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Genius Academy

Summer 2016


5th Grade

Afterschool Education with Private School Quality

Welcome to Genius Academys Summer Program! Our goal this

summer is to give your child an amazing and exciting educational
experience! With a focus on 21st century skills such as innovation,
imagination, collaboration, critical and analytical thinking, our
summer program offers a variety of classes to challenge and
intrigue your child!
Genius Academy is dedicated to focusing on the four pillars that
hold up the foundation of our school: Academic Excellence,
Character Development, Inspiration, and Quality Service.
We can ensure that classes here will not only give your child the
academic foundation and rigor that your child needs, but also a
fun and creative experience that can inspire your child to love
With the mission to provide the best educational services for
developing every students academic, social, emotional, and
psychological needs, Genius Academy is proud of helping our
students become highly motivated and self sustaining, so that they
can have the abilities to succeed in whatever passions they may
have in the future!

Did you know most students lose over two
months of mathematical computation
skills over the summer?
Our math sharpener class reviews what
students have learned the previous year
and reinforces any gaps in their knowledge.
Genius Academy will be using Saxon
Maths curriculum. Students will take a
quick entrance test to determine which
level is most appropriate and they will
then be split into different groups. The
main focus for this class is to review what
students have already done in their past
school year and fill in any gaps to ensure
they are prepared for the next level of
their math education.

Students will be taught the necessary
skills and techniques to win various
writing contests. This will include
persuasive writing techniques, vivid
description, as well as organization.
Their writing will be able to stand out
in the crowd and gain recognition!
In 2015, over 50 of our students have
been published! Our students have also
won over $2000 in scholarships and have
been awarded over 18 trophies!


...Leadership tomorrow depends on how

we educate our students today - especially in science, technology, engineering
and math. - President Barack Obama,
September 16, 2010

As Silicon Valley leads the nation in

STEM related occupations and industries, we need to prepare our students for
the future! Our engineering curriculum,
Design SySTEM, is created by Harvard
graduates to allow students the
opportunity to learn by doing. Students
will create projects based on multiple
types of engineering from astronautical
acoustical to software to environmental.
Using an interdisciplinary and hands on
approach, they will create brilliant
presentations and innovative
Subjects: Science, Math, Engineering

Did you know the number one fear
among adults is public speaking? We
can help your child conquer that fear!
The ability to competently speak in
front of others is an important skill
needed in the classroom, in the work
place, and in social arenas. Your student will learn to be more comfortable
in front of an audience, speak with
expression and clarity, and feel more
confident performing.

Chinese Sharpener

The focus of this class is to review and reinforce the

Chinese the students have learned in the past year.
They will take a quick entrance test to determine
their appropriate level. Their Chinese listening,
speaking, reading, and writing skills will be
strengthened and refined in this course to prepare
them to do well as they advance to the next level.

Math Olympiad (4th-8th Grade)

Students will be taught various problem solving

methods to help them tackle more advanced math
problems. They will be led through examples and
provided with practice problems which will allow
them to apply their newly learned skills. The class
promotes creative and critical thinking and taking
different approaches to solving similar problems so
that they may have the tools necessary to solve the
problems of tomorrow.

Games Around the World

Students will put on their thinking caps and explore

games from around the world such as Chinese chess,
Stratego, and other popular board games. Students
will be exposed to different cultures and strategies
that will broaden their perspectives and test their
analytical and critical thinking skills.