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Calling ALL Democrats -- Why Senator Obama MUST

win in November
It is ridiculous to me to hear Senator Hillary Clinton supporters say that they
won't vote for Senator Barack Obama in the November general elections
against the Republicans?! I am perplexed. How can true democrats say

• Whose interest do the Clinton supporters have at heart? Hillary's or
• What is more important to Clinton supporters – women’s interests or
Hillary's interests?

This race is about America's future, not Hillary's future. Hillary’s future is
quite secure thank you very much.

• Are Hillary's supporters irresponsible or are they just not
understanding what is at stake?
• Are Hillary's supporters willing to sacrifice all women's rights for
Hillary's 'rights'?

There are a plethora of things that I would NOT want Senator John McCain
("McBush") to be responsible for that affects any American. Three things
that will be front and center as we go into the future that I wouldn't want
McBush to have his hands on or in are:
(1): Appointing Supreme Court Justices (A lifetime appointment)

The next President of the United States of America will appoint at
least three members to the Supreme Court probably during his first
term. These appointments will have significant ramifications for the long
term. Supreme Court Justices who will probably retire during the next 4
years are:

• Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, 75
• John Paul Stevens, 88
• Stephen Breyer, 70
• Anthony Kennedy, 72 and
• Antonin Scalia, 72
The way these Justices think and what they believe will affect my life, your
life and the lives of our children and our grandchildren and maybe even
their children for better or worse!

Last week in a speech McBush made reference to the 'type of Justices' he
would appoint if he was elected President. He used code words such as
“court presumes to make law instead of apply it." That's a blatant
attack on Roe v. Wade. It is an attack because the implication is that each
individual State has the right to interpret the law anyway that state wants to
interpret it. That means that conservative Republican governed states like
Georgia for example, could chose to make abortions illegal despite the
reason for the abortion i.e. health reasons or rape. The central argument of
Roe v. Wade is that abortions are permissible for any reason a woman
chooses, up until the "point at which the fetus becomes ‘viable,’ that is,
potentially able to live outside the mother's womb, albeit with artificial aid.
Viability is usually placed at about seven months - 28 weeks - but may
occur earlier, even at 24 weeks." The Court also held that abortion after
viability must be available when needed to protect a woman's health.
McBush's coded message was to the conservative Republicans letting
them know in 'their language' that he intends to appoint CONSERVATIVE
JUSTICES who will most likely vote similar to the way Clarence Thomas,
60, John Roberts, 53 and Samuel Alito, 58 does – all who are extremely
conservative in their philosophies and interpretation of the law. That means
that America will be subjected to their conservative thinking and the
conservative laws they implement for the 20 to 30 years! What damage
can these Justices do in 20 to 30 years!!! Please think about that. Think
about how these conservative Justices can turn back the legal hands of
time. It is VERY frightening!

(2): Ending the War in Iraq

As of March 2008 the war in Iraq has cost Americans $501 Billion! Think of
all the ways that money could have been spent in America? Think about
the pre-school and after-school programs that could have been paid for.
We could have paid for health care for all Americans. We could have
created and developed a solar energy program that would have put
hundreds of thousands of Americans to work. Think of the bridges and
roads and tunnels and sewage systems that could have been repaired and
that could have put hundreds of thousands of Americans to work. The Iraq
war is costing America $3 BILLION a week. Yes, every 7 days $3 BILLION
dollars - in some estimates more - is wasted on a war that has no
foreseeable solution and no end in sight. Our troops have done everything
they have been asked to do -- over and over again. Our troops have done
a GREAT job! It's time our troops came home!!! Yet McBush wants our
troops to stay in Iraq for, according to him, up to 100 years. McBush further
clarifies his statement by saying that our troops would be in Iraq in a non-
combat capacity. With all due respect, can YOU picture American troops
being in Iraq without being fired at -- for up to 100 years??? What is John
McCain thinking??? He has no idea about the culture of the Middle East!
Al-Qaeda's main objective is the end of foreign influence in Muslim
countries. That’s why they traveled to Iraq to attack our troops when this
war began – just because we were there! So McCain wants to stay there
for up to 100 years!!! To do what? Antagonize Al-Qaeda??? What is
McCain thinking??? Or should I say McCain is NOT thinking!

(3): The economy

Most Americans can’t afford more of the same economic non-plan that
Bush has subjected us to for the past 8 years -I know I can't! McBush
knows even less about the economy than George W. Bush. I shudder to
think that with McBush as President we would have the same type of fiscal
frivolity in the White House -- AGAIN! I don’t know what I would do if the
cost of living kept skyrocketing the way it has under George W. Bush while
salaries remain where they were 15 years ago! Can you afford to pay $10
a gallon for gas? That will probably be our reality with McBush as
President. Four years ago I paid $1.30 a gallon for gas, earlier today I paid
$4.07! Let’s not talk about the cost of food, electricity, water, child care,
health care, cell phone, cable, etc.

What will the Hillary supporters who choose not to vote for Senator Obama
do IF McBush is President?

• Will they can congratulate themselves and smirk for a bit?
• Will they pat themselves on the back when the US troop casualty
count comes in each month and feel proud they help perpetuate
• Will they chuckle to themselves as the dollar continues to weaken
and friends and family can't find jobs in America, knowing they had
a hand in that too?
• Will they grin as more conservative judges are appointed to the
Supreme Court?
• Will they can laugh to themselves and say "yeah, but we sure
taught the DNC and America a lesson, didn't we?"

So why would Senator Hillary Clinton’s supporters not vote for Senator
Barack Obama in the general elections?

Again, whose interest do the Clinton supporters have at heart? Hillary's or