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Philosophy for Future Survival.

Because we are currently engaged in “Slavery by Syndication,” it is difficult for modern

man to assert his individuality. Adding to the dilemma of “socialization,” we have a syndicated
academia that strains to seduce communism onto their current students – which attempts to
robotize young minds by creating a higher educational power (a dogma greater than religion
presently), thus perpetuating extreme imperialism by leaders that have the attitude “I know it
all.” Ultimate education (a ridiculous goal) far exceeds normal life demands! This is my
current postulation of the individual’s universe, with academia having a totally destructive
dogma for mankind to enjoy inventive contributions that are outside the sanctuary of the
corporate University. So we now have imperialistic leaders employing ruthless henchmen as
‘lackey supervisors’ for the purpose of buffering criminal activities.
We sit upon a time bomb called a planet that has a violent history, while concerning
ourselves about menial insurance guarantees for survival within societies - while
sophisticatedly searching for microscopic details of our future catastrophes through examining
records from the past; without true regard to the realistic survival of our species i.e. the big
picture. Instead, the concentration is upon ultimate survival of the ruling “Leaders” of society,
and their incorporated oligarchy! This is totally contrary to the prime rules of existence i.e. the
extreme individuality of living creatures. Each life is inherently designed for complete survival
on a planet by adaptation to existing environmental fluctuations. Competition should be
focused against the environment, and not against an adversarial individual. Insects comprehend
this concept better than mankind. Society creates the illusion of unity, and thus the need for
competition that extols itself as warfare. Knowledge is currently utilized to evolve mankind
backward into the insect's world of “hive mind.”
Faced with the knowledge that there are many forces out there attempting to destroy all
life, as we know it, mankind should be burning the midnight oil to prevent these known
disasters. Instead of being deaf to the messages of the past, we should be heeding the subtle
advice of Aliens [the invisible residents] that apparently reside on this 'marble in space', right
along with us. They have mastered employing tremendous amounts of energy, and survived
apparently for eons in the space we define as a solar system, by selecting various ingenious
systems and environments that massive amounts of energy permits. Instead, 'landlocked human
mankind' searches for ways to rape the planet's resources for the purpose of modulating fiat
money for improving static wealth 'fraud'. For the true residence of Planet Earth (they most
likely resided here longer then we have) to be able to muster energy that yields one million
horse power to drive a USO at high speed under water, makes flying saucer UFOs with no
visible propulsion system totally logical.
We should be working on how to harness the Dark Energy that we simply title in
ignorance, because it is probably the secret that opens the door to manipulations of matter and
anti-matter. While scientists probe the massive Universe, the answer is obviously microscopic
in nature. Example: electrons orbit a nucleus; this is a situation that totally defies quantum
mechanics. The electrons have no mass, so they should be sucked into the positive region of
the atom for nonexistence. Instead here lies an invisible force (that is responsive to
temperature) holding the electron in orbit? What is the conductive media for the electron; could
it be a cloud of strings? Can this be the answer for the “Expanding Universe”? As the ambient
temperature increases the force Dark Energy increases? Just simple relativity of a microscopic,
or sub atomic Universe that Einstein knew nothing about? [NOTE: I call this creative fantasy or
“emagineering,” a bit more resourceful than just an obscure title.]
Just like politics that loves to kick a dead horse, Mankind insists on 'whim stretching'
along channels he is most familiar with. How much computer is the common man needy of?
Once the concepts of computers are developed, one can use the computer to help build super
computers that rapidly spiral that industry to new levels far beyond the needs of common man.
This paradoxical need of mankind is demonstrated by the thirst for knowledge that is just not
applicable. We live on a planet that has a land mass of 25% of its surface, and probably have
about 12% of it mastered. The 75% under water we know little about, in fact we probably know
more about our moon, yet we build equipment to listen to stars hoping to communicate with
aliens, when we cannot communicate with whales that have superior communication
capabilities then our cell phones. This kind of intelligence is truly a mask for lofty ignorance
called status that blinds one to basic logic. “I know more than you so I have the right to make
stupid mistakes” was the attitude the American Indians observed attached to the invading
European that was quite valid! This imperialism is currently much stronger then ever, stoked by
the plutocracy of Nations.
We observe tremendous blasts of Gamma explosions far out in space. Why do we
assume that they are part of our Universe? If we believe in the “Big Bang,” why can't we
accept the possibility that we are observing a similar state of affairs, and let it go at that? Why
do we have such egotistical intense interest in a Universe that exists beyond our Solar System
(for example) to begin with? Concern for situations that have occurred before our Solar
System was formed will always remain highly speculative. Why have competition with
imaginative assumptions for an exhilarating rush to be the first to come up with an improvable
theory; that American Indian philosophy would define as BS.
Once we can realize the damage being done by Academia poisoning fresh minds with
unusable knowledge i.e. without needed wisdom for application of knowledge, it would take
strong individualism to turn the tide of this modern disaster around i.e. if there is enough time
left in this epoch. Tell youth the truth early on that we are animals, with an inherited ability to
utilize logic. Teach them to survive on a planet by hunting, fishing, and gathering safe food so
as to weaken the 'wage-slave's' attachment to the 'general store'. Simplify the details in
everyday living so more time can be spent in play and study. Concentrate on the beauty of self
education, rather then robotic ingestions of academia's proclamations. Yes, I am sounding like
the Hippie Generation – because they had it right. Look at the intensity the corporate world
through government’s attempt to obliterate freedom. Reverend Black, John Singer, Gordon
Kaul, Randy Weaver, Martin Pyle, Tom Donahue, Texas Militia (constitutionally legal), the
Mormons, the Citizens Bar Association, Irwin Schiff, The Freeman’s Association, Peggy
Christianson, American Liberty Association, Texas Liberty Association, Steve Snyder, Lyndon
LaRouch to name a few ultra conservative groups that inspired individualism, that our
Government attacked; before launching its final solution to dissent. The raid at Waco was to be
orchestrated as an empirical demonstration that any kind of dissent will not be tolerated.
Unfortunately it turned into a disaster, dramatically destroying all the good work that David
Korish put into Mount Carmel. Because of minor disapproval of Governments intervention by
the masses, the practice of quenching those seeking independence of any kind will now be
savagely dealt with, (as proven with the current Israeli escalated actions against the Palestinians
– an aftermath of Waco). Unilateral overpowerment is now legal in the worlds view; however
mankind must concern himself with independence and the right to individualism.
The reason I brought the above details up is to instill the knowledge that government has
no respect for the individual, unless he is extremely “productive.” [Meaning wealthy – the legal
definition of productivity] We the people are kept ignorant of the savagery of governments in
general and have the false hope that ours is different. All governments do their utmost in blame
transferal for justification of criminal activities. All the folks, and groups mentioned above are
“insane, suicidal fanatics that rape school kids and follow the “Anti-Christ” in black mass!”
This is the typical media BS that is extolled about them. The American Indians were doing
religious dances and our government hired mercenaries out to exterminate them (the military
just wasn’t vicious enough). Today the same practice is done in Iraq, where murderous
mercenaries are contracted to do the same kind of dirty work! The general public isn’t aware
the number of killers is almost equal to the official military we have there. The infamous
Blackwater group is only one corporation of mercenaries that are currently in the limelight,
showing the same alleged distain for life that Lt Calley had in Vietnam. The historic
counterpart is that mercenaries were hired to exterminate the American Indian. They too were
hired by the oligarchy, and given a federal license to kill.
So the answer is to not clump up and be offensive, but instead use the philosophy of
marriage to keep a group of survival enthusiasts small and secretive. Permit older minds to
yield rules and regulations, with younger minds handling execution. As stated in the beginning
of this article that it is important to realize we are animals primarily; that have the ability to use
wisdom to acquire knowledge to survive our environment changes - much like the Native
Americans; however, with a greater array of tools - thanks to (archaic) academia that overly
responded to man’s true needs. The modern nomadic mankind would have wonderful tools for
success such as GPS, calculators, computers, vehicles, firearms, cell phones (that may evolve
backward to short range operation) etc. Life style and attitude must conform to reality, rather
than stupid rules of moral conformity - that is judged by empirical rulers that point to the higher
power, who falls far short of God. Sex is the greatest force that tyrants mess with to gain
control, and one should simply view that as an unimportant situation. Males can handle lack of
sexual intercourse better than females, so any kind of sexual adventures should be female
orchestrated. Females are the ones that receive tranquilizers and other nutrients with male
deposits that are very important supporting living. Foolish attitudes toward chastity and the
concept that sex is love must be subdued and replaced with love being the most cherished
attitude, unattached to sex. Yes, this is a primal attitude shift punctuated by the activities of the
flower children of the 60’s, which truly is essential for the survival of the human species. For
human success/survival to occur, mankind must eliminate jealousy, and the desire to be
prestigious. [Forced abstinence for females is truly a criminal action, because their entire life
motivation is centered upon the vagina.]
As time passes we will be forced into utilizing the stagnant knowledge that academia
developed, even to maintain a much simpler life style. Utilizing techniques of engineering to
improve our development that is not indexed to wealth, but to survival and employment of
efficient energy instead of physiological gratification, is an important sociological development
with individuals enthusiastically contributing, without motivation for a 6 figure paycheck.
Education should not be a financial rewarding enterprise but a voluntary system where
qualified students gain an opportunity for advanced knowledge. Education is wasted on the rich
where affluent colleges accept students that cannot read nor add, for the purpose of obtaining
income. This yields one more Degreed student to help inundate the world with incompetence;
all done for the purpose of securing unworthy status for improved future financial gain.
Professor Bob Burman is seeking the gene that promotes the concept of religion that
apparently was formed (and tempered) in mankind for about 50,000 years. Unfortunately the
problem truly has two issues. Pride and jealousy! These are the base reasons for competition,
and are a necessary ingredient for mankind. It’s when our system of education tends to overly
stimulate these attributes, do we get into trouble by distorting reality to initiate a warriors
paradigm i.e. where killing becomes more important than living. Religion that was designed
for peaceful and moral existence is then turned into the license to murder guiltlessly. Illogical,
like the torturing of a Rabbi to death now generates “Christian peace on earth,” while
supporting daily evil with forgiveness - because they are ‘believers’ of an insult to GOD. *
*2000 years ago, a gentle educated Rabbi who was convicted of thought crimes by
creating justifiable unrest against a tyrannical state; and a convicted felon who was viciously
attacking, killing, raping, stealing and other civil crimes, were both pressed into a public
election for one’s salvation. The Democratic results, controlled by the state’s officer who
vehemently denied responsibility (Pilot), ended exactly as expected. “Give us Barabas!” and
this similar democratic paradigm is still occurring - called politics!!
The overview of ‘Future Philosophy’ here is supporting a form of ‘tribal pagan
hedonistic communism’ that Christ was also promoting because of his Essene Jewish leanings,
which were also described in the ‘Dead Sea Scrolls.’ Christ obviously was a great Rabbi, and
teacher, who was just not able to get his message across to save his life. With that
demonstration, it is no wonder that folks that wish to improve society, just won’t stick their
neck out. Obviously the only safe choice mankind can rely upon, is ones individuality! And
stay away from democracy!