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Friend Ships February 2016 Activities Report

FRIEND SHIPS at PORT MERCY, 1019 North 1st Avenue, Lake Charles, LA 70601
Tel: 337-433-5022 Fax: 337-433-3433 Email: Website:

Dear Friends:
Thank you for your support for our operations here at Friend Ships! We are preparing
for this years mission opportunities and your help makes it possible for us to continue
to reach out and grow.
Our teams are taking inventory on the humanitarian aid we have on hand that is suitable
for the upcoming mission to the Middle East. At the same time, we are making a final list
of the preparations to be completed aboard Friend Ship Courageous for the long
journey. We have many wonderful supplies here at Port Mercy and ready to go
including rice, beans, new clothing, back packs, shampoo, soap, mattresses, childrens
cots, blankets, linens, baby carriers, medical equipment and supplies, eyeglasses, toys
and sporting supplies. We are hoping to fill out the rest of the space on the ship with
food including ramen soup (we have 13 pallets committed so far) and additional rice.
And we will need to purchase diesel fuel for the ship. Please see the enclosed flyer for
more information on how you can make a difference in the lives of the Syrians who are
suffering. We also intend to drop off supplies in Haiti while en route to Israel and once
in Israel distribute some supplies to organizations there that help needy Arab and Israeli
people while delivering the majority of goods to Syrian war refugees.
Work has started on preparing Courageous as we close in on completing the initial
phase of preparing Friend Ship Integrity for disaster relief, humanitarian response and
medical aid in the Western Hemisphere this year. Integrity will be ready for international
relief while our two ships, Hope and Mersea, are set to serve for U.S. based hurricane
relief. Our teams are preparing for hurricane, earthquake, fire and flood response. The
crew and Sea Hawks, along with our ships, fleet of trucks, helicopter, boats and airplane
make us well-equipped to be a genuine blessing in these situations.
This month on a local basis, the Sea Hawks and crew conducted outreaches at
Millennium Park and during Mardi Gras celebrations, including working the search and
rescue station. We ministered to the crowds on Martin Luther King Day Parade, at a
Marathon in Sulphur, provided assistance to a local widow, helped with the Dorcas
Room Food Bank and Glad Tidings Young at Heart for seniors. The Sea Hawks carried
on with studies and accomplished many vital projects here at Port Mercy.

StoreHouse One continues to collect and distribute food on a regular basis. Each day of
the week, food is given out to a wonderful cause. Food is given on:

Monday to Harris House and Power Church to distribute to elderly people

living in low income housing.

Tuesday, to the Lord's Place men's shelter and Greater St. Mary's Food

Wednesday, to Salvation Army Homeless Shelter and I Am Loved Street


Thursday, to Church of the King food distribution to the needy and to

Waters Edge to feed the homeless downtown.

Friday, to For His Grace Church who conducts an outreach to the Haitian
population who are in need.

Saturday, to City of Refuge Veterans Homeless Shelter who care for

veterans and feed 150 needy families every week.

Opportunities! Friend Ships is taking applications for full time crew members. We need
help in the areas of mechanics, maritime including deck, engine and steward
departments, food service, warehousing and office. There is no charge and no pay but
the rewards are overwhelming. We are also offering an exciting one year internship. The
program is open to adults over the age of 25. There is no cost to attend and no pay. The
first session for 2016 starts in April. For those under 25, please apply for Friend Ships Sea
Hawk program. We are offering scholarships to young adults 18-25 who are interested in
becoming certified in relief missions. This is a two year intensive training program with an
additional third year as an intern within Friend Ships. Training includes basic skills and
discipleship training, local missions and outreaches.
Once again, on behalf of war refugees in desperate need, if you don't have anything to
donate toward food or fuel for the Syrians waiting for the chance to go home, we beg you
to please hit your knees and pray for those the Lord is calling to give, who do have funds,
to be openhanded and not to withhold from meeting the needs of the people who are
suffering so much. We move forward with the power of our Lord and the gifts of His
saints who He moves.
Thank you once again for all the many things you do to help us. We appreciate you more
than you can imagine!
Together in Christ,

Don and Sondra Tipton and the Friend Ships Teams