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Tournament Rules

1. State and Lake Laws Apply

2. A one time $40.00 Membership Due is required before any tournament may
be fished.
3. Five (5) fish limit.
4. 12 Minimum for Spotted Bass.; 16 Minimum for Largemouth
5. No Trolling during tournament hours.
6. No Live Bait (Only artificial lures are permitted).
7. No Fishing of Pre-Baited Holes or Holding of Holes at anytime.
8. Anglers Must Remain at least 50 yards from other competing anglers marked
with a ribbon.
9. Dead fish can not be weighed in as Big Fish.
10. No culling inside buoys. at boat ramp.
11. Only one dead fish allowed per team per tournament. Short fish will be
culled along with the biggest fish.
12. Late Penalty will be 1 pound per minute, 15 minutes late will result in
13. All contestants win or lose will be subject to a polygraph test.
14. Live-well checks will be administered prior to all tournaments.
15. Standings will be based upon point system, 100 for first 98 for second 97 for
third. Big Fish will receive a 2 point bonus.
16. Zero weights will receive half of the last place points.
17. If an anglers partner can not fish, he must fish alone.
18. There are no substitutions, unless one team member suffers a serious injury
or illness. In those special circumstances the remaining team member can
request a substitution from the tournament committee and at their approval
may be allowed to fish with a new partner without losing their annual points
19. This is a buddy trail meaning each team MUST consist of two (2) anglers.
20. Anglers are allowed to fish three (3) tournaments solo including the Classic.
After an angler has fished 3 tournaments solo he must fish the remainder with
a partner, otherwise he will not be allowed to participate until a partner is
21. The top 30% of the final point standings will qualify for the Classic.
22. There will be one drop at the end of the year of the lowest points received.
23. Anglers who fish all 11 tournaments will qualify for the Classic automatically.
24. Anglers must stay in boat at all times unless of dire emergency.
25. Tournament times and dates may be rescheduled or changed under certain
circumstances such as inclement weather or conflicting dates.
26. Protest to any tournament must be received in writing no later than 15
minutes after the scales close and will be resolved by tournament committee.
All decisions made by committee will be final.
27. All ties will be settled by Big Fish. All point standings ties will be settled by
most tournament wins or highest place finishes.
28. Failure to abide by any rule mentioned above will result in disqualification.
All decisions made by committee are final.
Tournament Committee are as follows: Jeff Colburn, Brian Butler, Shane Wallace,
Tommy Bonner, Jeff Carpenter