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Legal disclaimer: The text of this educational document only represents the private opinion and
subjective feelings of an individual. The author does not warrant the correctness, trueness,
completeness, safety or usefulness of any information stated in it.

First of all, please forgive the lower level of my English, it is my second language.
There is what I call "Hellish Special Service". It is an organization that observes us
all and that has both good and evil goals, to which it uses the information it has
gained about us.
Why "Helish"?
You know, there are normal people and then there are Hellish people. The body of
the both looks similarly, but the soul is different.
Hellish people have a Hellish humanoid soul and they control the majority of
important things on the Earth. And to my knowledge they seem to have many
members in the "Special Service" that they probably manage, too.
And even though it is not fully correct, when I speak about such a "secret service",
I often say just "Hellish people", although, apart from the Hellish, it has some normal
employees and/or co-operators as well.
Anyway, all of them are curious about our privacy, which is a thing that must stay
secured from their effort to violate it.

There Is No Real Privacy

(Sample from "Unbelievable Cheats")

Next to our house there is a bigger house that has two parts with an extra
entrance and there are several apartments in every part. But what mainly matters to
me is that that in every part there is at least one person who I consider to be a cooperator of the Special Service.
In one entrance there are people who run a shop and a pub (one of them was
curious about the physical function of my sexual organ when I was young) and in the
other there was a man wearing a "Hellish" violet-blue jacket and having a "special
car" (he was curious if I cannot be in fond of boys).
- pictures are missing -

If they are Hellish like I believe, it suggests at least one co-operator in every bigger
house. Apart from it, even if a small house only, the normal family or its members
probably have some co-operator for a friend. That is why all the normal people must
learn not to trust their friends and never, not a single time in their life, display their
most important secrets before them.
Apart from those mentioned above, there was a lonely Hellish woman with a red &
green fence (sorry for the low-quality picture), a friend of mine (yellow car and red
- pictures are missing

And here are three versions of the web site of my acquaintance from the Internet
who I had a problematic relationship with (we see dragons, fire, red color, invisible
eyes, squatting...).
- pictures are missing -

But there are other even more disturbing facts. When I was a young boy, strangers
were visiting our house in secret. There was also voice talking to me in the room of
my father from a supposed hidden speaker (it was so loud, that I was repeatedly
asking my mother why she did call me and she always answered that she did not),
introducing himself as "Virgin Marry". And one time something opened a heavy metal
door of the attic, who knows if it was some spiritual creature or rather some hidden
secret technique by means of which Hellish people were exceptionally doing such
"miracles" already 30 - 40 years ago if not even before.
But if there was a bug in my father's room, it means that both his secret
conversations with my mother and how they were making love to each other was
recorded by Hellish people. This thought is a terrible one. And if I imagine myself
doing some special spanking plays with my eventual girlfriend and these Hellish
bastards recording it, I want to vomit. I would rather have no such pleasant
experience, than Hellish people with the record of it.
1. There was a couple of young people who used to make love to each other in an opened cabin
for workers in the forest. They were so stupid, that they did not make love only when they saw that
somebody is near, they only waited when he walked away. Of course, they did not get the idea that in
the cabin there can be a hidden camera as well as in the other places in Nature where the Hellish
Special Service expects to record something interesting.
2. In my article "Nektere zajimave skutecnosti" (= some interesting facts) there are several
interesting situations, in which I was observed and/or recorded on my beloved places in the forest (in
one case I have discovered it by coincidence).
The people also knew when I had to "answer the bigger call of nature" several times in the pathway
in the forest, when there was already darkness.
Or another example. From time to time, I have a habit to lift some bigger stone that lies next the
pathway I walk along in the forest. One time the stone (next a different pathway but in the same forest)
was sprinkled by one gas that the bad people are regularly releasing before me. They had expected
correctly that I will lift up the stone.

In view of the sad fact that they have their people everywhere (one of them was
not using any obvious indications, but was observing people and even conversations
of children, as if it was somehow important; another one was poor with missing teeth
and some debts, but he used to wear Hellish colors on his poor clothes), and they
often use hidden micro cameras and other observing equipments, it is at the border
of impossibility to keep something hidden from them all life long (they are able to see
the inside of everybody's home, if needed).
And I will mention here one more interesting fact. The children of co-operating,
usually Hellish families, can secretly record their classmates and/or friends, like the
boy on the following picture was doing this (I have discovered the recording
equipment that was switched on in his home).
- pictures are missing -

Anyway, in view of the above mentioned facts and of that that the co-operators of
the Hellish Special Service penetrate every group of people, the only possible way
how to do something what they do not expect is the unexpected action of an
individual who has masterfully been hiding his plans before them.
But now I do not speak about the preparation of some terroristic action or
something like that! Many obstacles can be removed by gentle manners: by prayers

(extremely important!), by good work, by having & spreading the correct information
that other people have not got yet and similarly. Thus what I have written above is
useful exclusively for the preservation of personal privacy: when you are going to go
for sudden trips to a distant place, to buy something what other people do not expect
you to buy, to make preparations for some new way of advertising your business, to
make a photo guide of something they do not know you care about so much, to do a
personal research of something interesting and so on.
Three old cases:
1. When I was a boy, during a shorter period of time we had a cat. One day I and
my father did go by a motorcycle to one village. But before we have left, we closed
the cat in the house. All the doors were locked and there was no way how he could
get away. However, when we had returned, the cat was outside the house welcoming
us. The rest of the family was away and the only possibility was that that somebody
strange was in the house while we were away.
2. One day in the school I was unexpectedly sent to home, where I did go to bed.
After some time, I have heard the sound of opening door and somebody's footsteps. I
have called words meaning "Father, is that you?". The footsteps have immediately
stopped and then I have heard going them back and the sound of the opening door
again. And, of course, it was none of our family.
3. I had left a message on a piece of paper behind the door and after I have
leaved my home, there was a neighbor passing by and going toward our homes.
After a moment, I have remembered that I forgot something. I have returned back to
home, but in the meantime, the paper behind the door was obviously viewed. Many
people are just curious, but if you are interesting and/or if there is some suspicion,
the Special Service can buy your neighbors to get access to you (I am saying it
because that neighbor was entering my home, too).
Closing question: Are you able to live happily when you know that Hellish people
are observing and recording you?
Remember this: As soon as there is some big international and/or Hellish interest
and you are the one in its way, there is no mother any more, no good relative, no
friend. You are alone.
However, the law that forces a mother to act against her own child or that forces a
doctor to laugh at a poisoned person and to only give him a medicine, about which
he knows that it cannot help him, is a sick law created by a sick society that should
be changed.
My case: One of the mistakes that I have made was that that I had trusted my
close people and I was convinced that if they knew something important, they would
tell me about it. Yes, I was that stupid. Anyway, to use close people against the victim
is a very efficient weapon. And if in addition to it the victim has got badly influenced
and/or damaged brain, he is lost like it was in the case of me.

(As a founder of a new belief if not even of a religion, I was an import person and not only my
physical relationships were abused, but also the virtual ones, meaning from the Internet. Many "online
friends" were cheating on me, manipulating with my words in conversations and similarly. Even
several discussion forums with special interest could have been created mainly because of me.
Generally, better do not trust the other people, especially when you are working on something
important. In such a case your relationships will probably be used as a strong weapon against you.)

Bonus 7 (privacy one more time)

Because I am recorded all the time and I do hate when the Hellish organization
has the records of my private matters, every now and again I have to stop violently
any energetic reaction that they could see. And it is more and more difficult. For
example, recently I had to stop even the channel related to "the Sanctuary of God",
which was very sad for me. I want to do many things, but I cannot, because those
Hellish bastards would see it.
I am afraid that there is no chance for me to get into some place where I would
have a real privacy. Without hidden cameras and/or eavesdropping equipments in
the forest, on the clothes and personal things, and, possibly, also on my own body.
It is difficult to find a piece of advice for me, but it is much less difficult to find it for
you (hopefully, you have read my article "Privacy of Your Secret Work"):
Create the impression that you are not hiding anything and abuse those Hellish
bastards for it!
You have two main options:
1. To be without relationships. Always remember that no relationships are better
than any bad ones. Always be aware of the fact, that you are your best friend! The
only one, who exactly knows what you feel, because others do not know it. Therefore
when you are with you, you are in the best company!
Not to have any relationship and not to talk to other people has some benefits, but
people who are alone are observed, too. And to replace the missing information from
your friends, when you do not have any, the Special Service can increase the hidden
recording of your person, especially when they suspect you of working on (or doing)
something interesting.
2. To have relationships. To talk to other people and pretend that you are frank to
them and that you confide your private matters to them. Show them the pictures you
took, talk about various plans you have. However, in fact in front of them you never
display anything what matters to you most and what you want to keep hidden from
General advices:
Always let the data that contain what you permit to be known about you in the PC,
notebook, tablet and on the backup mediums in your home on normal places like the
table or the shelf, because they are easily found and accessible by anyone, who has
(whether legal or illegal) access to your home.
Purely theoretically, if you had an extra tablet with your private things, you could
hide it somewhere, but I doubt that they would not discover it. Moreover, if you have
a micro camera in your home to observe you, they could see where you are hiding
your secret tablet.

Before various other people always display the same (religious, political) opinions,
because Hellish bastards can ask more people around you what you have said to
them or what you have displayed in front of them.
Use online backup, but because those bastards are often checking it, upload only
the things that you want to be known about you. Of course, you never upload the
things that you wish to keep hidden!
And be careful everywhere, also on the places where there is no one present.
They sometimes use to be recorded to record you (for instance taking pictures of
some notice as if it was important to you, whereas before the other people you have
pretended that you have no interest in it).
Unexpected action of the individual:
In my articles I have explained, why the action of the individual is the only action
that has the biggest chance to surprise Hellish people.
When you are working on something interesting what must stay hidden, always
have in mind that other people, especially your friends as well as your neighbors and
sometimes even relatives, can be informers. And even if they were not and their
intentions about you were really good, they can fail somehow anytime.
In my book "Supergod" there is explained, that we people are fragments and the
pieces of love and of the other potential that we need are founding themselves in
other people fragments. But every one of them can do with the piece of love or of
anything else in him what we need something, what is not good for us. For example,
man needs the piece of love that is in some woman, but she runs away from him,
giving the piece to a different man.
"Supergod" has all the pieces of love and of co-operation, of support etc. that he
needs included in his complex personality and therefore none of these pieces can
disappoint him, none of them can fail.
Compared to a man, he counts on himself more than on the other people who,
when it is about his most important interests, are more likely to fail than he is. In other
words, it is more probable that the other people will betray you, than that you will
betray yourself.
Bonus 10 (morality and privacy)
I am convinced that people must never fall so low that they would commit the
things like people here.
As soon as you are oppressing somebody, damaging his personal things and
spraying them with something detrimental to him, giving detrimental things into his
food, water and cigarettes, and moreover every time saying to him "We are doing
nothing bad to you! It only seems to you that somebody is hurting you! You belong to
the asylum!", it is very bad. And the same is valid for pretending and lying.
Even if the president of the whole world was asking you of such a behavior, please
refuse. As soon as you have obeyed his command, you are becoming a spoiled
person. Never learn such a behavior!
Protect your self and your privacy, but please try not to lie to other people during it.
Instead, if someone asks you about something you do not wish to speak about, learn
to say "I am sorry, but I do not wish to talk about it" or "It is my private matter, please
be so kind and do not ask me about it again" and similarly. You can use such

sentences even if a passer-by asked you about some little things, for instance what
are your plans about the flowers that grow in the flowerbed on your garden.
Do you know why? Because it is none of his business! Various informers (often
friends and/or acquaintances) can be asking you about many things such as "when
there will be another man, you are alone for several years already", "why do not you
have the TV when other people have it", "you often go for some trips alone, what are
you doing there", please do not tell it to them, if you do not wish.
And if they will be talking about their private matters before you, in fact waiting that
you, in return, will start to talk about that of yours (it is such an old trick), please be so
kind and disappoint them.

Privacy of Your Secret Work

(Newer article)

This document is an addition to articles "How to Secure the Privacy of Your Home"
and "Prevent Them from Knowing About You".
First of all, I have to say that the information that these articles contain is not
enough to take the proper care of your privacy. However, they give you some
valuable pieces of advice. Let us now briefly recall the most important ones:
No visitor to your home (also valid for relatives and, if possible, workers as well);
always one member of your family is present at home (the house or apartment is
never left empty without supervision); some additional computer (or tablet) that has
no connection to any network; no online viewing of maps or schedules; additional
mobile phone (used only at a different & distant location than that of your home for
viewing of things you are not interested about and without any real personal
contacts); downloading and/or buying of different movies and songs than those that
you really like; no private readable things in the trash can or dustbin; regular change
of the door locks (always bought at a different & distant place); no direct traveling to
important places; no talking about important private things at home, in the car or on
beloved places (e.g. a friend's house or the pub in the country, favorite and regularly
visited places in Nature); no visited web sites related to what matters most to you etc.
But let us now have a look at one problem of privacy that is very special: The
preservation of it for yourselves despite the fact, that you have created something
very big and important.
Please take into account that it is highly probable, that as soon as you start to
work on something interesting (and it is known about you), there will be a friend from
the secret service (a Hellish one at best), but if there is a need, especially some
serious reason like a national or international security, some close people of yours
can be used, too (they will be under the oath of secrecy, being forbidden to tell you
about it).
On the other hand, many normal families have someone like this for a friend, often
all life long. The reason is to have access to them and to know about them.
Moreover, relaxed in a friendly atmosphere (and often also pleasant environment), in
quite a few cases normal people either straightly confide or, at least, display
themselves more intimately.
Problem is that agents and mainly Hellish people often manage to evoke such a
big trust in normal people, that they guard their secrets before them less carefully,
than before the other people.

It is really difficult to be preparing some important project and at the same time to
ensure that you would not be known as its creator. It means: no related data in your
PC or notebook leaved by you at home when you walked away; no medias with
backup in the cabinet at your home. And this even in the case when some member of
your family is always at home to guard it.
No one is allowed to know what you are working on. It means no bought or
borrowed books or magazines about what you are interested most of all. You won't
talk about it with anyone, neither with the members of your family or the best friends.
Not once in your entire life time.
When you see the subject of your biggest interest on some poster, Wall...; when a
magazine will lie around, in which is written about it, or when someone mentions it in
front of you, never display any special interest! Nobody is allowed to notice, that you
are most interested just about it.
If you are working on something interesting, no one is allowed to know about it.
For example, it was known about me, what I am doing, everywhere there was my
signature. But if I lived the life of a man who would never display any relationship to
spiritual matters and I wrote the book about Supergod fully anonymously (I would
confide in no one, nobody would see its text with me and I would distribute it skillfully
& anonymously), how could those curious ones (Hellish people & secret services)
know, that it was just me who has written it? People would get to know about
Supergod and I would live in peace :-)
Perhaps you won't believe it to me, but as soon as it deals with the work of more
people than one, especially a team work, there is a 99 - 100% probability (= more or
less a certainty), that a secret confident (or more of them) will be in it.
I also could not believe that the same person that was displaying interest about
spiritual things, having many papers covered in writing by the pen with various
spiritual thoughts, could be there for years to be gaining a more intimate information
about me.
Or that a person who I have known since I was a boy, who was displaying a good
attitude toward animals and was breeding the same type of dogs like we did, could
give away some private information she was confided in by me and that she had a
Hellish humanoid soul inside of her.
The both people seemed to be okay, the relationship had lasted years in case of
the first one and tens of years in case of the second one, and I had no idea who
these two people really were.
On the outside, at first look they seemed to be normal in everything. But in the
end, when I was poisoned partly, inside of them they had agreed. And to my surprise
the first one had suddenly said a strange sentence, in which he indicated it to me.
The lesson, which you should leave this article with, unforgettably recorded to your
memory, is that when doing anything really good, big and important, what must not
be known to others until it is finished, you can trust no one. Not in the least. Also do
not forget that bugs and hidden cameras can be everywhere (in parked cars, on the
roof of houses, in your personal things, on the trees in the forests etc.). And they
often are.
I was one of the first, maybe even the first one, who had shown interest in the purchase of the
premise, on which there was later our garden. And I had got several interesting neighbors, who could
have been informers, either Hellish or normal.

Under me there was a man, whose wife was the ex-partner of the same guy, who made DVD
"Duch Pravdy" (= "the Spirit of Truth") about me. And below him there were relatives of the woman
above me. She and the other woman with garden above that of mine had a very similar surname.
And during all the years when I had regularly been sleeping in my garden, I had a Hellish friend,
who had lived in our city in the same street opposite the apartment of the people who owned a part of
the house that I had lived in at that times and in which I was partly poisoned, too.
It was known, that I am writing spiritual things and that I am almost founding a new religion. High
percentage of my relationships was them, the "Hellish Special Service". The people had a colder core
and kept internal distance from me.
Remember: As soon as you are working on some real discovery, every relationship is here to act
against you, even if it was only very little and in secret.
If it was not known that it was I who has written the books I have written, there would be no
compromising videos of me, in the shop there they would sell me normal cigarettes instead of the
specially harmful. I could buy normal food products without anything detrimental in them; people would
not wish me the bad things as much as they do; I could have a dog without any strong attack on our
relationship and we could regularly be in the garden and on small trips in the forests; I could walk
along the streat without the fear that they will sprinkle something detrimental into the air before me and
so on.
Again: If you do something interesting what "Hellish Special Service" would not love, they must not
know about it and if they do, your life will become less pleasant for you than before. But if it is really
bad and they have decided to destroy you, in such a case better is to die than to be destroyed
gradually. Quick death is better than the loss of health, life in ruins and mutilated personality.

The Network of Hellish People

(Newer article)

For the uninformed: Hellish people have a demonical humanoid soul and in the
majority they rule our human society. As for their number, I am not sure. Perhaps
they can represent up to one third of our human population.
They occupy most of the highest positions in the mankind (presidents of the
biggest countries, famous writers and singers, church leaders and so on) and the
way they are controlling it is worth mentioning.
Well, it seems that they have gradually set up a network that enables them to have
access to normal people, to have in many cases even detailed information about
them, and to keep their spiritual knowledge on a low degree.
In order for them to have it, they do more things at the same time: They have a
majority control over education, religions, activity of secret services, companies
providing a telephone and internet connection, the television & production of many
movies, work of many musical bands etc.
They are often recording people and certain places by hidden microcameras
placed in cars, on the roof of houses and sometimes even inside of their own home
or in their beloved places in Nature. Shortly, Hellish people are so curious about the
comings and goings of the normal, that they do much to discover it (for instance, they
listen to people's talking in the pubs and similarly). However, they pretend that they
do not know about people and they are not observing them so much, which causes
normal people to have a feeling that they have privacy.
But I am most interested in the way they gain access to normal families and
particular normal people. One of the main goals of the gathering of information about
them is to inform the secret service managed by Hellish people that is receiving

reports not only from their own people, but partly also from the normal people who
are working for it.
Using clever Hellish psychology, they make normal people choose them for
friends, or at least trust them and display themselves before them a bit. This is one of
the most powerful means how to get to know about normal people.
But it is not only friendship that reveals the privacy of normal people. Much can be
discovered by observation of how they react when they hear or see this or that, how
big attention they pay to this or that and similarly.
Complementary information:
If Hellish people want to know something about you, they use a cross checking. For instance, they
suspect you of being a bisexual, but they need to be sure:
- One friend of yours, an informer, will ask you about it.
- One acquaintance of yours, an informer, will speak about related things, waiting for your reaction.
- Several acquaintances of yours, with some informer(s) among them, will invite you (or oppositely
will cleverly make you invite them) to the restaurant, where they will mention bisexuality, waiting for
you to react to it.
- Somebody else, in front of you, will allude to related things.
- In the building you work at (but it can also be in the train and similarly), there will be some
magazine left on the table with an article about related things; or there will be men's briefs for gays in
the changing room and nobody will be around. And you are secretly recorded how big attention you
will devote to it, whether or not you will talk about it and how, and similarly.
- Somebody will touch you (both in normal circumstances and when you are drank) a bit more
intimately then is normal and they will be curious how you will react.
- There will be some poster, sometimes even on a lonely place, displaying something related and
nobody is seen around (of course, you do not have a clue about the hidden micro camera) and it is
recorded what attention you will pay to it.
Just as a matter of interest, when someone does some bisexual or homosexual act, it does not
mean yet, that he must be a bisexual or a homosexual.
When a person, the main program of which is a heterosexual behavior, will be prevented from
experiencing it sexually (most often when there is no partner of opposite gender), especially when the
sexual need is increased by something, it is forced to be experienced by different ways. By the ways
that are available. That is why a person, long years in a jail, is more likely to have a homosexual
intercourse; that is why a person with prevailing sadistic tendencies, but without any suitable victim,
can start to act like a masochist; that is why a kleptomaniac can go to rob himself, if there is no other
option of robbing someone.
Another way to make one behave unnaturally is to provoke him into actions not fully natural for him,
which is also valid for the bisexuality. This bad influencing is sometimes done by Hellish people who
use to damage the life of some normal ones.
In every opposite there is the element of its opposite as well as a small element of femininity is in
every man and vice versa. If this small element is bigger and/or evoked artificially and at the same
time the person in question is restricted by circumstances so that he or she cannot display the main
sexual orientation, he or she can start to behave like a person with opposite sexual orientation than he
or she in fact has. This principle is valid not only for the relationship between heterosexuality,
bisexuality and homosexuality, but also between sadism and masochism etc. If there is no chance to
experience what is major, one is pushed to experience what is minor.

However, I wish to make one discovery here. I know that the world's secret service
makes people give away wrong testimonies about spiritual things. And seeing this
behavior of theirs and knowing that they are Hellish, it becomes obvious, that they
had to use a similar behavior in case of the creation of religions & beliefs and in
manipulation with some historical information from our past.
The reason is that that they have never wanted normal people to know the whole
truth of these things. But there were some normal people who wanted to change it

and I was one of them, although many normal people are being convinced, that my
words about this are exaggerated and wrong. And to be frank, I was very surprised,
how easy was to manipulate with the opinion of normal people in the cases that had
already happened. On the other hand it is understandable, because the entire
approach to normal people of this world is planned by Hellish masters of human
The people who want to condemn my words should realize the following: I do not
want any wars among people and I do not want any terroristic actions. I only want
two things: 1. The attack on the parallel demonical world that had happened in the
future and that was performed by "God & Holy Council" together with "Heavenly
Nation". 2. Perfect human society where the principle of my "Lukewarm Harmony"
(see my book "Amen") will be put in practice (the entire amount of happiness and
wealth that are at hand for the human society as a whole will be divided by the
number of all of its members and every one of them will have the resulting amount at
his disposal; but how I have explained in different writings, to function well, the
perfect society does not need any money). Of course, in such a society there will be
no Hellish people at all. People will be educated in basic spiritual questions, being
more developed individuals than normal people in our current society, more or less
ruled by Hellish people.

The Number of Hellish People

(Newer article)

I have already explained, that for the sake of the secret service I had thought that
Hellish people are the majority of human population, which was wrong. So how high
their percentage really is?
In the "Picture of Human Souls" the Hellish part had 35% of power, long ago I
have heard from the Christians that one third of angels is supposed to serve the
Satan, but perhaps there is no direct proportionality between this percentage and that
of Hellish people in the human population.
But if there was the direct proportionality in it, it could also mean that those 33 or
35% is the final percentage that has not been reached yet. It was indicated that the
number of Hellish people is increasing, but how big it currently is?
Frankly: I do not know. In view of circumstances it should be somewhere within the
range from 10% to 35%.
(As for their often-mentioned curiousness, many of them are informers of the secret service. I
remember that many years ago when I had said both at home and in the pub with several people only
that I am starting writing a spiritual book, immediately there was a new friend, one of them.
And because I have lived without girlfriends for years, they were curious about my sexual condition.
Therefore under the guise of research, one of them was investigating the functionality of my sexual
organ. I do not know why, but he was also curious if I am able to lie to other people, there was even
one arranged situation to discover it. They have also sent a young woman with the same kind of dog
that I loved to make me enter relationship with her to discover how I am with women.
You, all the normal people, should always keep in mind, that the curious Hellish regularly are your
acquaintances and friends, and they can report some things about you. Please be so kind and learn
not to trust them fully and not to display your most intimate things in front of them, even if they were
talking about that of theirs, waiting four your talking about that of yours in return.)

Never Trust Any Friend

(Newer article)

When I was a boy, one woman had bought a Rottweiler puppy from us and there
were several suspicious things about her:
1. Despite living alone almost in a lonely place, she wanted such a dog that will
let strangers touch and feed it and that will never bite anyone. Paradoxically, she had
bought a Rottweiler that, at those times, was known as a much people-aggressive
2. Despite having a small income and somewhat greater expenses, which it
would hardly cover, she even managed to save up. However, she did not have the
money in a bank account, but in the drawer at home. And her home, locked by a very
simple door lock, was guarded by dogs taught that they must not bite anybody and
they can accept goody from everybody.
3. She had a yellow car and to my memory, she preferred a red jacket.
4. Her father was a senior consultant and the uncle had immigrated to a foreign
country where he had caught on.
Then there was the period of time, when a car was slowly passing me by, when I
was walking up the hill and the fire of Hellish energy had streamed from the eyes of
its drives and it had fallen on my trunk that was burning then; when a man had
looked at me, around who there was a smoke (like when little devils come in the
fairytales) and the Hell opened, once there was even a little devil seen in it; when the
story happened to me, about which I talk in video "Par starych prihod..." etc. At those
times, I did not have wrong impressions yet, but in these years after "fields", gases
and drugs I already do.
Only then many people were sent to pretend before me that they are Hellish. And I
was supposed to look like a crazy person to whom it only seems that he sees Hellish
people and the Hell everywhere, and in fact there is nothing like that. And the normal
people were such miserable, that up to now they did not say to me that it is a cheat
(some of them knew it already since 2003).
But let me return to the female friend of mine. Once I had seen her and in the very
moment it had happened that the piece of my soul "had loosened". I saw the figure
inside of her, the Hellish humanoid soul like Hellish people have it. Not a single time
she did say, that she has it inside of her and all through her life she was lying, that
she is a practically-thinking materialist who does not believe in anything spiritual.
The next interesting example is my male friend who, when I have started to write,
was expressing similar opinions like I had. He was likeable and "by coincidence" he
was writing on papers his thoughts about spiritual things like I did into my PC.
Sometimes, especially when he came for a visit to me from time to time, I had felt
such a sadden impact, as if his core was negative and kept a distance, but after
some moments of conversation as if he had melted and started to have softer and
warm vibrations superficially. Once I had heard a piece of conversation that gave
such an impression to me that there is somebody powerful who wants him to be my
friend and he would disappoint him, if he was not.

When I had something at home, after which there were strange sounds and
Hellish creatures gained access into me and I used to wake up paralyzed, was more
evil toward the dog and similarly, he said to me: "It takes bigger difficulties to me to
control myself" or "When I lie down to bed, I am seeing these or that things". I think
that on some card he had a picture with glasses, a bit more reaching into the eyes by
frames and he was wearing clothes with an inconspicuous Hellish combination of
colors, but otherwise nothing suspicious. And when they have sprayed my oven by a
detrimental thing, he was saying something like "I was confused, I have mistaken the
time and I did not know, if there is morning or evening". Every now and then he
apologized after he said a decent word and then he forgot to apology after he
pronounced a dirty one (e.g. "Excuse me, but these are not the totally best ones" and
then "There are no bigger bastards than them"). He was also talking to me about a
brain tumor or how he was gazing into the bulb too much and damaged his sense of
sight and maybe he wanted me to get the both. And similarly.
In front of me, he was showing that he owes for monthly rental, his teeth were not
repaired and he was talking about debts in the canteen. Shortly, he was giving the
impression of poor and in a sort of way spiritual person. In any case, he was talented
technically and he was doing the reparations of his bicycle or musical equipments
Once in their apartment I had experienced the rare moment when "it has opened"
to me and his son had thought of me: "They have said, that he has got an infection."
Yes, I had got it. And, obviously, they did not want to get it, too. Therefore after I
leaved, somebody, probably his son, had thrown an egg at me, perhaps to make me
not to visit them as much as before. Interesting is that before me, the both were
pretending that they do not know at all that I had got the infection.
Remembering these Hellish friends (of course, there were more of them), mainly
the female friend from the first part of this article, I am getting one idea:
In order for Hellish people to have the knowledge of normal people, probably there
is a rule, that every normal family and/or man must have some Hellish friend (or
some friend-informer, at least). And when there is a suspicion or even a certainty that
a normal person is working on something interesting, he gets another "friendsinformers" (apart from it, he gets a bug in his home, on beloved places, in personal
things or clothes etc.).
Thus from the above-mentioned it results, that normal person cannot trust his
friends any much. He can confide his "non-secret" things to them, but never the
"secret" ones! And not a single time in life!
It applies not only to friends who have started the relationship with you, but also to
those, with which it was you who has started the relationship (you addressed them as
the first one). For one thing, there are many informers and for another, they can
arrange it cleverly in the way to make you choose their man yourselves.
In conclusion, I will remember "the Picture of Human Souls" (see my e-book
"Supergod"). In its right third, in the total sum there was less evil than in our left one. I
believe that people there were less watched and had more privacy, too. Only in one
place of the right third there things went out of control, but despite it the overall
amount of the evil in it was much lower, than its amount in our Hellish third.

The Bigger the Observation, the Lower Amount of the Good Things
(Reflection on related experiences)

I strongly believe that there are good things in your private life that won't happen, if
the bad and curious Hellish people will observe you during it.
One example from my childhood:
I used to sleep together with my mother and my sister in one room. In the middle
of the night I woke up and I saw how the toys in my room were moving. The lion was
in the front and all the other were arranged in the range. The elephant was curiously
looking around.
Seeing this unusual show, I had felt a terror and in panic I wanted to touch my
mother to wake up her. However, strange power had dominated me. The movement
of my hand had stopped several centimeters from my mother's body, not having the
power to reach her. And it was because the show had only been for me and nobody
else was allowed to see it!
Today, for the range of years already, the room as well as all the other is recorded
because of me. There is no such an unusual show any more, no visible visit of any
spiritual creature that would be seen by all the observing equipments. My only
chance is to use the stream that is invisible in our dimension or, above all, to get to a
place, where I am not observed at all.
Sample from "Supplement.pdf": (two bad effects of eavesdropping)
I have read that the signal produced by the equipments used for eavesdropping
can be harmful. However, there is one more detrimental aspect of this "listening to
I strongly believe that the minority of the people who are observed and at the
same time who have a more sensitive subconsciousness, can feel & know in their
core, that something is wrong. And now I will mention one of my own personal
experiences in this field.
There was a place, to which I was several times together with my dog. But one
time I was more nervous there, treating my dog a bit worse than usually, too. And
then I have discovered, that I am observed by some people sitting in the car.
I had several similar experiences, in which I was less calm and in a bit worse
mood there, where I was eavesdropped & observed. And I guess that it is valid for a
lot of other people as well.
Another sample from "Unbelievable Cheats.pdf":
Out of the things that I did not speak about yet, I will mention one: Prayers.
Because I am observed so much, more or less I have ceased to pray since they
would have the records of my prayers, which I hate.
I remember the times when I used to pray in "my pathways" in the forests and my
prayers were not working at all. Then there were three successes: 1. One voice said
to me words meaning "Go somewhere where no one will see it!" and when I have
entered a different place in Nature, there was the Lamb's Wrath going through my
body. Or when I went to the forest in the night instead of in the day using a different

way to get there, there was the God's Remembrance. Or when I was naked without
any personal thing with me in the summer in the forest away from all the pathways
and on a different place than usually, there were the Beings of the Sanctuary of God.
Anyway, I was recorded during my experience "Supergod", but it has happened on
a micro-level, softer than the one that the observing equipments are made of, so that
they cannot see it. But if there appeared something from the coarser dimensions,
then it would be seen by the hidden cameras.
And now I almost believe that that if the hidden micro-cameras were in the lower
room and in the kitchen of our house at the time, when the God & Holy Council had
sent their Circle of Stars to me, they would not send them. One way or the other, all
the secret observation is harmful in many aspects.
Additional thoughts regarding praying:
When you are praying when being eavesdropped, it is very bad. For example, in this case Hellish
people can arrange the opposite of what you are praying for and you get the feeling that the God does
not hear your prayers, that he has forsaken you if not even betrayed you. But even if Hellish people
did nothing bad in this respect, still they know what you are praying for (= your internal wishes and so
on, whereas all that should exclusively be your private matter).
But if you would prevent your eavesdropping during praying, it would be much better. For example,
personal things (e.g. clothes, phone, tablet, maybe even a passport) and anything on your body (e.g.
earrings, chains on the neck) can contain some hidden equipment for your observation.
And the fact that your bicycle, car or even domestic pet can contain it also, is nothing unbelievable.
Perhaps the bug can also be in your artificial hair, tooth's filling and similarly. I am saying this because
you can put away your personal things any time, but your body is always with you.
When naked (or in a simple clothes without anything observing) in some bigger forest distant from
a city in the summer, you can pray, open the space and similarly, and maybe no one will see it. But
please do that only if you had put your clothes, personal things and so on into some bag and walked
away some larger distance. Or when on the walk you do not have your personal and other things with

And more and more: There are magical methods that I do not practice for years,
because I am observed. For example:
1) Attack on Hellish people from the Universe (part of conscience travels into the
space where it joins the Wrath of the Lamb that it sends to the Earth).
2) Attack on Hellish people from the Earth (you look into the space in front of you;
what is distant becomes near and what is near becomes distant; Hellish people,
located by means of special points or energetic streams that they have in common,
appear in the opened space in front of you and the Wrath of the Lamb, or other
damaging energy, is sent into them).
I am not doing the mentioned and other methods for long years, because Hellish
people are observing me.
Apart from it, I have started to see some energy in my brain, but I keep it blocked
all the time, because Hellish people could see if I have used it.
My hierarchy of values:
1) Hellish people must not see it.
2) I must do what I need to do to help my self and to reach my goals.

How to Secure the Privacy of Your Home

(Older article)

If you are a normal person, most probably you are not able to imagine how many
people are curious about your privacy. And now I do not speak about individuals or
secret services only.
Anyway, the structure of our human society is such that it makes almost
impossible to fully secure your personal life from being exposed to other people.
However, there are some basic advices that will at least protect a piece of it, although
they are not enough to protect it completely.
The following is approximately translated text of the sample of "Zlate pravidlo"
(which means "Golden Rule"):
If you use to choose who to admit into your home as a visitor and who not, you
can be wrong anytime and even if you were the best people-knower. But if you let
nobody go in, not a single one time in your whole life (nobody means neither workers
nor relatives) and, at the same time, someone from your family is always present in
the house (which he or she does not let himself be lured out from, no matter what
pretext is used) 60/60/24/7 in order to prevent that, that someone will pay you a "visit"
at your home when you are not there. Only then your home is relatively secured. But
in order for you to not let anybody overstep your doorsill, you yourself must never
overstep the doorsill of others. For when you pay other people a visit, it is awaited
from you, that you - sooner or later - let them pay a visit to you.
The following is approximately translated text of the sample of "TOK Dodatek 8":
During the securing of your home there must not be a single one loophole! No
visitors, the presence of somebody in the house 24/7 and as soon as one has
leaved, the other immediately bolts the door after him (I know a case when there was
a little delay and it was abused by the enemy) + he lets the door lock key in a
crosswise position. The other does not get out of the house until the first one returns
back (for example, to go to cut the grass on the garden or to work in a workroom
behind the house decreases the house's security) and he does not open the windows
(when it must be then open only "collapsible crack" and stay in the same room when
its opened).
The tactics is to gain the keys to the door locks of your home and then to wait for
the moment when you go out of it. And if it is watched by any of you all the time, he
must be lured out from it. For example, one buddy of yours mentions before you that
there is something near you what attracts you and what you would like to see, and
you go there. Or you and some other member of your family receive an appointment
to visit the doctor or the local authority and similarly, but just at the hours when one of
you is to guard your house. Or in the neighborhood something is "in flames", sort of a
small fire - above all, it is about a smoke - and you go there to take a look.
Remember: Even if you had to lose money, you had a problem at your workplace
or you had to cancel an appointment with your doctor, the security of your home is in
the first place. It must not be unsecured neither one moment in your entire lifetime.

Comment: Such rules are enough in normal circumstances only. Otherwise, the
Hellish Special Service can make any family member co-operate and help it against
you. Then he or she will let them access your private documents and so on.
The following is approximately translated text of the sample of "Pekelna
psychologie" (which means "Hellish Psychology"):
As for personal computers, it is suitable to have two. One contains the necessary
data for networking and the other something private (but the screen must not be
turned toward the window [and its reflection must not be seen through it] or toward
the neighboring apartment). In the network (today it is the Internet) you watch what is
not important to you and you better do not look there at what is the most important to
If you want to go to somewhere, you must clearly know that if you search some
specific train, bus or airplane and you are observed, it is already being known where
you are going to go. Therefore the best is to have an offline schedule in the second
computer and when you must do some search online, look up more connections and
mainly those that are not important to you. And if you switch trains do not do that on
the main station (perhaps somehow move - in a zigzag manner - through the town to
the first station behind the city of the train that you want to transfer yourself to).
Also is good to have two mobile phones. One contains the telephone numbers of
relatives and friends, and the other, the private one, serves to the calls from different
locations than where is your home. But only the numbers are dialed that are not
important to you. For example, you like soccer, but now and then you call for the
results of basketball; at home you only watch TV news of channel 12, but through the
other, the private one, only that of channel 57 that you never watch at home, and
similarly. Then your mobile phone is "more ready" for possible private
...I think that best is when others know neither what food or beverage you like
best, what music you like to listen to (if you are eavesdropped, they listen to your
favorite songs, but if it deals with a radio station, for instance, there are played both
the songs that you like and those that you do not, it is more difficult). As far as music
and movies are concerned that you use to download, please download those that
you like together with those that you do not like. At least, considering the Internet
traffic of your computer, it won't be exactly known, what entertainment matters to you
...Another advice is to never throw your mediums or correspondence with your
private data into the trash can, but to destroy everything already at home and do not
trash it unless it is in an unreadable form. There are many of such small advices...
- regularly change the door locks and buy them every time in a different shop in
a different city

secure the windows of your cellar and ground floor by iron bars

use security cameras etc.

The following is approximately translated text of the sample of "Pekelni lide Revize

If you want to decrease the probability of being followed during travelling or you
want to make it more difficult, let you buy a ticket to some station and let you get off
in a different one (as a rule, either you get off a few stations sooner, or shortly before
the station that you have a ticket into, let you buy another ticket to another one)...
...Among the ways of concealing of privacy belongs not only the use of offline
schedules, but also offline maps and similarly. But you cannot have there any search
history, that is you must not use favorites.
Anything what is online is unsuitable. For example, if you were looking at some
map and you would enlarge some place on it and stayed there for some while, it is
already known, that you are interested in it. But even if you used to go for a trip to the
places that you did not enlarge, by some time it can be discovered anyway. Shortly,
offline browsing without the search history is the better choice, although even better
is the browsing of a hard cover map and schedule.
PS 1: If you are somehow interesting, the less secure place where you can speak
about your personal things is your own home (and your car). Therefore any important
decision that you have made rather write on a small paper using very small letters
and then show it to the other members of your family instead of saying it aloud. And
never forget two more things: a bug can be in everything that you use to wear with(in)
yourself, and you can be listened to on your "regular places" (e.g. cemetery)
including lonely places (e.g. relaxing place on a forest pathway) in Nature (it is known
that at such places people use to talk more openly).
I do wish that all the normal people had their privacy preserved for them only! The
world is full of curious people that want to know it. They only pretend that they do not.
PS 2: Whereas advices in this article including those in "PS 1" can be enough to
defend against the curiosity of many individuals and partly even against that of secret
services, at all times they are not enough to secure you against Hellish people as
Because there are many so-called "mixed families" (= those, the members of
which are partly Hellish and partly normal), normal person must keep the most
important part of his privacy hidden from all the members of his family (= from male
and female cousins, from aunts and uncles, from brothers and sisters, and even from
own mother and father).
It all also means that that any information you will have in your home (in the
second "private PC", in personal book and similarly) is not safe, if it is accessible by
the members of your family who are Hellish.
Comment: or who co-operate
Otherwise, the text marked with blue color is exaggerated a bit, but not basically
untrue. These "mixed families" are less numerous than I thought then and more often
it deals with distant relatives than with close relatives. But I do not know it for sure.
As for the above-mentioned "non-confiding", I do not have to mention that normal
person must not confide his personal secrets to any friend. The reason is that that the
substantial part of normal people have only Hellish people for (the best) friends and
they use to confide their personal secrets to them. That is why almost everything
about normal people is known.

Excerpt from "Pekelni lide Revize 12":

There is one advice regarding confiding:
"If you think over whether or not you are to confide something to somebody else,
first let you imagine that absolutely all others will have the information. And only if you
agree with this, only then let you confide to him."
The same rule applies for sex, too. One time you have displayed some sexual
peculiarity in front of them and it is already known about you. For the information
about sexual orientation belong among those basic qualities that Hellish people know
about all the normal and not only about those, who are somehow important to them.
In any case, if you belong among the normal people, who are doing fine in sex
with their mate and really enjoy it including a quality orgasm, rather do not boast
about it. Neither in the case when everybody around you is boasting about it.
(Author's comment: Sometimes, when Hellish people see such a couple of normal people, the
relationship of which is [long-term and] so to speak "clean", they can spoil it a bit. For example, they
will seduce one of the two [but sometimes so cleverly that he will address the other person as the first
one and so it will be him who has started their relationship] and they will make him be unfaithful to the
other, or they will arrange some situation that will put one of the two down with the other, or they will
evoke in them a feeling that the other is not that good & there are better ones and similarly.)

Regarding the confiding to Hellish people, I have got an idea of this proverb: "What
man confides to one Borg that he confides to the entire Collective of his, too."
(Author's comment: When it deals with important things, Hellish people, similarly to the Borg, hand
the information they have gained about normal people over to their dark nation.
If Hellish people do not have any information about some normal person that they are concerned
about, they can observe him [how he reacts to this or that scene in a movie, to a picture that someone
hanged on the wall at his workplace or on some place for posters, to what they have mentioned in
conversation before him and so on] and so they will find out about him. They can also arrange some
situation and/or even become his friends to get to know more.
Generally, Hellish people love to discover the privacy of normal people by secret observation of
how they behave when they think that no one is observing them. Because then they behave naturally
and Hellish people learn most about them.)

Prevent Them from Knowing About You

(Older article)

In "How to Secure the Privacy of Your Home" you have already read some
advices concerning your privacy, but I have decided to add on this subject other
pieces of knowledge.
How we know very well, many people, especially the Hellish, are very curious
about the privacy of others, but in most cases they manage to hide it perfectly.
Hellish people build larger and larger skyscrapers, faster and faster cars, they
investigate & work with almost all the kinds of matter that we have here and they try
to make use of it as best as they can. They do not hide this ability of theirs from you,
but they have forgotten to tell you one thing: Apart from all that they are running
secret psychological investigation of normal people and they secretly use information
from their privacy to manipulate with them.
"People from the Hell" know very well, that they will learn most about the normal
when they won't know that they are observed and therefore they will talk openly and

behave naturally (as it was said in the previous article, whereas among such places
we can find not only home, car, cemetery and beloved places in Nature, but also
other places like some favorite restaurant or the place of normal people's friends who
are Hellish and who the normal confide with their privacy).
You know, I suppose that at least half of normal people have for the best friends
only the Hellish who use to notice and sometimes even report several important
things that their Nation loves to know about the normal: their sexual orientation and
details of their sexual life (therefore normal people should never talk about it even if
everybody around them was openly discussing it), secret love, secret hate, what
makes them happy, what they are afraid of, their main deep-rooted opinions and
similarly. And when it is needed, these information can be used by other Hellish
people if their Collective will suddenly become concerned about the family of the
normal that they know so much about.
Of course, they always pretend that they do not have the information about normal
people and they use it very carefully, so that the normal usually suppose that the
Hellish do not know about them as much as they do.
One way or other, normal people should try to learn to keep a certain part of their
privacy hidden from all others. What is most important to hide is when you had some
unusual spiritual experiences, when you secretly love or hate someone and which
personal ambitions you have (= what is most important to you about family members
and domestic animals, about your work and hobbies).
If you are a normal person who is planning on something what has a special
significance to you, try to hide that plan of yours as much as you can. It can be
anything like some private trip, a sudden purchase of something unusual, some
action somewhere and similarly.
First of all, externally you must display no interest about the thing or place in
question, which means that you won't show any special reaction when other people
will mention it before you, when your co-worker sticks a picture displaying it on the
door of his locker. You won't search it in the Internet, you won't call for any info about
it using a phone, you won't visit the place in advance, you won't talk about it with
anyone, you won't write it into your PC at home (see "mixed families"), you won't look
at any movie or TV show about it, you won't stop in front of the shop window or notice
board where is some information about it etc.
The degree of the curiousness of Hellish people is a high one, but they use
various methods how to mask their interest about normal people. For example, they
want to talk to you, but they want you to think that they do not. They will walk along
the same street like you or they will sit in the same bus that you are just getting on,
and you will meet them there. Perhaps they will look aside and it will be you who will
address them and who will start the conversation. Quite often they won't straightly
ask you anything, but they will wait for you to say something interesting or they will
talk about their privacy, inside of them waiting for you to start talking about your
privacy, too.
Hellish people rule human society and they need to have a detailed information
about its normal part. And they will do anything to get it (eavesdropping & bugs,
information from their people that are in touch with the normal, secret observation of
normal people's comings and goings, and other needed sources).
However, I believe that if normal people have successfully hidden their privacy
from the Hellish, they will avenge to them for it. As soon as their curiosity is not
satisfied, they are getting upset.

PS 1: Please always keep in mind that Hellish people can see what you are doing.
For example, if you have some hidden sexual inclination, do not look too long and
with a big interest at a poster that displays something what attracts you in this regard.
If you secretly love somebody, do not look at him or her longer than one little moment
only like others do and then switch to looking at someone who does not concern you
that much. And if you do not want others to know what music you like, do not listen to
it loudly at home and keep in your office pictures of singers, the music of which you
do not like that much. And similarly.
Another useful thing is to convince others that you are not happy. You can play in
front of them that you long for a more expensive car than you have (its none of their
business that you are satisfied with the one you own), you can pretend that you are
not satisfied with your best friend and that you long for somebody else, sometimes
even whispering his or her name "in sleep" (its none of their business that the two of
you are happy about each other), you can pretend that you long for a much more
money than you have got (its none of their business that you are modest and without
any greater "financial ambitions") and similarly. And when you have some distinctive
religious or political opinions, let nobody else know about it. Never search for related
literature & web sites, never display it in front of others and rather pretend that these
opinions of yours are different.
PS 2: In conclusion, please let me stress two sad facts:
1. Normal people are attracted by the Hellish, they take them for the best friends
and they confide their secrets to them.
2. Normal people are not able to distinguish the Hellish from the normal and it is a
fact of life that almost every time they suppose that the Hellish are the normal.
Therefore if some normal person plans on doing something what must stay hidden
from Hellish people, he cannot have any confidant, so that the only action worthy of
consideration is that of an individual. In other words the only thing that he can plan to
do is something, what can only be done by one person without any help of somebody

Bonus 1 (the dog alone is not enough)

Many people secure their house by a dog. But you should know, that in some cases the
dog alone won't do, which is explained by the following excerpt from "Shepherd Dogs":
It use to happen (and in my life I have encountered it several times) that some guys
(either individuals or, more often, curious Special Service), enter the home of people, when
they are away (at school, at work, in the shop, at their friends' place and similarly). Then the
only member of family, who is present at home, is the dog.
If the intruders have the knowledge of dogs and various means how to confuse and/or
defeat the dog, it is very bad. Especially in young dogs that are trained for protection and
such a situation of the encounter with the stranger(s), even if it was only one time in the dog's
life, is something what will affect its training.
No dog is able to defend your home fully, when there is some bigger interest to get inside
of it when you are away (the neighbor won't say anything to you, if they will pay to him). My
personal experience is that that one only factor, in given case the dog, can always fail
somehow. Best are three factors together, in particular human being + the dog + some
motion sensor.
Bonus 2 (the black spot)
If they know what matters to you most, they can easily make the black spot in your life.
When I was young, healthy and capable of something, there were two locations where
martial arts were trained and aside all the normal fighters, two specialists were occurring
there who were able to beat even real masters.
In the first location one of these specialists said to my friend that he does not like me and
the danger of the possible conflict with such a stronger opponent was spoiling the
atmosphere in that location.
And in the second location such a "supermaster" had talked to me like he has wanted to
fight me even without protective means, which was also spoiling the atmosphere in that
When I was proud of the aggressiveness of my Rottweiler, they had tried to give him
some food and he refused, attacking the guy during it. Then they have tried to make him be
afraid using gunshots in a corridor when he was tied, but he had stood his ground.
He was excelling at defense and when all the dogs in our company were recorded during
their work on the helper, the action of my dog was skipped.
My other dog, whose strength I really liked, a Caucasian Ovcharka, had lived with me in
two locations.
In the first one on the New Year's night in the fields we had met a much bigger dog. The
encounter was very strange, but there was no fight, because I was giving out the sounds of a
puppy (my first thought was to avoid the fight) and had commanded my dog to play with that
monster that started to behave friendly (the giant dog reminding an Irish Wolfhound did not
want to follow us, it wanted to stay near a circle-like place on which we had found it, and
when we had left him and returned back after some moments, it was not there any more and
we could not find it). But I have a question whether or not someone wanted my Caucasian to
meet somebody who is even stronger than he is to make me see my dog losing a fight?
In the other location there was nobody stronger than my dog and we had lived there like
Anyway, if someone knows your emotional dependence on something, he can abuse it
and hurt your feelings. And the ways how to affect them take on many forms and some of
these actions can only look like a very small and almost innocent thing. For example, a
sentence pronounced during a friendly conversation that will mention something what will
hurt your feelings.