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Public transport - general investment Increased investment in pubic transport and incentives to use it, including reduced crime and cleaner facilities Lib A new national infrastructure bank to help attract private finance to invest in public transport eg. High Speed Rail

Rail Con Network Rail reform with greater regulation GP Reversal of rail privatisation, with new track and rolling stock Lab 1300 new train carriages between 2009-2014 Lib Would make Network Rail refund a third of a ticket price if a rail replacement bus service is in place Lab Ticket and fare system review - unified cross network ticketing system BNP Lower rail fares, increased rail safety and cleaner facilities Con High speed rail link between London, Birmingham Manchester and Leeds with the Continent via Channel Tunnel Lib Would ensure that regulated fares go up by less than inflation, meaning prices will come down GP Reduce UK rail fares by one third to bring them in line with the European average UKIP Improve rail customer satisfaction, no rail budget cuts, Consider re-opening closed rail lines Coaches & buses Subsidies of bus fares and the introduction of new services Lab Issuing local authorities with greater Control over local transport systems Lib Would end the highly centralised approach to planning and allow local authorities to deal with issues such as traffic target resolution and the regulation of local bus services GP Double bus fleet

Trams GP Urban tram schemes Flying No 3rd runway at Heathrow Cancellation of third Heathrow Runway Cancellation of third Heathrow Runway scheme Support sustainable growth of aviation industry Would replace Air Passenger Duty with a per-plane tax

Lib Con GP Lab Lib

Car drivers Motorway speed limits raised BNP Ban on hidden speed cameras BNP Cut in fuel duty


Road network Improving capacity on existing roads, building new roads GP Stop to road building


Car emissions Investment in clean fuels Con National recharging network for hybrid cars Lib Would set a zero emissions target for all new cars by 2040, with an extension of targets to all other vehicles,

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Transport policy
so that by 2050 all freight vehicles are running on electricity, sustainable biofuels or other renewable fuels Con Creation of Transport Carbon Reduction Fund, to allow local councils and voluntary groups to apply for funding for green travel initiatives Road Tax
UKIP Introduction Con

of a 'Britdisc' to enable charging foreign lorry drivers Foreign lorry drivers to pay road maintenance

Freight strategy Lib Ensure good rail paths on key strategic freight corridors, facilitate the maximum use of inland and coastal waterways and encourage research and development into low-carbon technologies for freight vehicles Cycling and pedestrian routes Promotion of safer cycling and pedestrian routes in all local transport plans


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