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14 Dangerous Of Sea Monsters

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7 - Underwater meditation while a
massive stingray does a flip
Related to sharks, stingrays have very flat shapes and barbed
stingers on their tail. These stingers are always used for selfdefence, and can be deadly to divers and swimmers that accidently
step on a stingray. Venom from the singer can cause painful

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swelling, muscle cramps, and might result in an infection.

- Times of India
(Times of India)

Curd Vs. Yogurt: What's
the Difference
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(Huffington Post India)

If the stinger pierces an artery or vital organ, the injury can be lifethreatening. Famous Australia conservationist and TV personality
Steve Irwin was killed when a stingray’s stinger hit his thoracic wall.
In some cases the barb also breaks off and surgery is needed to
remove all of the fragments. To avoid getting stung, shuffle your
feed when wading in the water or throw some rocks to scare these
typically friendly sea creatures away.

In photos: Irfan Pathan
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Indian Army Helped
Girl Get Married In
Violence-Torn Rohtak
(Huffington Post India)

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8 - Open wide – A basking shark gets
ready to trap its prey
Basking sharks are the second largest fish after whale sharks. At
first, these sharks look like any other shark when they are swimming

Discover What
Your Feet Say
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in the ocean. That changes when they get ready to feed and open
their enlarged mouths.

How Your Hand
Shape Can Reveal
Who You Are.

frogtravel / 123RF Stock Photos

How to cure the
flu through your

With their mouths open, you can see the basking shark’s massive
alien-looking gill rakers. These bony arches on the sides of the
mouth trap prey as the shark swims along. Although they primarily
eat plankton, the basking shark’s huge mouth gives them a
terrifying appearance’. In reality, these harmless sharks often

If You Notice a
Coin Lodged
Within the Handle

approach boats and divers without causing any problems. This
makes them a big draw for divers looking to get up close and
personal with a friendly shark.

9 - A gigantic octopus gets ready to
wrestle a diver

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wrestle a diver

views in 2 minutes

The Giant Pacific Octopus is larger than any other type of octopus.
Divers might find this type of octopus in the depths of the North
Pacific along the coasts of California up to British Columbia and
Alaska along with Japan, Korea and Russia.

Sharon Stone’s
Harper’s Bazaar

10 of the World's
Scariest Bridges

frogtravel / 123RF Stock Photos

Divers that get too close to them can become tangled in their
massive tentacles. Living between three and five years in depths of
up to 2,000 metres (6,000 feet), these creatures spend their life in

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Daughter Selling
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frigid waters and die shortly after breeding. They have huge heads
and can change colour as well as texture. Averaging 5 metres (16
feet) and 110 pounds (50 kilograms), the largest known Giant Pacific
Octopus was 9.1 metres (30 feet) and 272 kilograms (over 600
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 
What is the
Scariest Object in

Scariest Object in
the World?

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