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David R. DiSarro, Ph.D.

Endicott College
376 Hale Street
Beverly, MA
(978) 232 – 2237

[Current Positions]
Associate Dean, Academic Resources
Endicott College, Division of Academic Resources, Beverly, MA
Assists the Vice President and Dean of Academic Resources in the oversight of all areas
of the Division (Advising Services, Disability Services, Student Support Center, Tutoring
Center, and Writing Center), including preparation and management of Division
budgets, marketing efforts (ex. digital and social media, public speaking engagements,
advertising campaigns, etc.), development and growth of programs, services, and
initiatives, oversight of English and Math placements in collaboration with the Dean of
Arts and Sciences, and performing other duties as needed to meet the goals of the
Division and the College.

Director, Writing Center
Endicott College, Division of Academic Resources, Beverly, MA.
Performs all supervisory duties for the Writing Center, including recruitment,
interviews, training, and evaluations of peer and professional staff performance, as well
as oversight of the Writing Fellows program; maintains the Writing Center information
database and all functions of the online appointment system (WCOnline); develops and
delivers workshops sessions for students, faculty, and community members on different
aspects of the writing process; consults with faculty as requested, particularly those
teaching first-year and/or writing-designated courses; and tutors undergraduate,
graduate, and doctoral students across the curriculum on writing-related issues.

Assistant Professor, English
Endicott College, School of Arts and Sciences, Beverly, MA.
Teaches first-year writing seminars, professional writing, creative writing, senior
thesis/capstone projects, and literature courses as needed, depending on the needs of the
School of Arts and Sciences and the Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional

DiSarro 1

Studies, to a range of student populations, including native and non-native speakers,
traditional and non-traditional students, first-generation college students, and students
with various levels of disability; advises and mentors undergraduate English majors;
participates in relevant professional organizations; and maintains an active creative and
scholarly research agenda.

Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition, Ball State University (2011).
Dissertation: “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors”: An Ethnographic Study of FirstYear Composition and Introductory Creative Writing Classrooms (Chair: Dr. Jacqueline
Grutsch McKinney)
M.A. in English, Southern Connecticut State University (2006).
Thesis: Suspended Notes: A Collection of Poetry (Chair: Dr. Kelly Ritter)
B.F.A. in Creative Writing, University of Maine at Farmington (2003).

“Let’s CHAT: Cultural Historical Activity Theory in the Creative Writing Classroom,”
New Writing: The International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative
Writing, 15 Sep. 2014, DOI:
I Used to Play in Bands. Georgetown, KY: Finishing Line Press (October 2015).
“Runaway,” Conclave: A Journal of Character, Vol. 9, (2016): Forthcoming.
“Bee Sting,” Wilderness House Literary Review, Vol. 9, Issue 3 (2014):
“On Skateboarding at 33,” Wilderness House Literary Review, Vol. 9, Issue 3 (2014):
“Rust,” Shot Glass Journal #12, (2014):
“I Used to Play in Bands,” Hawaii Pacific Review, (2014):

DiSarro 2

“Tijeras statues,” Haiku Journal #20, (2013): <>.
“Self-Portrait,” The Ibbetson Street Press #32, (November 2012): 39.
“The Miscarriage,” Breadcrumb Scabs, (February 2010): 19.
“In the Apple Tree,” The Orange Room Review, (October 2008):
“Anniversary,” The Orange Room Review, (August 2008):
“Autumn in a Graveyard,” Ugly Cousin, (May 2008):
“Road Poems,” Ugly Cousin, (May 2008): <>.
“After the Wake,” Ugly Cousin, (May 2008):
“What Dad Got in the Divorce,” Third Wednesday, (Summer 2008): 29.
“The Teddy Bear,” Folio Art and Literary Magazine, (Spring 2005): 30.
“Wine and Melody,” Folio Art and Literary Magazine, (Spring 2005): 80.
“A Few Bucks Short,” The Albion Review, (Fall 2004): 36 – 38.
“Albert’s Shoes,” The Sandy River Review, (Spring 2004): 57 – 62.
“From the Desk of a ‘B’ Student: A Review of Wesley McNair’s The Lost Child: Ozark
Poems, The Ibbetson Street Press #36, (November 2014).

[Teaching Experience]
Endicott College (Assistant Professor: July 2011 – Present)
ENG 101: College Writing Seminar
ENG 108: Introduction to Creative Writing
ENG 110: Introduction to Professional Writing
ENG 218: Argument-Based Writing

DiSarro 3

ENG 235: Twentieth Century Fiction
LST 489: Senior Thesis I
LST490: Senior Thesis II
Ball State University (Instructor/Teaching Assistant: Fall 2006 – Spring 2011)
ENG 101: Fundamentals of English Composition I (Teaching Assistant)
ENG 103: Rhetoric and Writing
ENG 104: Composing Research
ENG 231: Writing in the Workplace
WGS 310: History of Women’s Writing and Rhetoric
Southern Connecticut State University (Teaching Assistant/Lecturer: Fall 2004 - Spring 2006)
ENG 100: Composition I
ENG 202: Introduction to Poetry Writing (Teaching Assistant)

[Conference Presentations: Writing Center, Composition, & Rhetoric]
“(Em)Bracing the Shift: From Writing Center to Multiliteracy Center.” Northeast Writing
Center Association (NEWCA) Conference, Keene State College, Keene, NH, April 2 – 3,
“Let’s CHAT: Cultural Historical Activity Theory Goes into the Writing Center.” Northeast
Writing Center Association (NEWCA) Conference, Bryant University, Providence, RI,
March 2 – 3, 2014.
“University of iSocrates: A Digital Pedagogy for Civic Rhetoric” (Co-Presenters: Casey McArdle
and Jeff Paschke-Johannes). Computers and Writing Conference, Frostburg, MD, June
6 – 9, 2013.
“Creative Writing Studies and the Writing Center: A Study of Perception and Collaboration (or
“Can You Really Help With That?”). International Writing Centers Association
Conference, San Diego, CA, October 25 – 27, 2012.
“The Ground Beneath Our Feet: Institutional Design and Writing Center Professionalization.”
Northeast Writing Center Association Conference, New York, NY, April 13 – 15, 2012.
“Contested Spaces: Activity, Pedagogy, and Products in First-Year Composition and
Introductory Creative Writing Classrooms.” Conference on College Composition and
Communication, Atlanta, GA, April 6 – 11, 2011.
“Confessional Ethnography in the First-Year Composition Classroom: Discoveries,

DiSarro 4

Interpretations, and Reactions to Students’ Previous Writing Experiences.” National
Council of Teachers of English Annual Conference, Orlando, FL, November 18 – 21,
“Technology as the Fulcrum for Trans-disciplinary Work: A Case Study Examining Technology
in the Work of Composition and Creative Writing Faculty at a Public Midwestern
University.” 8th Biennial Thomas R. Watson Conference, University of Louisville,
Louisville, KY, October 14 – 16, 2010.
“Parallels in Pedagogy: A Historical, Theoretical, and Practical Examination of Pedagogical
Similarities between First-Year Composition and Creative Writing Classrooms.”
Conference on College Composition and Communication, San Francisco, CA, March 11 –
14, 2009.
“An Empirical Study Examining the ‘Lore’ Between Creative Writing Classrooms and Writing
Centers.” East Central Writing Center Association Conference, Ohio State University,
Columbus, OH, April 11, 2008.
“Who Are The Elephants Teaching? Connecting the Historical Discourses of Composition
Studies and Creative Writing In Relation to John Dewey and the Teaching of College
Writing," 26th Annual Southwest/Texas Popular & American Culture, Albuquerque,
NM, February 8 – 11, 2006.

[Conference Presentations: Creative Writing Studies & Assessment]
“I Used to Play in Bands: A Chapbook of Poetry,” (manuscript). The Colrain Poetry
Manuscript Conference, Wilmington, VT, May 16 – 19, 2014.
“When Fear Turns to Fury: Creative Writing Assessment Practices” (Co-Presenter: Marjie
Stewart). Scientific Advances in Creative Writing & Literary Reading Research,
Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA, May 22 – 24, 2013.
“A Search for Signs of Assessment in Creative Writing Programs” (Co-Presenter: Marjie
Stewart). Conference on College Composition and Communication (Research Network
Forum), Las Vegas, NV, March 13 – 16, 2013.

[Workshops, Selected Readings, and Invited Lectures]
“The Integration of iPad Use in ENG110: Introduction to Professional Writing,” Technology
Scholars Series, Endicott College, Beverly, MA, November 16, 2015.
“Let’s CHAT: A Discussion on the Uses and Applications of Cultural Historical Activity Theory

DiSarro 5

in Creative Writing Theory and Pedagogy,” Invited Lecture: ENG855 – Creative Writing
Theory and Pedagogy, Salem State University (Instructor: Dr. Alexandria Peary), Salem,
MA, April 22, 2015.
“Changing the Nature of Creative Writing Studies: Phronesis and the New(Media) Creative
Writing Course,” Narrative Studies Working Group (2014 – 2015) Colloquium Series,
Endicott College, Beverly, MA, November 19, 2014.
“Teaching with Camtasia,” Workshop for the Center for Teaching Excellence, Endicott College,
Beverly, MA, April 17, 2014.
“Summary, Synthesis, and Subtopics: Tips and Strategies for Helping Students Understand the
Integration of Sources into Research,” Conference on Critical Thinking, Endicott College,
Beverly, MA, January 24, 2014.
“Activity Theory: A New Frontier in Classroom Assessment,” Workshop for the Center for
Teaching Excellence, Endicott College, Beverly, MA, February 27, 2012.
“A Rhetorical Approach to Tutoring Writing,” Workshop for Student Support Learning
Consultants, Endicott College, Beverly, MA, January 20, 2012.
“Tips for Developing & Teaching a Hybrid Course,” Workshop with Nathalie Saltikoff and
Jessica Kaufman for the Center for Teaching Excellence, Endicott College, Beverly, MA,
November 9, 2011.
“Responding to Student Writing,” Workshop for Seminar in Academic Inquiry (LST 100)
Faculty, Endicott College, Beverly, MA, October 13, 2011.
“Multimodal Compositions: Assignment Construction and Assessment,” Workshop for the
Center for Teaching Excellence, Endicott College, Beverly, MA, September 28, 2011.
“Selected Poems,” Graduate Student Body Association Penscape Reading, Ball State University,
Muncie, IN, November 16, 2006.
“Selected Poems,” 37th Annual College English Association Conference, San Antonio, TX, April 6
– 8, 2006.
“A Few Bucks Short” and “Albert’s Shoes,” Acacia Group Graduate Student Conference,
California State University - Fullerton, Fullerton, CA, March 12, 2005.

[Academic Service]
Endicott College

DiSarro 6

Acad. Integrity Committee (Chair: 2015 – Present; Committee Member: 2011 – 2015)
Advanced Graduate Council (Committee Member: 2014 – Present)
Senior Thesis Committee (Advisor: 2011 – 2012)
Sigma Tau Delta: Alpha Tau Delta Chapter (Lead Sponsor: 2012 – Present)
Technology Committee (Committee Member: 2011 – Present)
Writing Advisory Committee (Chair: 2011 – Present)
Ball State University
18th Annual Practical Criticism Midwest Conference (Chair: 2008)
Southern Connecticut State University
English Department Graduate Committee (Committee Member: 2005 – 2006)
English Department Graduate Ensemble (President: 2005 – 2006)

[Ph.D. Committee Service]
Lesley University (Cambridge, MA: Outside Committee Member)
Allison Muise, “Theories of Adult Learning in Peer Tutoring Environments”
Anticipated Defense: Spring 2016
Lynne Stasiak, “The Effects of Social Emotional Competencies in the Classroom:
Implications for Pre Service Teacher Education”
Anticipated Defense: Spring 2017

[Service to the Discipline]
Reviewer: Oxford University Press

Endicott College (Technology Scholar: Fall 2015).
Ball State University (Best Conference Paper Award: 2007)
“Reconciling the Fear of Nuclear Holocaust through a Childlike Voice: An Examination
of Gregory Corso’s ‘Bomb’ in the Atomic Age,” 17th Annual Practical Criticism Midwest
Conference, Ball State University, Muncie, IN.
Southern Connecticut State University (Graduate Research Fellowship: 2005 – 2006).

[Professional Internships]
DiSarro 7

University of Maine at Farmington (Intern: Spring 2003)
Alice James Books, Affiliate of the University of Maine at Farmington, Farmington, ME.

[Professional Memberships]
Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD)
College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA)
International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
International Writing Centers Association (IWCA)
Sigma Tau Delta (International English Honor Society)

Available upon request

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