Brief History

Comsol Energy Pvt. Ltd .( Commodity Solutions ) is a fully owned subsidiary of the Dubai
based US$ 2.8 Billion Primestar Group. Comsol Energy Pvt Ltd was incorporated in 2010 and
has 4+ years of extensive experience of the coal market. The company has been able to
attract high profile in a very short span of time.
Primestar Group has timely added Coal as trading product to its portfolio for Indian market.
Our parent company has a permanent office in Jakarta, Indonesia. This helps the company
to source coal supply from small / medium miners in Indonesia. Comsol Energy is in better
position to increase its share in Coal business due to strong presence in Indonesia and good
contract with various buyers in India. Company has started trading of Coal cargo Imported
from USA recently with focus to increase the business volume by bringing larger
consignments through Cape vessels.
Comsol Energy Private Limited (CEPL) is a prominent top player in the global supply chain
management arena. We own and manage one of the largest and the most acclaimed supply
chains of the Indian waters. The sustained experience of our group in the commodity
trading, shipping, chartering and logistics industries since 1980 has enabled us acquire a
unique set of enviable capabilities which we have effectively invested in our present
Coal is one of the principal sources of energy crucially experiencing a huge demand across a
number of industries. Having established ourselves as one of the leaders in the coal supply
sector, we have also created a major breakthrough in this segment by implementing
futuristic industry practices by offering mine to plant [end to end] supply chain
management solutions. This most innovative and efficient model has enabled us deliver
quicker, hassle-free and cost-effective supplies to our corporate customers. Since we are in
a position to control the entire supply chain management, we have an indomitable
advantage over our competitors. This has accounted for our exceptional strength and
outstanding performance.
Innovation and efficiency are our chief traits that have earned us a privileged position in our
field. Our customer base comprises of some of the global giants across several industry
verticals. Growth is a progressive phenomenon and therefore it is never final. We wish to
reach the topmost rung of our business ladder and set a trend for other players to follow. Let
our burning zeal shed the leading light.

Corporate Office : Suite 302, Block B, Delta Seacon, Rd No.11, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad-34.

T: +91 40 4002 5551-3

our parent concern has been ranked among the top 20 leading champions in India. Delta Seacon.US Coal & Indonesian Coal o Premier Resources Indonesia (PRI) For Indonesian Coal Sourcing & Local Sales.for handling of cargo related operations Corporate Office : Suite 302.for supply of Furnace Oil .A.11. Shipping.U. Service Providing . Rd No. Banjara Hills. this dimension has contributed to our overwhelming success.A. Group Our company was nurtured under the umbrella of the huge ETA Ascon boasting of more than 7 decades of experience in rendering an assortment of supply chain management services including Manufacturing . our group exists in 10 diverse segments of the supply chain management arena. Block B.E . Chartering& Logistics. our Group of Companies has grown to enviable heights across a wide portfolio of businesses. Our Promoter The Company was set-up by Mr. Group Director of the widely respected and diversified US$ 6. In fact.0 billion ETA-Ascon-Star Group of Companies. Down our long history.Commodity Trading. our prime concern has been investing our capabilities to contribute to the success of our patrons. Group Companies o Prime Star Energy .E & Indian and commissioned for its Coal trading activity. CEPL is a new offshoot of this huge mission that has been registered in U. One of the distinguished specialties of our group is bulk cargo & Bulk Liquid cargo Sales and handling and we could create a niche especially in Coal( US Coal. Hameed has a strong International business background for several decades. The team enjoys excellent business relationship with several companies across diverse sectors T: +91 40 4002 5551-3 . Indonesian .Vision Positioning ourselves as the global leader by evolving futuristic trend in real supply chain management Mission Delivering mine to plant [end to end] supply chain management solutions in the coal trading arena for corporate customers across all industry requirements. In its present form. o Prime SMS Logistics Pvt Ltd . Stemming from a parent concern incorporated in the year 1970. South African & Furnace Oil . Hyderabad-34. Syed Hameed Salahuddin. www.comsolenergy. Mr. In this arena. Our Management The company is managed by a professional team of highly experienced and talented individuals backed with several years of experience in their respective fields.

JSW Ltd. CEPL has employed only accomplished technical professional to ensure good quality at load port. Shree Cement etc . www.d. Block B. our firm will only procure material on back to back order basis.. Our team conducts sampling analysis at load port and disport to ensure quality. Madras Cements Ltd. South African & Furnace Oil.11. Delta Seacon.Major Trading Associates Suppliers o o o o o o X Coal PT Bara Komala Sakti PT Almoundi PT Core Mineral Indonesia PT Teguh Sinarabadi Magnum Minerals Pvt Ltd Shipping / Chartering : Norvic Shipping North America Inc. However. it also assumes the responsibility to monitor/ assist end user usage in disport.comsolenergy. In addition.. and any non-compliance with the specification will be passed on to the mine owner with accord. Corporate Office : Suite 302. in order to mitigate Quality risk. Rd No. Some of our most prestigious corporate customers include Asia Green Energy Public Company T: +91 40 4002 5551-3 . Quality In order to ensure impeccable quality at load port. Indonesian . Banjara Hills. Marketing: We have been in the commodity trading sector for so long and hence extensively dealt with supplying some crucial products like US Coal. Hyderabad-34.

3.comsolenergy. Corporate Office : Suite 302. www. Neeraj Traders 11. Asia Green Energy Public Company Express Well International Ltd.Customers 1. Osho Minerals 10. Mahalaxmi Continental 8. Ltd. PT Bayan Resources Log Plus Mining Service Co. (Nirma Group Company) T: +91 40 4002 5551-3 . Rd No. Punjab Coal Group 6. Delta Seacon. Block B. 4. 12. Vertigo Impex Conclusion The kind of journey we could accomplish so far has bestowed on us inimitable capabilities to demonstrate excellence in supply chain management and we keenly look forward to establish our prominent presence in this arena by meeting the crucial demands in coal trading too. 2. Shree Cement 9. Banjara Hills. Hyderabad-34.11. Thailand 5. Goodwill Non Wovens Pvt Ltd. Siddhi Vinayak Cement Pvt Ltd.