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Verbal and Emotional Abuse
Coral Nichols
Liberty University


These types of abuse are verbal. there many forms of abuse. It has not always been illegal to treat a woman with contempt. through many years woman have been considered property and had no rights.VERBAL AND EMOTIONAL 2 ABSTRACT In a domestic situation abuse is not only one sided. . Domestic situations often have encounters of abuse. Some of these forms of abuse leave a bruise. sexual and financial. there are women that abuse men and vice versa. break bones and some of these forms leaves mental and emotional scares that do not fade away as easily. emotional. The researcher aims to provide gender specific research on woman and the effects of said abuse. psychical.

A woman had no voice during this era and nor was she allowed to speak about the things that happened in the home. It was not until 1871 when “Alabama is the first state to rescind the legal right of men to beat their wives (Fulgrahm v.VERBAL AND EMOTIONAL 3 Introduction In order for one to understand that abuse as a “new” concept in relation to women. sexual and financial. He states that when women married. During this time. an English Jurist. This brings about the era that finally begins to recognize that abuse on a woman is wrong. emotional. one must understand that at a given point in history women where no more than property that was given from family to another family or man. According to the Indiana Coalition against domestic violence. for by their mutual matrimonial consent a [sic] contract with wife hath given herself in this kind unto her husband. . She might not have even considered as wrong because a woman being a form of property has always been through civilizations. in the 1500’s. “Lord Hale. but the man could still beat his wife. they “gave themselves to their husbands” in contract.” Moving from the 1500’s through 1871. sets the tradition of non-recognition of marital rape. “The husband cannot be guilty of a rape committed by himself upon his lawful wife. and could not withdraw that consent until they divorced. One must understand that there are many types of abuse and all of these types of abuse have a last effect on a woman. it was more recognized that it was inhuman for a dog to be beaten by his owner. verbal. during this time there had begun to be a movement of what appears rights and property treatment for women. Indiana website). State) 3 Massachusetts also declares wife beating illegal” (Ibid. some of the types of abuse are psychical. A woman can be abused in many ways. The man had complete control over her and she was to be submissive to him in every way without a voice.

1441). There are many different incidents that happen within a relationship. Rovi. these relationships have many different dynamics. including threats of such acts. College women have been researched to have a development and even a predictor of emotion abuse transition. . Abuse is often used to gain control over a partner. sometimes their ability to handle the conflict without abuse is impossible for them. or provoking intentional fear” (Mouton. retaliation for emotional hurt. P. sexual. coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty. humiliating. According to Ramin Zand. “verbal abuse is the infliction of mental anguish through yelling.206). whether occurring in public or in private life” (p. or psychological harm or suffering to women. The ability for a couple to handle conflict in a healthy way is often hard. threatening. infantilizing. 432).VERBAL AND EMOTIONAL 4 A relationship can be defined in many different ways. 2013. some of these incidents are good and some of them are bad for the relationship.p. (2007) “defines violence against women as “any act of gender-based violence that results in. or is likely to result in. screaming. 2010. Brzyskki & Katerndahl. “Emotional abuse has only recently been recognized as a topic of research in its own right. According to search emotional abuse is a strong predictor of aggression to develop in a relationship. relationships are subject to abuse. and stress were precursor to the woman acting in domestic violence” (Leisring. Abuse with a partner is not only limited to a marriage situation women across all ages. During the investigation of college age women they reported that “anger. physical.p. Rodabough.

It is generally agreed that therapeutic approaches for emotionally abused women should adopt a stance that fosters self-expression.VERBAL AND EMOTIONAL 5 as evidenced in part by the introduction of a new journal. 1994). degrading.g. the Journal of Emotional Abuse. 2010.p. 2008. Cherlin. like other forms of intimate partner violence. Emotional abuse.75).” (Ali. . is conceptualized by many relationship theorists as a mechanism or tactic used to achieve power and control over one’s partner (Anderson. 2007. demeaning. 119). 2005). forms of humiliation. p. “Many women who experience emotional abuse in intimate relationships seek psychotherapeutic help in dealing with its sequlae. founded in 1998. Knox & Zusman.). etc. Some equate emotional abuse to “intimate terrorism” (Johnson. or criticizing remarks.74). to intimidation. acknowledges the reality of the abuse. threats of harm to her or her children. p. 2009) and include within it controlling behaviors ranging from coercion and threats. 2007. and validates the emergence of a transformed self (Loring. Benokraitis. Instances of emotional abuse commonly refer to nonphysical abuse perpetrated against a woman by an intimate partner (e.” (Ali. as well as scapegoating and isolation”(Abowitz. 2010.