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0 to 5 year olds
Lib Replacement of the Early Years Foundation Scheme with a new strategy

Con Establish a free online database of exam papers and marking schemes
Lib Creation of a General diploma to enable a mix of quality vocational and academic learning
Con Allow all state schools to offer the same international exams that private schools offer

School League Tables

GP Abolition of the system of SATs and league tables
Con Reform school league tables
Con Publish all DCSF performance data and introduce different sorts of league tables

Acadamies & Trust school

UKIP Investigation of the benefits of a franchising arrangement for schools
Con Set up technical Academies across England, starting in at least the twelve biggest cities
Con Extend the Academy programme to primary schools
GP Opposition of City Academies and Trust Schools
Lab Every secondary school to be a Specialist school, a Trust school or an Academy
Con Ensure that any good education provider can set up a new Academy school.
Con Academies can be run by charities, parent and teacher groups, trusts, voluntary groups and co-operatives
Lab By 2010/11, over 310 Academies will be open or planned

School partnerships
Lab Every secondary school to have a business or university partner

GP Recruitment and retention of more teachers, with a reduction in paperwork

Special Needs
GP All children given the opportunity to attend their local school, including those with special needs
Lib Introduction of a Pupil Premium, giving more money to schools enabling extra support for struggling children
GP Your local school will provide support for people with special needs.
GP In special cases there may be a need for segregation, which will be provided as a unit within the school
Lib Guarantee SEN tests for all 5 year olds, and improve SEN training for teachers

National Curriculum
Con Reform Curriculum.. more challenging and base on evidence about what can be mastered at different ages
GP Revision of the National Curriculum
GP Education should include a celebration and recognition of religious diversity and spirituality
Lib Slim down the curriculum.
Con Ensure that the primary curriculum is organised around subjects like Maths, Science and History
Con Ensure that the school curriculum includes teaching young people about sexual Consent
Lib An Education Freedom Act would ban politicians from involvement in day to day running of schools
UKIP Make National Curriculum less prescriptive and schools to be allowed a greater say over subjects taught
BNP Seek to teach knowledge of and pride in the history, cultures and heritage of the native peoples of Britain

Literacy and numeracy

Lab Provision of one to one tuition to 300,000 pupils in English and Maths in secondary schools
Con Promote teaching of systematic synthetic phonics. Ensure teachers are properly trained in using this method
Lab Offer of literacy and numeracy coaching in primary schools to 60,000 pupils every year

Class sizes
Lib Extra funding to cut secondary school classes to 16 or start catch up classes for 160 pupils (typical school)
GP Class sizes to be smaller
Lib Extra funding to schools to cut infant classes (5-7 year olds)

Testing - primary
GP Would Consider a system of self-evaluation for schools that is monitored by the local education authority
Con Overhaul the Key Stage 2 tests
GP Abolition of the system of SATs and league tables
Con Establish a simple reading test at the age of six
Lib Scale back Key Stage 2 tests at age 11. Improve quality of marking with teacher assessment with external

Teaching methods
BNP Against trendy teaching methods
UKIP Restore standards of education
BNP End of politically correct indoctrination
Teacher training
Con State funded, primary teacher training require a B grade in English and Maths GCSE (C now).
Con Graduates would need at least a 2:2 in their degree in order to qualify for state-funded teacher training
Con Reducing the overall teacher training budget
Con Expand Teach First and introduce two new programmes – Teach Now and Troops to Teachers
Con Pay the student loan repayments for top maths and science graduates for as long as they remain teachers

BNP Restore discipline in the classroom, give authority back to teachers
Con Teachers can use reasonable force re. violent incidents, without fear of legal action
Con Teachers can remove disruptive pupils from class, without fear of legal action
UKIP Repeal the Human Rights Act and withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights
so schools able to discipline unacceptable behaviour
Con Legislate so that teachers can ban any items that cause disruption in the classroom
Con Reinforce powers of discipline by strengthening home school behaviour Contracts
Con Give teachers protection from false accusations
Con Stop head teachers being overruled by bureaucrats over exclusions

School Governors
UKIP Local Education Authorities (LEAs) powers to be given to the school governing body

UKIP Review school inspection regime. Parents can require the governing body to arrange for an inspection
if 10% or more of parents unhappy with school performance
Con Improved Ofsted inspection regime, reporting on performance only in the core areas of teaching and learning
UKIP Replacement of Ofsted with an independent inspectorate of experienced teachers
Con More unannounced inspections. Failing schools inspected more often and the best schools visited less often
Con Schools in special measures for a year+ will be taken over immediately by a successful Academy provider

Primary & secondary school funding

UKIP Replacement of current funding policy with a system where as far as possible parents will be allowed to
choose the school at which voucher funds for their childs education are spent
Lab Further funding for next three years. Ensure 30% pupils achieve 5 good GCSEs (incl. English and Maths) by

Public and Grammar schools

GP Grammar and public schools lose charitable status and become state funded for maximum accessibility
UKIP Grammar school in every town

Workplace training
Lab By 2015, education and training leaving age raised so that every young person will be guaranteed an
apprenticeship, training or a place to study at school or college free of charge up to 18
BNP Put greater emphasis on training in industrial and technological skills
Lab Increase the Train to Gain budget
Con Allow schools to offer workplace training
UKIP Improve skills training

Lab Raise the minimum weekly pay for Apprentices
Con Fund 400,000 new apprenticeship, pre-apprenticeship, college and other training places over two years
UKIP Earlier exit coupled with expansion in apprenticeships
Lab Within the next ten years one in five young people to be taking up apprenticeship places
Lab Increase the number of apprenticeships for 16 to 18 year olds

UKIP Cut back on the number of universities
UKIP Review of university admissions policy
Con Give universities and subject academics more power over examinations

Student grants, loans and tuition fees

Lab Offer 250,000 16 year olds, who qualify for the Education Maintenance Allowance, a guarantee of the
minimum level of maintenance grant and loan they will receive if they go to university or college
UKIP Student grants will replace student loans
Lib Scrapping tuition fees for all students taking their first degrees
GP Students will not have to pay tuition fees, with support of grants