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International stability and future Conflicts

BNP Maintain a position of armed neutrality, not becoming involved in Conflict where Britain has no interests
GP British military only to be used in self-defence, or as a last resort, within an international UN-led policing
Lab Work for international stability by encouraging and promoting economic and political change in the Middle
Lab Offer funds over the next three years for Conflict prevention and resolution, and stabilisation work
GP Use military for human security, by specialising in crisis prevention, emergency relief and Conflict

Defence reviews
Con launch a Strategic Defence Review and introducing a US-style system of regular defence reviews
Lib Would hold a defence review to investigate alternatives to Trident and to decide on other procurement
Con Improved relations between government and forces. Use Military Covenant Commission report as basis for
Armed Forces Manifesto

BNP Withdraw from NATO
Con Would ensure that NATO, not the EU, remains the cornerstone of the UK's defence

European Union
UKIP 'Disentangle' British forces from the EU

UKIP Spend an extra 40% per year on defence with spending on all three services
BNP Further spending
Lab Would continue to increase defence spending

Lib Reducing number of bureaucrats and Civil Servants in the MoD
Con Conduct a capabilities review to improve efficiency in the Ministry of Defence

Con Future defence procurement projects will be determined on five criteria:
Capability, interoperability, adaptability, affordability and exportability.
Lab Construction of two new aircraft carriers
Con Would streamline the procurement process to ensure timely delivery of equipment to the front line

Nuclear deterrent / Weapons of mass destruction

GP Seek binding global agreements against all weapons of mass destruction
Con Committed to replacing Trident and maintaining the UK's independent nuclear deterrent
Lib Investigate alternatives to Trident

Lib Opposed to extraordinary rendition, would undertake a full inquiry in to the 'current governments complicity'

Soldier pay & Conditions

Con Would double the operational bonus for troops serving in Afghanistan
UKIP Better pay, restoration of Crown immunity, private medical and dental care,
Lab Make accessing school places for service children easier
Lib Would give pay raises to lower ranks of the Forces
UKIP An offence of treason for those UK citizens who seriously attack British soldiers
Lab Invest in accommodation for Service personnel
Lab Measures to retain places on NHS waiting lists for service personnel and families when they move
Lib Double the rate of modernisation of Forces housing
UKIP Reinstatement of military hospitals and improved accommodation.

Lab Introduction of free further or higher education up to first degree level for service leavers after six years of

Injured soldiers
Lab Doubling of lump sum compensation awards for the most severely injured
UKIP Generous compensation for injury,

Soldier mental health

Con Pilot a follow-up telephone service that will track and monitor veterans' mental health after they leave the
Armed Forces
High ranking officers
Lib Reducing numbers of higher ranking officers

National service
BNP Restoration of national service for the young with the option of civil or military service

UKIP Withdrawal from Iraq at an early date

Lib Support of Afghanistan 'mission'

BNP Return British troops from Germany

Foreign bases in UK
BNP Closure of all foreign military bases on British soil

Arms trading
Lab Lead the campaign for an International Arms Trade Treaty
Con Would immediately reinstate the Defence Export Services Organisation (DESO)
GP End all export subsidies and increase Controls on UK arms sales