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Nicholas Espinosa

Period 2

LOTF argumentative

If man comes into the world a blank page, then is society not the pencil that writes on it?
The answer to this might just be found in the novel Lord of the Flies made by William
Golding. In this novel innocent schoolboys crash landed on a deserted island. As they tied to
create a society according to the society they grew up with, their ideas and actions soon changed
for the worse on the island. Jack a once innocent and proper child remembers how adults use to
kill for their food, and tries the same. This opens a whole new world of corruption and bloodlust.
These examples support how man is born innocent and then corrupted by society, because how
can man learn the unknown?
First of all, man matures and learns according to the environment around them. This comes
into realization in the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, when Jack who had never
even hunted before, just did as he heard adults do. Such as Stick a pig, Jack had even learned
he had to cut open a pigs throat to let the blood drain. This entails that even if a person has never
learned anything they grasp knowledge from the people and environment around them. The
people and environment is what society is made of, meaning even if not purposely, society still
slowly corrupts the innocent minds of man.
Carrying on how could man be born evil if they dont know anything when they are born?
This might be the exact reason why man learns from the environment around them, because they
are desperate to learn. When a baby for example, comes into the world they know nothing at all
everything is taught to them. On the other hand one may argue that a baby comes into this world

Nicholas Espinosa
Period 2

knowing instincts such as crying, and even swimming, but in reality it makes a lot of sense.
When a baby comes out of their mother and into this world it isnt their first time being alive,
they have been floating around inside the mom which is where they learned to swim. From the
environment around them; now crying might not be taught exactly but it is an instinct that is lost
over time either way. According to the Lord of the Flies by William Golding, all the children
come into this new world knowing nothing about it, and only learn from what is given to them.
All in all, when one comes into the world they are naturally innocent as one develops and
matures they are corrupted by society. This is due to the fact people learn according to the
environment they are placed in. Moreover, how can a man be born evil if they come into this
world with the knowledge of nothing. Now an individual being a blank page, what might occur
when the page is finally filled?