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Afaria Device Migration to GLOBAL Domain

Mobile Devices
User Self-Service Portal
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General (iOS &Android)
Android only
BYOD Touchdown
Unmanageable Clients

Self Service Portal


Mail Profile Activation - iOS

Mail Profile Activation - Android
Lync Mobile Client Activation

Further information and Support

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Migration Prerequisites
General - Android- BYOD Touchdown

Prerequisites General

For ALL (iOS and Android) devices:

Renew your SAP Internet Wi-Fi account:
If you are using one or several mobile device(s) to connect to an SAP Wi-Fi network you must
delete / forget your settings on all your mobile devices for all SAP Wi-Fi networks prior to starting
with migrating your device(s):

Go to Settings -> Wifi -> select SAP Internet from choose a network -> click on forget this
network -> Enter your SAP user ID and password -> Accept certificate installation on iOS

Or, if you have a SIM card, have your mobile data connection (3G) enabled

iOS: Settings Cellular Cellular data enabled

Android: Settings More Settings /Networks Mobile networks Mobile Data enabled

Ensure that your Afaria client is up-to-date and connected to the server

To do this, go to the SAP Afaria app -> Info -> Scroll down and check that you are using
client version 6.60.6236.7 (on iOS) and 6.60.6398 (on Android;

If you are using an older version, go to the SAP Afaria app => select Search => type Afaria
=> select SAP Afaria -> Re-install

Alternatively, download from SAP Internal store:

IOS Afaria client

Android Afaria client

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Prerequisites - Android

For Android devices:

You must remove your existing mail profile:
Go to Settings -> /Security/ -> Device Administrator -> Remove
SAP e-mail account
Note: Your screens might differ from those displayed here, depending on the
version you are using.

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Prerequisites Unmanageable Clients

Unmanageable devices (Afaria client cannot connect to


Open an ITdirect ticket under IMIS_PEQP_MOBIL requesting

removal of existing Afaria enrollment data on server

Remove current Afaria client from your mobile device

After removing your old Afaria entry, re-enroll your device here:

Please refer to detailed instructions in the User Migration to

GLOBAL - Mobile Enrollment Guide (SAP Jam)

Or Android Mobile wiki
Or iOS mobile Wiki

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Self-Service Portal
The following slides apply to ALL devices

Self-Service Portal Log on

Please ensure that you migrate all your mobile devices (except
TouchDown BYOD)

Call up the Afaria Migration Self-Service portal on your PC* or

WTS browser (and not from your mobile device)

Log on with your SAP user ID** and password

*VPN required when connecting through external network

** Note: You will only be able to log on if you have already migrated your account to GLOBAL

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Self-Service Portal - Migrate

You will see a list of all your mobile devices managed by

Afaria with the SAP IT tenant

Click Migrate to start migrating your devices

to the Afaria GLOBAL domain tenant

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Self-Service Portal - Migrate

When the migration process is completed for all your

devices, the page will refresh and you

will see that the tenant has changed to SAPGlobal.

New policies and profiles will be pushed to your
device as a result of your device migration.

In the next step, you need to check whether the mail

profile SAP e-mail access for Global has been
pushed to your device (see slide 11).
If this is not the case, return to the self-service portal,
select your device in the Select column, and click
Apply Policy.

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Mail Profile Activation

For iOS Devices Only

Mail Profile Check for iOS Devices

As part of the migration process, a new mail profile called SAP e-Mail Access for Global is
pushed to your device for your new GLOBAL user account.
To check whether the profile is on your device, go to

Settings -> General -> Profiles -> SAP e-Mail Access for Global -> More Details (delivery of
profiles can take couple of minutes)

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Mail Profile Activation for iOS Devices

You then need to activate your new mail profile. To do this,

proceed as follows:

Go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar

Under Accounts, open SAP e-Mail Access for Global

Under Exchange, click on your account

Select Password and enter your SAP logon password
Tap on Done

Refresh the settings by restarting your device

NOTE: it can take several meetings until emails start to pull up

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Mail Profile Activation for Touchdown on

iOS devices
After migrating your device, a new Touchdown app will be downloaded and
installed on your iOS devices:

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Mail Profile Activation

For Android Devices Only

Mail Profile Activation for Android Devices

You have migrated your Android device using the self-service portal.
Now, you need to activate your mail profile.
First, connect your Afaria client by clicking on Connect.

This will trigger the client to update your policies and push a new mail
profile to your device.
Then restart your device
You will then receive a notification on your Android device called
New email account.

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Mail Profile Activation for Android Devices

Click on the New email account notification and confirm the security update.

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Mail Profile Activation

For BYOD Touchdown on Android Devices Only

Mail Profile Activation for Touchdown on

Android devices
Open Touchdown app Press left bottom menu key on device
- choose Settings Account tab:
change loginID value from sap.corp\<your UserID> to\<your UserID>
Click Save when finished
- Choose Settings Connection tab Active Sync click refresh active Sync
settings when status shows enabled , click Close

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Lync Mobile Activation

For All Devices

Re-activating Lync on your Mobile Device

After your account has been migrated to the GLOBAL domain, you need to re-activate your
Lync mobile client.
Enter your sign-in address (SAP
e-mail address)
Enter your SAP logon password

2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved.

Click on Show Advanced Options

Under User Name, enter global
and your user ID (e.g.


Further Information & Support

For iOS and Android Owners

Further Information & Support

Account Migraton JAM community
Corporate Portal Quicklink Global Domain

IT Direct Ticket
IT-Direct ticket in the following category: IMIS_PEQP_MOBIL

2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved.


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