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Leadership 8/31

Group Project
Some sort of presentation (helpful, thanks)
Literally explained how the rubric works (again, helpful thanks)
APA formatting (reference list) (image credits, parenthetical citing in slide)
Whatever we want on the topic?
No less than 10 minutes, no greater than 15
Week 9: Stang
The Management Process:
Pg 37
Recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and orienting sta
Also, scheduling, sta development (credentialing, CE, immunizations), employee socialization
(preceptor, mentor), and team building
Stang needs are unique to each institution and should be determined by looking at pt census, pt
health-care needs, the type of pt care management used, and budget. Pg 336
Pg 335-352
*This lady is queen of the humble-brag*
The Nursing Shortage:
Pg 337 What is the nursing employment bubble?
Many nurses who had planned to retire have put o their retirements; many nurses who were
working part time increased their employment to full time; and some nurses who had been out
of the profession for 5 years or more returned to the workforce.
All as a result of the recession.
Nursing sta are resources that are aected by supply and demand. Define supply and demand
regarding nursing.
Supply: Aging workforce with imminent retirements, inadequate nursing education enrollments
(not c/b shortage of applicants, c/b shortage of resources to educate interested students
Demand: Nursing will be the top occupation in terms of job growth through 2020. Driven by
technological advances in pt care and by increasing emphasis on preventative health care.
ALSO growing elderly population (BABY BOOMERS)
What is driving the current nursing shortage?
The economy. Hospitals dont want to spend the money to train new grads, so they dont.
Sta Development:
What is the dierence between training and education?
Training: Hands on
Education: Classroom
Not mutually exclusive
What is a mentor?
Provides guidance on the job once orientation is completed
What is a preceptor?
Performs your orientation and makes sure you have the skills you need to succeed as a nurse

Performs your orientation and makes sure you have the skills you need to succeed as a nurse
What is your role as a leader in these?
Preceptor: Make sure that the technique is there and the skills are there
Leader: Giving the new hire the tools they need to succeed at the facility. Encourage, support,
be compassionate. Pass you knowledge and expertise on to the new nurses. No eating your
Centralized stang:
Schedules made by the stang oce
Manager has the responsibility to make changes
More fair - preferential tx, sad stories about why you need your schedule a certain way
Not seen as much anymore, but it is easier
More even spread of skill on each shift
Decentralized stang:
Unit manager makes schedules
Sta feels more in control
Dicult to ensure high-quality stang
More commonly used now
More priority and bias is seen
Seniority vs PRN
Harder on the unit manager bc the sta will complain to them if they dont like the schedule
Pg 390
Maslow - Pg 416
Physiological Needs
Salary, quality benefits
Food, water, sleep
Labor laws about hours allowed to work in 24 hours
Safe work enviro (not dangerous, or hostile)
Love and belonging
Appreciated and valued.
Part of a team
Coworkers are friends
Honoring people for doing a good job
Recognition (esp night shift)
Career development
Think about this in relation to managing you employees
Ppl want things out of their job besides money
Pg 339
Interview problems:
Look like nurse they dont like
Do one thing wrong and then they hold on to it no matter how good the interview went
As an interviewer, you have to forget your bias
Interviewers weigh negative information higher than positive info
Interviewers do a lot of talking

Interviewers do a lot of talking

Job seeker cannot demonstrate skills
How can you prepare?
Leave o the part of the resume that says my objective is
Cover letter! - Gets the recruiter to look at your resume
Resume gets you the interview
Computer programs are the first reviewers of your information, not humans
Scanning for keywords
Have a generic cover letter and resume
Read the job description of the position you want, and put keywords from it into your cover
letter (so the computer sees it). EXACT SAME WORDS IN EXACT SAME ORDER
Copy keywords from job description into resume
Copy body of job description into the end of your resume and put it into WHITE text so that a
human does not see it when they print it, but the computer program recognizes the exact
qualifications that they want
How to Prepare for a Job Interview:
Practice articulating a brief introduction about yourself. You will always be asked to tell us about
Not you hobbies and interests and secret basement dungeon full of monkeys
Answer every question with this in mind: What can I do for them?
Not how its going to aect you, but how you can aect the organization
That you will be there in years (even if its a lie)
Know your professional goals. Look professional. Speak as academically and professionally as
Come prepared with many questions for the m about their organization, their mgmt style,
expectations, and your duties.
Take notes during the interview about buzz words they use and points they reiterate to bring
Stalk the persons personal accomplishments and link it back to them
NOT about money or benefits
Look at what the facility has as programs and ask about them
Some Good Tips:
Be genuine, and be nice to everyone. Pretend that the secretary is the president of the company.
Be extremely polite. Thank everyone for everything.
Know something about the organization that they will not expect you to know.
Know the answer to the questions: Why should we hire you? and What can you do for this
Give them a sense of what kind of person you will be to work with on a day to day basis
Use a power pose
Something that psychs you up for the interview
DO NOT do this during the interview, you will look like a fruit cake
What Not To Do:
Do not get to comfortable
Do not display too much personal style
Dont be a wise guy
Dont be crass
Do not decline to ask any questions (or to answer any questions)
Transportation, pregnancy, family (ALL ILLEGAL QUESTIONS)
Redirect, answer shortly
Do not ask about salary, vacation, or any benefits. HR will fill you in.

Do not ask about salary, vacation, or any benefits. HR will fill you in.
Do not underestimate the power of a thank you card
Wait until after you are hired to tell them you need a vacation next week
Dont cross your arms, touch your face, hair, or neck, or put your hands in your pockets