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Superior University

MBA (2.0 Years)

Marketing Management
Submitted to SIR IMRAN EJAZ
Submitted by Muhammad
How did decided your brand name??
Ans: The describe nature of your business by its name when you name your business based on
the intended function it carry out, you are naming your business on base on functionality.
Functionality work very well for branding, as the name already speaks itself. You dont need
too much to explain what your business about.

Question# 2
How did you decide logo, slogans, label, color of your brand ?
Ans: Yes we have our own logo and slogan of our production n service which we design for
our company and the tag line is that WE BELIEVE IN CUSTOMER CARE and we believe
that the customer we make today will get us more customers and the slogan is all about

Question # 3

How did you decide the location of your business?

Ans: The location that we decides for our Pakistan just because we placed our business here
we provide services form here, our customers not in just Pakistan they all our world like UK,
CANADA, UAE, AUSTRAILIA. We provide services any hardware that related with IT
products so thats the we decided to place our business here in Pakistan huge market that
related with IT products.

Question # 4
What process did you followed to deliver the product to your customers??
Ans: We have a supply chain that comes into action when a purchase order is raised by
the customer that purchase order is sent to the accounts department and the purchase
department start the process for arranging the sourcing the product ones the product is
sourced then the producted is shipped its shipped with the following number which is
the tracking number and the tracking number is provided by are the shipment partners
which is in the most cases DHL they give us the tracking number and we track that
number on their website at each stage if its going by ship by air what terminals are
going to touch we know, the day when plan land in the destination we know.
Question #5
How did you decide about the price of your product/ services?
Answer: Before setting a price for our product, we have to know the costs of running
our business. If the price for our product or service doesnt cover costs, our cash flow
will be cumulatively negative, but our business is fully depends on online and products
transfer from one country to another country by air shipment so thats why the cost of
our product is high as compare to local market.
Question #6
When offering to the product of customer, had you compare your price to your
Answer: Yes of course we Compare with identifiable competitors should be between
products same need or intended for the same purpose (the exception being products
registered as having a designation of origin which can be compared only with other
products with the same designation). They are allowed as long as they are based on
objective criteria and are presented in a way that is unlikely to mislead. The

comparisons must objectively compare one or more material, relevant, verifiable and
representative feature of those products which may include price.

Question #7
What media you selected promotion of your product?
Answer: We Select Internet (Google) our product promotions for sales because we
provide IT base services and hardware online so thats why we commonly use this.