General Details
Name of the Respondent
Name of the Gym
Area (Sq.ft)
Type – Unisex / Women

Mrs. Sophy, Manager
Mr. Siva, Physio Therapists
9884873371 /
No 12, Shree Sai Hamsa Mahal, Rajachar
Street, Behind Joy Allukas Jewellery, T Nagar,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017
4000 - 4500

Working Hours (Batch Time)
Non Peak
Average Time spent per person

5.30 am to 10
am and 5 pm to
9 pm
10 am to 4.55
45 min to 1 hour

Details on Gym Facilities / Services
Gym with
 Strength Training
 Free weight Area
 Personal Training
 Spinning Studio
 Cardio
 Group Exercise / Aerobics
 Pilates
Spa: no of Beds__________
Coffee House: no of seats__________
Juice / Salad Bar: no of seats__________
Accessories Shop
Hair Salon: no of seats__________
Steam Room
Valet Parking
Swimming Pool
Change rooms
Squash court
Badminton court
Tennis court
Others Specify_________

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Charges : NOT OFFERING THESE SPA SERVICES Type of Service Hair Care .Men Please Tick Haircut Hair wash Haircut from super stylist Head shave Shave Beard Design Haircut For Child Haircut For Boys Hair Care – Women U Haircut V Haircut Deep U and V cut Junior stylist Senior stylist Change of style Blow dry Wash and conditioning Hair Texture Changing Hair ironing / temporary straightening Temporary curling Perming / curling Hair straightening Hair smoothening Straight therapy (Schwarzkopf) Hair & Scalp Treatment Scalp massage Hair spa (gents) Hair spa (ladies) Hair fall / Anti dandruff / Split end treatment Hair Coloring Grey Coverage Fashion Color Streaks Skin Care Facials Bleaching Nail Care Pedicure Manicure Massage Bridal Package Tatoo & Piercing Weekday discount in Price (%)  Types of Accessories Sold in the Gym Duration (Minutes per Person) (Days) Charges .Karate  Description of Spa & Salon Services.

 Details on Exercise Equipments available in the Gym Name of the equipment Cardio Treadmill (NAUTILOS) EFX (MATRIX) Precor ANT Cybex Arc trainer Recumbent Cycle Upright cycle Rowing machine Stair master Wind jammer Pin loaded (strength) BACK PRESS Chest Leg press Back Triceps Biceps Lat pull down Seated row Sholder press Ab crunch Leg extension Leg curl Abductor and aductor Stretch machines Free weights Dumbbells Plates Smith Machine Cable cross over Inclined bench Vertical leg press Chin up T-Bar Prechur curl Hyper extension Barbell set Backrest chair Flat bench Accessories Exercise Mats Trampoline Swiss balls Medicine balls Boxing bag Imported Indian Number √ √ √ 12 4 √ √ √ √ √ 2 2 2 1 2 √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 √ √ √ 30 70 2 √ √ √ √ 2 1 2 1 √ √ 2 1 √ 1 √ 40 √ √ 10 1 .

54000 per year and Regular Category : Rs. it will go upto 30% if the numbers are more and steadily increasing No of Members No of Active Members 260 120 70% 500 175-200 70% Star category : Rs. 6000 per month and Regular Category : Rs. Growth Rate (Past 3 Yrs). Active Members. 8000 per month. No of Members. 4000 per month Charges for Personal Trainer .30 am to 10 am and from 4 to 9 pm 1 Physio 1 Dietician 1 Doctor 3 Asst.Punching bags and glove Angle bars Others Specify______STICKS _  Details on Manpower of the Gym Category Manager / In charge Trainers Beauticians Support Staff Others Total  5 Number 1 12 (come in shifts from 5. + 4 24 Details on Membership (Lifetime. Annual. 39000 per year Star category : Rs. (Trainees) 1Massager & his asst. Complimentary offers. Half Yearly etc). Anticipated Growth (Next 3 yrs) Membership Type Lifetime Annual Half Yearly Quarterly Monthly Total Gender Ratio Male Female % using Personal Trainers No of Members Membership Charges (Rs) Discounts / Complimentary offers No of Active Members Past Growth (%) Anticipated Growth (%) 675 700 280-300 15% 15-20% 19000 15% discount for corporate. 78000 per year Premium Category Rs. Discounts. Premium Category Rs.

Saidapet. Anna Salai. Planet 10 Fitness Studio 8. Imported machines 2. Profile & catchment Customer Details Demographics (Age. Flame Fitness Studio 7. Ancillary services such as spa. Spend per Avg. Blue Star Employees. Fitness One 9. COFFEE SHOP. Nandanam. Physio Consultation and Dietician consultation.. 5 – 6 KPO Companies. Weekday Avg. Global Trendz Technologies. physiotherapy etc. Radiant Wellness Gym 3.. SCS Corporate Solutions. Details on discounts for Corporates: 15 – 30 % Patronizing Corporates & average no of memberships: Zee Tamil. Spend per . Kodambakkam. Arrow Fitness centre 6. Nungambakkam.  Details on Customer Demographics. Conditioned machines 3. Max Fitness 2.g. 7 th Sense Technologies. Gender) Profile – % of Celebrities. Range of Equipments. Lifetime members are those who have taken Life membership and renewing their membership with the stipulated annual fee  Details on Promotional Measures taken by the Gym to improve membership Benefits for Life Members / : : Free Steam bath + lockers. Good Life Fitness 4. Existing membership Details on Customer Footfall & Spend on ancillary services of Gym such as SPA/ HAIR SALON. Teynampet 10 1. College Students Catchment Area No of Gyms of similar infrastructure within a radius of 3 Km Names of such Gyms   Details T Nagar daily attracts about 5 lakh people and about 2 lakh people shop around in T Nagar West Mambalam. Businessmen. ACCESSORIES. Proximity to residence 4. JUICE / SALAD BAR. Weekend Avg. Dish TV India Ltd. Spacious Gym etc) 1. also they have free Doctor consultation. PHYSIOTHERAPIST. Proximity to residence or office. Membership Fee. Sana Gym 5. Ltd.Note: Active members are those using the Gym regularly. Brand of Equipments (Foreign Brands). DIETICIAN etc Ancillary Services Avg. S & P Foundation Pvt. Ateliers Fitness Kindly share details on the factors considered important for selecting a Gym (for e. hair salon. Corporates.

Fitness Trend. We would be introducing salad shop very soon. .  Demand will be growing and demand drivers are fitness caution  Perception on the convenience of the location of this Gym and details on other best located Gyms in the neighborhood Existing location is very good and other good location in T Nagar is near to Ranganathan Road but that is very crowded with more parking issues.Men  Hair Care – Women  Hair & Scalp Treatment  Hair Coloring  Skin Care  Nail Care  Massage   Bridal Package Juice / Salad Bar Coffee Shop Accessories Shop Physiotherapy Dietician counseling Others Specify_________ 3 – 5 per day Perception on Population using Gyms /Spas in Chennai. 600 per massage – for relaxation Spa / Hair Salon  Hair Care . 800 per for Pain Reduction Body Massage : Olive Oil Massage : Rs. 600 per massage – for relaxation 5 – 7 per day Body Massage : Lam Oil Massage : Rs.  Satisfaction of Customers and Improvements expected by Customers (Need Gap) Existing customers are happy.Footfall / Day Person (Rs) Footfall / Day Person (Rs) Body Massage : Lam Oil Massage : Rs. Demand Scenario & Demand Drivers for Gyms and Spas in CHENNAI  Business people and Senior Executives who want to keep their health come to gyms. 800 per for Pain Reduction Body Massage : Olive Oil Massage : Rs.