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Petition for Public Acquisition of 1019 Old Corlies Avenue

We, the undersigned taxpayers and residents of the Township of Neptune, County of Monmouth, State of New
Jersey, and all other persons in the effected area, petition any and all of our elected government representatives to
support and aid in the utilization of the powers of Eminent Domain (such powers granted by the Constitution of the
State of New Jersey and set forth specifically by the “Statutes of Public Acquisition of Property” for the soul benefit
of, and the exclusive interest of the general public) to property commonly known as 1019 Old Corlies Avenue.
Such acquisition would be a text book example of the spirit and intent of the use of the power of Eminent Domain
in that it would protect the residential and historic character of the Hamilton community from commercialization.

It is the expressed wish of the undersigned that the procurement of the afore stated property be initiated immediately
and that the conditions of ownership by the Township of Neptune include a Statement of Fact regarding the
conditions of ownership, specifically that the only intention and purpose of this action is to insure that the land will
be maintained, preserved, developed in conjunction with the local community, and accessed in perpetuity, exclusively
by and for the public, and to advance the causes that benefit the residents of the Hamilton section of the Township of
By signing this petition, I urge the Township of Neptune, New Jersey to purchase the property of
1019 Old Corlies Avenue under its power of Eminent Domain.

On this date___/___/2008, I,_______________________________________

Residing at _____________________________________________________

On this date ___/___/2008 I,________________________________________

Residing at _______________________________________________________

On this date___/___/2008 I,__________________________________________

Residing at_______________________________________________________

On this date___/___/2008 I,__________________________________________

Residing at _______________________________________________________

By Monday, April 14th, please hand deliver the addressed, dated, and signed original to Mr. and
Mrs. Kevin Eldridge, 1012 Old Corlies Avenue, Neptune, NJ 07753 attention: OCAPA

On Monday, April 14th, 7:30pm, this petition will be officially presented to the Township
Committee. Your attendance will further show the Township Committee how serious the Neptune
Community is about preserving our History and our Neighborhoods.

Thank you for your support.