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Nikhil Mitra

Male, 23 Years, +91 - 9899326097

An online version of the resume can be found at

B.E. (Instrumentation & Control)
Class XII
Class X


School & Board/University

NSIT, University of Delhi
St. Xaviers Delhi (AISSCE CBSE Board)
St. Xaviers Delhi (CBSE Board)


Data Services, Delhivery Logistics (Delhi)
July 2014 - Present
Delhivery Logistics is a B2B logistics management startup. I joined the Data Science team and worked on multiple data
science problems, including heuristic last mile routing and intelligent automated invoicing system. After working for 3
months as an intern, I was offered full time employment in November 2014.
Software Developer Intern, Zomato (Delhi)
June 2013 - July 2013
Zomato is an online restaurant discovery guide providing information on home delivery, dining-out, cafs and nightlife. I
was part of the engineering team as a web developer. Developed a customized Application Tracking System and backend
tools for the management
Research Intern, Sunworkx Consultancy (IIT, Delhi)
June 2012 - July 2012
Sunworkx Consultancy is a startup being incubated at IIT Delhi. As pioneers of Network Monitoring solutions, they are often
contracted by Ministry of Defense. I worked in the research team as C & Python developer.
Research Intern, Scientific Analysis Group, Defense Research & Development Organization
June 2013 - July 2013
Scientific Analysis Group is a research lab under Ministry of Defense responsible for evolving new scientific methods for
design and analysis of communication systems. I was part of the research team studying high performance computing.
Responsible for handling the hybrid supercomputing division.

Relevant Courses: Machine Learning, Introduction to Data Science, Probabilistic Graphical Models, Data Structures,
Algorithms, Computer Graphics, Object Oriented Programming, Computer Networking, Numerical Analysis,
Programming languages: C, C++, Python, PHP, CUDA C, Java, JavaScript, VBScript.
Proficiency in working with web technologies & scripts such as MongoDB, MySQL, HTML, DHTML, CSS, jQuery, Drupal,
Joomla, WordPress etc.
Experience with various technical and creative software suites such as LabVIEW, MATLAB, Office Suite, Adobe Creative
Suite (Flex, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash, After Effects), 3DS Max, Cinema 4D etc.

Knowledge based prioritization of textual information sources.
October 2013 August 2014
(Bachelors Thesis Project)
Developed an artificial intelligence system which can be used to rank knowledge sources. The system can be used to
compare any two sources online on the basis of their content and its contextual relevance to what the user wishes to
read about.

Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, New Delhi

+91 - 9899326097

Development of a low cost quadcopter

November 2013 - August 2014
Created a quadcopter based on raspberry pi. The fundamental aim of the project was to create a low cost quadcopter
that could potentially be used for disaster management and reconnaissance operations. The project was funded by
Faculty of Technology, University of Delhi.
Security and Data Integrity in Delay Tolerant Opportunistic Networks.
June 2013 - December 2013
The project focused on investigating the issues of security & data integrity in Delay Tolerant Opportunistic Networks. We
developed and implemented a cryptosystem to be used for such a network and tested the algorithm on the ONE
network simulator.
Study of Supercomputing & Ad hoc Beowulf Clusters. (DRDO)
June 2011 - July 2011
The project involved analysing supercomputing clusters. We specifically focussed on performance comparison between
hybrid cluster systems and Beowulf systems with focus to cryptographic primitives.
IP Packet based classification (IIT Delhi)
Developed an IP packet classification engine based on Deep Packet Inspection technology.

June 2012 - July 2012

Adaptive Content Based Prioritization of Textual Information Sources
December 2014
Research Paper accepted at ICTACT Journal on Soft Computing : Special Issue on Distributed Intelligent Systems and
Applications. The research paper score 4 out of a possible 5 for quality and technical novelty.
Context Aware Recommendation System based on Adaptive prioritization of textual sources
June 2014
Thesis submitted as requirement for the degree of B.E. The thesis was very well accepted and was regarded as one of the
best the CS department has received from an undergraduate team.

Director, Debating Society of NSIT
August 2012 - July 2014
Founded the Debating Society of NSIT in 2012. From a fledgling group of 5 members, Debsoc NSIT today is one of the
most respected debating teams in Delhi. The society now boasts of over a 1000 members
Chairperson (Chapter Membership), ACM NSIT
Started the ACM NSIT Student chapter to foster a career in research.

August 2012 - July 2014

Director General, NSIT Model UN Conference 2013

December 2012 March 2013
NSIT MUN 2013 was one of the largest MUN conferences in the country. The conference simulated 4 committees and
saw a participation of over 200 students.
Technical Head & Creative Director at NSIT Literary Festival Colloquium
December 2012 March 2013
Colloquium was the maiden literary festival of NSIT. Spanning over 4 days, the event saw a footfall of over thousand

Delegate to Harvard National Model UN Conference 2012 (Boston, MA). Selected from over 300 applicants to a
delegation of 20. Represented Mexico in the ad-hoc crisis committee.
Served on the Executive Board at NSIT MUN 2012. Participant to over 13 Model UN conferences.
President of the school computer club Abacus for the academic year 2007-2008.
Winner in over 13 interschool competitions and participant to over 50 inter school competitions in the field of
programming, animation & robotics.

Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, New Delhi

+91 - 9899326097