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plug into the sun



✔ Executive Summary RANA FAHAD 08

✔ Introduction & Background KHURUM 04

✔ Marketing Research Proposal M. ZUBAIR 42

-Formulate Decision Problem & Decision Alternative


-Quantitative Research Report IRSHAD FATIMA 46

-Survey Method 2nd

-Questionnaires Department of Commerce

Bahaudin Zakriya University,

-Results Multan

-Survey Instruments SESSION:-2009-

-Marketing Environment & Segmentation

-SWOT Analysis
-Marketing Mix
-Branding strategies
-Some strategies to become success
✔ Conclusion
✔ Webliography/Bibliography
Executive Summary
This marketing research report comprises of various information which We
have been collected from primary as well secondary sources. We have
prepared this market research report on a solar charger which our company
is planning to introduce in the market very soon while preparing this report
we have been used many data collection method such as survey,
questionnaire, observation, interview. The aim behind this research was to
understand the customer segment (who all are the prospects for this
solar charger), customer behavior towards this charger (whether they
like this or ignore it), evaluating the mobile phone market in terms of its
yearly growth, unit sales, revenue, number of players exist in the market, &
their core competencies & product differentiation strategy.

With the help of this research our company would get some valuable
information, which we required at this pre launch stage so we can analyze
the information.

The Segmentation chapter covers the following: Products and Service

Segmentation, Major Market Segments, Industry Concentration and
Geographic Spread. The Products and Service Segmentation section details
the key products and/or services provided by this industry, highlighting the
most important where possible to demonstrate which have a more
significant influence over industry results as a whole. The Major Market
Segments section details the key client industries and/or groups as well as
giving an indication as to which of these are the most important to the
industry. The Industry Concentration section provides an indicator of how
much industry revenue is accounted for by the top four players. The
Geographic Spread section provides a guide to the regional share of industry
revenue/gross product.

There are some other topics such as weakness, opportunity, threats &
marketing mix some strategies which our company has to follow for
capturing the market are also given in this report

This Solar technology typically used in the aerospace, bicycle, alternative

energy and automotive industries. The design of a solar mobile charger is
severely limited by the energy input into the mobile (batteries and power
from the sun).

The new great investment to make is solar mobile phone chargers. With
their ability to eliminate the need of standard chargers and wall outlets,
along with preserving the environment, picking one of these devices up can
be of huge value and use.

The Solar-powered Charger is a new concept of the 21st Century. It utilizes

abundant natural energy and hence is environmentally friendly.
This is a portable solar charger. You can get your mobile phone, digital
camera, PDA, MP3 and MP4 charged up any time in the daytime. It is of
stylish design and convenient to use.

The portable solar charger has a built-in Li-battery, which can support your
mobile phone with hours of talk time depending on the capacity of built-in
battery and model of your mobile phone.

The simplicity of this product and incredible benefit, it provides for people in
charging a cell phone anywhere is priceless. Whether someone is stranded,
camping, or out of wall outlets, a solar cell phone charger can make all the

Until the past few years, the sun has been overlooked in the ability to
produce energy for devices and anything requiring electricity. However, with
the invention of solar panels and other solar devices, solar chargers have
joined the group also.

The process in which these solar phone chargers produce and transfer
energy is very simple. These devices absorb sunlight which makes energy,
which is transferred to cell phones and other compatible electronic devices.

For those requiring a cell phone charge at nighttime, there are storage units
available that can hold deposits of energy until they are needed.

Producing kilowatts through electricity costs money, and by eliminating

electricity usage, there is money to be saved. This is where solar cell phone
chargers come into the picture.

With the average charge of a Razr cell phone that requires two hours of
charging at 0.06 kilowatts per hour, the cost is very small. Unfortunately,
people tend to leave their chargers plugged into the outlet throughout the
day and night, sometimes never taking time to unplug the electricity
draining charger.

By utilizing solar cell phone chargers, the potential of wasting electricity and
money is eliminated because the standard chargers can be stored away.

Depending on the wattage of the solar cell phone charger, to fully charge a
cell phone can take anywhere from thirty minutes to three hours.
Marketing Research Proposal


Our product is a new in the market, first time in Multan it would be our
company which is planning to introduce solar charger. For this we
have to collect information related to several aspects. As we all know
that the first step in every marketing research is to define the problem
& for this we must be clear with our research objective for which we
are doing this project & objectives are given below.
1. To understand the consumer segment
2. To analyze the mobile phone market
3. To understand the market size for our product
Our research is based on this objective so We have kept all these
objectives in ours mind while collecting the data.

In decision alternatives all those source comes which helps us in
reaching to a right conclusion for a given particular problem.

Research objectives
The objective of this research study are given below
➢ To understand the consumer segment
➢ To analyze the mobile phone market
➢ To understand the market size for our product
➢ To forecast the future of our product

Information needed:-
In this research we require different type of information from the different
sources as we know that our product is the first product in its market so we
need to collect more specific information. The success & failure of any
product in its market does depend upon the information which the
researcher collects while preparing the research report.
Mobile phone market:- in the initial stages we should collect the
information from the appropriate market such as size of the market in terms
of rupees, number of mobiles per year sold, revenue generated per year.
Consumer segment:- consumer segment comprises the appropriate
customer for our product or we can say prospect. This is one of the
important objectives of our research because the information which we
collect about segment helps us in understanding & identifying our
Benefits of this research to our clients:-
Research is one of the ways to understand & evaluate the market by
collecting the primary & secondary information as we all know the some
where research helps to our client means they are the one who gets the
benefit from this type of research. When research is completed then
company gets valuable information about the product & this information can
be either positive influence or negative influence. Its up to company that
how it changes the negative influence by adding some more features to the
same product or fulfilling the gap which required after analyzing the market
& convert it into the positive influence.
Client is the one for whom company wants to provide the maximum
satisfaction always try to provide more than his/her perceived satisfaction &
research is the way through which company can understand the customer in
better way.

After conducting this research we have got the information which we

required here in this research project every questionnaire helped me lot in
solving & understanding one particular problem.

1. Qualititative research report:-

In marketing research qualitative research means an unstructured,

exploratory research methodology based on small samples that provide
insight & understanding of the problem setting. This whole research has
conducted by using this research technique.
METHODOLOGY:- in this research report there are many methods which I
have been used to collect the data such as primary data collection method
same as secondary data collection method & the last one the survey
method. Methods are nothing these are the way which helps us in collecting
the right information about the particular problem.

This research was conducted by collecting the information from the


TARGET POPULATION:- our target population was every person who is

using cell phone, because they are facing the problem of charging the cell
phone due to electricity shortage & we have collected the data from more
than 100 respondents .


• The users of cell phones are facing problem for charging their phones
due to high electricity shortage in Pakistan.
• They are willing to solve this problem because they are feeling very
difficulties to run their day to day operations because cell has become
necessity in today life.
• About 90% of the people surveyed said that they will accept the solar
charger because it has many advantages, e.g., time saving, low cost
and even save energy in it when no sunlight present.
• The price of the charger is also reasonable for the consumer and they
are willing to pay that price.


I have collected the data through questionnaire, experiment & simulation fro my
new product SOLIO and the results are given below.

Name: ………………………………………………………………………………..



Age:…………… Telephone

Occupation:………………………… Email

1. Are you using cell phone?

• Yes
• No

2. What is your purpose of using cell phone?

• For Entertainment
• For Business
• For Communication

3. While purchasing cell phone, which feature does you like most?

• Talk time
• Storage memory
4. What is the battery timing of your cell phone?

• 1 day
• 2 day
• 3 days

5. How many times you charge your cell phone?

• One time in a day

• After one day
• After two days

6. Do you feel problem while charging your cell phone during load shedding?

• Yes
• No

7. If yes, then do you want to solve this problem?

• Yes
• No

8. if a new technology is given to you, which can charge your cell phone,
even if there is no electricity, will you accept it?

• Yes
• No

9. What price you can pay for this technology?

• 1000 to 1500
• 1500 to 2000
• 2000 to 2500

Q# 1: Q# 2

According to survey, almost 100%

of the people, we surveyed, use cell phones.

According to our survey,

people use cell phones for the

Entertainment, business
& communication respectively

Q#3 Q#4

The main features preferred by users are Talk Time

& Storage Memory with a percentage of 59% & 41% respectively.

The battery timing of cell phone is usually

one day, two days or three days with
percentages of 39%, 36%, & 25% respectively.

Q#5 Q#6

About 44 % of people charge their cell phones one time a day,

About 37% after 0ne day, and the rest charge after two days.

About 71% of the people said that they feel

difficulty while
charging the cell phone if there is electricity

While rest 29 % feels

no problem.

Q#7 Q#8
The 98% of the persons, who feel problem,

want o solve this problem, while 2 % do not want to solve this.

About 89% asked that they will accept new

technology while the rest will not.


When the people were asked that how much they can pay for this new technology, the
following result appeared.

• 500-1000 8%
• 1000-1500 64%
• 1500-2000 15%
• 2000-2500 13%

We have concluded the following points after our research,

• The users of cell phones are facing problem for charging their phones
due to high electricity shortage in Pakistan.
• They are willing to solve this problem because they are feeling very
difficulties to run their day to day operations because cell has become
necessity in today life.
• About 90% of the people surveyed said that they will accept the solar
mobile charger because it has many advantages, e.g., time saving,
low cost and even save energy in it when no sunlight present.
• The price of the charger is also reasonable for the consumer and they
are willing to pay that price.
The idea is a innovation in the market and will have high growth rate
and will get high market share very soon.

Market research often refers to either primary or secondary research.
Secondary research involves a company using information compiled from
various sources, which is about a new or existing product. Primary market
research involves qualitative research (such as focus groups or one-on-one
interviews) and quantitative research (such as surveys) as well as field tests
or observations conducted for or tailored specifically to that product. Primary
research, which is also called field research or original research, is useful for
finding new information and getting customers' views on products.
The Marketing Environment
Marketing environment consists of the actors and forces outside marketing
that affect marketing management’s ability to build and maintain successful
relationships with target customers. The marketing environment offers both
opportunities and threats. The environment continues to change rapidly. The
marketing environment is made up of Micro-environment and Macro-

The Micro environment consists of the actors close to the company that
affect its ability to serve its customers. These actors are: the company,
suppliers, marketing intermediaries, customer markets, competitors and

The Macro environment consists of the larger societal forces that affect
the microenvironment. These forces are: demographic, economic, natural,
technological, political and cultural forces.

Micro environment

1. Customers
Customers are the king in the marketing. Every activity should be done in
order to satisfy customer needs and wants. Customers are the major
components of the micro environment of marketing. Customers include
consumer market, business market, reseller market, government market
and international market. Marketing management should formulate and
implement the plans and policies as per customer's needs and wants.

2. Suppliers
Suppliers are also one of the important components of micro environment of
marketing. They are an important link in the firm's overall customer value
delivery system. They provide the resources needed to the firm. The firm's
suppliers include raw material supplier, machine supplier, human resource
supplier, technology supplier, capital supplier etc. They play an important
role to get success in marketing. Marketing management must watch supply
availability their facilities and price trends.

3. Intermediaries
Marketing intermediaries are also a major components of the micro
environment of marketing. They help the firm to promote, sell and distribute
its goods and services to the customers. Resellers, physical distribution
firms, marketing services agencies, financial intermediaries, etc. are the
example of marketing intermediaries. Marketing management should take
care while choosing marketing intermediaries.

4. Competitors
A competitor is one who sells a product or service in the same market at
similar prices. They are also major components of micro environment of
marketing. This is the age of tuff competition. So marketing management
must carefully identify and analyze its currents and potential competitors. It
must try to do better than other competitors or to win over some of its
customers. It must gain strategic advantage by positioning their offering
strongly against competitors offering in the minds of consumers.

5. Publics
The micro environment of marketing also includes various publics. A public
may be any group of persons that has an actual or potential interest in or
impact on the firm's ability to achieve its objectives. Publics include financial
publics, government publics, local government, media publics, general
publics, citizen-action publics, internal publics, etc. Marketing management
should maintain the good relationship with them.
Macro environment

Macro environment
We will be targeting all segments of the people, by providing them all kinds
of services according to their need or wants. For example, the demographics
of our costumers are given below

Age – All age group
Gender – Male, Female
Income – All income groups
Occupation – Every sector
Religion – Irrespective of religion
World region – Asia
Country – Pakistan
Cities – Reach out maximum places
Social class – All class of people
Lifestyles – Urban, rural, and even far villages
Benefits – Quality
Loyalty status – Strong

The people are facing a shortage of electricity and it has become a crisis to
every citizen of Pakistan. This is evidence as the price of electricity is
increasing and the probability of the price of a barrel to increase at any day
is very high. Therefore, this product will help customers to save money
because it consumes no electricity. On the other hand, customers will be
able to satisfy with this kind of product because it is not too expensive and
everybody has the privilege to afford one. This product will satisfy the
superior value of all different customers since it has a very good design to
solve electricity shortage, less expensive, and can be affordable to anyone.


The fastest growing of information technology helps this product to be at its

best. Its design is basically provided with the help of information technology.
Looking at its design, this product benefits a lot from the technological
sectors. This proves that this product is favorable to the environment. Also,
this product can be modified or even upgraded to the standard where it will
be suitable at any environmental condition. The Information technology is
very effective in letting this product to be very efficient. In this case, it helps
customers to satisfy this kind of product in this technological environment.


It is believed that protecting the environment is a great concern. Therefore,

this product is purposely designed to be environmentally friendly. As a
result, most people in the Pakistan and elsewhere are willing to offer such
kind of product to save the environment. If more and more people are keen
to buy such kind of product then the environment would be safe at any cost.
Consequently, people will be more supportive to save what is best for the
communities and the environment.

• Meet an emergency
When you go outside or power out, you can also use your mobile phone with
solar energy.

• Easily portable
Modern design, stainless steel case, small size, convenient to take with

• Fits Mobile phone, digital camera, PDA, MP3 and MP4

Whenever and wherever you are, you can charge your mobile phone in
time, and you could talk on the phone when charging.

• High efficiency
Charging 60 minutes, the charger could transfer the energy from the
build in battery into your mobile phone battery, and could give you
100-150 minutes' talk time

• Environment friendly
It is not harmful for the environment.

• Also save energy when no sunlight available

These cells also save energy for charging cell phones at night time.

• Convenience to use

• Can be damaged to water
• Difficult to charge during winter season

• No competitor
• Can get high market share very soon
• Energy efficient
• Having built in battery which store energy
• Available in different colors


• Competitors can come easily

• Electricity problem can be solved in future & this will be the end
of our business
• In beginning we may earn low profit margin

A Marketing mix is the division of groups to make a particular product by
pricing, product, branding, place, and quality. Although some Day one
marketer have added other P's, such as personnel, packaging and physical
evidence, the fundamentals of marketing typically identifies the four P's of
the marketing mix as referring to:

"Marketing Mix" is set of correlated tools that work together to achieve

company's objectives, they are: product, price, promotion, place.

The set of controllable tactical marketing tools, product, price,place and

promotion - that the firm blends to produce the response it wants in the
target market:

Product - A tangible object or an intangible service that is mass

produced or manufactured on a large scale with a specific volume of
units. Intangible products are often service based like the tourism
industry & the hotel industry. Typical examples of a mass produced
tangible object are the motor car and the disposable razor. A less obvious
but ubiquitous mass produced service is a computer operating system.

Price – The price is the amount a customer pays for the product. It is
determined by a number of factors including market share, competition,
material costs, product identity and the customer's perceived value of the
product. The business may increase or decrease the price of product if
other stores have the same product.

Place – Place represents the location where a product can be purchased.

It is often referred to as the distribution channel. It can include any
physical store as well as virtual stores on the Internet.

Promotion – Promotion represents all of the communications that a

marketer may use in the marketplace. Promotion has four distinct
elements - advertising, public relations, word of mouth and point of sale.
A certain amount of crossover occurs when promotion uses the four
principal elements together, which is common in film promotion.
Advertising covers any communication that is paid for, from television
and cinema commercials, radio and Internet adverts through print media
and billboards. One of the most notable means of promotion today is the
Promotional Product, as in useful items distributed to targeted audiences
with no obligation attached. This category has grown each year for the
past decade while most other forms have suffered. It is the only form of
advertising that targets all five senses and has the recipient thanking the
giver. Public relations are where the communication is not directly paid
for and includes press releases, sponsorship deals, exhibitions,
conferences, seminars or trade fairs and events. Word of mouth is any
apparently informal communication about the product by ordinary
individuals, satisfied customers or people specifically engaged to create
word of mouth momentum. Sales staff often plays an important role in
word of mouth and Public Relations


What is a Product?

Product is anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition,

use, or consumption that might satisfy a want or need. Products include
more than just tangible goods. Broadly defined, products include physical
objects, services, events, persons, places, organizations, ideas or mixes of
these entities. Services are a form of product that consists of activities,
benefits or satisfactions offered for sale that are essentially intangible and do
not result in the ownership of anything.
Example: banking, hotel and airline.
Products, Services and Experiences:

Today, companies are creating and managing customer experiences with

their products.

Levels of Products and Services:

Product Planners need to think on three levels:

1. Core Benefit: This addresses the question “What the buyer is really
buying?”. At this level, marketers must define the core: problem-solving
benefits or services that consumer seeks.

2. Actual Product: At this level, the core benefits must be turned into
actual products. Product planners need to develop product and service
features, design, quality level, brand name and packaging.

3. Augmented Product: Finally at this level, the product planners must

bundle the products with services. They must build an augmented product
by offering additional consumer services and benefits.
Core Product is the problem solving services or benefits that why consumers
purchase the product. By applying this concept to SOLIO, you can state that
the core product is to get your cell phone or other electronic appliances
charged at any where, any time without the fear of electricity load shedding.
Actual product meaning the product’s parts, quality, features, design, brand
name and other attributes received. Now, if we use these things and
combine it with SOLIO we can state that the actual product is: SOLIO, as
the brand name, it matters little about the name people will recognize the
brand in an instance, and features such as the fact that the charger is of
best quality, has attractive packaging, beautiful design, easily portable, and
the main feature is it can store energy in it and this stored energy will
charge your cell phone when there will be no sunlight.
Augmented product is the additional consumer services and benefits built
around the core and actual product, as well as add value and differentiate
the product from its competition. The augmented product for SOLIO is
after-sale services such free delivery, free repairing, 6 months grantee.


Product attributes consist of several categories, such as Product quality,

Product features, Product style and design. For Solio product quality is the
performance quality, because it can give satisfaction to the consumer
because it charge the mobiles when no electricity available.. And as for
Product style we know that SOLIO offers many colors and many styles used
to attract attention from trendy consumers, and general consumers. For
Product design, the charger has very beautiful design; it is just like a mobile

The packaging of SOLIO is very attractive and safe. It has very beautiful
design. There is also a pouch in the box, which is for the solar charger, it will
make charger safer.
Branding strategy:
a brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or a combination of these
intended to identify the goods & services of one seller or group of sellers and
to differentiate them from competitors.

For our product,


Sign plug into the sun

Design Attractive
Color Available in many colors
Brand strategy Private brand strategy
Distribution of SOLIO
Distribution channel:
A distribution channel consists of set of people and firms involved in the
transfer of title to a product as a product moves from producer to ultimate
consumer or a business user. A channel of distribution always includes a
producer and a ultimate consumer for the product as well as any middleman
such as retailers and wholesalers.

Major channels of distribution

Many distribution channels exist today for consumer goods, business goods
and for services. Here we discuss about distribution channels of consumer

Distribution channels of consumer goods

• Producer to consumer
• Producer to retailer to consumer
• Producer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer
• Producer to agent to retailer consumer
• Producer to agent to wholesaler to retailer to consumer


This is also called direct marketing.
For direct marketing we will use the strategy of network marketing
and we will adopt the intensive distribution for our product.

The amount of money charged for a product or service, or the sum of the values
that consumers exchange for the benefits of having or using the product or service.

Pricing strategies

For our product SOLIO, we will use the market skimming pricing
strategy, because the product is new in the market and no competitor is
available in the market.
The price will be 1199,

Product’s cost model

Factory price 400
Transportation charges 50
Freight expense (DXB to KHI) 250
Carriage expense (KHI to MUX) 100
Custom duty 5% 20


Sale 1199
Less CGS 400
Custom duty 20
Net profit 379


Main role of promotion is to find out the potential or intended customers. Promotion has
three main objectives

• To inform
• Persuasion
• To remind

Promotion methods


Personal Selling largely takes place at the Dealers’ End. The way the
customer is attended depends mainly on the Dealer as he acts as an
interface between the company and the Consumer. The various cases in
which Personal Selling takes place is Individual Sales, Corporate Sales,
Sales Presentations, Fair and trade Shows. Mostly in case of Individual
Sales the Customer goes to the showroom and takes a look at the
product. There he is attended to by the Sales Personnel of the Dealership.
Sometimes the Senior Sales Executive has to make Sales Presentation to
Corporate Buyers. Personal Selling is also practiced at Trade Fairs and
Auto Shows wherein the Company appointed Sales Personnel attends
prospective customers and also book their orders.

• In the case of Direct Marketing the Company Officials directly contact
the Prospective buyers with the information available through various
sources. For example in case of Road Shows, Trade Fairs, Auto shows
etc. Sometimes the existing customers also provide references of
prospective buyers such as their friends or relatives.

• Media Strategy
*Dramatic and high impact launch
* High visibility
* Push brand image even by the media vehicle

• Building impact through multiple-media

* PR, Mass Media, Direct Marketing, Events

• Mass Media
‘While the media targets would be achieved through the right selection
of the media mix, the SOLIO, media posture was to ensure that
SOLIO was present on the decided media but ‘with a difference.’
SOLIO would use media innovations to create differentiation on the
traditional media and do things in a ‘bigger and better’ manner.

• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM as a tool was used to create positive word-of-mouth, to monitor
customer experiences and generate referrals. A series of CRM activities
were implemented with regular direct communication, events and
customer research. The CRM plan included a welcome Pack on filling
up Scorpio Club (Top Gear) form, satisfaction surveys, Events, Festive
offers, Rewards Program, etc.

We will promote our product by various mediums given below

Television advertisements
Advertisements to promote and market our product are shown on leading television channels.
Major music and sports channels promote and they reach out to the youth will be promoted
through GEO, PTV, ATV, ETC.

Radio is the medium with the widest coverage. Studies have recently shown high levels of
exposure to radio broadcasting both within urban and rural areas, whether or not listeners
actually own a set. Many people listen to other people's radios or hear them in public places. So
radio announcements are made and advertisements are announced on the radio about the product
features and price, qualities, etc.

Print Ads
Daily advertisements in leading newspapers and magazines are used to promote the product.
Leaflets at the initial stage are distributed at railway stations, malls, college areas and various
other locations.
Workshops and Seminars
Workshops and seminars are held in colleges and big corporate to make people aware about the
companies past performance and product features, its affordability and usage, vast distribution

Banners, neon signs

Hoardings, banners, neon signs are displayed at clubs, discs, outside theatres, highways and
shops to promote its brand car.
Booklets and pamphlets
Booklets are kept at mobile phone shops, electronics shops, etc for the customer to read. These
booklets provide information about its company; the products offered which suits the customers
need accordingly.

We made following conclusion on the basis of our research, i.e,

• Solio will be a block buster product in the market because there is no

such product available here before.
• Solar charger will flourish in the Pakistan very easily due to the
shortfall of electricity, which is very high in the warm season.
• The survey said that Pakistan is a exact market place for this charger,
because it is economical and also need of people.



• Marketing management by William j. Stanton

• Principles of marketing by Philip Kotler