Into the Wild (nervous


I had always figured I was going to be nervous when Edward and I finally were joined together in that way that binds lovers forever... But laying here with him on top of me, smothering me with kisses and feeling his hands run all over my body, I was calm. I wanted him, I craved him. It hurt how much I loved him. I felt a warm tear escape my eye. Traitorously, it trailed down my cheek. I tried to sweep it away before Edward noticed. But Edward notices everything. He stopped kissing me and his hand rushed to my cheek, his finger absently tracing where the tear had rolled down. “Did I hurt you?” he cooed at me softly. I shook my head unable to say anything. I reached up and pulled him closer to me. He cocooned me in his arms and I instantly felt loved and safe. He nuzzled his smooth, hard cheek against mine. Another tear escaped. I wanted this moment to never end. The silent forest our only witness. The dark, our keeper of secrets.

“I love you,” Edward murmured as he turned his face back to me. He began to kiss me again, more slowly this time. Patiently, without the fevered pitch I had met with earlier. I felt his hand sweep my hair back off my face. I shifted myself slightly under him and moved my hands to the buttons on his shirt. I shakily undid them, working down to the last button. He didn’t try to stop me like had done previously. I pushed his shirt over his shoulders and Edward shrugged it off. His chest glinted in the pale moonlight like quartz. I took in every muscle, every square inch of his perfection. Edward rolled off to my side and propping his head in his hand, his other hand moved to my shirt. He began to slowly unbutton it. I stared blankly up into the night sky. Trying to focus on the twinkling stars and ignore this sudden feeling that was building in the pit of my stomach. I was nervous. Edward had never seen me naked before. I grew self-conscious as he finally had my shirt unbuttoned and he pushed it open, exposing my bra and stomach to him. I trembled when he placed a cold hand ever so gently right below my bellybutton. His touching me there made me tingly and warm all over. He bent down and showered my chest with light kisses. Pushing my bra strap down till he had my breast exposed, he reached out and with hands unsure of themselves, cupped it gingerly as if he was silently weighing it. His cold thumb swept over my nipple and the skin there puckered under his cold touch. His hand trailed from my breast over my stomach, setting off another run of butterflies. His hand went further south, farther than it had ever been. I gasped as his hand went over my jeans and with a gentle pressure, press down on my crotch. His mouth found mine and his kiss was harder this time. My breaths came in gasps as he hungrily kissed me. I pouted to myself when he pulled away and stood up. But my heavy breathing quickly returned when I saw that he was undoing his pants. My own hands flew to undo mine and I shimmied them down and kicked them off, along with my flip-flops. I sat up and shook off my shirt and unhooked my bra. I let it fall to the ground along with my insecurities. “I should’ve grabbed the blanket out of my trunk. I’m usually so thorough, “his voice broke the darkness. “The ground can’t be that comfortable for you.”

I reached up and grabbed his hand, pulling him down to me. “I’ll be just fine,” I said as I began to kiss him. I didn’t feel anything but him in this moment.

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