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CO USA. University of Tasmania. Key note speakers Dr. 1 The International Institute of Knowledge Management| University of Northern Colorado (ICEDU 2016) . Australia. Eugene P. David Kember Faculty of Education. CO USA. Tamara Yakaboski Associate Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership College of Education and Behavioral Sciences University of Northern Colorado Greeley.Conference Chair and Key note speaker Prof. Sheehan Dean. Prof. Professor of Psychological Sciences College of Education and Behavioral Sciences University of Northern Colorado Greeley.

com Conference Publication Chair Oshadee Withanawasam Hotline: +94 774 422 334 Email: oshadee@tiikm. Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos Spain Dr. Mehryar Nooriafshar Australia Organizing committee Conference Convener Isanka P. CHRISTOPHER C. Olaf Hallan Graven Norway Prof.Gamage Hotline: +94 715 589 870 Email: isanka@tiikm.CHUA Philippines Dr. Ma Zhongwu China Dr. John McDowell Australia Prof. Porcaro USA Prof. David S.Scientific committee 2 Other Committee Members Dinesh Madushanka Shanika De Silva Samanthika Wimalasena Thulakshana Liyanage Arun Francis Suvinie Rajapaksha Rumesh Wasinghe Lukshani Indrachapa Deepika Abeyrathna(IT) Susitha Thiranjeeva(IT) Tharanga Gamage(Media) Nethroo Kariyawasam(Media) The International Institute of Knowledge Management| University of Northern Colorado (ICEDU 2016) . Arteimi Mohamed Libya Chief Conference Coordinator Duminda Koralagamage Hotline: +94 767 481 211 TP: +94 113 098 521/2 Email: duminda@tiikm. CHRISTOPHER C.CHUA Philippines Mounir Ghribi Italy Dr.

http://educationconference. Abstracts that do not follow this format will be rejected.  Authors must clearly mention the track in which the paper is to be included. Isanka at isanka@tiikm. As educators and administrators we need to attend to the world outside of the closed context of the “system” and recognize the ways in which the world has become interrelated with the understanding that every student comes into the classroom with a biography and a way of being in the world. Today the questions that should be asked about schooling are those that take into account the social context in which we live. 3 The International Institute of Knowledge Management| University of Northern Colorado (ICEDU 2016) . and pace of study contribute to the “new curriculum.” Curricula will continue to become more “blended” combining e-learning with traditional formats (face-to-face lectures and other modes). You are also expected to send a brief biography together with the Abstract. and key that format will help you to submit your abstract. 2016. therefore you are requested to follow the format carefully for your abstract submission.  Submitted abstracts would undergo blind review by expert reviewers. major results. A key challenge for ourselves as educators is to adapt the institutions in which we work to meet the emerging reality of the connected environment.  Last date for submission of abstract is January 15. For today’s learners that world has increasingly become a wired one with the need for social interaction. ever-changing or +94 715 589 870  The abstract must indicate purpose of study. please contact Mr. research methodology. The cognitive skills fostered by education should be those of problem solving that enables individuals to process information effectively and work within complex. Employers require fewer but more skilled . If you have any technical issue or you need any further assistance in submitting your abstract. Call for Papers Submit Abstract to: abstract@educationconference. Please set up your abstracts according to the given format at this website. implications. Online teaching and learning and their flexibility in terms of place.Objectives and scope The use of technology has revolutionized education. time.

)  Collaborative and Problem-based Learning  Organizational. General Education in a Multicultural Society  Education and Globalization  Language Learning Innovations  Ethical Issues in Education  Learning Analytics  Pedagogical Methods of e-Learning  Transferable Skills  Impact of Education on Development  Evaluation and Assessment of Student Learning  Barriers to Learning (age. ethnicity. Financial and Legal Concerns  Next Generation Classroom  Educational Technology  Diversity   Access to the Internet and the “Digital Divide” Accreditation / Assessment Processes  Quality Standards at National and International Level  Intellectual Property Rights and Plagiarism  Social Media in Education  Learning and Teaching Methodologies  2. 2016. please indicate your publication preference. Final submission should be strictly in accordance with the author guidelines as provide at the time of acceptance of paper. Innovation. and Enhanced Learning  Learning Experiences in Primary and Secondary School  New Experiences in Curriculum Design  Personal Learning Environments  Strategies. Conference tracks 1. etc. Curriculum Design. At least one of the authors of the paper must register for the conference by March 30.  If submitting the full paper. Authors of accepted abstracts wishing to publish the full paper in the proceedings or one of the Supporting journals should submit the full paper by May 25. 2016. Principles and Challenges 4 The International Institute of Knowledge Management| University of Northern Colorado (ICEDU 2016) .

Tablets. Technological Issues in Education: Digital Inclusion and Exclusion  Web Classroom Applications  Managed Learning Environments  Mobile Learning (Smart Phones.)  Inclusive Learning  Technology-Enhanced Learning  Student Support in Education  Competence Evaluation  Barriers to Learning  On-line Assessments  Legislation of Open and Online Education  3.)  Learning Management Systems  Models of Open and Flexible Learning  Open Educational Resources and MOOCs  Cloud Computing  e-Learning  Blended Learning  Virtual Mobility  Online / Virtual laboratories 5 The International Institute of Knowledge Management| University of Northern Colorado (ICEDU 2016) . etc. Colleges. New Projects / Innovations  Open Innovation / Open Development  Apps for Education  Blended Learning  Enabling Credit Transfer  Online / Virtual Laboratories  Lifelong Learning  Managed Learning Environments (MLEs)  Vocational Training  Learning Management Systems (LMS) Technical Schools. The New Role in Higher Education: Constructing and Circulating Knowledge  New Challenges for Higher Education  New Experiences and International Cooperation  Staff and Student Mobility Programs   Distance Education versus Traditional Education Collaboration between Universities and Companies  Skills and Competencies among Teachers  Management Methods and Systems  Modernizing Universities   Strategies for Marketing and Recruiting International Students Enhanced Language Teaching and Learning  Networked Curricula  Joint Education Projects  Project Outcomes and Conclusions  Joint Research Projects 2. etc. Jr. Specialty Schools (Arts.

etc. Virtual Learning Environments and Collaborative Environments  Experiences in Web Technologies in Education  Web 2.0 and Social Networking (Blogs.)  User-Generated Content  ePortfolios Broad Topics  Primary and Secondary Education  Administration  Further or Continuing Education  Government  Adult Education   Higher Education Language Learning and Acquisition (ESL/TESL/TEFL)  Distance Learning  Applied Linguistics  Inter-cultural Communication   IT Instructional Technology Curriculum Research and Development  International Education   International Recruitment Agencies/Institutions Teacher Education and Professional Development   Multinational Employers Educational Policy and Administration   Student Affairs Educational Vision and Leadership   Legal Issues and Ethics Educational Management  The Economics of Education 6 The International Institute of Knowledge Management| University of Northern Colorado (ICEDU 2016) . Twitter.

m.00 p. April 2016 7.30 a.30 p.00 a.30 p. Technical session 10.m. Coffee break Saturday 23.m.m.m.30 p.m.m.30 p. 12.m.30 a.m.30 p. – 9.m. 9.30 p.30 p. 9. 10.m. Coffee break 4.m. 3.m.30 a.30 a.30 p. Technical session 6. 4.00 a. Technical session 3.m. Post conference Tour (optional) 7 The International Institute of Knowledge Management| University of Northern Colorado (ICEDU 2016) . 4.30 p. 8. Official networking dinner with cultural show Friday 22. 6.30 p.30 a.00 a.m.30 p. Lunch 1.m.m. 3. Technical session 12. Inauguration session and conference photograph 9.m.m. April 2016 07.30 a.m.30 p.30 p.00 a. Technical session 3.30 p.30 a. Lunch 1.m. 10.m. Coffee break 10.00 p. Keynote forum 12. 1.m. 10.m. Coffee break 10.30 a.m.00 a.m.m.30 p.m. 1. 12.m.m Conference registration and information desk 8.30 p.m.m.00 p. April 2016 8.Conference schedule Thursday 21.

We will submit the proceedings to be indexed in the Thomson Reuters.Publications All accepted abstract and full papers (for those who register for the conference) will be published electronically in the refereed conference proceedings with ISSN (ISSN : 2424-6700) after the conference. Mendeley. Cross ref. Dates of Importance Abstract submission deadline: 15 January 2016 Abstract acceptance notification: Within two weeks Early Bird Registration deadline: 15 February 2016 2nd Registration deadline: 10 March 2016 Conference registration final deadline for presenters: 30 March 2016 PP Presentation due on or before: 10 April 2016 ICEDU 2016 21 – 22 April 2016 Cultural Show and Networking Dinner : 21 April 2016 8 The International Institute of Knowledge Management| University of Northern Colorado (ICEDU 2016) . SCOPUS. CiteULike and Google scholar for possible Indexing. THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE The official language of the conference will be English. You have the option for including either abstract only or full paper in the proceedings. Selected papers may be considered for publication in the supporting journals. ) Please send a scanned copy of the bank receipt after transferring your registration fee. Visa. send as your color photograph for the registration dinesh@tiikm. Also. Tel: +94767481211 Tel: +94716424737 Registration fee Registration deadline Closing date for early bird registration: 15 February 2016 Closing date for registration: 30th March 2016 (http://educationconference. inclusion in the conference program).  In-person conference session presentation (which involves submitting an abstract and.  Two conference lunch buffets  Conference dinner with cultural show  Four snack/coffee breaks 9 The International Institute of Knowledge Management| University of Northern Colorado (ICEDU 2016) . if accepted. Registration Types Delegate registration Group registration Virtual Group In-Person Participant’s Registrations Include:  Attendance at all plenary and parallel sessions (keynote addresses as well as paper presentations and descriptions of practice and informal conversation sessions with keynote speakers).  The option to submit your paper to the corresponding Journal. Duminda Koralagamage Dinesh Madushanka Conference Organizing Committee Conference Organizing Committee duminda@tiikm.CONTACT PERSONS General Inquiries.

A printed conference program. tours or accommodation. conference materials . ISSN published Abstracts CD/ publication. conference bag . These extras can be booked at the time of registration. admission to poster sessions.) Delegate (Normal Rate) Category Speaker Attendee Before 31 January 2016 $385 $400 Before 15 February 2016 $400 $415 Before 10 March 2016 $425 $440 On site $440 $450 Students Category Before 31 January 2016 Speaker $350 Attendee $385 Category Per person Category Delegates Students 10 On site Before 15 February 2016 Before 10 March 2016 $385 $400 $415 $400 $415 $425 Before 31 January 2016 $350 Group registration Before 15 Before 10 February 2016 March 2016 $385 $400 Before 31 January 2016 Virtual registration Before 15 February 2016 On site $415 Before 10 March 2016 $175 $185 $200 $150 $175 $185 The International Institute of Knowledge Management| University of Northern Colorado (ICEDU 2016) . a receipt of the registration fee  (Please note registration does not include extras such as transport. attendance and/or author certificates.

Duminda for more information duminda@tiikm. Box 837. B. If not. Any addition received will be reimbursed at the Registration Desk. Pannipitiya. Sri Lanka. Please contact Mr. High Level Road. Therefore. the participant has to add US$ 5-10 for the international transaction as proof of payment. Contributions will only be published at ICEDU 2016 publications if at least one of the authors of each accepted abstract is registered before 30 March 2016. T. 10230. Colombo 10. P. BRANCH Homagama BENEFICIARY The International Institute of Knowledge Management(Pvt)Ltd 423 1/D. Jayah Mawatha (Darley Road). 11 The International Institute of Knowledge Management| University of Northern Colorado (ICEDU 2016) . Sri Lanka ACCOUNT NUMBER 077910146135 ADDRESS OF BENEFICIARY SWIFT CODE (International) HBLILKLX BRANCH CODE 077 BANK CODE 7083 **Note: The conference secretariat should receive the exact amount of registration fees. the participant has to pay the balance due at the registration desk. Please email a scanned copy of the remittance advice to registration@educationconference. Registration Note: One author registration can cover a maximum of one paper.Payment method for conference participants For foreign Participants / BANK TRANSFER (TT) BANK NAME Hatton National Bank 479.O.