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"But tJu:re were false prop.1.ds also among tJze people, even as there slwll be
f o.Zs(~. te. ac! amon.f/.you wJw prit.:ill}
slzall bring in damnable l1eresies, E P'li'N
IJE/{J'f}((} THE J;,()RD tlwt bou[Jld
tliem, and bring llJJOn. tJ1emseZves swl/t

deslruction." -2 Peter 2:!.


ll -._1:._his tract is FR.EE. Send

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t:an make use of.


E.. B. 1HLAR1tT~



U. S. A.

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" H old. t-''.

that 1

fas t which thou hast,

' :~thy crown. " REV.

.. :-ea;

in. l !}:

es, whu
: t h is

tain men crept

re before of old
em'nation: un.e grace of God
.. 'ld d rnpfug tlw

.l nw L ord J e.-;us

.. 3$

'fhree of the B!aphemie.s of

"MBlenniaJ Dawn."
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The writer of tlJe following pages does not undertake to point out the numerous e1Tori;; in the
teaching'-l of ''JHiHmrnial Dawn" by Mr. C. '11 RusSf)1J, edito.r of :;.zr.r, :u; l-T:dcht1)1_~~eF," Gnd authol' of
the hook entitled. "TI!]<} D!vn:;;; Pr.Ax OF TnE
Acms." This, ot.hers have clone, and. we can tlmnk
(fod for the many faithful warnings t.lw~t lmYe
been taiserl agairrnt. these wicked teachillg"S. vYe
v;i.ll mmely sec;k to bring beforn the reader three
points in their shocking and blasrl10mons teach ings in tho hope that it may be the :n1e2,ns of p10serving some from becoming ent~mgled :in the fa
tal sna.r0, and prr:pa.ring the Lord';o dea.r people to
;vit.lJ~;tand tile evil, sl1ould they con1e in co1~tact
with it . Agents are going around the conntiy
selling their books, a,ml you rrnty have one at yom
door any day. I . .~,-ouk1 beg of JtOn 111y dt1~~,l' rt~ad
er ~ to haYe nothing '.Vhatever tt) do \y;_t.h these evil
toa.~~hings for the~r a.Te rn_b1011s to tbe s:.Jn1~ being r~
vile attack of. fJatan to ;.-ob ns of the true Uu:ist of
The first t hiag we would d.raYv yoni- attent.ion to
ifi, th~it this s ubo:)l of infidelity teaciles, that our
bic;ssed Lord J'esus \t;:;,~.:; ,1ot r.d1 ;r ya d/tiN .~, that He
"\Vi:..l.iS a c_11 1 ~_1tN/ being of tlH' hisJJ_est
ord~~-r, and
t~1erefore ;vas not al \V'Eys God . . __,
How plain it is to tue prayerful, Christhm reltd1

-----~- --- -


- ----

e1.. of 11oly ~:;c-~-rlptu:to, t l-:at iu t:1e fnuT Gospels there

iB to be s~;en the fnlnosg of t11~ G-nc'..head iu t h.a.t
ineek a:nrl l oi.--:.~ly OnfJ, t~_1e :.1an. () Jcs1~s . I! is
every a.c~ dc2l.~-t~~cs t!1nt II e is ChKl a.n::.:1 ::::i:.tin ii~ one
p~-n--rjOJl .
:tle cuu.1d \~- eer) ~tt tl1e gra;7e of Laz:ai~u.s :
that tellf'. ns Ho l~rs..s a man. 1-fe ~onld call brtick to
lifo thv body of I iazarus, \Vhen 'vas alread.3T th.ere; ~tnd in this vte seo tha.. .~ l-f o ~-"Va8 God.
(.Jno. II. ) He guve flight to mm \vho was hmn
blind : He iorg;ave sins; V\?l\.cu a..:~ ked jf I-Ie tvas
the Son of the Blesst~d, Fie s~i-id ~l.O 1~vtu3 . In nll R1s
"\Vorks a1ul ~,.yg.yb, frorn tih.e :n1a.uger to the cross,
He proved_ that He was " God manii'e;,;t; h.1 the flesh."
~!;hough born in Bothlehen1, i re 2te1na11.f PxisteU
f.:.s the .'.:;-'o n. ,~/ {:Jt.::ul. _H o .~~~:tt":; ., i::;_~lc8~1~ boi"n into t:.1:l.~
'\vc;rld 1 \Yas "~r:1ade :ff.esll~ ~ bec..rin10 n , i:::1 o :r der
t.l1at .Ho :niigl1t die, a :1ci tbns a~-:01~1pUsh rerlon1p ~
tinn, an.d. bring to us eterntil Ef8 ~ but nevei~ for
one 1110:-r..ne11t dill J ~ e eeaBe to ~oe GoCL "\?'{ o \v-ou.i c.1
not < atte~:np~ to explain t.;!_1.~ E:tystery CJif '~{~od
1 gnife1:;t 111 the flesh," but. 1,\':".it.h r:.do_-;j ng l1en.rh:;
;vould ~::-~ n.isf~ .!J.i::r1 fc~r fih(-:=: l <YVB nnd g.t~:~~e t])at lotl
1Iitn t o J.IH~ka [}_111sclt' ~ ' ()f :no r eputa.tio:n, " t:ke
i ~the foI"l:::l o f a. f'l<-:?rvn;nt. ~ ' a.nd ~ ~t.h~-~ likeness of
l11en\ ~ , lnrcnb1.o liin1self t,o ~ "th.o c10ath of the cross.\~
( P'i~jl. 2: 7,~) i11 orc1e1 that all v1l10 be.l ievo ir1 l{in1
n.s t hPir Sa-v iou r lnight share ;vit..h i~irn. I~is eternal jDyR.
In Col. I: 1.G v;re are told that t11J Cn1e through
\\Tbose blood \~e havo I'{;de1npt.i on, a nd the fo1~give
:ues~ of ~;ins.1 J.s tho ()ne by "1,; rho:1n rt.U tlt-::uas -11~e; e

-in Aeo t: (' ; ;.. ohd ?~n 1:c:rtl~, and vorRO 17 says,
IH~f(_;rc all 1 .~:-it:.~;s , anc1 by 1Jin1 nll ;/I/nus eonsis1_.." 80 thr,t th.) Ch:cist of Col. I i1> tl10 God of
Gouesis I. VVhat V"leighty Vlords a.rG t11ene in Col.
I:rn. " I<'or it plew::ed the Father that in Him
(Ch1~ist) should all .(ii./1u:sR dPJt'.!l. "
P__._nd in vtnse 9
o:f c11s.ptel" 2 ~79 1u:.,"""-e t.l1at ~vhich ohouki silence
every opposing voic-B} ~~/in -lu I/in;/ ( t7',.,.-isl) du:ellc:th
all {/u, ,/u/ness r~( t/,r (JfJrl!u~ad /iod{lp. '; 1-'l1iEt is strcu:g
language~ a.nd sad ':~ill be the doom of hin1 't,v ho
tiITns nvt &.y fro::11_ i:C.
'l'.he first few verser3 of the first cha.pte'~ of th<,
Gospel of .T olin dearly unfold thB trnt-11 of' t h e absoh1to J)oity o-f ou1~ Lord. K ot+:iee hov;r i t ro ~tdf!:
"/,, the begirrning 1oas the 'Nmd, aml the \:Vor<l
.,,,{rs \Vith (}od , u.nd t!u: H~ord 1.1 .~a.r.; (Jod. ' 1 It is not

;He is

fro:n tho hog-inning, but in tho beginning, He did

not beg-in to be. Ee was Ood. vVhen the fast
thin.g thtLt eve1 began to be, did begin. He -,vas
there; the (./rt~ft i or. TlliB is t.118 ()ne oi "i"V1:10111 ,ye
road ill V CJ_'Ge 1-i, ~ t/u--:. l~(; rd ber:r n:-r{: jZ..::,/:~ r,. ,; d d t ~~,)f
1tuun~rt u8 . :i
V\7'ha.t Cl :n~yst.or:t, ~' (ind ;:nanif:..:;st in
tho flesh !" \Yell j.nay our l.1eaTfa~ go ou~:.: i"n ~tJl'a.ise
arid 1~Forsl1ip to I-iii~:t for t:;uch love arr:J g:r~:.ce .
This san::_-3 trut:i is 1n_ongl1t ont by tie [;~pi:~~it of
God "\??it.irrg ihr0:.lgll t htj a i)ostle Pa~:~ in 1 'I1i1n. B:
~~1~nd -~-,, ,-~cntI'OYCi'Sy . g:;.~eat iB 0~~1e myster y of godliness : (/od u: ,1 s: 1no 1u/<-;=f ~Jt ( 1i. c ,fc;; f1, jnstifie:l in tbe Spirit , ~:'.: _i~ ~f unfJ<h:," etc. Ii }) OGr f&ll~
en, under tb.e or.:c:.ding i:uiiUf;Il~D or SrJ;an~
, .fa s n11able tc see ({od in t har won1.1:rous ~I:-:1n

Christ Jesus, ,.,,1:;d1; r:rm ld." Then wbd, dear reader, are we to think of those who tell us that our
blessed Lord was :uot alwr.ys God~ \ Ve (lo not h esi
tate to say tliut sueh t.eacbilig comes from hiru
who "is a liar , and t he father of it." See Jolm 8:44:.
Could tho Lord .Jesus uso snch laJ:iguago as tho
following, if 1Je were not God? ''Before Abraham
v.-as, I .JJ [. " .JG1rn. 8 :f>8. FTom t h e rev.ding of I::Xo<lns 3:13 it ]s t-0 be seen that this is one of His nn,meei. :Nloses th!lre sa.ys, '"l'hey shall. say to me,
What is his name 1 what shall I SfW unto them~,
r,nd tbs answer waB, ''I A..i!f ti'w.t 1 AJ!f: and He said,
thus shalt thou say u n to the children of Israel, I
.~ L:l! 'hatih Si:)11t rne unto you." 'l'hiH 1v-1.111e t.11e bless ed I,ord. claims to be His i.n tlH~ 1:J.igl:th of J ohn.
''The ,Tews ~mc1ght the m01e to :.CEl Him,
Ho not only ha.d broken t;hc 89 bbai.i1, bnt said also t.hat GO(l ..\vas iliD Father~ ni-~J: [t1fJ /i;iu ...,e.(f equr{/,
1';/tlt, (Jn<!." John i>:18. I n ch~ptEn 10 -;7e a!e told
t hat the J ews took np stmies i:o sto!le Him, an<l
''answered Him, saying, rm:' a good wo:'"k we stone
T.hee not; but for blasr>hc;:ny; amJ.<;i that
'I'hou, boin.g a rn:-i.n , nulkns~ tli;:p~-!(/ (}. j(.l. i: See verse
In Jo]Jll !:18 we h ave t'ie w;w<l.s, "i!w 0;1ly B<:[!ol. f,,;; 8fJn wbch is in the 'bosom of t h e _Father, !!1~
/u(ih dr:cfo.,"d .if/in." vVhon s1~i"lptnre speakr; of
Him as "'J.'li~ First B J:'.fotten" it is the place He .hns
taken in t ime as Ll'ead or Chief, ''Th.,,, 0 11.7.IJ !Jcr11t11: n" is what He evor w-rts,
"First. Begotten." of
Heb. I :6, and "Fim t born" or Col. I :lfi ; t,he


of the Blasphemies of llillennla.1 Dawn

,;al:ne word in the original, a.nd ccmstituto a title

'Yhieh 18 given Him, when, as born. into the world,
B.e takes His place as Read of the creaticm vvhich
His own hands had made. Ifo is the '':First born
of the vd10le crcittion." This pbce begins /11 t;'.mP.
But the title, " Only Begotten" refers t o 1diat Ee
id in the J~at.J1er'B boson:1 i1l, r~fr' i'JTit/{ . This is of t:i10
Jeepest impoi.tance. The Only begotten Son tiub:-;ists in tho Father's bosom, fills Hiat bosom from
eternity to eternity. :'Jo other has this unique relationship with the Fa.tJwr. Through t.h e 111ighty
rcd.omption of the cross m any sons vvil1 be brought
t.o glmy, hut the eternal Son uim1c is tllc "Only
beg~otten" in t.b.e Fath.~;r~s basGrrt.
. ~nd
I:Ie it is
who h:-tt:> dedarecl the FatliAr. No ot!ller could.
./ind it is as tJ10 gift. of tho }father's love that Hs
lhts done Bo. ~ i} i or God s o J.ov-ed tho v~'orld that
He gave HifJ only begotten Sou, that whosoever
b'~licvcth in Him. sho'.1ld not pmfah, hut have O\Trla.sti1ig life.'' Jub11 B:15. Bler1sed rovelatioa ! Bat
this ""le1se 1,yl'1ieh ha.s been the inea.ns of
bringing peaee antl joy tr> cnu.utless 1n1J.ltitud0~ is
~..;.c>tn:)le-tr::)ly nullified b~f thiH .:vretc hed bystern of
Millmmial Dawnism: for, if it be true tk1t Christ
\Vas onJ.y a create{!_ b (~ihg, t.110::.1 ()od f. r! t l Jto $'fJn to
t//l;r:; and t he ]J[ and IIis ineffa-b1E.~ lov2-re1nain
still unrevealed. .;.\~; .-;nc te c n~e- hue , lt.ntu.:c:T gn:ut ~n

,r/frJ;~:o n."3; coidd


(.~<_.Jrf .

'"[lre .J?n-itr~ co uld Jl(){


Only ()ne "\V~c.;.or~e pe~~so:n.9.1 glor,;T fr>

co1nr.ne11Barate "'.:vit:h the Fatl1er 1s gJory could reveal
the 'B'athe1 in tho infinitwle of Eis love and gra,ce.

c7u1e du;

ia.Jli; /fr~ .

r.rh~,nk God I-:Ie who d,--:.reUs in tlv~ Fatl?~er's b oson1

hfl.s t~o ne so.
I n proof of l~~B t <e_ing ete111aHy the So:n of Go~l
tak e note of the fo11.ov.Tin g SClQi:-;tnr.2s. ''In tl1.iH lvas
t:nani~egte d tl12 }o-.:.- e c f ()od. tc.-;::-a:rCt us! becan.E1e
that {1-od sent } f/s 0:1.lJI :'?<Y/flffr; ~. /::0:1. into the '-vorld
that \VO :t.nig'ht live t}:irongh IIin1. I John 4: :9. ~ 'God
sen t 21ot I ft.:; }~ <.;n into the ' Yor ld to ca~de1n11 tb.e
T"{OT1(1:', etc. John 3:17. 'E-Ie t.hat. 8pared not I-ll"s
Oien Son, but delivered Him up foy lHJ all," Ertc.
F~om. 8 :32. ~'The ()u!v ]Jegcdf(n l{un, \Vhich is in the
boso:n1 of the F[ fl'-; lurth dcclu,c{.'d If/,rn. '' John


Fro1n the scrip)cures "\Ve b e.e n conEdG1criug ~-

ancl ma.JJ.Y others bring out tlte sa.1ne line of ti~uth
-how plain it is to bo i:;een that ~he Om) who

v;alk:nd this Bart h. aBthe despjsed n..n drejectcd ~1Ia.n

Chri~Jt ,J esus, is tl1e sel~:sa n1e ( >!12 ~--.- l_: D ~ncugb t
worlds intc bei~g. \~rlle foi) (~:.ei:J :'..-ie.:1 ; \of~-~:;- ~~ drL:=:t
of tl1e gr.orn1c1~ '~ Yvl10 (TK/; e \\'ith _4~c1.'.:!..J..D, T'i i':ited
Abra.lutn1, r efl en1ed .:E:T:s :r::.1ind. to I~Ios'3s, v/'"~lkod
'vith the thIee fi\:fr;:~c-Y\"t c'"l::~i1/1i~ea tl1roagh t~1e rnidst
of tlle burning fiery fnrn a.l ~G, sCo.pped tL:.e lions ~
n1011t}1s that th-ey s Jioti:d. not hn.rt. I-Iif; sei~vant
IJr..niol, etc. N othing ca:n 1Je to one \ vh ose
mind is foru1eJ by holy 8eript;n:te, th:n~. that the
Jesus Christ of the i~tn:--_, '11estarrLent is tho God of
v~'."hom i.v e l'"Oa.(l fro1n :firs~~ to lns t in. the <)ld-''(}od
manifest i11 t he E:let~lL i' V-lo n eed !..1ot be s urprised if
've fintl the evil one ::)Jt.::1.cki11g tl.d.G truth tc the
bitt.e r end., using eleve:~ rn en fl..S his inst.i:-:u.Etents,

but for tl1ose "WllO knovv f~nd lov e .the J~ ~ffd hov; the thought tluit our Saviour is th e
mig}H;y Goll.
The cseco11d roint \VG Yfould briefly eonsid2r in

connection with 'bl1is school of :false ter:ching, is,

that Hiey wouM have us hdic:ve t hat OTI!' blessed
I.~ord ~I osus is no longer a. J[r."t-N.1 but tlla:t at His
resu:rrcctio11 Eis body l'evaporated in_to gasos, ,, or
''is preserved by (}od as a 111{~n1orin1' , in so111e sech1cled part of u.nirerse . V-le are not a.t 2. loss
t.o fhul m~:cipt1n:~e to prove tho falla[~y of snch teHcl1ing. In the last chapter of Luke Y{hen H e appeared in the n1idst of H is discip]es H o r;l10'\v0d th01n
I-Iis 11n.n{1s a.nil I"iis .: c.e t be~sth~g tllo =~1a:z-k:~ of the
nail~; ..He~u.~ : ~j.n O\\VI.i. \V.O~("d s.
' ~B ehoid i.n:t ha~ads
.an d iny fcet;1 J1hut t't ,:..,. 1 _JI;r;st_~.~/': hd.11d1e u10 1 a nd
see; }{1 r e . :,-r, ~>r i"t lud li. 1ud ./ {r:slt cuul l)o !u:s os ~F~ .-; ~- -~: nu.'

/u_,, ue. J,,_nd He


ea..t l;.efo1'9

t1H~lll. n Th~~



stl)Od before t.h~:} a.s tonished di1:,elplos ~LE t3.HJY \vore

' ~ g:1zi:ng TI}) in t o lleni'te.n, ~' a.s r00nrded i11 t:10 firHt
cl1a.pter of !rhe l~c b1, sr-dd:
~ - -~l(~ rueu of: f:h{lile-e,
-~vhy tJand y-n 6'f:~L:ing 11}) tnto hor~.verr?
rrr_._i~; s a :n1e
~J eg nst . -v-vl1ic.h is t !;,ken up frrn11 you into l:_eaY--en,
gha.1-1. SO coa:e /;~ (/; ~'. {_' rno;u1{.T f!.-3 j?G ha.VO SOeil l:Li1n
go into 1leav,:::ll. ~: CE:.n any orre re-.::-~{i._ t.:10 ii1-1Jt chapte:r of ~L.,he 1\.cts \\yiU~'-<.rnt aihn_itt ing tl1at the blesse.d
Lo:rd \VaE a. i~e~;J ~'-I . 1i afte1~ if? :~~,su~":r ection ~ '~He
sho\-\red l-_fi!:nse1f alive , ~ ~ gav~:' "~ 1nany infallible
proofs, ~-, 5poke to theT!l '~or th~~ things pertaining
to the kingdcna of Ctod, ~' n,sse1u-b led -[Qgether vvith
the:rn ~ " ~co:u11nanded t.l1 on1~ ~:

ansv,. .eracl their quest-

ions. a!J.Cl lns~ of all <H e \\~a s tr.ken up i a11d a

eh)ud rE::c:eiYecl J-Jb.11 ont nf their s ight."
Follo-vving }!i1n still fur tl1er \;-e find I-Jim a, .Jltu1
in the glory. w h en His faithfnl sernmt S tephen,
a man "full of t1w lfol.y Ghost," was looking "np
steadfastly into heaven," as the stones ,,e,~e falling thick fast a roun.d him, he sa 1v J e &ns standing there, and said, "Behold I see the heavens
opene d, and !he ,':;'1111 '!f Jirm standing on tl1e right
hand of God." .Acts 7 :36.
Paul in writing his epistlr~ to 'rimothy says,
"There is onB God. and one mediator between God
and men. the .3f11;i Christ .resus." 1 Tim. 2 :5.

Matthew, referring to a day thrit. is yet to come,

says, ' ':For as the lightning eorneth our of the east,
and f;hineth even unto the -..ves t: so shall alrm the
COllling Of ;1/;1_ /{uu tJ,_(" .}fu-n bB. ' ~ ('}~ H.'1Jter 24 :27. .t-\..nd
in r:hapter 2:.I :31 \Ve io~-td~ d\l:he:n the ,.,_~\;n (,: f ~ :./,t i l

;,,hall come in His glory." etc.

lvia.rk, a.nother i11~pired v~- )_itt.:::i~ , sp:3uldng of tho
~a1nc time, t~.a.ys, ' :rrhe~.l sJ:1.a1l t11ey BGC t /.-_,, ;.~{ n - (.:f
Jl>u i.- coining in the clouds, \-~;rifl1 g1..e~tt lXJ'i.\.,..Or a11d
glo1y. ': Clut-r)ter lB :20.
Ll1k0 writes: " Then shall they f<Ofl t/1e
Jirnr coming in a duud with -power ancl great gfory. " Chaptt)r 21 :27.
Scriptures could be multiplied to i)rove that our
blegsed J....1ord J osns iB a .J!un on t11e t!u:one of (}od
trnlay, but the foregoing il:i enough to s!1ow, to
any 'vl'lo "\villi:ng to a{xx~pt the '~01~d o:f {j-od,

wJmt Fe has rsvealecl on this subject.


of the Ulasphemies of Millennial Dawn


These false teachers tell us that our Lord's ''human nature had to be consecrated to death before
He could receive even the pledge of the divine nature," and that not until He had actually sacrificed the human nature, even unto death, did our
Lord Jesus become partaker of the divine nature,
and that since His resurrection He is vvhat He
never was before that is, "a god," and only in that
sense will they acknowledge Him as divine.
Then, according to this wic;.:ed system of teaching, there are three distinct and separate beings,
first this ''created being of the highest order,"
then the man Jesus Christ, and. last of all, when
this man had rlied, and forever ceased. to be, they
tell us of "a, god;" and this is the one they present
to us in the stead of the true Christ of God. Dear
reader, can you afford to let go the Christ our God
has given us, aud who has told out His love for us
in dying on Calvary's cross for our eternal redemption, for the one this wretched system presents1 Never, no, never.
. Onr third point is in connection with the Holy
Spirit. .And here J\iillennial Dawnism. is M false
as on these other points which we have been considering. Eut we need not wonder, for the entire
system is Satanic, and an effort to rob us of the
truth of the Godhead. They tell us that the Holy
Spirit is not a divine person. Let us see how scripture speaks of Him. In R.omans 8 He is spoken of
as making intercession for us with groanings
which cannot be uttered. We also have the


ThrPP or thA maspl1emies of MillenniHI Dawn

woids, '"The mincl of the Spirit," in the same

ehapter. In Rev. 22:17 we l1ave the words, "'I'he
Spirit and the bride say come." In Eph. 4: 30 we
are told not to grieve the Holy Spirit of God. And
in Matt. 28:19 we are told to baptize ''in the name
of the Father, and of the Son, arnl of the Holy
Ghost.,. I would like to ask if anything* that has
not a distinct personality could "mal~c inte1ceR.~ion''
"/iru;e a mind?" ".my come?" Be 'grieud '." Have
a 1rn1w, on an equality with the Father and the Son?
Thousands are falling victims to these evil
teachings, showing how rapidly the apmitacy is
setting in, ancl our prayer is that the Lord v:ill
preserve our readers from the snare the evil one
is so subtly spreading for our feet, and from which

very few are ever recovererl.

-~xo1'K-It is true that the word God has been
pleased to use in the Greek to denote the third
person in the Trinty is in the neuter .gern.ler, but
this has nothing to clo with the personality of the
Roly Ghost. In .John 4:24 where it is Haid ''God
is a Spirit," and in Heb. 1 :7, where He makes "His
angelu spirits, and His ministers a flame of fire,''
tho worcls "Spil'itR," and "spirits," are in the nen.
ter gender, while flame is in the feminine. But
who would have the hardihood to say that this
affected the pernonality of either God m: tho a.ngels'! 'l'he language used in connection vi'itlt the
Holy Spirit leaves absolutely no question as to
His persormlity. Only a mind blinded by Satan
can deny it.