Note from HarCad0004: This story is written like a journal at the beginning and sometimes at the end.

I originally wasn’t going to do this story, but I decided I should because so many people asked for one when Crimson Aurora was coming to a close on There are multiple POV’s in this story and it will cover 100 years from the end of Crimson Aurora. Not every year, but years when something interesting happens. I will update as often as possible, but I can tell you now it won’t be often enough. I go to school full time and have two daughters, Harmony 9 and Cadence 5. I don’t work but my homework makes up for that. I am going to school for a Business degree and possibly English lit.. I hope you like it!!

Journal Entry One: 2013 Today is the day after I became Renesmee Cullen Black, the beginning of our life together. I have decided to utilize this journal that I received from grandpa for my second birthday. It’s been sitting around, so why not. I will document the things that happen over the next 100 years, if I live that long; which I should. When the days are new and the possibilities are endless, maybe we will walk among the humans without having to hide what we are. Maybe one day we can truly be free and I can share my journey, our journey, with everyone. A Cullen’s Journey into Black

Journal Entry Two: 2011 I’m going out on the limb here and posting a past entry. I feel that this particular incident needed to be included in this journal. I wish I would have thought about this earlier, so I’m adding it anyways. That being said, I will enter it as if this were the day it happened. Today, June 1, 2011 marks an incredible accomplishment, my mom and my grandmother Renée finally reunited. Isabella’s POV My mom has been calling more than usual and asking to see me nonstop. I grow tired of telling her no, time and time again, coming up with excuse after excuse of why that is just not a good idea, but she is coming. She is coming here and is on her way now. “What do we do if she can’t handle it?” I asked Edward who has been running beside me all morning. We’d been hunting all morning with Emmett, Rose and Esme. Carlisle would have come, but he got called into the hospital at the last minute. Bella stayed with Nessie, we still don’t dare ever leave her alone for fear that someone will come to avenge the disgrace of the Volturi. The sound that emits from Edward’s lips is still the single most magnificent sound that has ever graced my vampire ears. “We’ll make her see that the situation is the best it is ever going to be; that she can either accept it or not.” We reached the house but I continued to the house. I had an overwhelming need to see Nessie; she needs to be prepared for what’s coming—meeting her grandma for the first time. She is now four years old and engaged; how is my mother going to believe that? I reached the stairs and knew exactly what direction to go. The pull from Bella is completely obvious and I with every step I take the memories from our separation begin to consume me, catching me before we become one. I found them both in her room, Nessie sitting on her bean bag reading a book. Bella returned to me before I entered with a light knock on the door. “Ness, I have something to tell you.” She tilted her head all the way back laying it against the back side of the bean bag to show me I had her attention. “I talked to Renée and apparently my excuses aren’t good enough for her anymore. She’s on her way here.” Nessie’s eyes light up with excitement then drifted off into concern. “Are we prepared for that?” She asked scurrying out of the bean bag. She put the book in its position on the book shelf

faster than a normal human would and appeared in front of me. “Are you prepared to explain everything to her?” “No, but I don’t have a choice. Carlisle is picking her up tomorrow at 8am, so we have until then to get it together.” It’s a little too late for me, already mentally freaking out and all I can do is hope she will be open minded about this. Charlie’s POV Ring, ring. I woke up from a 20 pound cat fish to the ringing of the phone downstairs. “It’s one in the morning,” I realized out loud. “Let it ring,” Sue said groggily from her half-asleep state as she rolled over and hugged her pillow. “This better be important.” I crawled out of bed, sliping my slippers on and headed down the dark stairs. The third stair down creaked loudly when all of my weight shifted on it, reminding me that I still hadn’t gotten around to fixing it. I finally reached the phone and answered with a throaty, “This better be good.” “Charlie,” a familiar woman’s voice called on the other end. “Yeah,” I replied racking my brain for the memory of the melody-like-voice that came out of her mouth. “Did I wake you?” She asked apologetically. “I’m up now, what’s this about?” my memory was starting to unravel itself and before I fully comprehended who I was speaking too she continued. “I’m worried about Bella; she always has these bizarre excuses to why she hasn’t visited me. You would tell me if something was wrong wouldn’t you?” “Renée?” Taken aback, I fell into the chair I knew, but didn’t see, was behind me, “Do you know what time it is?” “I do and I’m sorry about that, I just need to know what you know, if anything. I’m already on a plane to Alaska. What should I expect Charlie, is our daughter doing drugs? She doesn’t sound like the Bella I know anymore, she hasn’t for a long time.” I stopped her there; she was on her way to see a Bella she doesn’t know anymore. The Bella she remembers is still there, but she will have to get past all the changes she had to overcome to

continue to be any Bella at all. “Renée, I don’t know if that’s a good idea, you don’t have any clue what you’re getting yourself into.” “What do you mean, she is my daughter, I have a God given right to see that she is safe. What happened Charlie, what aren’t you telling me?” “Let’s just say Bella is not the daughter you remember, you probably won’t even recognize her anymore. She’s changed a lot and not in the ways a normal young adult woman should.” “What are you saying?” “I’m saying you are in for the surprise of your life, you better go in open minded or you’ll be in for the scare of your life, too.” “I’m already scared Charlie, I haven’t seen her in over six years. I miss her and I want to be a part of her life but it seems like she’s always pushing me away. We never used to be like that.” She started to cry, I could hear it; I remembered the sound like it was yesterday. “I can’t take it Charlie; I have to get out of here. I refuse to live in this town forever. I’m leaving.” She cried a lot those days, I was more than devastated when she left and took Bella with her. I was happy for her when she found Phil; she seemed to be alive again. “Bella is fine, she’s changed in ways you can’t imagine, she’s different, she isn’t at all what you’re probably expecting.” “What should I expect?” “Expect me to be there, I’ll help you through this, you’re going to need it.” Bella’s POV Charlie called and said he wants to be here when Renée arrives. He told me about their conversation and that he didn’t give her any of the specifics. I was thankful she called him so at least she’s expecting something, most likely far from the truth but at least it’s something. I astral projected and went to find Liora or Aviva, either one could aid in getting Charlie here, and Isabella went to look for Carlisle. I found Aviva in the kitchen with Seth, I swear that boy can eat more than Jacob these days and that’s quite a feat. “Did you hear?” I asked as soon as I laid eyes on them. “Hear what?” Aviva was making Seth a PB and J and Seth was sitting at the bar looking back at me. “Renée will be here tomorrow.” “What; why?” I had Seth’s attention now.

Aviva sat his sandwich down in front of him and hopped onto the counter. “So what are we going to do?” She asked. “Isabella is talking to Carlisle now to see what he thinks and I’m here to see if you will get Charlie before she gets here. He wants to be here for moral support.” “Yeah, no problem.” Her expression changed, “How do you think she’ll take it?” “We aren’t sure, if you were a human that had no idea anything had “changed” how would you take it?” I asked. “I’ve never been a human so I don’t know,” she replied simply. “We’ll just have to wait and find out.” I felt the twinge of Isabella, calling me back to her. “Oh, gotta go.” Carlisle said to break it to her softly and try not to over whelm her. I don’t know how any of this is possible but I will do my best. This was actually happening, my over eccentric mother is coming to meet the new me for the first time and she hasn’t a clue. I knew Edward was approaching in so many different ways; I could hear him, smell him and feel him. The electricity between us still strong as ever, the connection between us has never faltered. Every look, touch and kiss still seemed like the immortal first, and it’s been four years. I turned to his approach and suddenly he was standing so close to me, I could feel his breath on my face and—hypothetically speaking—it took my breath away. “Everything will be fine Love. It isn’t like she can run off and tell someone you are a vampire.” He wrapped his arms around me, knowing that was exactly what I needed. “She will either accept it or she will walk away, either way it will be done and we will know the outcome, something we’ve been pondering a while.” I cringed at the thought of my mother running away from me in terror. “Don’t remind me.” Renée’s POV I was feed up with all the excuses and I could sense that something was wrong, I just know she is hiding something from me, all of them are hiding something from me. I was done and I was boarding a plane to Alaska, to find what, I couldn’t say. My daughter, my own flesh and blood, the only daughter I spent 16 hours birthing is keeping something from me and I’m going to find out what that something is. I called Charlie to see if there was anything he wasn’t telling me; surprise surprise he said she isn’t the same girl. Well, who would be after six years, not to mention she’s been a wife for four

years. What…did she get plastic surgery? How different can one be? Those questions and a truck load more were circling around in my head the whole 14 hour flight to Alaska. Carlisle and Esme were picking me up, I wondered if they would still be as beautiful as the last time I saw them. Their beauty was almost frightening; I remember being in awe at the sight of the whole Cullen family. So similar, but no existence of relation between any of them: With the exception of Jasper and Rosalie. Maybe that will be explained, along with whatever is going on with Bella? It was 11:30 when I woke from a sleep I hadn’t realized I’d fallen into and the pilot was announcing our arrival. I looked out the window and everything was white. I haven’t seen snow like that in over a decade. Luckily I came prepared with the only cold weather clothes I own. Jacksonville is the polar opposite of Alaska; this is going to be some climate change. Carlisle and Esme were waiting for me when I walked off the plane. I was stunned at how very little, if not at all, they had changed. “Renee, it’s good to see you again.” Esme’s voice still musical. “You guys look amazing, has it really been 10 years?” I couldn’t turn my brain filter off fast enough before the words came out of my mouth. “How was your flight?” Carlisle asked, ignoring my comment completely. “It was fine, I feel asleep at some point and then we were landing.” They led me out to the parking garage which brought us to their car. The beginning of the drive was quiet and I enjoyed observing the surroundings. I had never been to Alaska until now, it was proving to be a remarkable place by the looks of it. “How do you deal with the cold all the time?” I asked. I would go nuts. “You get used to it after a while,” Carlisle answered and Esme giggled at his response. “So how are the kids? Do they enjoy the frost bite as much as you do?” I was a little irritated by their silent conversations, I noticed it at Bella’s wedding. They all seemed to do it, even Bella did on occasion. “They are all doing fine, we get along great here, it’s very free and private. We have no neighbors for 15 miles in both directions, our closest neighbors are our extended family.” Their movements seemed to be forced like they were acting out a play, like they weren’t used to doing it. “You remember the Denali’s?”

“Yes, I do,” but I didn’t want to talk about the Denali’s. “Can I get your honest opinion about something?” “Yes, of course,” he replied and Esme turned to look back at me. “How would you react in my situation?” Esme’s expression of interest fell and Carlisle didn’t say a word. “You know, seeing your daughter after so many years?” “Oh, well, I think I would prepare to expect anything, a lot can happen over four years.” She gave Carlisle a worried glance before looking back through the windshield before Carlisle replied. “Yes, Bella has changed and she is very content with herself and the choices she has made. I’m very proud of her; she’s a very strong woman with a very bright, long and happy future.” “I’m proud of her too, I’m just not sure what I’m proud of her for,” I chuckled uncomfortably. I’m happy she found someone and has such a big family but I can’t help the twinge of jealousy that crept inside me. We drove for what felt like forever and I was just about to close my eyelids again when we turned off the main road and onto a dirt one. It was eerily familiar; just like their home in Forks. I watched as the trees passed until there was an opening and was blinded by the sun light that rickashayed off of something beyond the clearing. When we got closer I could make out the lake, then the two magnificent houses came into view. They were beautiful, both Victorian, in a way, and they just screamed tender love and care. “You sure know how to live,” I said below my breath. “That’s just one of the many things you will find out about us tonight.” Carlisle turned around and looked at me seriously before he continued. “Please remember, tonight when you find the answers you came to find, the ways in which we have treated you in the past, with respect and courteousness. Don’t let what you find out judge your perception of us, if you can accept our lifestyle, I promise you will not be let down.” His words frightened me, like I was about to witness a murder of some kind. They were out of the car so fast it made my head spin just to watch them. Then something called to me, to look at the house with the grand porch; there she was. I realized instantly that she had changed, not at all in the ways I expected. She was still Bella, except she was gorgeous, not that she wasn’t beautiful before, but now she was stunning, just

like the rest of them. My hand was shaking as I reached for the handle and I stumbled as I fell out the door. A cold hand caught me and when I looked up I didn’t expect it to be my Bella. “Are you okay mom?” when she spoke it was nothing like the voice I heard on the phone so many times in the past. If I had to compare it to something I could only come up with Esme’s voice. “What is this Bella, what has happened to you? Not that you don’t look great or anything but you just look…I don’t know, too good.” I was leaning against the SUV as my eyes traced every inch of her. She told me about when she met Edward and how he saved her life from the van in inhumanly ways. How she found out what he was and how she felt about it. She said before she figured it out she knew he was different, they all were and she was determined to find out what that difference was. She was telling me so much background information that was so intriguing I just had to know what she was talking about, I was so lost. So I asked her point blank, no more beating around the bush…what are you? And she told me first that she is immortal, that she doesn’t age and she cannot die. That sent my heart pounding and it made her now amber eyes shine. She was standing in the shadow of the SUV and when she stepped back the sun light made her skin dance with sparkling rays of rainbows. Isabella’s POV “We can’t go into the sunlight because it would expose us as being something more than human.” She was so intrigued by what I was telling her, her eyes followed every word that I spoke. “We, well the Cullen’s and I are, well we’re different than those of our kind.” “For the last time Bella, just tell me, it cannot be that bad.” She was in for a shocker. “We’re vampires mom, it is that bad.” I studied her as the words sank in and it didn’t seem to faze her, like it didn’t bother her at all. “Prove it.” I was startled that was the first thing to come out of her mouth. “What do you mean prove it?” Did she really want to me to maul a moose right in front of her? “Do something that only vampires can do,” she said vampire as if it was just another word in her vocabulary.

“Okay,” so I ran around the vehicle and back. When I was standing in front of her again she was still looking in the direction I leftt. “Mom.” She jumped and looked at me with amazement. Really? Amazment? “Wow, do something else.” She was smiling, smiling at a vampire. “Okay,” I appeared next to Carlisle’s SUV and she jumped when I stood next to her. I lifted the side of the car up a few feet off the ground than sat it back down. “Bella, that’s amazing.” “You aren’t scared?” I asked more than confused. “Should I be?” “Well no, but I mean. I would think you would be. Vampires thirst for human blood, right now I am fighting, not very hard, but I can smell it and it does make me thirsty.” “If there is no need to be frightened than I won’t be; I want to be a part of your life Bella and if that means you being a vampire and me being okay with it, well than that’s just how it’s going to be.”

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