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NEWS: Future Teachers Celebrates Annual Education Week

LIPA, Philippines – This year’s celebration of Education Week started on February 18,
where education students from different levels and majors gathered at the Mabini
Building 410-A for the opening ceremony with the theme “Heads on. Hearts On. Hands
Parts of the week - long celebration were Education Fun Day on February 19, (Friday);
Mr. and Miss Educ on February 20, (Saturday); Education Congress on February 23,
(Tuesday) and Community recollection on February 27, (Saturday).
‘the purpose of this event is to showcase the different talents, skills and knowledge of
the education students in different fields’ said Paulus Andigan, the Vice President of
Education Circle.
In addition, when asked about the most awaited part of the event, Paulus said ‘sa tingin
ko ang most awaited part of the celebration ay ang Mr. and Miss Educ kasi dito
naipakikita ang kanilang mga talent at ang kanilang talino sa pamamagitan ng Q&A.’
This was supported by Sandy Mark Laylo, Educ Circle’s president- ’Educ Night or Mr.
and Miss Educ is the most awaited part of the event because it is the time that we go
out of our comfort zone. Kasi hindi lang tayo pang-classroom kundi pang-pageant din.’
Mr. and Ms. Education was first held last year where in Ar Jay Ron De Gala and Wendy
Dianne Opolencia who are both English Majors earned the title.

Attendace: Absent
Eucel Jirah Leyesa l February 23, 2016
This year’s celebration of Education Week started on February 18, Thursday. On the
second day was the Education Fun Day wherein only around 60 out of 190 members of
different majors and levels of the organization attended. This kind of event is done only
once a year therefore, education students should grab the opportunity to enjoy and
keep themselves free from academic stuff for awhile.
All Education Students were pulled out on that day so there is no reason for educators
to be absent unless they were really sick. The organization officers are expecting that all
of the members will come since it was held on Friday but the attendees did not meet
even the half of the whole education population.

Translation and Editing of Texts and Remedial Instruction in English.Education Week is not just an ordinary event but one of the best platforms that can showcase the different talents. he took 18 units of professional education and attended relevant trainings and seminars. the incomparable benefit that it will bring about to the students even after my retirement. Aileen Joy Saul . “nakikita kasi ako ng mga professors ko dito sa La Salle at inencourage nila akong mag-turo. He started teaching here since 2003 and according to him. skills and knowledge of the education students in different fields. Sir Ng is currently teaching disaster Readiness and Practical Research among NSTP students and Senior High School Students. part of being a responsible student is that they should learn how to balance their time and give way to special events like Education Week which is designed especially for them Feature: They Choose to Teach Did you know that not all faculty teachers in CEAS Department are originally Education graduates? Teaching may not be their first choice but their fate brought them here and this is where there heart belongs now. 2. Joseph Angelou I. Sir Roy L. he also took 18 units of professional Education as a requirement of the school and become the 6 th topnotcher in the recently Licensure Examination for Teachers. 1. hangang sa eventually. the passion for knowledge acquisition and sharing that it conveys and lastly. Another exciting event was the Fun day because cooperation and teamwork will be developed among students of different levels. 3. he took masteral degree in Business Administration which gave him a chance to teach here in college. nagustuhan ko na rin siya. But since there is a new K to 12 curriculum. Ng although a registered nurse. There were activities like Mini Pafte wherein the students’ analysis and critical thinking will be determined under pressure.” Sir Roy is currently teaching Communication Skills 1 and 2. In order to pursue teaching. Dr.” according to Sir Ng in an interview. In order to pursue teaching.“My motivations in teaching include the flexibility it offers. It is understandable that Education students were really busy people but. started teaching in De La Salle Lipa in 2010. Mr. Dalisay is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts major in Communication Arts (with Specialization in public Relations and Advertising.) Moreover.