Now lets take various issues in a bit more detail.

I ll start with finances cos th
ey appear to be very important for most of us.
How much money needed?
A rough rough estimate
step 1- 40k
step 2-40k
step 2 CS- 55k
step 3 - 35k
Study material - 30k (excluding coaching)
Online mock tests - 6-12k per step
Airfares - 50k (economy class for one round trip), double if u plan 2 come back
to india in between
Applications for residency - 60 k
Coaching at Kaplan for 1 step 60k (not very sure for individual steps)
Commuting within US for interviews, exams etc
Sundry (like ISD calls, visits to us consulate, booze etc. icon_smile.gif) 40k
Stay in US for 6 months - 200k (If u know sumone, at whose place you can stay, i
t myt be much less cos it forms the major chunk of living expenses)
Attorney fees H1B visa processing
about 60k
Total (excluding coaching, online mock tests, H1B attorney fees) = approx. 6 lac
These all expenses are valid if you clear everything in one attempt, otherwise a
dd accordingly.
But remember this is just an investment if you get a residency. You can cover th
e money in 1-1.5 years.
How much time?
Well that s pretty subjective again. Still I ll outline average suggested time frame
s for a good preparation. These are based on average of 6-8 hours of thorough st
udies a day (adjust according to your schedule)

1 5-7 months
2 CK - 4-6 months
2 CS - 45-60 days
3 - 2 months (I m not very sure about this)

Now this totals to 15-18 months. But you gotta know a few facts:
* To be able to apply to max no of residency positions you should have cleared a
ll steps (Upto Step 2 CS) by mid-september.
* Interviews are conducted around Jan-Feb period. So its no use even if you comp
lete your steps in Feb or April for that matter. You ll have to wait till next yea
r s match. This is the dilemma for many like me who have decided at this point. We
can t be eligible for the match of 2007. We ll have to wait till 2008, which IS a l
ong time.. icon_sad.gif
No. of Residency seats?
I m giving approx. numbers:
In USA during past years:
No of US medical graduates per year
No of residency slots per year 22,500
Hence about 8,000 slots are there to be filled by IMGs (International Medical Gr
aduates). But mind it Indians are not the only ones applying!!
No of IMGs who got residency after clearing MLE
No of students (including us graduates) who got residency(MLE score > 75) = 75%
No of students (including us graduates) who got residency(MLE score > 90) = 90%

you can head towards other countri es. its great. Amen!! . Believe me if you are prepared for that the scope is great. Biochemistry: Lippincott 6.the mother of all preparations 2. You guys can post any queries you may have here. life s good.(Add extra material to it) 3.gif I ll post more if I find remember more. MCI does recognise US PG but we r not considered for govt. Pathology: BRS with points on Kaplan 9.Scope after Residency? Well if get to stay in US. If you have to c ome back to India you still earn more than your Indian counterparts of same batc h. But since US PG is recognized all over world. Microbiology: Jawetz 8. Books to study for Step 1: 1. a good discussion at our beloved RxPG!! icon_smile. embryo. Webpath/Pathguy for slides 10. jobs. But mind it its getting tougher these days even for US returned PGs to get good jobs since w e are restricted only to private sector. You earn good. Behavioral Sciences: BRS is ok 11. Physiology: BRS physio Add extra points to Kaplan 5.NMS series And above all. Good luck to all. Q book kaplans +/. First Aid . Biostats: NMS 12. God bless us all. Anatomy: High Yield (HY) for neuro. Pharmacology: Lippinott 7. Kaplan notes . histo and gross 4.