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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Namfrel Story
Amin Iskandar @ Black
On July 9, 2011, the city of Kuala Lumpur is closely
monitored by the police due to mass demonstrations
organized by Bersih 2.0. The roads to get to the city of
Kuala Lumpur closed and restrictions done around the
entrance to the capital. rigorous control of security
aimed at preventing people from assembly could not
hold back the yellow waves travel demand that
elections in Malaysia direformasikan. movement of the
people to demand free and fair elections is not a
strange thing. It happens all over the world.Starting in
Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa and now warm
place in the Middle East.

Free and fair elections is also not available with the easy way out without a fight. Some are killed for
fight. fact bersungai rivers of tears have flowed for the dead mourn for championing free and fair
elections. Philippine People Power Revolution Twenty-five years ago, in our neighboring country
Philippines historic occurrence that saw President Ferdinand Marcos was ousted from power. Revolution
is fondly known as People Power Revolution or the people power revolution.

When talking about the Philippine revolution that occurred on the highway Epifanio de los Santos Avenue
(EDSA), null if not mention the large role played by the People's Movement for Free Elections
(Namfrel). This follows the success of the Filipino people realize Namfrel to jointly involved actively to
monitor the presidential election in 1986. During the last election accompanied by Ferdinand Marcos, the
Namfrel successfully deployed 500,000 people to volunteer their official throughout the
Philippines. According to the first general secretary of Namfrel, Mars Quesada, about two million Filipinos
helped 500,000 Namfrel volunteers after they completed the responsibility of voting. Namfrel volunteers
worked in almost all polling places throughout the Philippines to ensure the election on polling day walks
are free and fair. Additionally they control box ballot-boxes from being stolen or hijacked by thugs hired
Marcos before being sent to the tallying center. Volunteers Namfrel also implemented Operation Quick
Count (OQC) or quick count operation to offset the tallying process undertaken by the election
commission in the Philippines (Comelec) Marcos collapse because more Filipinos believe quick count
operation performed by Namfrel than tallying process undertaken by the Comelec. Comelec announced
Marcos as the winner in the presidential election and the results of its operations fast calculations
performed by Namfrel showed that Cory Aquino is the new president of the Philippines. The role of
business is interesting about this organization bertulangbelakangkan Namfrel is business
group. Normally, it's rarely a corporate citizen to get involved with an organization like this, but different
story with Namfrel. Namfrel have policies that lead to these organizations gain the trust of people in the
Philippines. The policy is not receiving any foreign funding.

All funds received Namfrel is coming from the corporate sector

in the Philippines, or contributions from the public.
Among the founders Namfrel is Jose Concepcion Jr., a wealthy
businessman who is also the owner of the company RFM
Corporation - large companies that do business in the food and
beverage industry. Namfrel To accomplish while spending time
and energy to develop an organization founded with the
Magnum people again, Jose Concepcion menyedekahkan
space in a building owned by RFM Corporation in
Mandaluyong, Manila to serve as the offices to Namfrel.
Additionally, RFM Corporation workers also lent to help
Namfrel to ensure election monitoring around the country have
been implemented. There are many other large companies
under the auspices of Makati Business Club (MBC) also
contributed to Namfrel whether in cash or service with the
intention that free and fair elections can be implemented in the
Philippines.Quesada Mars that could meet the author when
conducting research in the Philippines told about the
contribution of the corporate sector to lend dozens of notable
aircraft and helicopter seeds to facilitate movements Namfrel
volunteers especially for the rural areas and rolling hills.

That's how little any further business and the role of the
corporate sector in the success of the election monitoring
conducted by Namfrel in the Philippines in 1986. challenge in
Malaysia today how to involve the corporate sector to assist in the struggle to uphold free and fair
This is due to free and fair elections and a stable political good for the business world. The biggest
challenge was how to convince them to join?

Amin Iskandar fellowship awarded Asian Public Intellectuals (API) from 2009 to 2010 to carry out
research on the history of election monitoring in the Philippines and Indonesia.
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