President who worked for the reconstruction and rehabilitation on the war damage country. His problem was compounded by the subversive
activities of the “HUKBALAHAP.”
Carlos P. Garcia
d. Elpidio Quirino
Manuel Roxas
e. Corazon Aquino
Diosdado Macapagal
This is considered as the sum of all different species of animals, plants, fungi, and microbial organisms living on earth.
c. Biochemistry
Global warming d. Botanical

The toxic chemicals believed sank with the Princess of the Stars on June 21, 2008 in Romblon.
c. Endosulfan
Methane gasses
d. Liquid mercury
The law that mandates the strict segregation of waste materials.
Waste Proposal
Ecological Management Act
Garbage Collection
Clean and Green Campaign
Which of the following is not environment- friendly?
Garbage segregation
Use of incinerators
Reduction of benzene and aromatics
The contamination of natural environment with harmful substances that have usually been released as a result of human activities.
c. Pollution
d. “Ozone Depletion”
This law affirms the policy of the State to protect public health and when public interest requires, appropriate measures shall be adapted to promote
and ensure access to affordable quality drugs and medicines for all.
Intellectual Property Code (R.A. # 8293)
Universally Accessible Cheaper and Quality Medicines Act of 2008 (R.A. # 9502)
Generics Act of 1988 (R.A. # 6675)
Pharmacy Law (R.A. # 5921)
Substances that can be broken down by decomposing action of living organisms can be described as ___________.
Toxic or hazardous
Nuclear waste
This law penalizes “torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment as punishment such as that state of war or any public emergency that
could not be invoked as justification for torture and other inhuman treatment.
Writ of Habeas Corpus
Anti-Torture Act (R.A. # 9745)
Writ of Amparo
Human Security Act
It is an aggregation of 21 Pacific-rim countries established in 1989 to foster trade, economic and environmental cooperation.
ASEAN Cooperation
The MANILA Declaration
APEC (ASIAN-PACIFIC Economic Cooperation)
It is the electronic Commerce between individual consumers:
Information Technology
B2B (Business-to-Business)
C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer)
“Maka-Diyos, Maka-Bayan, Maka-Tao at Maka_Kalikasan” are the four pillars of :
The politics of service
Public service as a trust
The principle of subsidiary
Moral Recovery Program
It is designed to solve the social ills of society through personal transformation and renewal and to strengthen the moral fiber of the Filipino People.
People Empowerment
Sustainable Development
Moral Recovery Program
Economic Development Foundation
Narco-Politics is the term used when:
Politicians are funded and elected by use of “drug money”
A politician is a drug-user
Plunderous politicians
Corrupt government officials
This law allows foreign-based giant retailers to engage in retail activities in the country subject to conditions and requirements. This law is known as:
E-Commerce Law
Export Development Act
Retail Trade Liberalization Act
A movement launched by the Arroyo Administration as a “covenant” for economic survival and prosperity thru the Dept. of Trade & Industry (DTI)
and top business leaders.
“WOW” Philippines
Retail Trade Liberalization
Medium Term Economic Development
“Buy Pinoy” Movement
A broader regional free trade zone being established composed of ASEAN engaging Japan, China & South Korea in expanding economic relations.
APEC Group
ASEAN Partners
“ASEAN Plus Three”
ASEAN Free Trade Zone
South Korea’s former Foreign Minister who is now the new Secretary-General of the United Nations replacing Kofi Annan.
Ban Ki-Moon
c. Wen Jiabao
Roh Moo-hyun
d. Shinzo Abe
It embodies the national policy on information technology development and serves as a guide to all government agencies in the effective utilization
of information technology resources.
National Information Technology Plan (NITP)
Information Technology Development Program
Science & Technology Plan
Information Technology Council
In computer terminology, Mb is understood as Mega______.
b. Bent c. Bytes d. Bridge
It is distorted image that happens when the sun’s light rays are bent by changes in the air temperature.
Lightning b. Cloud c. Rain d. Rainbow
What is the meaning of CD-ROM?

Compact DVD raise on memory
Compact disc read only memory
Compact discs ready on mind
Cosmic day remove on memo
The Olympics is held at what interval?
12 years
c. 6 years
4 years
d. 2 years
The person who has won the maximum number of total career gold medals (i.e., cumulative gold medals over a period of time) in the 2008 Beijing
Sandra Bullock
c. John Stockton
Michael Phelps
d. Freddie Roach
It is considered as the integration of national markets into a single market where goods, services, financial capital and technology flow in and out of
countries virtually unhampered.
c. Neutralization
Information Process
d. Purification
This can be the result brought about by rapid globalization.
Ecosystem changes c. Borderless Trade
Economy Fractures d. Barter
Which of the following does not cause tsunamis?
Volcanic eruptions
Gravitational influences
Changes in ocean temperature
It is an oceanographic phenomena associated with extreme variable climate. It brings destructive rains and droughts that result in economic disaster.
Ozone depletion c. El Niño / La Niña
Global warming d. “Greenhouse Effect”
Keeping faith in our commitment to protect the Filipinos from environmental hazards, what law seeks to incorporate climate change factors in
mainstream of national and local development planning?
Climate Protection Act of 2009
National Disaster Coordinating Act
Disaster Risk & Reduction Mgmt. Act of 2009
Climate Change Act of 2009
Financial situation wherein the State’s expenditures are more than the income generated.
Budget constraints c. Fiscal crises
d. Budget deficit
Refers to an increasing reliance on markets, not governments to guise economic activity.
c. Rally
d. Liberalization
The contamination of the natural environment with harmful substances that are usually released as a result of human activity.
c. Communication
d. Refraction
Miss Cruz needs her December sales report. What command should she press in her computer?
b. Retrieve
c. Paste d. Edit
In a calculation, the computer understand x as __________.
c. Division
d. Variable
The House of Representatives is composed of how many members?
Not more than 300 members
Not more tha 50 members
Not more than 120 members
Not more than 250 members
This denotes membership of a permanent character in a political community.
c. Religion
d. Citizenship
It is the right and obligation of qualified citizens to vote in the election of certain national and local officials of government and in the decision of
public questions submitted to the people.
c. Obligation
d. Work
This is intended for the protection of the person accused of any crime.
Rights of Suspects
Rights of Complaints
Rights of the Accused
Human Rights
This comprises the Philippine archipelago, with all the islands and waters embraced therein, and all territories over which the Philippines has
sovereignty or jurisdiction.
National Territory c. Police Territory
Foreign Territory d. Public Territory
It is a written instrument by which the fundamental powers of the government are established, limited, defined, and by which the powers are
distributed among several departments for their safe and useful exercise for the benefit of the body politic.
c. Prayer
d. National Anthem
Who among the following is empowered to exercise general supervision over local governments?
Chief Justice
The Senate President
The President
League of Governors President
Blood relationship is the basis for the acquisition of citizenship.
Au re Voir
c. Jus Sanguinis
De Ja Vu
d. Jus Soli
It is composed of a Presiding Justice and 50 Associates Justices.
c. Judge
Court of Appeals d. Attorney
Created by Presidential Decree No. 1606, it hears and decides corruption cases involving government officials and employees in the performance of
their duties.
c. Sandiganbayan
d. Sangkatauhan
It refers to the political subdivision of a state which is constituted by law and has substantial control of local affairs, with officials elected or

otherwise locally selected.
City hall c. DFA
d. Local Government
It is the right, authority, and duty created and conferred by law which, for given period either fixed by law or enduring at the pleasure of the
appointing power.
Public office
c. School
Private office
d. Department store
It is a method of national inquest into the conduct of public men.
Trial by publicity
Summary proceedings
Public officials and employees shall provide service to everyone without discrimination and regardless of party affiliation.
Political war
c. Political election
Political party
d. Political neutrality
It is a legislative act that inflicts punishment without the benefit of a public trial.
Reclusion temporal
Writ of habeas corpus
Ex post facto law
Bill of attainder
Describe substances which cannot be broken down by the decomposing action of living organisms such as bacteria.
Non-biodegradable c. Float
d. Biodegradable
It is a rainfall with a pH less than 5.6 in the measuring scale that runs from 0-14.
Acid rain
c. Falling rain
d. Gas
It refers to the organisms whose population has been reduced when they are threatened with extinction.
Endangered species
c. Exotic food
Wild animals
d. Rare object
It is the addition of the chemical, physical or biological agent into the air, water, soil in an amount or rate that threatens human health, wildlife, and
plants or disrupts the orderly functioning of the environment.
c. Dehydration
d. Perspiration
The layer that protects the earth from too much radiation of the sun.
Ecology aspects c. Abnormal growth
d. Ozone
In a computer set, CPU stands for what?
Central Processing Unit
Common Processor Utility
Central Paneling Unit
Command Pressurized Unit
What is the distance of the marathon race in the Olympics?
234 miles and 85 yards
26 miles 385 yards
78 miles and 456 yards
123 miles and 45 yards
In using the internet, what does www stands for?
World web Webster
World wide web
Wide western wife
Weak well windows
What do you call the fear of spiders?
Chickenophobia c. Hetophobia
d. Claustrophobia
This is the age requirement for an individual to get a student driver’s license.
17 years old
c. 21 years old
12 years old
d. 10 years old
When you are a hypertensive person, that means that you ________ is above normal range.
Blood pressure
c. Blood sugar
Urine sample
d. Liver
These are the rights which human beings have, and are quite independent of social circumstances or the level of achievement which an individual has
Natural rights
c. Social rights
Human rights
d. Economy rights
The Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees is known as ________.
R.A. 6173
c. R.A. 7163
R.A. 6713
d. R.A. 6731
They contributed the idea of democracy to the modern world.
c. Greeks
d. Australians
It is defined as the power to administer the laws, which means carrying them into practical operations and enforcing their due observance.
Judicial power c. Executive power
People power
d. Legislative power
This law-making body is composed of 24 members elected by qualified voters all over the country.
c. Cabinet
Task Group
d. Senate
It is essentially the authority under the constitution to make laws and alter and repeal them.
People power
c. Chief power
Executive power d. Legislative power
The radiation produced b sun which can cause irritation of the skin.
Ultraviolet rays
c. Rainbow rays
Fuel rays
d. X-ray
What is the meaning of the latin word preambulare wherein preamble is derived?
To walk before
c. To run after
To guide
d. To eat a lot
What is the psychological term to a person who has irrational fear of computer?
Computer fear
c. Cyber phobia
d. Internet phobia

The law that allows foreign-based retailers to engage in retail activities in the country subject to conditions and requirements. This law is known as :
Retail Trade Liberalization Act
E-Commerce Law
Access Devise Law
Import-Export Liberalization Law
The government agency created to convert and develop former military bases into commercial-industrial estates.
Public Estates Authority
Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority
Philippine Economic Zones Authority
Bases Conversion and Development Authority
The legislative act that requires industries and transport to install anti-pollution devices, prohibit the use of incinerators and the mandatory antismoke belching test.
Environmental Protection Law
Waste Management Act
Anti-Smoke Belching Law
Clean Air Act
The Presiding officer of the House f Senate is also known as __________.
Sergeant at Arms
Chairman, Committee of Rules
Senate President
Senate Pro-Tempore
The law that mandates the blending of cocodiesel or coco methyl ester in all diesel fuel and bioethanol in gasoline sold nationwide.
Biofuels Act of 2006
Cocodiesel Act
Oil Deregulation Law
Fuel Development Act
It is the general term applied to the men and women employed in the government to carry out public service in all its branches, subdivisions, and
Public Officials and Employees
People Power
General employees
It mandates the blending of coco diesel or coco methyl ester (CME) in all diesel fuel and bioethanol in gasoline sold across the country.
Clean Air Act of 1999
Solid Waste Management Act of 2000
Biofuel’s Act of 2006
Fuel Development Act
Tough but biodegradable netting that anchors the soil on sloping land and riverbanks thus, protecting against erosion.
Cocowire mesh
c. Coconet
Fiber matt
d. Coir sheets
Which of the following is not considered a biofuel?
Jathrapa or “tuba-tuba”
Liquefied natural gas
Coco methyl ester
Refers to a diesel-equivalent, processed fuel derived from biological sources.
c. Biodiesel
Vegetable oils
d. Biofuel
Environmental law providing for an ecological solid waste management program Creating necessary mechanisms, incentives, prohibitions and
Rep. Act # 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000
Rep. Act # 8749 or The Phil. Clean Air Act of 1999
The Biofuels Act of 2006
The Anti-Pollution Act of 2005
Families of overseas Filipino workers (OFW’s) meet a lot of conflicts. How should the government address this?
Provide more opportunities for their development
Encourage families to save for the future
Provide soft loans to start business
Encourage more members of the family to work abroad
Which of the following concepts is relevant to environmental education?
Importance of balance of nature and interdependence
Resources can be infinitely utilized
Rapid urbanization and development
Advent of cheap, inorganic resources
Refers to the delegation of specific non-core operations of an agency to an external entity that specializes in those operations.
c. Outsourcing
d. Multi-tasking
Pres. Arroyo’s Administration’s centerpiece financial program designed to eliminate the budget deficit by 2010.
Tax amnesty program
Lateral Attrition Law
E-VAT Program
WTO stands for:
World Tourism Organization
World Trade Organization
Washington Trade Order
World Trades Order
Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards
Directions: Select the best answer for each given questions.
It shall be unlawful for public officials and employees to, directly or indirectly, have monetary or material interest on any transaction requiring the
approval of their office.
Material interest
Financial and material interest
Financial interest
Outside Employment
Public officials and employees shall not use or divulge confidential or classified and official information known to them by reason of their office.
Disclosure and / or misuse of official information

Private practice of profession
Public officials and employees shall not accept, directly or indirectly, any gift, gratuity, favor or anything of monetary value, in the course of their
official duty which may be affected by the functions of their office.
Disclosure or misuse
Material and financial interest
Private practice of profession while in office
Public officials and employees shall accomplish and submit declarations under oath, their assets, liabilities, net worth, financial and business
Acceptance and Solicitation
Financial and Material interests
Statements and disclosures
Outside Employment
Any and all statements filed under R.A. # 6713 shall be made available for inspection at all times at reasonable hours.
Accessibility of Documents
Disclosure of Documents
Identification of Documents
Confidentiality of Documents
This is an act establishing a code of conduct and ethical standards for public officials and employees, upholding the time-honored principle of public
office being a public trust.
R.A. #6713
c. R.A. #6371
R.A. #6731
d. R.A. #6317
Republic Act # 6713 establishes a code of conduct and ethical standards for public officials and employees, upholding the time-honored principle of
public office being a public trust.
Code of Professionalism and Ethical Behavior
Code of Professionalism Behavior and Ethics
Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees
Code of Public Trust and Ethical Standards
“It is the policy of the State to promote ___________ of ethics in public service.
c. High standard
d. Practice
They include elective and appointive officials and employees, permanent or temporary, in career or non-career service, with or without compensation.
c. Public Officials
d. Service
“Family of public officials and employees” means their spouses and unmarried children under _________ years of age.
a. 15
b. 21
c. 18
d. 25