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Almost in every mall and shopping centers we will see automatic doors.

The door
will open when you approach and close when you've been through it. Automatic
door appears as a simple ordinary door but actually not as simple as the
automatic door look. Automatic door is a series of complex machines consisting
of many parts such as sensors and motor drive systems that work in harmony so
that the door can automatically open and close safely. Here's How It Works
Automatic Door.
Automatic doors can work to open and close automatically by using sensor
technology. The sensor is a device that can detect the presence of a person or
other object when the object is approaching or automatic doors. Typically, these
sensors will be placed around the automatic doors. These sensors will also be
placed on both sides of the inside and the outside of the automatic doors,
automatic doors that can work from both sides. The sensor will then activate the
system which will move the motor that opens and closes the door automatically.
Types of Sensors in Automatic Door and How It Works
1. Sensors Optical
This sensor will radiate infra-red curtain in the form of light that is not visible to
the eye on a certain range of distance. This sensor will react if someone or
something is blocking the infrared light emitted. If someone enters an area that
is irradiated with light, the light beam will be interrupted and incomplete. This
command causes the program to close the door interrupted. Disruption of the
program to close the door will cause the door will automatically open. If the
object has moved away from the range distance sensors and light sensors back
in one piece, then the door will automatically close again.
2. Sensors Movement
This sensor will emit microwave radar. Almost the same as the optical sensor, if
someone or something is within range of the radar sensor will react to open
automatic doors.
3. Sensor Hot Body
When someone is in front of the sensor body heat, body heat sensor will then
calculate the wavelength produced by the human body. When a person is at rest,
then the wavelengths that produced a constant wavelength and causes the
thermal energy produced is similar to the conditions described in the surrounding
environment. When the person doing the movement, then the wavelength
generated in the form of varying wavelengths to produce heat that is different
from the conditions in the surrounding environment. The heat generated will be
detected by the sensor and the reaction continued to open automatic doors.
4. Sensors Pressure
This sensor is usually placed under the mat that was in front of the door. This
sensor will react to objects that are heavy pressure on it. And if the sensor has
received a minimum weight limit is necessary to open the door, then the door
will open automatically.