Name: Danna Fhel P.

Subject: MAS1
Room: BE306
Professor: Rebecca Maquiling

Date: February 16, 2016


ENRON was once America’s most innovative company, and was famous
throughout the business world from 1990’s until the fall of 2001. As future professional
inline with business, I’m amazed at the same time disappointed with the management of
ENRON, as well as with the higher positioned employees, because they covered its
bankruptcy as a steady company with good revenue. It is quite alarming, since a lot of
its employees and investors were affected. For me, the Management is not just the one
to be blamed, but also the Government, since they don’t have that strict policy to protect
as well as to control every entity.
As I read an article about the fall of ENRON, I think one of the reasons of their
fall was their strategies and their way of running the company. The giving of bonuses to
those who closed deal was catching my attention, because as stated in the article
“Everyone was in a hurry to close deals (good or bad) because right after a closed deal,
they got their bonuses regardless of the result of the deal”, which means that everyone
was just concern with the deals to closed without bothering if it could give some profit to
the company or not.
Another problem that catches my attention was the Mark-to-market Accounting,
where the company will use estimations of future incomes when a long-term contract is
signed. This simply means that this estimation of future cash flow to the company was
already included in ENRON’s accounting even though this said money was not yet
received. The result of this transaction has already given the investors the misleading
information, which is supposedly already a violation.
I was also alarmed that the employees of ENRON was competing with each
other, because of the company’s policy of Performance Evaluation, where the
employees are rated from 1 to 5, 1 being the highest and everytime you were marked 5,
then it means you have to pack your things because you will lose your job anytime
soon. As a company, employees should cooperate with each other but it turns out that
they were competing. Everyone needs to cooperate to improve the company not to
compete with each other just to stay in the company.
There are a lot of discrepancies that ENRON has made, which could give
everyone knowledge on how to handle future circumstances to be encountered. As
future accountant it is really important to maintain our ethical conduct, and
professionalism. It is a warning to those who are already doing it, for them to stop and
do the right things instead.