LAB REPORT TEMPLATE A. TITLE: • A brief, concise, descriptive title. B.

PURPOSE: • What are you trying to find out? • What do you want to learn? C. HYPOTHESIS: • Write a possible solution for the problem. • Make sure the possible solution is a complete sentence. (Using If_____then_____) • Make sure the statement is testable. D. MATERIALS: • Make a list of all the items you used for this lab. E. PROCEDURES: • List (or in a paragraph) ALL the steps you did in the lab. • Your procedure needs to be written so anyone can repeat it.


RESULTS: • These are the results of your experiment. • Includes any data tables, observations or additional notes you make during the lab. • All tables, graphs, and charts should be labeled appropriately.

G. CONCLUSIONS: • What did the lab teach you? • Accept or Reject your hypothesis. Explain. • Include a summary of your data to help the reader understand your results. • List one think you learned and describe how it applies to real-life situations. H. Reflection Questions: • Answer the questions in complete sentences.

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