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jesse kriss jesse@jklabs.

23 Sidney St #304
Cambridge, MA 02139

Software Engineer
Master of Human-Computer Interaction IBM Research
Carnegie Mellon University May 2005 – present :: Cambridge, MA
August 2003 – August 2004 :: Pittsburgh, PA Currently work in Martin Wattenberg’s Visual Communication Lab
prototyping interactive information visualization systems. Lead
Bachelor of Arts in Music developer for Many Eyes (
Carleton College
1999 - 2003 :: Northfield, MN Interaction Design Consultant
August 2004 – February 2005 :: Boston, MA
Worked as an independent consultant in the areas of interaction
SKILLS / TOOLS design, user interface design and development, process design,
information visualization, and usability analysis.
User-centered design practices User Interface Design Consultant
Methods for idea generation and group creativity eJamming, Inc.
Process design August – present :: Boston, MA
HCI techniques for usability evaluation Designed and rendered the user interface for a first-generation
collaborative music software product under tight deadlines. Worked
Visual with client, developers, and potential users to create an intuitive,
Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, OmniGraffle usable, and desirable design.

Audio Usability Consultant / Project Manager
Battery, Logic Audio, Max/MSP, Traktor DJ Studio Major US Auto Manufacturer (through Carnegie Mellon)
January – August 2004 :: Pittsburgh, PA
Code Project manager and team member of HCI student group designing
Java, Eclipse, Objective-C, Xcode, Interface Builder, interaction and interface for a major automotive manufacturer’s
Processing, Max/MSP/Jitter, ActionScript, JavaScript, next-generation audio product. Created cross-platform interactive
HTML/XHTML, CSS prototype using Flash and Java. Iterated design and prototype
based on user testing and feedback.

RECENT WORKS Technology Intern
ZEFER (now Niteo)
1999 – 2000 :: San Francisco, CA
Visual Scratch
Live visualization of turntablist performance Technology team member for ZEFER, then an 800-person strategic
April 2006 – present internet consulting firm. Contributed to technical architecture,
design and development of worldwide wine auction website.
Tools for Interactive and Collaborative Art Lead Developer
June 2004 – present Sandhill Arts
1999 :: Palo Alto, CA
History of Sampling Co-designed and implemented quilt auction website. The website
Interactive Visualization of Music Sampling was written up as a Microsoft E-Commerce Case Study in July
April – June 2004 1999, and acquired in March 2000 by PRIMEDIA, a large special-
interest magazine publisher.
Live Reactive Graphics Performance System Web Application Developer
October 2003 – May 2004 PricewaterhouseCoopers Technology Center
1997 – 1999 :: Menlo Park, CA
Live Audio Sampling Instrument Developed prototypes using then cutting-edge web technology,
July 2002 – February 2003 including Dynamic, JavaScript, VBScript, Active Server Pages,
XML, and Macromedia Shockwave. Designed and implemented an
interactive search page that increased the ease-of-use of a
powerful inhouse search engine.