So I lay in the alley Trying to rally From a bullet in my belly Just a moment in time I just want one moment in time To olle t my tally From whom I last saw in the alley Then !engean e will be mine """ A man hanges when he's shot It be omes rystal lear He #uestions not $thers #uestion why All I an say is why not A man tries to ta%e my li&e That !ision is ne!er out o& sight 'hat I say is someone will (ay """ I go ba % to the neighborhoo) Ho(ing to &in) him I& I oul) I win) u( in that alley To olle t my tally A )oor o(ene) an) there he stoo) I remember that &a e an) hairy hea) I (ulle) my gun an) shot him )ea) Author* Timothy B+ Thayer ,-./0.1,/,