Constructive Speech

Practicability (Negative Side)
As the 3rd speaker of the negative side, it is my duty to destroy all obstacles
and to establish a firm standing for the smooth continuance and enforcement of the
ordinance. Also to prove the effectiveness of the said ordinance’s status quo which
is indeed existing and doing its very part in protecting the people’s interest.

To further my colleague’s necessity points, as to the issue of PD 1563 and
with the existence of Regulation ordinance 2002-409. PD 1563 is a general
law made by late Pres. Ferdinand Marcos on 1978 which is to be applied to
the entire country regardless of the severity of the problems. The City’s
Regulation ordinance 2002-409 was passed and authenticated by the Local
government in order to resolve the city’s current problems alone, in which
has certain specificity regarding the eligible candidates for apprehension
when compared to the PD 1563 in which is absent. Thereby we could
conclude, that the ordinance passed by the Local government had
distinguished itself from penalties and in the addition of the parameters of
eligible candidates for apprehension. This penalties is such as the fine of
P500 to both mendicants and to those people caught giving alms or who
abets mendicancy. The ordinance has also penalties such as imprisonment for
the mendicants and community service to those people caught giving alms,
which is also stated in the PD 1563, but it was not stated in the Presidential
Decree about such syndicates who upholds mendicancy for self-enrichment
and for the exploitation of children and elderly to engage in such activities
which endangers their lives and rights. The big difference of the City’s
Regulation ordinance from the PD 1563 is the fine being asked for the penalty
of such crime from P20 to P500. This is evidence by Section 6 on penalty
amount is higher compared to the presidential decree. Therefore, repeal
would not mean that PD 1563 can completely replace the ordinance 2002409. Otherwise what is the use of the city ordinance if that is co-equal with


PD 1563?
City Ordinance 2002-410 creating committee to enforce the mendicancy
ordinance becomes part and parcel to the reference 409 because it was an
amendment to sustain section of 409 and made enacted also in the same

this ordinance is self-sustaining on the premise that the agencies delegated to handle the mendicants after apprehension and decision of the court has already been supplemented by the government. Thereby. the repeal of ordinance 2002-409. According to Councilor Joshua Alim . but also a waste of such resources. 5. The scrapping of the current ordinance is not essential to time or to simply state it as the process is timely. which is a major problem when we talk about the actions or the proposition’s practicability. the issue of completeness cannot be accepted as a ground for . Proposition of a new ordinance would not only be a waste of time. 4.