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Make Government Work for the Benefit

of the Filipino People

Statement of Support for the Candidacy of Noynoy Aquino
by Scholars and Mentors of
Political Science and Allied Disciplines

Our government has been broken by corruption. We need to fix it. We need
to make our government truly work for the benefit of the Filipino people.

As scholars and mentors in the field of political science and its allied
disciplines (public administration, international relations, and development
studies), we believe that politics is a fundamentally positive human activity; and
that political power, in the final analysis, should be wielded in pursuit of the
common good. To this end, we also believe that we all should make our
government, upon which most citizens entrust their welfare and survival, behave
truly as servants of the people rather than their masters.

We have been hoping for the realization of what we have been advocating
all these years—a government of moral and decent leaders who are committed
to democracy and who give priority to the development of our country over their
own interests.

The sufferings of our people have been perpetuated by widespread

official corruption and patronage. Unequal justice has been exacerbated by the
culture of impunity and the corruption of basic institutions of democracy.

We stand behind Senator Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino III as the

presidential candidate worthy of our trust and support because the road towards
ending corruption begins with restoring trust, repairing institutions, and
establishing a government of integrity, transparency and accountability.
Restoring trust in governance entails ethical leadership that fosters
integrity, authenticity, credibility, honesty, loyalty, and the ultimate ethical value,
justice. In his private and public life, Noynoy Aquino has honored the values
instilled by his parents and the legacy of people power that has shaped his
platform of government, which is his Social Contract with the Filipino people.

We, scholars and mentors in the field of political science and its allied
disciplines, believe in the competence and leadership of Noynoy Aquino to make
government work for the majority, not for a few vested interests; to make it
honest but not ineffective; and, to make it stronger and just.

We call upon our people to unite behind Senator Benigno Simeon

“Noynoy” Aquino III and help him make our government work for the benefit of
the Filipino people.

18 April 2010

Wilfrido Villacorta PhD

Professor Emeritus
De La Salle University

Joel Rocamora PhD

Senior Fellow
Institute for Popular Democracy

Julio Teehankee PhD

Chair, International Studies Department
De La Salle University

List of scholars and mentors in the fields of

Political Science, Public Administration, and allied disciplines
who support this statement:

1. Francisco Magno PhD

2. Jorge Tigno DPA
3. Ruth Lusterio Rico PhD
4. Segundo Romero PhD
5. Rizal Buendia PhD
6. Jennifer Santiago Oreta PhD
7. Charmaine Misalucha PhD
8. Melissa Jaime Lao
9. Nelson Cainghog
10. Karina Bolasco
11. Allen Surla
12. Rosa Babel Calilung-Teehankee
13. Jose Ma. Arcadio Malbarosa
14. Claire Berja
15. Monica Ang
16. Louie Montemar
17. Gladstone Cuarteros
18. Jet Olfato
19. Raymund John Rosuelo
20. Ron Vilog
21. Joseph Reyes
22. Pauleen Gorospe
23. Yves Bugarin
24. Ian Jason Hecita
25. Mina Yu Untalan
26. Christian Berrey
27. Feliece Yeban
28. Margery Bautista
29. Noreen Carada
30. JM Eneria
31. Dustin Regalado
32. Celito Arlegue
33. Juanito Berja
34. Lani Villanueva
35. Jay Carizo
36. Cecilia Pe Lero