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Is India becoming an intolerant nation?

Becoming? Nope.
India has ALWAYS been an intolerant nation. Even before it was India we found way to
be and show intolerance to anything that was not 'our own': caste, religion, sex,
language, culinary habits : show me a metric and I will show you how we discriminated
and showed our intolerance.
Immediately after independence in 1947, when the leadership was avowedly secular,
India we saw a brief period when the State was not intolerant; it genuinely believed in
pluralism. We the people did not change, we continued to be intolerant but found little
help from the State. That lasted a short time only.
Within a few years we were back to habitual intolerance and sacrificing human rights at
the altar of political expediency. It does not help that we as a peoples have fragile egos
that get threatened by any small thing.

my vegetarianism way of life gets threatened by my neighbour eating meat.

my sexual urges are brought to fore because a woman I do not know and
have never met wears a short skirt.

someone's way of communing with their god, makes my god worried and
that makes me feel like lashing out.

someone making love with people of the same sex makes me worry that I
may get infected; naturally I have to stomp it out.
Given that we are a billion plus in numbers, we can find something to be intolerant
about all the time. Stupid political leadership does not help. This leadership is across
parties. Nothing specifically to do with the BJP or Narendra Modi. It is just that since
the BJP has absolute power, majoritarianism is adding fuel to intolerance.

The truth of the matter is, in my opinion, India is not getting any intolerant
but getting more noisier and insensitive.
The average Indian is neither very tolerant nor intolerant, but mostly indifferent to the
matters of caste or community, unless of course it impacts her immediate or everyday
life. Thus any average Indian, while upholding her own beliefs in her personal life and
harboring some vague stereotypes about people of other castes or communities,
generally do not indulge in riots everyday, or go on a violent killing spree.
Right from the days of partition and its bloody aftermath, major and minor communal
clashes and caste conflagrations were a periodical phenomenon in India. But even then
most of these skirmishes were strictly localized, and had personal rivalries or basic
livelihood issues than any fanatical communal frenzy for their origin. The general public
never approved of such hostilities, and the governments of the day mostly dealt with
them more as a law and order problem. The following link to a well analysed and well
argued scholarly discussion about the communal riots with documented data will make
the position clear

. innocent people belonged to a faith that of a murderer were killed. but what makes the present situation more appalling is the spread and the speed of news channels. Yes. Absence of any strong response from the Government. Yes my country has become intolerant . PS : It may be interesting to note that the Ministry of Home Affairs itself in the report quoted above cites misuse of "social media" was the main cause of communal conflicts. has over dramatized the whole scenario.where native residents were asked to convert to certain faith or flee from their beloved native place or get themselves killed by the tolerant people. and 633 this year up to October. Yes my country has become intolerant . It appears that there has not been any spurt in these incidents in the recent past.where 59 innocent people burnt alive and what people remember is all that succeeded this tragic incident. my country has become Intolerant.where a person belonged to a certain faith assassinated our beloved prime minister. Yes my country has become intolerant . -Where people can knock the doors of the court and ask for the mercy for a person who has been convicted of murdering innocent people by the highest court of law. the fact of the case seems to be that India has remained just as tolerant or intolerant all along. and most importantly. and still sympathizers will petition for mercy. Particularly the role played by the social media. and makes it appear as though the country is getting intolerant by the Even in the recent period. and lack of restraint on the part of opposition. which seem to lack both authenticity and accountability. It also mentioned gender-related issues and property disputes as other major causes. and in the equally strident backlash to events. according to data from the Ministry of of Home Affairs (MHA) there had been 823 cases of communal violence in 2013. and just to avenge her death .Page on nagarikmancha. their deafening decibel levels. Yes my country has become intolerant .Where terrorists can attack the temple of democracy (Parliament). in both fomenting trouble. have further vitiated this atmosphere. and the position has remained nearly the same under both the erstwhile UPA rule and the present NDA rule. 644 in 2014. ‘300 cases of communal violence in four months’ So.

where people are killed for speaking on unity Yes my nation has become intolerant . Today. This has the effect of making fringe opinions take on the appearance of mainstream views: if one person thinks Mani Shankar Iyer should be assassinated for his views and vents about it online.Yes my country has become intolerant . Yes my country has become intolerant .where terrorists are being treated as a son in-law of the nation. whereas if a person belonged to a certain community openly instigate people to kill people who are not from their community.where a person killed and seriously disabled poor pavement dwellers and the killer is still walking free on the streets. Quora detects engagement and feeds me a bunch of similar questions with similar comments on my news feed.where a nations defense minister and a superstar of a country strip searched at an airport in a foreign nation. say.where admission is given based on the cast rather than the socio-economic status of that person. Similarly my Facebook feed is biased toward points of view that I have previously endorsed by 'liking' certain articles or pages. if I upvote a right-wing Hindu fundamentalist comment on Quora. Yes my nation has become intolerant . as opposed to. I was going to put this as #1 because it's a very compelling reason. Yes my country has become intolerant . 20 years ago. 'guaranteed' upvotes and likes from people who . he receives reinforcement from his filter bubble. I'm in a filter bubble of communication which makes me think that everyone in the world thinks like me. and on Twitter I follow people who mostly say things that I agree with. there are algorithms working to ensure that we are exposed mainly to opinions that we agree with.where intellectuals have become selective on condemning the issues which malign the nations image. For example. Yes my country has become intolerant . Yes my nation has become intolerant .where if one people makes a remark against certain community becomes anti national. The Whatsapp groups I am a part of reflect primarily 'people like me'. Yes my country has become intolerant . Filter bubbles.where a hard earned money of taxpayers are being looted openly and nobody dare to speak against the looters. More and more communication going online.

this channels bigotry into online and offline violence. books. love jihad…. Paradoxically. they are visited with grave consequences. There are temples that still bar the entry of dalits. The intolerance brigades are now organising themselves and mutating into ‘movements’: ghar wapasi. NGOs. We hold out their lives as examples of how a tolerant Indian society allowed them large space to propagate their views while we conveniently forget the fact that few were actually converted by them to support the causes they espoused. Look at the number of things that we ban – beef. Celebrate reformers. In fact. some have acquired pernicious proportions. I suspect that celebrating the reformers — while junking the reforms — is a way of atoning for our guilt and shame. Marriage between a Christian Nadar and a Hindu Nadar was common in Tamil Nadu. . Internet services…. the social internet is making us less tolerant. this apartment building is only for vegetarians…. cuss words. in some parts of India. Today. jeans. It is intolerance that finds fault with a thoughtful and insightful speech of Vice President Hamid Ansari that explored the many challenges faced by the Islamic community in India. if a Hindu (boy or girl) is friendly with a Muslim (girl or boy).have self-selected as sharing his opinions in general. by exposing us to a homogeneity of views. There is reason to believe that intolerance is on the rise. The fact that there are more examples of inter-religious consortium cannot hide the other grim truth that there are many more examples of religious intolerance and persecution. Time was when a Sikh and a Hindu could love. junk reforms We celebrate the life of a Saint Ramanuja or an E V Ramasamy (“Periyar”) or a Mahatma Phule or a Raja Ram Mohan Roy. It is intolerance that proclaims that all history written so far is a left-wing distortion. It is intolerance that brought down the Babri masjid. single women are not welcome as tenants. websites. Look at the growing exclusiveness — Muslim candidates may not apply for jobs. Every superstition and custom that Periyar campaigned against remains deeply entrenched and practised. marry and live happily ever after in Punjab and elsewhere.