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Vertical 10. Vehicle that can move on sea and land 11. Hardest metal 12. Robot that looks and acts like human 3. Metal in form of liquid 13. Fever brought by Aedes mosquitoes 14. Colour of stars that is the coolest in universe 15. Chemical symbol of sodium 16. Iron element in Latin name is 17. A wide body of water created where a river meets the sea 2. Synonym of 'international' 11. Country that is most technologically advanced

Horizontal 1. Man who studies about weather 2. 10th planet of solar system 3. Kinetic energy is energy of 4. Unlike other fish, sharks have no 5. In zodiac, capricorn is a symbol of 6. Drug that used to reduce pain 7. Science that deals with the universe beyond the Earth 8. Scientific term for mammals that lay eggs 9. Coal, petroleum and natural gas are called______fuels

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