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Alabamians Urged First Lady Of Alabama 7th War Loan

To Share Clothes Donates To Clothing Drive Your Next Job!
With Destitute
The goal for the Seventh War'
LOCAL DEFENSE UNITS, Loan has been set as $14,000,000,-
SALVAGE GROUPS TO 000, of which $7,000,000,000 is to'
HELP COLLECTION ,come from· sales to individ,uals.'
Again, the major emphasis will
April 1st through April 30th has be placed on sales to individuals, l
'been proclaimed United' National the quota being the' highest es-
C'lothing Collection Month in Ala- tablished in any of the War, Loan-
bama by Governor Chauncey Drives.
Sparks, who is calling upon every . The drive will extend from:
responsible organization and every May 14 to June 30.
citizen of the State to give utmost Local Defense Councils have
help in this urgent and humani- rendered valuable cooperation
tarian undertaking. and assistance in former War
Henry J. Kaiser, Chairman of the Loan Campaigns and State De-
United National Clothing Collection fense Council Director Haygood
is instituting a one month nation Paterson is again calling on
wide campaign to obtain a mini- County Defense Councils, Citi-
mum of 150,000,000 pounds of cloth- zens Defense Corps, and Citizens
ing for the 125,000,000 people in the Service Corps to render all out
-liberated areas of Europe, who are aid for the succe~sful consum-
practically destitute oL all forms of mation of the Seventh War Loan
clothing, inclUding and bed- in Alabama.
ding. - _
The State Defense C®ncil has
been charged with the responsibil-
War Dads Back
ity of collecting this clothing for Recreation Plan
-the State of Alabama. More than
80 volunteer War Relief Agencies A recreation project for conva-
are concentrating on this campaign lescent soldiers, sponsored by the
during April. The Rotary, Kiwan- Montgomery Sportsmen's ClUb, was
is, and Lions Clubs have. accepted heartily endorsed by the American
the assignment of spearheading the War Dads. The Sportsmen' plan to
development of local coItimittees. make fishing and other Ol:ltdoor rec-
(Turn to page 3, column 4) reation available to recuperating
service personnel, according to an-
nouncement of Robert V. Mullen,
Jaycees Endorse War Dad president.
Cancer Campaign A message of condolence was
framed by members of the local
Eric Johnston, President of the chapter and will be forwarded to
li. S. Chamber of Commerce and the family of the late President.
Mearns Gates, President of the U. The War Dads are still cO,llecting
S. Junior Chamber of Commerce magazines for the canteen and they
have solicited the support of all urge that all who have surplus
Mrs. Carl Griffin, niece of Governor Chauncey Sparks and First
Junior Chambers in the State in reading matter carry it to the can-
the current drive of the American Lady of Alabama is shown at the Mansion donating the Governor's teen at the Union Station so that
Cancer Society for $5,000,000_ old clothing to Mrs. J. Y. B!'ame, Director of the Montgomery Citizens transient soldiers can "read while
Carl Griffin, Chief of War Ser- SerVice Corps, in charge of clothing collection for the United National they ride."
vices of the State Defense Council Clothing Drive. Various organizations have volunteered to assist Mrs.
in appealing to the local groups
Brame with assorting, packing, and shipping the clothing. State Praised For
"The Alabama State Defense Legion Cited For Schools Wage Enlisting WACs
Council has been charged with the 0 CD B I Of B d A letter from Miss Lamar Jeter,
responsibility of 'sparking' this cam- Assisting att e , on s Chairman of the WAC Civilian Ad-.
paign. We feel as if the drive can- Lt. Gen. William N. Has;{ell, chief Sylacauga City Schools has issued visory Committee of the Fourth
not be a success without the sup-' of the Office of Civilian Defense, a challenge to the Talladega City Service Command has been receiv-
port of the Junior Chambers presented The American Leg'ion, Schools to participate in 'a Seventh ed by Mrs. Bibb Graves of Mont-
throughout the State. Alabama',;; through National Commander Ed- War Bond Selling Contest which gomery, Chairman of the Alabama
quota is $50,000." ward N. Scheiberling, with an award will get under way April 14th and WAC Civilian Advisory Committee
Junior Chambers contacted in- citing the Legion for the assistance continue for one month, until May to the effect that the Fourth Ser-
cluded clubs at Geneva, Albertville, given the OCD in organizing the 14th. This contest is gaining ,mo- vice Command went' over the top
LaFayette, Andalusia, Phenix City, civilian defense work throughout mentum by the hour and it now in WAC enlistment· for,' technical
Opelika, Sylacauga, Montgomery, the nation. seems that the most heated com- hospital service.
Gadsden, Mobile, Birmingh,am, An- It is understood that only three '\ p~tition yet expeJienced between "You deserve the happy 'satisfac-
niston, Tuscaloosa, Dothan and organizations are to receive such ci- these two rival cities soon will begin tion of ,a job well done," wrote Miss
FloreJlce. tations. . to payoff in Bonds. IJeter to Mrs. Graves.

Salvage Needed For Sheffield Group Bring April Hints For

Another Year Victory Gardeners
"Waste: paper and tin cans are
Salvage to Florence Depot Victory gardeners should heed
needed more' today than at any suggestions for April made by W.
time during the. war", Luther E. A. Ruffin" Extension Entomologist
Creel, State Salvage Manager has of the Alabama Polytechnic Insti-
informed State Chairman Haygood ,tute, 'who advises:
Paterson. Manager Creel says: Most gardens were planted two
"With the war going sowell, we to three weeks later this year than
are naturally inclined to feel that usual. This means that' many of
our boys have all the materials they us will be' tempted to plant every
are going to need. However, re- row in the garden at one time.
ports we are receiving from the Planting everything at one time is
War Production Board in Washing-' one of the worst practices to follow.
ton are to the effect that we need If the garden is to produce some-
all the salvage materials we can thing' to eat every month in the
get for another year, at least due: year, there should [llways be a few
to the shortage of paper and tin.' •,rows fixed and ready to plant.
All allotme.nts for civilian uses have! ,Use plenty of compost and plenty
either been recently reduced or of commercial fertilizer. Best qual-
cancelled altogether, due to the: ity vegetables are produced where
shortage. Committees and individ- both of these materials are used.
uals are urged to continue every; Proper cultivation is important.
effort in the collection of these vital If the soil was well prepared be-
materials until the job is complet-. fore planting, very shallow cultiva-
ed. tion often enough to keep down
weeds is all that is needed while
the vegetables are growing. Dig-
The above picture was made of members of the Sheffield Citizens ging or deep plowing may do more
Yes-Even To Defense Corps on March 14, during an all out salvage drive. Six en- harm than' good to growing veg-
Seven Times Seven listed men from Courtland Army Air Base and the man in charge of etables.
weights at the Florence Salvage Depot pose with Miss June Caruthers, Insect control is always one of
Now comes the Seventh War Miss Sarah Hughes and Miss Cora Caruthers of the Sheffield Corps. the biggest jobs in the garden;
Loan, officially opening on MaY More than 10,000 pounds of waste paper and 1,245 pounds of tin cans hand-picking and destroying the
14, and ending on June 30. More were collected in Colbert County during'the drive, which was directed first bugs that show up in ·the
time devoted to it, and more Spring.
by Jack J. Caruthers, County Chairman.
money to be raised. Uncle Sam
fants fourteen billion in this The Lauderdale County Salvage Depot, which is sponsored by the
American Legion Auxiliary is outstanding in the State for its efficient
Seventh War Loan-and seven
billions of this to be in E bonds operation. The project is headed by Mrs. Milo S. Long, Chairman of
CD Activities In
-the kind that most of us have the Lauderdale County Salvage Committee. Salvage is brought from Other States
been buying. from the surrounding counties and communities to be weighed at the
There will be ample reasons Florence Depot. Minnesota-State Council of De-
given in speeches, in stories in fense has received an appropria-
the magazines and the press, an:d tion and will continue to function
in newspaper advertisements, for Mayor B~cks Schools Vie In in 1946..
this biggest of all individual quo-
tas. . Treasure Hunt Paper Collection Wyoming-In October all' L)c~l
Councils of Defense were asked if,
But all arguments and reasoIlS ,in their opinion, Civilian D~fense
fade alongside the very elemen- ,STUDENT BOND DRIVE The pupils of the Montgomery
GIVEN CITY SUPPORT public schools collected 21,000 should pe continued. Of the 75
tal one-that so long as our Local pouncils in the St'ate all
young men. and women can take pounds of ~scrap paper the week
Mayor David E. Dunn April 19 ending April 14, bringing the total but one replied in the affirma-
it in battle, and as long as it is tive. Wyoming now has 9,204
necessary for them to take it--- · issued a proclamation making for the scholastic year to 459,033
Thursday, official "Treasure Hunt pounds. . volunteers in the Defense Corps;
just so, long can we take it, and 'and 7;422 in Civilian War Ser-
give it, at home. Day" for the school children of For the first time this school
Montgomery. The School Army, "vices.
o.ur money; their blood and year, Highland Avenue Elementary
sinew. Our extra hours to earn 21,000 strong, will launch the spear- School ranked first in the collec- Missouri--:'Kansas City Auxiliary
more money to buy War Bonds; head drive of th~ Seventh War tion. The record there was 4,941 ,Firemen helped fight Ii two and
their extra hours to maintain Bond offensive. They plan to visit pound~. Capitol, Heights Ele:nen- ,one-half million dollar fire which
the sovereignty and security of every home in the county to obtair. tary School, usually ranking first, destroyed vast supplies of sulfa
the nation that will redeem the E Bond pledges. was second with a record of 4,376 arugs and 400 pints of blood
bonds. Mayor Dunn's. proclamation fol- pounds. plasma.
Buy bonds in the Seventh War · lows:I North Carolina-State Office of
Loan? Of course we shall. And "Whereas in the furtherance of Civilian Defense previously sched-
in the Eighth when it comes- the efforts to finance the terrible enthusiastic in the wor.k that has uled . its close on December ,}1"
and as many more as it will re- conflict in' which cur nation is at been assigned to them in that they will be continued.
qaire to supply them and to present engaged and to bring the are to fire the opening gun in said Louisiana-It was announced thaf
eventually; bring them home- same to an early conclusion, the Seventh War -Loan Drive in Mont-. the 15,000 Civilian Defense vol-
even unto seven times seven.- : Seventh War Loan Drive is begin- ornery County unteers in New Orleans will be
The I National Legionnaire. · ning, and "Now, therefore, I, David E. Dunn,:
, "Whereas the scnool children of as mayor of the City of Montgom-
asked to function in a _post-war
role as 'a volunteer ,organization.
Montgomery County have been ery, do prpclaim Thursday, April Delaware-The State Council of De-
"I cannot emphasize too strongly' called upon by the Montgomery 19, 1945 as Treasure Hunt Day for' fense has recommended to all
the dire need of universal military County War Finance Committee to the City of Montgomery and I do Local Councils that all Civilian
training· if America and the church commence the Seventh War Loan urgently request the citizens - of 'Defense units which have been
in America is to survive, advance Drive's big offensive in this county, Montgomery to aid and abet the allowed to disband, be reactivat-
and progress in a world of peace." and school children of said city in ev- ed immediately.
-Rev: Joseph N. Barnett, Grace "Whereas the children, the fu- ery way possible in their further-
Church. Wabasha, Minn. ture leaders of our county, are most' ance of said drive." (Turn to page 3, column 1)

State To Raise County ,Commander Discusses Now Is Time To

$50,000 As Quota Place Coal Order!
In Cancer Drive Cancer..,I)rive With Governor
Consumers; who expect to use
April has been designated as the coal next winter should file dec-
time for a nation wide campaign, laration with their dealers and
on Cancer Control and Alabama is place their orders now!
participating simultaneously with Haygood Paterson, Solid Fuels
all other states. Administrator for Alabama is
A new army is under mobilization again calling attention to the
in America, today-men and women regulation requiring coal con-
are organizing in every State in the sumers to file declarations and'
Union to combat the greatest place orders for their next win-'
scourge that has ever afflicted the ter's coal supplies.
Nation-Cancer. Advantages will accrue to
Sponsoring the fight against can- those who file before May 15 as
cer is the American Cancer Society, they will be given special pref-
In Alabama under the chairman- erential treatment and will ob-
ship of Mrs. Ray Meade, State Com- tain their entire 80 per cent of'
mander of the society's field army last year's tonnage.'
and Haygood Paterson, State Chair-'
man of' the campaign for cancer
control in Alabama, this State hopes
to attain its quota of $50,000. Free Lots To
'.'During April," says Mrs. Meade,
"men and women of the field army
Vets Is Plan
are going to exert every effort to St. Petersburg, Fla. - Veterans
raille funds for'this cause. We real- who were residents of this city be,'
ize that wh.en American people fore entering the service will re-
thoroughly understand the vital ne- ceive free building lots under a plan
cessity for adequate research to formally approved by the city coun-
combat cancer they will demand' cil.
Mrs. Julius Rice, County Commander, Field Army of the Ameri-
that funds be provided." The lots to be distributed are
can Society for Control of Cancer presents Governor Chauncey Sparks
'The money realized from the those that were obtained under city
with a brochure dealing with cancer control. The Governor has
campaign will be employed to open foreclosure proceedings, and veter-
detection clinics and to carryon heartily endorsed the April drive in Alabama to combat this great
ans Who apply for them must be
an extensive educational program, scourge. Alabama's quota in the National campaign is $50,000. able to qualify for bUilding tinder
Mr. Paterson has contacted all loans under the GI Bill of Rights.
organizations and industries in the
State appealing for assistance in
raising Alabama's quota. He wrote:. MEMORIAL pAY, 1945 Ship Clothing
"The time is short. This cam-
paign must be completed during
Ap'ril. We need your active and
Freight Collect
financial support in order that Ala- Throughout this land, each heart will keep Upon completion of the pack-"
bama may do its part in the rais;ng World-wide vigil for lads who sleep ing of clothing, at the close of
of the $5,000,000. Alabama's share At hero-haunted Corregidor, United National Clothing Col-
is $50,000. Won't you please send~ On Iceland's rugged fog-gray shore; le,ction drive, it should be, ship-
us your check at once?" ped freight collect to:
In sun-drencned sand at Alamein,
Heads of County Defens~ Coun-' In coral crypt at Kwajalein; Mr. J. F. Campbell
cils, Citizens Defense Corps, and Procurement Div.,
On Roman roads, gun-swept and red,
Citizens Service Corps liave been , U. S. Treasury
urged by Mr. Paterson to offer the Where crosses mark our honored dead;
Belle Isle Bldg.
services of their organizations in In soil of France, where side by side 20 Houston st., N. E.
this important drive. County quo- Rest 'sons and fathers. In' Maytide, Atlanta, 3, Georgia.
tas have been. based on member- Only the spirit can repair
ship allotment. To linger With our loved ones there; ALABAMIANS URGED
According to satistics just releas- But like a bough of May-sweet bloom,
ed, from the date of Pearl Harbor Our prayers will wreathe each lonely tomb. '(Continued from page 1, column 1)
killed April
on 1,all189,541 Americans
battlefronts and were'
duro' ~ oI In 'cOmInunities where 'there are
no civic clubs, local Defense, Coun-
ing the same period 570,000 Ameri- cils with the aid of Salvage Com-
cans died o-f cancer. Money is need-
ed for the threefold purpose of ed- Ramer Students T,o stimulate interest in the bond mittees are 'asked to lead the cam-
drive the students will wage a con-
ucation, service to patients, ,and
Sponsor Plane t eso+ . t It
0 e ec a
School and a' Miss Ramer High
H' h paign.'
Collection depots should be estab-

'ty H'l'gh' SChool. Votes cost I-cent each in, lished at cenhtral pOintshin lthe com -
The Montgomery Coun 'munity suc as sc 00 s and
C. D. ACTIVITIES School at Ramer has' started,',an~~h:Ju~~dP:/:h:i~n~~rc~~~d~r~~;~c hurches and transportation' of
active campaign to secure" $21,000 A, stud,ent, must have t,875 votes in' clothjng from depots to a designat-
(Cantinued from page 2, column 4) as l'tS, "uota,
l'n th!" Seventh War'
' order to become a' candidate.
ed pOl'nt rna" be ha'ndled by' mu-
~ ,
Loan. Their drive has been sched-: nicipal or county transportation fa-
Illinois-Chicago has made an ap- uled from April 9th to May 9th so: This school is participating ac- Cilities. '
propriation of $150,000 for Civilian' that it JIlay be completed before, tively in all Red 'Cross drives and' At the end of April the packaged
Defense purposes' during 1945. ' the close of the school t e r m . . clothing is to be sent collect to
California-San Francisco Auxiliary These boys and girls 'always hitch' salvage' drive1!, collecting paper;, Mr. J. F. Campbell, Procurement
Police have petitioned the Police' their wagon to a star. This time rags, rubber, and metal; is also, Division, U. S. Treasury' Depart-
Commissioner to make them re- they will sponsor a primary trainer serving as a station for the recep- ment, Belle Isle Building, 20 Hous-
serves with the regular Police De- plane, a four inch compass,' and 5 tion of clothes for the United Na- ton Street, N. E., Atlanta, 3, Geor-
partment. potato peelers. tional Clothing Collection. gia.
----- ------------~-----



Pine Level Makes Capt. W. M. Stanley Cora Caruthers On Clubs And Schools
Contribution To Radio Program
War Effort Citizen Of Month Miss Cora LaMarr Caruthers, Civ-
Collect Clothes
ilian Defense Officer of Sheffield
Defense activities in Pine' Level was interviewed on the program Dr. M. L. Orr, head of the De-
School in Montgomery County are "American Woman'" 'Thursday, partment of Education of Alabama
being carried out through the Jun~ April 5 over WSM, of Nashville, in College is acting as Chairman of
ior Red Cross and include the sale regard to her outstanding work the U~ited National Clothing Col-
of War Stamps and Bonds, a school with the Sheffield Citizens Defense lection for Shelby County.
.-Victory garden, conservation work, Corps. Miss Caruthers known as ******
and a poultJ;y project which fur- the "Heroine of CDC" is the daugh- Charles H.arris, Governor of the
nishes both poultry and eggs for ter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack J. Ca- Kiwanis Clubs of Alabama b,as
the school lunch room. ruthers of Sheffield; and' wears the promised the cooperation of the 30
The program' has .been in effect' CDC service pin, the gold 5,000 hou~ Kiwanis Clubs in the State in the
three years, with the 1'l'inth Grade service bar and has a certificate of: Clothing Drive. Other Civic Chibs
'assuming sponsorship of all phases,. merit. ! are likewise lending their support
each year,and has been carried to the campaign.,
out with extraordinary success. Its ******
contribution' to the War effort is ter ,In ,the City Hall durinz blacr<;,
outs and alerts. Mayer Charles A. Baumhauer of
worthy of statewide recognition. Mobile has appointed a committee
The students of Pine Level School .Some 'of the most t·ragic occur-; to direct the campaign for collection
• are enrolled 100 per cent in the rences have been in time of pe.ace.
The local Civilian Defense .Organ-: of used clothing for European war
· Junior "'Red "Cross. "Each" class- in .criminals. This committee' includes
Science, beginning with the fifth' ization, perfected in MontgomerY: A. L. Dunham, chairman; Frank
grade has studied a unit on first' during .the hectic early war days'
did wonders in the community dur-: P,oggi, John M. Benton, Edward L.
ing the tornado disaster on Febru-: Wheyland and Fred Palmer.
Boys in the .ninth grade spon- CAPTAIN W. M. STANLEY
"sored a fine conservation and for-' ary 12. Within 20 minutes after ******
estry program. Beginning with the the Civilian Corps was alerated, 100 The Demopolis Rotary Club is
had reported to Police Headquar-: sponsoring the collection of cloth-
·sixth grade, each class has been as- Police Chief ters and dispatched to ,the stann! ing in that city and all citizens
signed a specmc part in this im-
p0rtal'\tw0rk. As a result, 12,000 Makes Fine Record area and within an hour 'and a: are assisting, according to Mayor
half 500 had reported to duty and! N. C. Floyd, who stat~d, "You may
loblolly pines have been set out on
the 'campus and 2,000 additional
As C. D,. Officer been assigned to shifts. rest assured that the United Na-
tional Clothing movement will be
.trees furnished by the State For-
estry project. During the days when there was m~~:dC~~il~~~y ~:~:s:heC~i~: :~~, pushed to a s~::~~s!ul conclusion,"
Five acres, on ,th~ campus are a possibility that Montgomery might first element reported at 5 :45 P, M.
The Montgomery County High
devoted to soil conservation prac- be in danger from attacks by the' February 12th until Thursday
tices. enemy and the' Montgomery'County School at .Ramer is serving ,as ,a re-
m6rrlingFebruary 15th, at which ception station for the community
Civilian Defense Corps began to time they were relieved and the
Twelve boys in High School have .train Auxiliary Police and Air Raid for used clothing for the National
maintained the school's fire depart- Wardens, Defense Corps Command- regular police and firemen took
charge of the ,situation, which was
ment to extinguish fires that might er William P: Screws appointed practically normal.
occur on the campus or in the near- Captain W. M. Stanley of the Mont-
-, by commUNity. The fiJ;e depart-
'ment is equipped-with five 5-gallon gomery Police Department as Ex-
Not only is Captain Stanley a
fine executive but he is also a
8'00 School Boys
hand ,p.umps furnished the school ecutive Offic~r to organize and in-, friendly officer, who has the af- To Dig Potatoes
by ,the State Defense Council.' struct all defense unHs. fection and confidence of the pub-
Each family represented in the Captain Stanley ,was ,given this lic as well as their respect. A na- Eight hundred ·school boys who
'Pine Level School has a Victory, important assignment because in tive ,Montgomerian, born in 1905, have volunteered to help harvest
Garden. Two Pine Level girls had his years of service 'with the Po- he was educated in the public the 1945 potato crop in Baldwin
Victory Gardens last year sponsor- lice Department he had demon- schools of t1).e Capital City, attend- County' wi~l report to the fields
ell by Sears, Roebuck and .won strated his ability as a leader and ing ,the University of Alabama's about April 28, under a co-oper-
prizes. Five girls are participating coordinatoi'. Police School for four years during ative plan drawn up by heads of
,this year in the Sears Roebuck The Auxiliary Police and Air the Summer session. He married state agencies.
contest. Raid Wardens were organized by Gladys Sutcliffe, likewise a native Chairman Frank Broadway of the
The school plants .and cultivates diViding the city into four zones Montgomerian and daughter of state labor supply committee said
'one acre in vegetables for use in and then SUb-dividing the zones Captain C. w. Sutcliffe, Secretary the youths, who will receive the
the lunchroom, practically all of into approximately 35 sectors each of ,the Monlgomery Police Depart.. prevailing wage scale, will be tllans-
the work bein.g done by the stu- A Chief and Assistant Chief was ment for the past 20 years. In 1935 ported to Baldwin by bus and trai:l.
dents. appointed to diFect activities in he became affiliated with the Mont- The 800 already signed include 600
Pin,e Level pupils have partici- each zone. Each sector was com- gomery Police Department; was white boys and 200 negroes, ,accord-
pated actively in each Bond Drive. manded by a Senior Warden and a made instructor in 1937; Lieuten- ing to Earl Williams, farm labor
To date sales .have amounted to Police Lieutenant. ant in 1939; and Captain in 1942. supervisor for the state extension
$2,500 in bonds and $560 in stamps. Auxiliary police and Warde:' 13 The same year he was elected t-:: service.
Each graduating class has left to were traIned by a staff of instl'uc" organize the Auxiliary Police, re- They will J;em:;J,in in. 'Baldwin
the school a, class' gift .of war bonds tors headed by Captain Stanley and ceiving special inlitructJon for thio' about six weeks.
bOillght ,.with the money made from Professor T. C. Carlton of the Mont.. work at the 'University of Florida
class plays and ,benefit entertain- gomery Public School System. Upon in the 1942 Summer session.
ments. completion of their training regular Captain St.aJ;lley n,as one hobby~
Sparks s.upports
drills were held at intervals to his .daughter June, who is as lovely Child Health Day
State Plan For Vets ma-intain efficiency and keep the
organization on the alert.
as her name. She will, graduate
at Lanier High School this year In an official statement, Gov.
Alabama is laying the foundation The Auxiliary Firemen were '01'- and her father will tell you with Sparks gave his '.'hearty support"
for a veterans' assistance program" ganized in thirty-two companies, prid~ that' she is Preside~t of th to the observance .of May 1 as Cb,ild
under the Federal GI bill that may each commanded by a Gaptain, Junior ,Red Cross at Lanier; that Health Day in Alabama and
well run over $50,000,000. four companies being assigned to she participates in every phase' of throughout the nation. Thi:s year's
Already, about'l,OOO returned ser- each of the' eight regular fire com- War work; that she teaches the observance will focus particular .at-
vice: men have drawn something ,panies for instruction. . boys dancing at theUSO; and· that tention upon the need .for register-
like $225,000 since first payments of Captain Stanley set up and suc- she sin@'s with the Maxwell Field in,g all births as soon as, or SQon
'the allowance began last Sept. 11. cessfully operated the Control Cen.- Band. after, they occur.

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