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Day Six Cue Sheet

Logroño – Haro (48 km)
The recent inauguration of the GR 99 long-distance hiking route gives cyclists with offroad-ready bikes a good
chance to discover a different way to see La Rioja. (Road riders will want to stick to the various roads north of the
Ebro.) Note that the mountain ranges that define the north and south edges of La Rioja can work as a funnel for
easterly winds, creating headwind hell if there’s a storm blowing in. In that case, you may prefer to stay closer to
the river, or take the train from Logroño.

 Km You need to….
 0.0 From the Plaza in front of Logroño’s cathedral, turn RIGHT out onto c/ Portales; ride to the end.
 0.45 Plaza de Marqués de Murrieta; second LEFT onto c/ Marqúes de Murrieta
 0.80 Turn right onto c/ Gonzalo de Berceo and ride to the end (near railroad tracks)
 1.4 Go through roundabout and cross railroad tracks via catwalk.
 1.6 Once over train tracks, turn RIGHT and follow c/ Paula Montalt to end
 1.7 Turn LEFT onto c/ Camino Viejo de Fuenmayor and follow it through the new subdivisión.
 2.9 Camino Viejo continues on the left-hand side of the dead end. Go straight through vineyards.
 6.0 Pavement on the Camino Viejo ends; watch for loose gravel!
 10.00 A sharp downhill down c/ Cuesta del Vico brings you to FUENMAYOR. Keep going straight –
watch for ongoing cars – and when you get to the church, turn RIGHT onto LR251 (Avenida de la
Estación). Fuenmayor has lots of bars, bakeries and restaurants.
 13.20 Shortly after you go past Camping Fuenmayor, you pass under the RENFE train line.
 13.8 Cross the Ebro River and turn LEFT at the T-intersection, going uphill on c/ Carretera de Assa into
LA PUEBLA DE LABARCA, and continue right up Avenida de Vitoria (the A3216). Fifty metres
later, turn LEFT on c/ Nueva (A4208), following signs for ELCIEGO.
 19.15 The A4208 brings you into ELCIEGO right beside the Frank Gehry-designed Marqués de Cáceres
winery. Continue down to the bottom of the hill…
 Km You need to….
 19.4 …and take the street directly in front of you, which goes uphill (c/ Bajada a las Huertas)
 20.0 Turn LEFT onto c/ Manuel Iradier (A3214) and continue on to BAÑOS DE EBRO.
 24.56 Turn LEFT onto the A3224 regional road to BAÑOS DE EBRO.
 26.0 If you don’t need to stop at the town’s restaurants, keep going straight on the A3224.
 28.82 Highway goes west; turn LEFT onto the second paved path on the LEFT hand side. From here,
you’ll see the marking for the GR 99 Camino del Ebro. (If you’re on a road bike, keep going on the
A3224, which becomes the LR318 once it crosses back into La Rioja.)
 29.9 GR 99 bends to the right and goes slightly uphill.
 30.5 At a fork in the road, GR 99 goes left – keep going straight ahead.
 31.5 At intersection with LR318, turn LEFT and continue for 1.2 km until you get to bottom of hill.
 32.7 At bottom of hill, take LEFT onto paved path that follows the Ebro.
 35.9 T-intersection: turn RIGHT and follow path into SAN VICENTE DE LA SONSIERRA.
 36.5 Once in San Vicente, in front of the information board, take the first LEFT and ride town to the
Ebro. Take the LR210 over the river and head towards BRIONES.
 39.7 Just before you head under the train tracks, take the dirt road that diverts off the right to GR 99
 40.45 Path comes out at T-intersection. Go left under train bridge and take first turn to the RIGHT.
 44.5 After coming out of a small valley the path turns to the right, but don’t follow the GR 99 all the way
into Haro; instead, ride to the top of the hill, following the path that leads past the solar panel, and
take that path all the way down to the N232 (which allows you to avoid the really heavy traffic.)
 46.3 Roundabout: turn off and follow the signs to ride into Haro.
 48.0 HARO
Day Six Cue Sheet
LOGROÑO - HARO (48 km)
START POINT: Logroño Cathedral.

All of the towns along today’s route have bars and restaurants, some of
which may be closed on Mondays or Tuesdays. There’s also an excellent
bakery across the street from the church in Fuenmayor.

Both Logroño and Haro can be reached by train and bus. Bus service in
and out of Logroño is a much more flexible option, however, with service to
Madrid, Pamplona and other major Spanish cities.

Having the Sierra de la Demanda to the south and the Sierra Cantabria to
the north tends to turn the entire Ebro Valley into a wind tunnel when
there’s a storm blowing in off the Atlantic. If the wind is wearing you down,
get down closer to the Ebro – or jump on the train towards Haro, which
leaves Logroño at about 19.00 and stops in several towns along the river,
such as Briones. Don’t forget that the banks of the Ebro also make for a
great place to have a picnic lunch!

The money that comes with wine tourism has given rise to a number of new
bodegas built by world-famous architects, the most famous of which is the
new Marqués de Riscal complex, designed by Frank Gehry. Logroño’s
tourist office can has the visiting hours of most bodegas in the area.

Both Fuenmayor and Haro have well-equipped, if slightly cramped,
campsites; there are also hotels and hostales in Elciego, Briones and Haro.
Be sure to book ahead if you’re coming during the vendimia (grape harvest)
in September and October, which is prime wine tourism season.