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Please read it carefully before installation and operation


1. Please put the GSM main unit in proper place.

2. Take one mobile SIM card to put into the main unit. Please push the small yellow button to
eject out the SIM card bracket, pull out the bracket carefully and insert the SIM card
3. Then push back the bracket along with the SIM card into the main unit.
4. Accordingly insert the power and siren, once you hear one sound “B”, it means this alarm
system starts to initialization.
5. Auto-check GSM network and log on. Initialization time is about one minute. The Armed
LED flashes as initialization.
6. System initialization completed, you can hear one long sound “B”, the Armed LED stops
flashing and becomes normally bright, that means the whole alarm system is now activated.
If network logging on is successful, the network LED flashes. If initialization is failed, you can
hear constantly short sound “B”, that means SIM card is out of network or boot-strap
uncompleted. The system is not available to dial out telephone number, just fitting
independently locale alarm.
7. The boot-strap processing of the System is successfully completed.
8. Plug siren into input of GSM main unit and screw the antenna into input of GSM main unit


1. Set up recorded voice: Please on the keyboard accordingly input "#9* 80 +

four digits passwords +# ", original password is 1234. After that please

input "#*801234#", now entering leaving word, meanwhile, the Armed

LED turns on, please face the GSM main unit in a 20 cm distance to leave words. After that,
please press any key-press, you can hear one short and one long sound “B”, that means
leaving words is now successfully completed (Note: Time for Leaving words is 10 seconds).
2. Six group of alarm telephone number stored: Please accordingly on the keyboard input

"#?*+phone number+#", with one sound “B” from each confirmed step,

hereinto, "?" stands for which group. This system now is set for six group of phone

number to dial out, therefore,"?" is (1-6), "#*" is necessarily prescribed format. Here,

supposing the first group phone number is 075512345678, on the keyboard, you should

accordingly input "#1*075512345678#". Supposing it is the

sixth group of phone number, on the keyboard, you should accordingly input

"#6*075512345678#". This system can be dialed extension

number, e.g. the telephone exchange is 12345678, supposing the extension

alarm phone number "8011", than you should input

"#1*12345678*8011#". When operation successfully

completed, you can hear one short and one long prompt sound. If failure, than you will
constantly hear “B” sound or input format incorrectly

3. Phonic alarm system setup: Please on the keyboard accordingly input "#9*1#",

one short and one long prompt sound can be heard. That means successfully completed
(after setup, the system will hoot once alarm)

4. Mute alarm: Please on the keyboard accordingly input "#9*0#", one short and

one long prompt sound can be heard. That means successfully completed. The siren won't
be hooted once alarm.
5. Enlarge operating prompt sound by turned on Siren sound by remote controller: Please

on the keyboard accordingly input "#9*3#", than when you operate it by remote

controller, siren can be heard while each operation. (Each operation by remote control to
turn on siren that just enlarges the operating sound)
6. Shut off siren prompt sound by remote controller: Please on the keyboard accordingly

input "#9*2#", you can hear one sound “B” to prompt this order.

7. Set up siren hooting time: Please on the keyboard accordingly input "#9*4?#",

hereinto, "?" stands for the siren hooting minute. If preset "#9*45#", the siren

will hoot for five minutes once alarm; If you want to keep the siren hooting, please input

"#9*4*#". This preset siren hooting time is subjected to none of intervener,

nothing with dialing telephone number.

8. Password preset: It can protect any operation error or illegal operation. It is also effective
in the process of adjusting sensor, record and long-distance control. Here is input method

"#7*+Four passwords+#". Original default is "1234", if changed it for

"6789", please just input "#7*6789#".

9. Main unit network function and ID code preset: This GSM main unit can work with alarm
receiving central monitoring system. It is requested to input the distributed ID codes to

realize network management; Input "#8*+six ID codes+# ".

10. RF record code operation (Note: it has been preset by supplier, please don't follow it to

operate): Accordingly input"#9*90+ Four digits passwords +#", emit the

signal by remote controller once, than this system will identify it and prompt a short and
long sound “B”.

11. Delete telephone number: If you want to delete the first group, please input"#1

*# "; the second, input "#2*# ". The rest may be deduced by analogy
12. System reset order: "#9*69+ Four digits passwords +#", After inputting
this order, this system is cleared and recovered as original default: Siren sound accompany,
phonic alarm, siren hooting time for one minute, None of telephone number or recorded
voice message. All make no difference with system password and RF codes.
Note: press one keyboard with one sound “B”, all successful operation with two sound “B”, if
operation error, it prompts sound “B” continuously.


When you lock the gate or door, please press "". Armed LED turns on with one sound “B”,
that means this alarm panel now is activated. Meanwhile, it will give an alarm if any illegal
intruders will be detected by sensor. User can follow this function to activate or deactivate this
GSM alarm panel thru telephone.

Please press " " button when coming back home. Armed LED turns off with one sound “B”,
that means the alarm panel now is deactivated. So, open the door to come in. Only if power is
not shut off, the gas leakage detector and smoke and fire detector are always activated without
any effectiveness thru remote controller.


Supposing accident happened, please press " " quickly, than this system will be right now in
the emergency position and auto dial out alarm phone number.


You want to rest at night without any disturb of wrong report when the alarm host is in the
state of on-duty. In order to avoid this point you can do as bellows: Firstly press" “ on the
remote controller twice continuously. The infrared detector will be in the state of disarm after
you hear a long beep. Press “" to realize arm again.


After alarm matter happened, this system will accordingly dial out the preset six groups of
alarm telephone number, if 40 seconds nothing replies; it will take turns to dial the next
telephone. If receiving alarm telephone, you can hear the recorded alarm leaving words firstly

than: Press "#" keyboard of telephone to hang up the phone as well as stop dialling out alarm

phone number and stop siren. This system will always dial the preset telephone until

deactivating the system or press "#" to confirm it. Press "1" is for locale monitor for 20

seconds, if you want to continue to monitor it, you must press "1" again in 20 seconds. "2"

to turn on siren, "3" to shut off siren, "4" to activate the GSM alarm panel, "5" to

deactivate the GSM alarm panel, "* " to hear recorded voice message.


If you are out of city and forgot to activate this system or want to perform other long-distance
remote control, please carry out the following ways:
Please dial this GSM phone number, after three rings, it automatically connects with your
phone as well as you hear two sounds “B” to prompt connecting. Meanwhile, please input four
passwords to activate the long-distance remote control, if passwords correct, you can hear two
sounds "BB" to prompt the correct passwords, if passwords error, you can hear continues
sounds “B” to prompt wrong passwords, three times to try, than shut off the phone. After

password is correct to start to have long-distance remote control, for example: "1" is for

locale monitor, "2" to turn on siren, "3" to shut off siren, "4" to activate the system, "5"

to deactivate the system, "#” to hang up telephone and exit.


1. Start or turn off sending short message

Please by remote controller press "# 0 * +mobile phone number + # " and

input the mobile phone number to receive message, i.e. 13812345678, so

you need to input"#0* 138121345678#", When alarm triggered, it

can send alarm message to this mobile phone. If not, please just delete this receiving mobile

phone number. Please press "#0*# ".The above operation, you can hear two sounds

"BB" to give a successful prompt.

2. Remote control function
Beside telephone, you can have remote control function thru short message. You are required
to use the following specific order. Once any identify the short message and successfully
completed, it can auto send you reply thru message as well. The message order is composed of
Password plus capitalization letter. For example, the currently system password is

"1234", when you like to do remote control function, please edit by mobile phone

"1234DISARM", After this system receive this short message, it is auto disarm the system and
reply to your like this message "Host is deactivated!". Supported short message order as
 Password+ARM (i.e: 1234ARM) Reply message: Host is activated!
 Password+DISARM (i.e.- 1234DISARM) Reply message: Host is deactivated!
 Password +ONSIREN (i.e: 1234 0NSIREN) Reply message: The siren is opened!
 Password+OFFSIREN (i.e: 1234 0FFSIREN) Reply message: The siren is closed!
 Password+CHECK (ie.1234CHECK) Reply message: Host is activated! OR: Host is
deactivated! (Depend on the current position)


#0* receiving alarm short message number # (set receiving alarm short message


#1* phone number # (set first alarm phone number)

#2* phone number # (set second alarm phone number)

#3* phone number# (set third alarm phone number)

#4* phone number# (set fourth alarm phone number)

#5* phone number # (set fifth alarm phone number)

#6* phone number # (set sixth alarm phone number)

#7* password # (set system password)

#8* USER ID # (set PC network ID codes)

#9*0# (mute siren)

#9*1# (turn on siren)

#9*2# (turn on remote siren accompaniment)

#9*3# (turn off remote siren accompaniment)

#9*4*# (siren hooting time)

#9*80 password # record and leaving words (alarm record leaving word)

#9*90 password # remote transmit (wireless reviewed code to set up new code)

#9*69 password # (system reset to original one)

If the password is correct but input order is wrong, it shows “The command is wrong”

NOTE: input letter must be capitalization letter without any space along character. For
example, "1234ArM" is wrong character.

AC Prompt function

If this system with internal batteries, when external electricity power supply is shut off, it
automatically sends out short message to notify the master.
Once AC shut off, it sends out the short message as follows: AC power shut off
Once external electricity power supply is shut off, it sends out the short message as below: AC
power recovered.
Warning: any possible explode by improper operation of Li-ion batteries; please make use of
the safe battery with circuit protected and quality improved. Please take out of the batteries if
the batteries are deactivated for a long period.
How to preset the accessories to work with main alarm unit

Defense ID codes ID ALARM STYLE characteristic

zone 32-zone Other model 32-zone Other model
1 2122 01 05 1st zone Emergency 24hrs available
2 2211 02 06 2nd zone IR Separately unlock
3 1111 03 07 3rd zone Door sensor 24hrs available
4 2112 04 08 4th zone Gas leakage 24hrs available
5 2121 37 09 5th zone Smoke fire
6 1211 10 12 6th zone 6th zone
7 1122 11 12 7th zone 7th zone
8 1112 12 12 8th zone 8th zone
9 1212 13 12 9th zone 9thzone
10 2222 14 12 10th zone 10th zone
11 2111 15 12 11th zone 11th zone
12 1221 16 12 12th zone 12th zone
13 1121 17 12 13th zone 13th zone


GSM main unit: 100~240AC/6DC (AC optional), 2A

Extending antenna: receiving distance l00 meter without signal interfere.
Stand-by current: <90mA
Alarm current: <200mA
Power consumption: 0.5W
Built-in Li-ion back up battery: 1800mA.3.6V
Wireless frequency: 433MHz or 315MHz
BAND: EGSM 900/DCS 1800/PCS 1900 MHZ

EGMS 880~915MHz 925~960MHz

DGS 1710~1785MHz 1805~1880MHz

PCS 1850~1910Mhz 1930~1990MHz


1. Failure to dial the telephone, please check off SIMCARD and network with telephone number
is correct absolutely.
2. Passwords input problem by long-distance operation: please review if your passwords are
correct or reset.