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Starbucks Barista

By: Breeze Fromm-Sarto, Brandon Morales, Nick

Oliver, David Savage, Angelina Ketcheva, Marlena

A. Job Description


personally connect with, laugh with and uplift the lives of

our customers even if just for a few moments. Their work goes beyond
handcrafting a perfectly made beverage; its about creating a human
connection with every customer


Receive and process customer transactions

Prepare and serve beverages and food items
Clean and sanitize work area, utensils and equipment
Describe menu items to customers and suggest appealing products

B. mission statement
To inspire and nurture the human spirit one person, one cup and one
neighborhood at a time
With our partners, our coffee and our customers at our core, we live these

Creating a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome.

Acting with courage, challenging the status quo and finding new ways to
grow our company and each other.
Being present, connecting with transparency, dignity and respect.
Delivering our very best in all we do, holding ourselves accountable for

We are performance driven, through the lens of humanity

C. Connecting job description to the mission statement

First point of contact between business and customer

Service to the customer

It is critical the first impression between barista and customer

upholds high standards of customer service
Be prepared, act quickly, and understand the customer wants


Work with a sense of purpose

Enjoy interacting with customers and co-workers, as a pleasurable

workplace reflects upon store

D. where does the job fit within the organizational structure?

This job is the foundation of the company in order to maintain sales

and profit

Baristas are the first people to communicate with customers and build
strong positive relationships

Which organization structure is appropriate given your perspective of the

organizations strategic direction?

Decentralized structure makes it easy for baristas to communicate and

collaborate with shift supervisors and store managers

E. Job MPS and Scores

MPS: 129.76
Skill Variety: 3.33
Task Identity: 3.67
Task Significance: 3.33
Autonomy: 4
Feedback: 4
Understanding the different areas of a MPS can be used to
see what is missing in a job. According to the scores areas
to increase would be task identity, skill variety, and




The incumbent was high on openness and conscientiousness and

low on neuroticism and extraversion. This helped us to be
able to see that Starbucks wants to attract candidates that
are willing to learn, but also will be professional.

G. problems with job description

1. No experience necessary
2. Contributes to positive team environment by recognizing
alarms or changes in partner morale and performance and
communicating them to the store manager
3. Comply with a dress code that prohibits displaying
tattoos, piercings in excess of two per ear, and
unnatural hair colors, such as blue or pink
4. Make handcrafted quality beverages

H. solutions with job description

1. Having a customer service background (i.e retail,
food/beverage) experience would benefit the employee
2. Manager on duty should be surveying staff for problems,
employee morale and performance
3. Deters employees from self-expression
4. Training is insufficient for the quantity of beverages

I. Job Description Adjustments

1. 1 year of customer service experience is preferred as
interacting with customers is a primary skill
2. Awareness of teams
3. No tattoos or piercings that display profane material or
deemed inappropriate by hiring manager
4. Be prepared to handle diverse beverage menu


Ideal KSAOs for the candidate would include:

Communication skills, ability to work in a team, able to
multitask, customer service skills, previous barista
These KSAOs are fundamental to do well on the job so they
should be used as a reference when assessing any
candidate's skills in the hiring process

J. KSAOs continued

Reliability and Validity

Legal Standards

Background Checks
Drug Tests

Employment Tests

Emphasize the importance of diversity

Emphasize their dedication equality

Info Gathering

Reference Checks

Personality tests


Using Structured Interview, Situational Interviews, and Behavior

Description Interview

k. how to validate your selection testing methods used in

the interview process

Compare the candidate's job performance with that of

employees who used different selection tests and have
been hired
Test new candidates after the training process to
determine if their job performance is optimal, such as
menu tests
After the first two weeks, have a progress evaluation
with the new hire to see if they are meeting the
standards and what area(s) they need development

L. Example Interview Questions

1) During a rush period you have customers waiting to order
and receiving drinks at the same time, how would you
handle the two stations?
2) What would you do if you had a conflict with a fellow coworker?
3) If a customer has a complaint what are the steps you
would take to rectify the situation?
4) Give me an example of a time you went above and beyond to
help a co-worker.
5) What do you think is the most important skill for a
Starbucks barista to have?

M. How would you use the job description and job analysis conducted to address
the multiple hurdle model, the compensatory model?

Based on our job analysis conducted, Starbucks baristas

do not complete assessment tests that are needed to
properly evaluate their skill set
Just based on scores applicants can be deemed unfit for
the barista position

N.How would you use these tools to assist in communicating the


If candidates did not fit into the big five traits

necessary for the job, explain to them where they didnt
Let incumbents know if they didnt meet certain
requirements based on tests scores from the assessment
and interview questions and answers

How can you better use job analysis and job descriptions in strategic
management of your human resources as well as your own careers?

A good job analysis and job description can help people

identify what a specific job requires. Meaning based on a
good job description hopefully employers will attract
well-matched applicants and hopefully candidates will be
able to realistically see if their skills will make them
a good fit.
Analyzing a job allows employers to be able to see where
they can improve the job in order to have satisfied

questions? comments? concerns?