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2 't981

(Paul & Mark's Epistle)
"The people which sat in darkness saw great light;

Campus Ministry

Japan Address

U.£, Address

Matt. 4:16

Mrs. Mary Lou Bauer
2910 E. 98th St.,

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Pratt

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Pratt

1210 Kamikasuya,

Indianapolis, Ind.

Isehara City,

3182 Tokiwa,
Machida City, Tokyo

Tel. (317) 844-3659



Tel. (0463) 95-1019


Tel. (0427) 97-1914

Vol. XXIV, No. 1, Winter, 19^1
Dear friends,
C.J.C.M. Staff (U.S.)
Co directors
Mr. s Mrs. Paul Pratt
Mr. s Mrs. Mark Pratt

Forwarding Sec'y.
Mrs. Mary Lou Bauer

Recording Sec'y.
Mrs. Polly Wilkinson

Harold Akers

Harry Bauer

Roger Burnham
Ernie Wilkinson

We pray for you His abundant blessings in the New Year! We appreciated
so much your lovely cards and gifts over the holidays. A phone call from
our kids Stateside brought real joy to us. Joined with Mark's, here are a
few of their reflections upon Christmasses past. Mark: "Our first Christmas
in Japan we didn't have a tree. At the time I thought, "What is Christmas
without a tree?" Looking back I realize that the manger scene we had in it's
place really testified to the Japanese the true meaning of the festival."
Lydia: "I remember the sick children at the T.B. Sanitarium eagerly and bash
fully accepting candy, manderin oranges and the word, I wonder how much they
remember of that now...""Christmas in America, 19^2, home with family, and
friends, the bright lights and lots of food. I never got so many presents
in my whole life. Americans must all be rich,"(thoughts of a 10 year old) .
Mary: "My idea of a real Christmas was in 19^9 when we went to the slum area
of Tokyo. We taught so many children and gave gifts to them. Many of these
were children of drunkards or street walkers." Paul D.: "We regret not hav

Sannobara Ch. of Christ



ing you with us for Christmas, but we know God wants you there.

Rather, we

would like to be able to join you there."
Paul S. Pratt

Jesus said, "Let your light shine".

One of our families left early from

Hiromichi Heura

our Dec. 21st Evening Service so they could keep an appointment to tell the
story of Jesus' birth to neighborhood children. Thirty youngsters gathered

Mark F. Pratt

to see the slides and to hear the narration of the meaning of Christmas.


Vukiya Shimokawa
Masami Sugimoto
Michio Yanada
Katsumi Yamazaki

We are proud of our little Sannobara Church as a group. They have given
SlOOO toward Mark and Lynn's building program. Then their Christmas offering

for various benevolent agencies amounted to half that figure. As of December
2J>rd we had gone through all the 'red tape' and presented final papers for recognition as a Re
ligious Non-Profit Corporation. We expect this recognition in March. The government considers

this as an eternal recognition, so that is why it takes so long. The 1/3 acre lot, the 8 room
house and the church building at Isehara are now the property of the Sannobara Church.

I/lO acre lot and the anticipated building will also be included as an extension of the Sannobara
Church Non-profit Corporation.

Speaking of the Machida Fellowship Center (Mark and
Lynn's work)

we are happy to report that the two young

ladies baptized at Isehara on December 21st by Mark are
the first from their labors there. The fact that four or

five others, witnessing their first baptism are hoping
to obey their Lord soon,added to our joy. You can see
that Mark and Lynn and Sarah Burney Aker did a fine job
of making and nurturing prospects during our furlough.

Here on display is _a photo of the Onga Church
Christ which began last October 5th in Hideto Yoshii's


What a fine beginning. Experiences Hideto has had

elsewhere resulted in a well-planned beginning. They
seem to have done everything right. His brother, Hideo,

Minister of the Kanoya Church in Kagoshima was the guest
speaker for a special day program. Praise Him who "gave
Hideto, Hideo Yoshii

gifts to men."


The month of March will be very important

to Mark and Lynn's work.

That being Obirin's

spring vacation, Mark and I will be free to help
with the building of the Fellowship Center build

ing. Ed Tnomas of Church Builders Inc. will come
from the States to lead in the work. They are
still calling for workers. Do you know of some
one who could come and help us build?

Some of you have met Yuichi *Nick' Nakagawa
who is attending the Cincinnati Technical Insti
tute. He has a vision of serving His Lord on
the technical end of radio or television in Ja


We are happy that he will be living on the

campus of Cincinnati Bible College and taking a
few night classes there. Lord bless you, Nick.

October 1, I9B0 - Shara meets new sister,
Lauren Elise Coyle for the first time.

_get ^ answer from us, please let us know.

We usually recognize gifts and answer let

ters, promptly.
for some reason you do not
Th' re are cases when mail has gotten lost. Also, if

jJ-ease notify us so that we can be up-to-date. It

you move or have your address changed at all,
will also save us money.

Did you know that...Christians are again attempting to head off efforts by the government
—to give national status~1:o the Ise~and Yasukun—i Shrrnes?"..."Mark and Lynn-have received l/3'-of
their present building fund total from sources ineide Japan? of today (Jan. 6, 19^1. one of

our dollars buys only 200 yen?...the ^5,000 in

^ittendance at the October 26th Billy Graham meet-

ing was the largest single Christian gathering in the history of Japan?...upon the return of
Stephen Fleenor, Dave Cole and Dale Mings thisimonth, there will be nine second generation miss

ionaries of the restoration movement serving iiijJapan? Still others are 'standing in the wings'
making preparations to come... a Daily Devotioilil Guide is now being compiled by your missionar
ies to Japan?

It should be available to you irt book form within this year.

The following is copied from The Christiarji[Reader, March/April, I98O.
Possibility Thinking.

A shoe salesman was se^t to a far away country, and after a few days he

sent back the message; "Coming home;' everybodjj goes barefoot here."

Another salesman for the

same company was sent immediately to the same cjcuntry and wrote to the home office: "Send more
order blanks;

everybody needs shoes here!"

One man's barrier was another man's boon!

Something similar happened some time ago here in Japan. A missionary returned Stateside
saying there were so few believers in Japan,
The newspapers are filled with suicides and so
very many people are neurotic, etc.'It's so discouraging.' Who needs the gospel more? "Those
who are sick need the physician, not those who lare well." Man's need is God's opportunity.

We are so grateful for three churches wi^ have recently assumed regular support to us. The
Cline Gardens Church, Hammond, Indiana, the Nortnway Church, and the West Side Church, both in
South Bend, Ind. have joined the ranks. Others, seeing the drop in the value of the dollar over
seas, have graciously increased their giving. We appreciate so much the encouragement all of our
ropeholders have provided. We are sure God has and will reward you openly!


1919^ Helen St.,
South Bend, Indiana, ^6637

A Kon-Profit






South Bend,
Address Correction Requested

N0Z0-' mi


Mission! Services
Box 177

Kempton, Ind, Ii60ii9


Permit No. 31^


^ ^rR.t+ )

CAMPUS MINISTRY — Central Japan Christian Mission


Mark 4 Lynn Pratt

3182 Tokiwa, Machida City

p o - r


(Paul & Mark's Epistle)

Tokyo • 19^-02, Japan

Ph. 0U27-97-19y|^
Forwarding Address

CJCM address

Mrs. Mary Lou Bauer

Paul 4 Kathleen Pratt

2910 E. 98th St.

1210 Kamikasuya, Isehara City

Indianapolis, IN 46200

Kanagawa ken 259-11t Japan
Ph. 046>95-1019

Ph. 317-844-3659

MAR 2 4 J03J

L'iear friends,

\trou^ beLaus^


understood about Heavenly Father and Jesus

Christ yet. Please pray for her." It turned
out that Satori's mother refused permission.

Toiriizuka 8c
Mari Tomizuka
8c Kami
Kami Sawamura



Satori came to church that Sunday; however, she was very close to bein^.- totally overwnelmea
with sorrow. Afterwards, though, she wrote to me again: "Thank you for your tindness last

Sunday. I'm fine mn*;. f think that 'accident' was good for me. Cause I think when I see^a
man who can't be baptized :ust like me I will be able to help him .. .. I am the happiest
girl. Heavenly Father will choose my NF'.; birthday for me. I believe it," Hemember to pray
for this sweet girl.

I've also grown close to the Suzuki family. The Suzukis have invited me to spend Sunday
evenings with them, w'e've spent many evenings talking about creation and my reasons for be
lieving the 3ible to be true. I've given them Bible reading ma.terial ana Christian music
tapes. They're so good to me; I really love them and bope they, too, will join us for fellow
ship in the new building.

3y the time our next nev/sletter goes out the building will be built. Hopefully we'll be
having services in Machida.
Thanks for everything.

GUSSTS: Just before Christmas we had the Dick Smith family for a day. They were on their
way back to the U.S. after a term of mission work in New Zealand. In mid-February, Dr. and
Mrs. Fred Scroggin and daughter Joyce arrived ialong with their co-workers in the National

Wildlife Federation, Mr. and Mrs. Tom KimballJ This was a special treat, because "Dr. Fred"

has been the family doctor for four generatior^s of Lynn's family. 3oth of these visits were
entirely too short, but we enjoyed sharing abcjut our work and showing off Japan's sights.

BUILDING: Even with Robin here helping (and wl^at a help she isl) things just get hectic-er
and hectic-er. Robin remarked after one busy day, "We need to get an intern from the States

to come over and help us!" At this writing we are concentrating on finishing a long list of

things prior to March 5, I98I B.C. (before £ar|penters).
Mr. Suzuki, our architect friend, got us some free fill dirt some time ago. Then he in
sisted we'd need to hire a bulldozer to smooth it out. I told him I thought we should do it

ourselves and save that money. He said it was |impossible, but the dirt got leveled out any
way. (Mr. Suzuki helped, too.) We recently dug for the foundation and with a little help
will be doing most of the foundation work ourselves. Mr. Suzuki started to say that was im

possible, too; but when we reminded him about 'the fill dirt, he just laughed.
This last week of February will find us: 1. at customs, claiming our shipment from Linwood
Homes of Canada (Incidentally, we owe a big tkank-you to Jack Warnick. Jack went far above
his obligation to send our building materials by helping us order appliances, carpeting,

cabinets, etc. We are most grateful.) ; 2. cleaning a house Mr. Suzuki is loaning us and

finding a number of Japanese-style beds for t'nlat house and Robin s apt.; 5. buying up extra
food and re-arranging our home to feed a crowd for 2-iz weeks.

Then on March 3, hopefully with sleeping and eating arrangements and the building materials

ready, a group of men and women under the leadlership of Ed Thomas, will arrive to start on
the building.
Now, what about the money?

No, we

have not reached our goal. But, amazing

ly, we have enough to pay for things as


^3 *.

.ivi 1 I

we need them. For example, when we re
ceived a bill for 522,000, there was

52^,000 in the bank. Later a bill for
$2,000; we had $2500. This campus house/
residence is being provided for day by
day. ". .. give me neither poverty nor

riches, but give me only my daily bread"
(Prov. 30*8). 'What we have needed
"daily" for the building has come
through your generosity. Thank you!

Ribin 8t Mr. Suzuki level the
dirt on the property

Our financlal r
ve been sent. I

one. let us kno

NEW Campus Ministry Address
Mark & Lynn Pratt
340-5 Negishi

NEW Forwarding Address
Mrs. Mary Lou Bauer

Machida City

Indianapolis, In. 46217

vUG 1 9 1981

240 W. Elbert St.

Tokyo 194, Japan

Vol. 25, special edition August, 1981

Dear Friends,

There's so much to tell, it seems impossible to organize our thoughts and pick out the

main things. Our last newsletter saw us with a vacant lot, awaiting the arrival of Ed
Thomas and crew to construct our building. By July 1 we had hosted two separate groups of
builders, built the house, moved in, and led a singing group on a one-month tour here.
Makes me tired all over again just to think about it!
The First Crew

We had managed to get the footing poured before Ed's crew_ of 9 arrived on March 3.
Early March 4, our first container of building materials was delivered to the property. It
takes several men several hours to unload one of those monsters.

Foundation work

was also

begun that first day.

March in Japan is still quite chilly, especially when you remember that we didn t have
central heating. It was bad enough that the crew had to work out in this cold; we surely
didn't want them coming home to a cold house. So trying to keep the house warmed up, meals
and laundry for nearly 20 people every day, phone business, errands, our 3 kids, regular
office work kept Lynn and Robin and usually one of the other ladies busy. The other 8 and
I stayed on the site. I seemed to have spent most of my mealtimes on the phone lining up
the next step of the work.

At the end of the

weeks the building was up. Praise

the Lord! Everyone

was ex

hausted. In fact, the only one who had rested at all during this time was me. I had a
nice rest in the ambulance after getting caught on my cycle between a truck and the guard

Cycle totaled;

no permanent damage to me.

Much thanks to: Ed Thomas, Clarence Lambdin, Larry Lambdin, Mark and Julie Gulley,
Don and Millie Harris, and Russ and Elaine Lockwood. Incidentally, the Harrisses and Lock-

woods slept in Robin's apartment while Robin slept in our office wedged between a file cab
inet and the Xerox. (This room tripled as dining room #2 during the day.) The Gulleys and
3 single men slept in a building owned by our Jaoanese architect, Mr. Suzuki. This rattle


a rc. U


trap old house (emphasis on the "rat") was fondly dubbed "The Suzuki Hilton."
Thanks to Mom and Dad Pratt.

Dad cancelled

a lot of his classes

in order to

be on

site as much as possible. Mom cooked extra food and brought it over; she also made most of
the curtains for the new building.

We experienced a kind of depression

when Ed's crew left. It had been wonderful and

much was done; but all the inside finish work was left along
The thought of finishing this ourselves was just too much.

with the final plumbing, etc.

~\"0 o


A r:ie.p*i'je. "t'Tvr.K rY.ctxnt- Ca 1 iP V


--.fJ « "n-.ooT





Ar\ol Juli-t
a\ I .


The Second Crew

"Lynn had been

begging her folks, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Lusby, to come and help. They

agreed at last. Hurray!

Help was on the way (not to mention a nice visit). But the clos

er the time came, we had doubts.

Would this be

fun after all? Or would the sight

this unfinished work create a terrific sense of helplessness

time the Lusbys

were having similar thoughts.

for Mom and Dad?

They decided to call Dave and

of all

At the same

Eleanor Rey

nolds. The Reynolds (who had built two other churches in Japan) had expressed a desire to
come, but couldn't come with the first crew. Much to Mom Lusby's amazement the phone call
went like this: Mom: "Helln, Eleano*"? This is tynn Pi-att's mother." Eleanor: "Oh, hi!

We're going to Japan!" The Reynolds brought their friends, A1 and Lois Wilson; and without
any prior arrangement, they and the Lusbys arrived in Japan within a few hours of each oth

Somewhere in there two other shipments of materials had come. Robin had managed to
finish Karis's second grade. The "Hilton" was evacuated, laundry done, groceries stocked

up. The Wilsons and Reynolds used Robin's apartment (back to the office for Robin). Lynn's
folks slept in
where did they sleep?
This group stayed about five weeks. They installed carpet, linoleum, kitchen cabi
nets, appliances, plumbing; did painting, put on trim. We 'cooked breakfast and supper and
did laundry at the house. Had a picnic on the grounds every day for lunch. More phone
calls, running to get things, permits from city hall, cash getting low, stamina getting




May 10 we

and approximately

building and had the dedication service.

100 guests

stood in

the finished

What a thrill!

After dedication, the Lusbys stayed on for an extra week to help us move in.

of constant chaos

were having an effect on our kids. Outbursts


of temper, tears, extra

mischief, Cason even broke out in a case of hives. We needed a day off. So we dropped
everything and let Karis, Cason, and Clinton take Granny and Papa to Tama Zoo.

Thanks to:

Dave and Eleanor Reynolds, A1 and Lois Wilson, and Mom and Dad Lusby.




i C.A \Ci '.J



p I s. rj I ^.

LiJ 1

pA r ko.A "V

help "PapaLusk

Q »V\ ^ T^OloI



^ ^

Thank You

"Our" building in Japan is wonderful!

labors. —■ a.

So many have helped in so many ways, it is impossible

■7 iAiSaViteA li v/i Aoy Toorr^l

to contact each of you personally.

this expression of our gratitude.

Will you please accept

For us it has been an humbling experience yet a beauti
ful, spiritual one; and we trust that everyone of you has

been blessed as well.

It is our hope that all of this will accrue to an ever-

widening circle of missions awareness and zeal.





L^yr\r\: Af last-nr\vJ

(Lynn's mother and stateside
co-ordinator of 20/20 Vision)



Building figures (exact figures will come out later in our regular financial

Total contributions from 20/20 Vision

project and all gifts from Japan sources


Two loans


Taken from our salary


Yet to be done and paid for are: outside
painting, fence, concrete work, yard work

Total cost of building


6.000 ?


$67,000 ?

Somebody out there must have stopped praying. We know it as sure as if we
had a spy watching. Extreme fatigue and tension would be the natural results

of our recent schedule. But it's amazing how much the human body can endure
when supported by prayer. But lately we've felt the strain again. During
the whole building project our needs were providentially met--minute by min
ute, dollar by dollar. Our dream of 6 years, the campus house, is now a

reality. Yet we are still about $17,000 in debt on the building. Don't
stop now. We need you. There is so much to do. We need our strength, your
letters of encouragement, financial help.

It all comes when you pray.

The second crew departed and we had exactly 12 days to prepare for the

arrival of Kentucky Sonshine.

We worked frantically to get everything

moved, straightened up, organized, and cleaned up.

More arranging of beds,

more stocking up of groceries, one more trip to the airport and they were

Kentucky Sonshine is a singing group from Southeast Christian Church,

Louisville, Ky. ' Rick and Jenna Houp (Lynn's sister) are associate ministers
there and sponsored the group.

Jenna was a member of the original Ohio

Singers who tourjed Japan in 1970.
Miraculously during the building project, a schedule for the singers had
been arranged, and posters and songbooks printed. The month of June had
been re-scheduled to allow us to lead them in their tour.



Types of programs: churches, schools, rotary club, deaf school, camp,

leper colony, English classes, Kentucky House restaurant, military bases,
Osaka Bible Semi'nary, kindergarten.
Number of programs: 36
Total audience:

approx. 5,300

Baptisms: 3 |
Though it was a very hard month ("not enough McDonald's"), we are ex
cited about thiSi large number of contacts made.

Thanks to: Rjick and Jenna Houp and little Arian, Freddie Andres, Heidi
Ehmen, Patty Frank, Rich Hutchens, Charlie Jones, Laurie Jones, JoJo Moss,
"Lisa Poulter, Larry Small and Anne Wortham.

.,ha'- li -e ClAct

Sincerely yours--and His,

, i.cus.'i


-'Nr"i £p *

£.1"iJ ^ v\ t*.

■ Mark

L-aarit, He 14., Hrcd J La rry ^ A
^ Ar I'a

krtft!ina— \\ar\< ^



it-k. ^

j'rq'kfy ^

Thc^z pcut /iCto monX/u have, been indzAicfUbabtz. Wc'uc bad th/izz
dA.{ffQXzn>t g-^oup-s In i-ince. Mcuidi. Lynn'-i moihzA and ^athtx, aZong
aZth ano'thzn gfioap
aafiptntzAi, wzAt hzAz duxing thz mnih
and pa/Lt
May. "Kentucky Sonshim" woi Acac thz ivhole month

June and; jtAe end

Maach the caApenteA4> had ju6t le^t. lt'6 been

hectic akn a lot of, woftk, but -it'6 been Lvofith -it.

I thjbik the mo-it ;(un I've had coa.4 tkii poit month fiaveltng
iv-ith the' i-ing-tng gaoup "Kentucky Son-ikine." Lynn and I made a deal one ('^ uiUcould take caae o/( the ckUdaen, launday, and hou^emak
u'h-ile the', othen. -Piaveled i*uth the gaoup f(Aom loa-Uv-ilZe, Kentucky.

I muit ad\ it icoi hoAd ($oa me to keep my end
the baagatn. To
iee a gaoVp <?(( thirteen AmeA-ican^ take oi(i$ icithout. me nxan't a veay
pleaiant expeAience. A{,teA ^ouAteen day^
toivung Tokyo, the gacup
\the ioith {,oa ten dayi; and T got to go with them. So Aeatly
I got the betteA end o^ the deal. Lynn itayed ficAe uxith -imaZl
kids and ten dayi o^ Aain.

I'm I'uit a k-id at heoAt. T had the bett time w-ith theie nine
high ichool kidi. Beiide,i beZng involved in theiA. mteA Rights and
pAanki (I a-o-s uiuatly the victim) I woi oLio involved in theiA. iinging. The iongi had iuch good meaningi and the mu.6-cc wai beaatc^ul.
The gAoup Aeached a lot of, Japaneie people who may neveA have had a
chance at\ChAtitian-ity if it weAen't foA -the QAoup'i pAogAami and

witUngnei,i to put up with a tot of itAange food, unfamlliAA people,
and a veAif Auihed ichedule.

So^e pait feic monthi have been hectic, but I'm glad I got to
be a pa-At of it all. I've made many neiv fAiendi and I've leaA.ned io
much tliAaigh theie expeAiencei. Wouldn't tAade 'em foA anything.