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February 29, 2016

News Leader 9
Weekend News
Schedule at a Glance
Local News Programming as of
Saturday, 3/5/16:
• Saturday: 7-8am, 9-10am,
6pm, 10pm WXTX, 11pm
• Sunday: 7-8am, 6pm, 10pm
WXTX, 11pm



Did You Know?
We launch the market's first weekend morning newscast next
weekend, on Saturday, March 5th at 7 am on WTVM. On
Saturdays, we will air "News Leader 9 Saturday": live local news
from 7 am to 8 am leading into the popular Good Morning
America Saturday, followed by a second hour of "News Leader 9
Saturday" from 9 am to 10 am. On Sundays, we will produce one
hour of live local news from 7 am to 8 am. "News Leader 9 Sunday"
will be followed by "Good Morning America Sunday" at 8 am,
leading into ABC's political program "This Week".!
We are purposely doing a "soft launch": no big announcements
or splashy promotion. We do that on purpose, even after multiple
rehearsals, to insure that when we go on air we present the top rate
Ideas Welcome!
"coverage you can count on" first impression viewers expect from
The News Leader.!
Please let
News Director Shawn Reynolds says, "We
me know
are ready to give the market what they are
what you
looking for on a weekend morning: the latest
would like to
news, a lot of relevant weather and a live look
see in future
at the many activities the Chattahoochee
Valley offers us every weekend". Brandon Saho
Leader 9
will anchor and produce; Meteorologist
Tracking Digital Trends
Elisabeth D'Amore will handle weather duties,
on Monitors
with live reports from Andrew McDevitt and
- Holly
in the Newsroom
Marla Spence. Josh Cook will be the director
ext. 420
of weekend morning news.

Our "News Content Specialists"
are important team members
who fill a variety of roles in the
studio and newsroom. Once
trained, we want to offer them
cross-training in digital and other
news gathering areas. Want to
learn more? Talk with Shawn
Reynolds, ext. 451.

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February 29, 2016

Meet Sharon Davlin

To be the first local
station to provide a
newscast in a new
THE NEWS LEADER, continued
time period is an
important statement
to make to the market. It solidifies our standing as The News
Leader. But being first is only part of a larger goal for all of us. !

As The News Leader, we have to offer
our viewers relevant content on all
platforms not just on air.


Sharon is our programming
coordinator, and not just for
WTVM and WXTX. Sharon handles
programming duties for 6 of our

stations: WALB, WCSC AND
WFXG, too. Here are just some of
the responsibilities Sharon
handles so well and always with a

Top: Brandon

• She files quarterly children's

programming reports to the
• She prepares programming
grids for each of our stations
and alerts the viewer guide
services to programming
• Sharon keeps track of what we

pay for each program we run,
called license fees, as well as the
terms of the contracts regarding
when we are allowed to run the
Sharon's position as program
coordinator is an important one
and she does a terrific job. She's
been with the company for 31
years and has a wonderful work
attitude and work ethic. Sharon is
a highly valued member
of our team.
Sharon's extension is

Right: Andrew

Elisabeth D'Amore

So look for fresh
"digital first"
contributions from the
weekend morning team
just as we count on
every newscast team to
do the same. The
weekend morning
newscasts will help
viewers get ready for
their day so they can
make the most of their

While We're Focused on Weekends...

Raycom Media has created a digital app and web content
for "The Southern Weekend".

Download the app and check it out. "The
Southern Weekend" has great ideas on
food, travel and lifestyle topics, all geared
to us living in the South.

It represents yet another way we can
engage our audience and gives our
sellers another option for sponsorships
and tie-ins which means more revenue
opportunities. Also look for us to
feature some of the content
on our
weekend morning newscasts and our
mobile app. Look for it soon...

Next Week: Meet Liz White
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Cristine joins all the GSMs at the

annual Raycom GSM conference this
week in Mobile.
• WXTX sales has gone on three STAR
field trips to learn more about local
businesses and how to help them.
• Working on "Heels to Wheels":
women's car clinic with HQ Nissan.

February 29, 2016

Raycom CEO Paul McTear
for our gorgeous new
2nd floor!

Susana helps us celebrate

Jerry and former GM and
COO Wayne Daugherty
Courtney, Stacie and Tracy

Paul does the honors

Susana shares with us
Odie photo bombs
Polly and William!
Micah looking dapper!
Aaron gets us ready
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