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Global Organization Development Certificate Program


Mumbai, India

oppression-free societies. and how to intervene at different system levels Develop capabilities for using one’s self as an agent of change Expand skills in specialized areas such as organization design. Participants Will:     Learn practical skills in order to establish productive relationships with clients and work groups Develop the capacity to understand organizations as systems Learn why.28864184 sushmash@yahoo. and building organizational competency and sustainability  The creator of T-Group Experiential Training Methodology  Alumni of more than 155. changing behaviors. facilitation.9833177404 manishanatural@gmail. a Leading Source for Professional Development   Programs and services rooted in the field of ABS  Over 65 years of success in developing talent. Why is OD Important? OD Helps Organizations…     Adapt to the fast pace of change Deal with complexity Integrate and align human resources Build capacity to achieve success During this Program. Individuals who want to formalize and diversify their knowledge will find the program a challenging learning experience that will expand their capacity as OD practitioners. Founded in 1947 as a non-profit educational institution. groups and organizations in the world. is a carefully integrated sequence of educational sessions and experiential work designed to provide a thorough knowledge of the underlying principles and theories of OD. Who Participates This is an ideal program for:  Human Resource Directors and/or Business Partners  Leaders and/or Middle Managers  Human Resource Managers  Change Agents  Internal and/or External Consultants  Organization Development Practitioners About the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science The mission of the NTL Institute is to advance Applied Behavioral Science (ABS) in the service of social justice. and healthy individuals. when. delivered by the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science. the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science has become a leader in the learning and development field with high-impact programs and services that use modern experiential training methodologies. strategic goals. Contact: Manisha Singh +91. This program fulfills individuals’ desire to learn the fundamentals of OD and build a solid theoretical base from which to operate.000 participants from over 1.300 organizations worldwide  The unparalleled ability to provide immediate results in critical mass enabling real organizational change For More Information.Program Overview The Welingkar Global Organization Development (OD) Certificate Page 2 © 2013 NTL Institute.9821229155 or +91. and systems change via powerful experiential learning Sushma Sharma +91. diversity. .

in groups. and how OD differentiates itself from other consultancy practices. understanding of models. and culture  Explore the skill development to be an effective OD practitioner Module 1: Human Interaction Laboratory Today’s fast-paced world requires effective multicultural and intergenerational interactions. Key Learnings and Outcomes:  Increase emotional intelligence – the ability to understand and manage oneself and one’s interactions with others  Improve ability to communicate effectively  Generate the capacity to give and receive constructive feedback  Deepen understanding of group processes and dynamics  Increase personal and group effectiveness in a diverse. and learning approach. and the role of group members  Self assess. theories and key concepts to explore how groups work while examining strategies for working with groups in organizations. Session I December 4-12. multicultural environment  Build the personal foundation for more effective formal and informal leadership as well as personal and professional success Module 2: Theory and Practice in OD This module provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of OD including: its history and the evolution of the field.” Session II February 19-27. gender and diverse work styles © 2013 NTL Institute. content. or virtually. This module focuses on how to approach and manage the complexity of these interactions. Page 3 . determine best options and address group issues appropriately  Examine issues of individual and group diversity including cultural differences.welingkar. This module uses “Very rich with knowledge. the values that are critical to the field. Register Now: elearn. It is comprehensive of three sessions with two consecutive modules each. gender. 2014 Module 1: Group Development and Facilitation Groups are a core aspect of any organization effort. age. participants will learn how they are perceived by others which can lead them to explore and enhance their interpersonal and leadership effectiveness. whether face-to-face. the theoretical principles that shape the practices of OD.Program Sessions The Global Organization Development Certificate Program commences with an orientation meeting where participants can connect with fellow cohort colleagues and learn more about the program objectives. Participants have opportunities to reflect upon their learning and the impact they have on others. the dynamics of groups. 2013 Key Learnings and Outcomes:  Explore organization development concepts and supporting technologies  Understand and practice each phase of the Action Research/OD process  Understand the concept of “Use of Self” as an agent of change  Increase personal awareness of race. practice and develop facilitation skills and one’s own effectiveness which will enhance one’s consultation skills  Increase awareness of one’s ability to observe. During this experience. and sharing the right insight at the right time. Key Learnings and Outcomes:  Understand group theories. stages of group development.

Participants will explore the opportunities and challenges of successfully leading complex organization change. and as a large group to diagnose organizations. methods. or client system.” Register Now: elearn. This module will help participants understand the dynamics of organizational change. Key Learnings and Outcomes:  Learn about the use of systems thinking in designing and leading complex change  Gain an understanding for and practice skills to assess the current state of an organization and make the business case for change  Develop abilities to plan and implement change Session III July 2-10. In this hands-on module. and network levels today. skill. “The demonstrations of intervention strategies were most helpful. group. and the determination of appropriate interventions for various organizational situations.Session II Continued Module 2: Diagnosing Organizations with Impact A critical task for OD professionals is to accurately diagnose the cross currents of information that exist within every organization they work with. use organizational diagnostic models and learn to balance the roles of both a diagnostician and practitioner of organization development. organization. participants will participate in skill practice experiences that include the real-time development of intervention strategies. in small groups. and sensitivity in service of helping an organization. including the Diversity exercise. and techniques for collecting and analyzing organizational data  Identify a variety of lenses for organization assessment  Develop a diagnostic strategy and model to apply to an organization or client system of choice  Learn to recognize and appreciate the impact of perceptual bias in the diagnostic process Key Learnings and Outcomes:  Expand knowledge of OD intervention theories. Participants will emerge with immediately applicable skills. team. and assess OD interventions at the individual. to transform. intervene. system. design.welingkar. and community levels  Recognize the challenges and opportunities that arise from resistance within oneself Module 2: Leading Organizational Change Leading organizational change is difficult because change adds layers of complexity to the already challenging work of every day organization leadership. . organization. and the trainers were knowledgeable and flexible. develop. In this module. and tools  Improve competencies to diagnose. The design of the program in general was good. This module will help participants to conduct successful interventions by getting them engaged in an exploration of the intervention theories and techniques that are widely used at the intrapersonal. Key Learnings and Outcomes:  Examine and apply diagnostic models to a real or simulated client system  Experiment with strategies. participants will work individually. or adapt in order to achieve its desires outcomes. strategies. Page 4 © 2013 NTL Institute. 2014 Module 1: Intervention Strategies Interventions executed successfully are done so with grace. They will also explore organizations as open systems. © 2013 NTL Institute. India) Program Location All Global Organization Development Certificate Program sessions will take place at the Prin. L.Welingkar. Near Matunga (Central Register Now: elearn. India www. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research in Mumbai.Many Organizations Have Invested in Employee Attendance* Including: • Aditya Birla Group • BOC India • CEAT Ltd • SESC Ltd • Hindustan Lever Ltd • Hutchison Max • Telcom • ICICI Bank • Outbound Training • Polaris Software Lab Ltd • Prudential Process Management Services • RPG • Texas Instruments • Wipro Ltd *2005 NTL Institute OD Certificate Program (Bangalore.N. Page 5 . Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research Lakhamshi Napoo Road. Address: Prin.) Mumbai 400919.welingkar.N.

leadership teams and organizations build competencies. Amsterdam. and Jamaica.D. Malone is highly effective in engaging senior leadership in development initiatives in start-up organizations. private and not-for-profit organizations. and declining organizations. She would push us to our "learning edge" and I liked that!” Register Now: elearn. Asia and Israel.and post-merger and acquisition experience in numerous organizations—both in the United States and . Her diverse experience over twenty-five years includes consulting with clients in the United States. Azerbaijan. learning abilities and nimbleness for achieving purposeful performance. bottom-line orientation. leadership coaching. executive development and training. Dr. Dr. Her consulting and training projects have included work in USA. He has significant pre. Kaye A. Patricia Bidol-Padva is an organizational development consultant and a mediator of complex multi-party disputes.welingkar. Singapore. He has designed and implemented programs in organization development. Canada. was fabulous and insightful. She is a mentor and a coach in helping leaders.Program Faculty Pat Bidol-Padva. She has impacted diverse communities and institutions which includes indigenous communities in North America. Bidol-Padva’s consulting practice focuses on assisting CEOs. Dr. Europe. and labor management relations. maturing organizations. has more than 27 years of experience in the field of organization development. Russ Forrester. he has worked in several large organizations in the public and private sectors. performance management. team and organizations in a variety of public. Russ Forrester is a consultant in the field of human behavior and organization development with 35 years of experience. Her work has touched lives and organizations in US. UK. employee selection. Ollie Malone is a senior consulting executive specialized in talent and organization development.D. Denmark. Indian Police and educational institutes.D. An organizational psychologist. Sushma Sharma. senior executives and their teams to effectively respond to real-world challenges and opportunities. Craft. Hong Kong. Ph. Trinidad. MA Sushma Sharma. Colombia. Ph. and leadership development. South Africa. Canada. MBA Kaye Craft has more than twenty years of training and consulting experience with individuals. Ph. England. Dr. Page 6 © 2013 NTL Institute. She is dedicated to helping people transform their situations in order to achieve their personal and organizational purposes and passions. “Our instructor. Curacao. Australia. She specializes in organizational transformation and renewal. Tanzania. Ollie Malone. a passionate learner. He is a business leader with a clear. Jr. India and Asia-Pacific.

95. applications must be received no later than November 13.itchotels. All taxes related to the program will be born by the participant. © 2013 NTL Institute. all registrant applications will go through review.pritamhotels.37. India www. dinner. Travel and Lodging To allow for some evening work and to support team building and active attention to the cohort as an evolving group. but not limited to: workbooks. Maharashtra 400028. lunch. Mumbai 400014. instruments and 2014.500 due by November Hotel Midtown Pritam 20-B Pritam Estate. Swami Narayan Temple. Registration and Application Submission To register and apply for the Global OD Certificate Program.welingkar. the program fee includes breakfast. Application approval notifications will be sent within two weeks of registration and application receipt. Participants are responsible for their own travel and lodging. Mumbai. Dr. Cancellation Policy Once a participant’s application is approved. Babasaheb Ambedkar Road Parel.750 due by June 18.18.rameehotels. For this reason. any program payments made prior to the approval notification or proceeding it are non-refundable—unless the Global OD Certificate Program is cancelled by the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science.000. Ramee Guestline Dadar Opp. Therefore. Dadar As this is a cohort program. India www. 2013. 2013. Total tuition for the installment option is Rs/INR 4. Mumbai 287. participants are encouraged to stay overnight at any of the following nearby hotels.ihmctan. Rs/INR 1. participants remain as a group and experience each learning session ITC Grand Central. 2013. complete the online process at: elearn. 2014. India www. Mumbai 400012. Mumbai 400014. The installment payment schedule follows:    Rs/INR 2. The program fee includes tuition and classroom materials including. . Tuition for the Global OD Certificate Program is Rs/INR 4. Dadar (E). Rs/INR 1.aspx Dadar Catering College Accommodation Swatantrya Veer Savarkar Marg.750 due by February 5.000 if paid in full by November 20. To be considered for the program cohort. All taxes related to the program will be born by the participant. Payment Options Program tuition may also be paid in installments. it is expected that participants attend every module and session. and snacks on all session days.midtown.75. Additionally. Page 7 . India www.Admissions and Tuition The Global Organization Development (OD) Certificate Program is a specialized program with a limited number of seats.

Register at: Register Online .welingkar.