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IBM Growth Markets
External Presentation
GMU External Relations
April 2012

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Overview of contents
IBM’s growth markets focus
+ Market drivers
+ Opportunity
+ Structure & investment
IBM Growth Markets strategy
+ Market Expansion
+ IT Infrastructure development
+ Industry leadership
Smarter Planet
+ Smarter Cities

Generating value
+ Business model
+ Corporate responsibility
+ GMU facts

Over the past decade, IBM has sustained
leadership by pursuing the most transformational
opportunities, inventing the breakthrough
technologies to capture them and building an
organization able to deliver superior results over
the long term.
Today IBM is pursuing a roadmap laid out to
2015 targeting $20 billion in top line revenue
growth from four growth initiatives: Growth
Markets, Cloud, Business Analytics and Smarter


IBM GMU External Relations 2012

Demand for technology & infrastructure is driving growth markets


Russia has committed a spend of
$400bn on 304 infrastructure
projects by 2015—and $300B on
railways by 2030

Emerging markets infrastructure is
expected to benefit from: $6 trillion
in government and private
spending by 2013

Argentina’s investment in energy
is about $740 million and it has a
target of 8% of its energy to be
sourced from renewables by 2016

In Africa, 2012 onwards FDI
inflows are forecasted to increase
to $150 billion. The decade 20002010 saw it increase by 87%

India power sector needs
investment of $ 230 billion
between 2012 to 2017

China is expected to build some
1,000 gigawatts of new powergeneration capacity over the next
15 years
Source: EIU 2011

Understanding growth market characteristics Developing skills & talent 5 5 Assessing the market opportunity Making markets Investments that support growth Brand eminence .Understanding and building business in growth markets requires focus and investment .

IBM is relying on market expansion to drive 32% of new GMU growth.Growth from new markets Growth in IT will come from new markets that are emerging at an astonishing rate. they are leapfrogging to new technologies. Revenue from growth markets will approach 30% of total IBM revenue by 2015. 6 IBM GMU External Relations 2012 . To relieve the strain on inadequate infrastructure.

” . Jim Bramante Senior Vice President IBM Growth Markets 7 We believe this calls for new operating models. new ways of innovating. -.Developing new markets for growth “The IMF expects emerging markets to contribute over 80% of world GDP growth in 2012”. To be sustainable a business must be built on intellect. And in our growth markets. as countries and businesses grapple with urban migration of levels unknown in the developed world and with demands from citizens – urban and rural – to deliver solutions with unprecedented speed to connect people and business. new ways of serving clients and we believe IBM’s proven experience and advanced expertise will help public and private enterprise to move quickly to adapt to these new dynamics. this is particularly the case. imagination. we remain driven by our founder's vision.The Economist “As IBM begins our second century. problem solving. transformation and innovation. It’s in growth markets that some of the most complex challenges and opportunities exist.

IBM does business in more than 147 countries in Growth Markets: Global Headquarters in Shanghai Eight Growth Market Teams Central & Eastern Europe Middle East Africa Korea Greater China Latin America 8 India South Asia ASEAN Australia. New Zealand .

New Zealand Andrew Stevens 9 .IBM does business in more than 147 countries in Growth Markets: Global Headquarters in Shanghai Eight Growth Market Teams Eight regional leaders Central & Eastern Europe David Stokes Korea Middle East Africa HS Lee Takreem el Tohamy Greater China DC Chien Latin America Elly Keinan India South Asia Shanker Annaswamy ASEAN Cordelia Chung Australia.

10 .

Significant investment in infrastructure & skills are required to deliver high value systems. solutions and services to clients A Globally Integrated Enterprise delivers the same services & solutions 24/7 Global Delivery Center Software & Hardware Lab Russia Poland Research Lab Innovation Center Cloud Computing Center Czech Republic Slovakia Romania Hungary Micro-financing Hub Turkey Natural Resources South Korea Egypt Morocco Telecommunications Mexico Rail Philippines Health Energy Vietnam India Malaysia Peru Brazil Singapore Finance Retail Public Sector 11 Australia Argentina South Africa .

The Africa revolution nobody should ignore.Key IBM 2011 investments announced in Growth Markets IBM to build Cloud Computing Data Center with local China firm IBM advances analytics skills program to global universities 12 IBM GMU External Relations 2012 IBM opens first server remanufacturing center in China IBM sets up services integration hub in Changi. IBM’s invests big across African countries. Singapore IBM establishes Science & Technology Center within the Skolkovo Innovation Center in Moscow. .

000 Business Partners • In 2011.000+ professional certifications held by 44. Co-marketing investments supported 600+ Business Partners • Systems technology group spends over $5M annually transforming the partner ecosystem • Access to over 20 innovation centers.Over $1B investments in business partners across growth markets We’re investing in partners across growth markets • Over 50. 8 cloud labs and 2 cloud datacenters • 133.000+ partners in 2011 .

IBM Growth Markets strategies Market Expansion Making new markets beyond capital cities Prioritized 20 Countries 14 IT Infrastructure Development High-end Systems Software solutions Large Services Projects Industry Leadership Investing in skills Leading in key industries Smarter Cities .

IBM has selected 20 countries key for business growth based on a range of variables • IT Market Size & Growth • IT as a % of GDP • Macro-economic • Business Environment • Political Environment • Human Capital • Physical Infrastructure • Economic Recovery • Government Effectiveness Russia Czech Republic Poland Saudi Arabia UAE China Vietnam Mexico Thailand Brazil South Korea Taiwan Philippines Singapore India Malaysia Indonesia Australia Chile South Africa .

Africa. high-growth cities in Brazil. Russia.IBM’s Geographic Expansion Initiative IBM currently has over 250 branches in more than 60 growth market countries IBM plans to open new branches across all growth market regions in 2012 and through to 2015 IBM's Geographic Expansion initiative includes smaller. India. Latin America. Rio with >$500M IT opportunity each . China and Central Europe as well as emerging economies in Middle East. Brasilia. ASEAN and Eastern Europe 16 IBM GMU External Relations 2012 China: India: ASEAN: Brazil: 80% IT opportunity outside major cities 63% IT opportunity outside major cities 72% IT opportunity outside capital cities 6 metro areas outside Sao Paulo.

Making markets is making news in growth markets African Banks Turn to IBM to Support New Wave of Innovation in Banking Services IBM signs agreements with leading Kenyan banks as financial institutions across Africa invest in smarter banking solutions IBM Opens 30th Branch Office in China Increases the number of growth market branches by 140 percent over the past 10 years .

underpinned by Smarter Cities. signed a cooperation deal with IBM Vietnam to provide cloud computing-based solutions and services for local businesses. majority 40 years and under • GDP growth to average 6% annually • 2011 investments included Global Services Integration Hub. BAO and Cloud Market Expansion Growing demand for advanced banking systems and major investments in telco and energy Lac Viet Computing Joint Stock Co. selling leading brands in apparel. . rapidly growing CITIES across ASEAN • IBM will open its 7th Innovation Center in Singapore making it the leading innovation hub of Asia • 18 Across the region. focus on banking and finance. Global Digital Niaga. home furnishings among others. the Asia Pacific Cloud Computing Data Centre. and the Smarter Cities Research Collaboratory 2012 top investments and priorities • IBM will open several new branches in smaller.com. electronic equipment. healthcare. government. cosmetics.ASEAN • Population surpassed 550 million. a subsidiary of Djarum Group today launched its new online customer sales website called Blibli. The website uses IBM software to deliver a personalized and more interactive shopping experience for Indonesians. telecommunications.

6 million dollar contract to design and build Australia’s National Authentication Service for Health (NASH) project. public sector and energy & utilities industries Dominated by services sector. . telecommunications. telecommunications. with GDP forecast to grow by 3.NBN appointed IBM to implement and manage the core business and operational support systems required to operate Australia’s. Australia’s National Broadband Network . and education infrastructure to expand Australia's supply capacity 2012 top investments and priorities • Expansion in Western Australia and Queensland support focus on natural resources industry • Continued focus on banking & finance.Australia & New Zealand Market Expansion • 2011 investments included R&D lab in Australia and a Cloud Data Center in New Zealand • Economic recovery is strengthening. transport.25% in 2011-2012 and 20122013 • Both the federal and state governments have recognized the need to invest heavily in water. ports. agricultural & mining sectors account for bulk of exports National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) appointed IBM to transform Australia’s health system and help to drive smarter healthcare delivery in an A$23.

1% vs 4. Located on the university's Moscow campus. training and infrastructure Guarantee Fund Turns to IBM to Create Smarter Car Insurance System in Bulgaria: IBM’s Smarter Computing solution brings drivers and insurance companies faster customer service. government and telecommunications • Drive growth from long term transformational engagements An increased emphasis on innovation-related projects driving demand for IT equipment. 10 Leading Banks in Central & Eastern Europe turn to IBM to Support Business Transformation: IBM announced details of 10 Smarter Computing Deals.3% in 2011 • Investment in infrastructure development in Russia to 2020 will surpass US$1 trillion 2012 top investments and priorities • Increase footprint in high-growth cities and regions through Geographic Expansion initiative • Key sectors for investment are banking. the center will be home to a unique educational program giving students the chance to explore and apply IBM's latest technologies and solutions to improve the management of urban infrastructure and support the development of smarter cities. Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU) in partnership with IBM announced the opening of a Smarter Cities Development and Education Center in Russia – the first of its kind in the region. .Central & Eastern Europe • Bucharest Systems Laboratory opened in Romania as a facility for Systems Networking • A multipurpose Cloud Computing center opened in Poland • Poland’s IT market is expected to accelerate and grow in 2012 at 7. decreased levels of fraud and lower insurance premiums.

.China and People’s Hospital.2 billion) 2012 top investments and priorities • Further expansion into inland cities • Launch of a lab in Taiwan (Taipei) with focus on Internet of Things.Greater China • Power consumption rose 11.8 percent • Continued growth momentum in the mobile. with an investment of RMB 1. 3G. The growth in 2012 is expected to slow to 8. Retail. YLZInfo will expand services in Fujian Province to seven more Chinese provinces allowing them to construct a citizen livelihood service information network covering 300 million people. treatment and research. The ePC3 system. internet and broadband sectors • The Chinese government has pledged 850 billion yuan (US$124 billion) for a healthcare reform • The Chinese government is making fierce investments in cloud initiatives. Peking University People’s Hospital is being supported by IBM to build an evidence-based patient centric care (ePC3) system that will enable cooperation and sharing among medical services providers for improved patient care. developed by scientists at IBM Research .7 percent year-onyear. The government is making US$$173. Telecommunications. Healthcare.to support Chinese government's priorities.1 trillion ($173. Rail. Insurance and Automotive -. • Focus on Banking.5 percent • China’s largest online retailers expect sales to as much as triple in 2012 as urban per capita income rose 7. will provide better clinical decision support at the point of care by offering a comprehensive overview of a patients’ health data as well as best practices from previous diagnoses.2B worth of investments in cloud initiatives Yi Lian Zhong Information is working with IBM to build a cloud computing platform that will improve the life of citizens in China via an online portal for a variety of social services. Energy & Utilities.

Natural Resources. has engaged IBM to provide a roadmap to make its greenfield township. IBM will remotely host and manage the IT and networking infrastructures of the bank while also implementing the InfrasoftTech OMNIEnterprise™ core banking solution.2B Nawanagar Co-op Bank Ltd. . Wave Inc.2bilion 2012 investments & priorities 22 • Aggressively accelerate Market Expansion with new branches in smaller.India / South Asia • The region expanded its branch offices by a further 18 IBM branches outside tier 1 & 2 cities • IT spend was anticipated to reach US$ 5. Manufacturing Market Expansion Demand for IT products & services expected to double by 2015 to US$41.4 billion by the close of 2011 • The US$ 10 billion Indian e-commerce market is expanding exponentially • India's domestic aviation market expansion has been the strongest in the world • Market for IT products and services expected to double by 2015 to US$41. a Smarter Township. As part of the agreement. Chose IBM’s Smart Cloud Resilience Service for core banking solution to the bank in partnership with Infrasoft Technologies. Insurance. Wave City. Located in Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh State). The 4500 acre township will be one of the first urban developments in the country residents keeping operating costs low and maintaining high levels of service. rapidly-growing cities across India/South Asia • Focused investments: Banking. Wave City is among the largest integrated township development projects in India’s National Capital Region. one of India’s leading diversified business groups.

Increase productivity. to build the optimized mobile business environment. . Telecommunications Continuation of government "expansionary macroeconomic measures” to counter global and local challenges E-Mart E-Mart . Government.Mobile Office System the largest retailer in Korea chose IBM to undertake their mobile office project for E-Mart. IBM's mobile office system is designed for utilizing smartphone and will provide the comprehensive services for an optimal working environment. client satisfaction and enhanced collaboration are expected through this system. E-Trade Securities selected IBM’s Power System as the hardware platform to establish its next-generation system.Korea • The 2012 government budget concentrates on welfare and job creation and allocated 60% of the total for stimulus spending in the first six months of the year in the face of expected economic problems. • Country aims to gain 10% of the global cloud services market by 2014 through development of Korean cloud computing facilities • More than 70 percent of its 48 million population carries one or more mobile handsets 2012 top investments and priorities • Expanding into an addtional 19 cities across Korea • Focus on Banking & Finance. following its business expansion to become a comprehensive securities company.

healthcare. and integrate real-time information from across multiple city systems to foster collaborative decisionmaking . • Will become an increasingly important oil producer by 2015 and an important component of the emerging Atlantic Basin energy system LA’s income per person has doubled in 20 years & governments will invest US$450B in infrastructure by 2015 Nieves de Chapetlco in Argentina selected IBM to develop a solution to enable rack skiers in real time and speed up rescues 2012 top investments and priorities • Expand the IBM footprint through geo-expansion initiative in LA countries • Lead industry agenda/discussion in banking. software and high end systems In Rio de Janeiro. analyze and act on information about city systems and services.Latin America • Four cities in Latin America are within the 25 most populated in the world (Mexico City. a third of the world's unused land suitable for farming. retail and telco • Drive transformational value for our clients through services. has capacity and potential to help solve global food crisis.. Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro). Sao Paulo. natural resources. Brazil. energy & utilities. • Net food exporter accounts for 10% of global agricultural exports. city managers apply the technology through a unified operations center to accurately gather. analyze real-time information to better model and anticipate problems.

fixed and mobile operators are seeking new ways to generate revenue and boost profits • Islamic finance industry is currently valued at $1 trillion worldwide. African Banks turn to IBM to support new wave of Innovation in Banking Services . a fully owned subsidiary of Emirates NBD. Tanfeeth. 2012 top investments and priorities • Continued geo expansion across MEA • Focus on Banking. advanced analytics and more stringent regulation * IDC The King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST). Oil & Gas • Investment by CSC/ESC teams throughout MEA 2012 finance sector trends in MEA: mobile devices. announced a long term strategic agreement with IBM to support Tanfeeth as the Gulf Cooperation Council's (GCC) first shared services organization. which could significantly reduce water and energy costs. More banks in the region are moving towards Islamic banking as a response to a sustainable business model. Saudi Arabia’s national research and development organization. social media. deliver service excellence across the entire business value chain. Telco. the UAE's largest bank. Public Sector.Middle East & Africa • Soaring demand and rapid industrial developments enabled the region to continue as the most dynamic power sectors in the world • As telecoms markets approach saturation.IBM signed agreements with leading Kenyan banks as financial institutions across Africa invest in smarter banking solutions . announced a research collaboration with IBM aimed at creating a water desalination plant powered by solar electricity.

6% in 2012 Luanda • Large Companies: More than 75 companies’ revenues over $3B Johannesburg Cape Town Durban IBM priorities • Expanding into Africa by doubling offices by 2015 • Smarter Cities events to take place in many countries • IBM has developed strong competencies in Banking. Oil & Gas • Investments made in education and business & technology skills development • IBM will double the amount of Corporate & Executive Service Corps teams working in African countries in 2012 • Growing Middle Class: By 2015. 87M households (34% pop) in the middle income group • Critical Mass in Cities: 52 cities of over 1M people (more than Europe) • Largest Working Age Population: By 2040 to exceed 1.5 .Africa is poised for a wave of modernization and industry infrastructure developments Algiers Tunis Tripoli Rabat Casablanca Africa is the fastest urbanising continent in the world and must provide energy to meet annual urban growth rate twice as high as Asia and Latin America Key statistics Dakar Lagos Accra Nairobi Dar Es Salaam • Africa’s $107B financial services industry will log impressive growth for the rest of the decade • Economy estimated to grow 5. Public Sector.1B (> China or India) . Telco.

. not a complete list of all IBM branches. ** Representative only. 27 Central Eastern Europe Sofia Zagreb Prague Brno Ostrava Tallinn Budapest Almaty Riga Vilnius Warsaw Wroclaw Krakow Gdansk Katowice Poznan Bucharest Timisoara Ufa Kazan Rostov-on-Don Samara Perm Novosibirrsk Krasnoyarsk Moscow St Petersburg Ekaterinburg Belgrade Bratislava Banska Bystrica Kosice Ljubljana Ankara Istanbul Izmir Dnepropetrovsk Kiev Tashkent Greater China Group Beijing Hong Kong Taipei Hefei Xiamen Chongqing Shanghai Beijing Tianjin Fuzhou Guangzhou Shenzhen Nanjing Harbin Shijiazhuang Wuhan Zhengzou Changsha Changchun Nanning Suzhou Nanchang Shenyang Dalian Taiyuah Qingdao Jinan Xi’an Chengdu Urumchi Kunming Hangzhou Ningbo India South Asia Chandigarh Dehradun Delhi Gurgaon Noida Jaipur Lucknow Guwahati Ahmedabad Indore Mumbai Kolkata Pune Bhubaneshwar Hyderabad Vizag Bangalore Chennai Coimbatore Kochi Nasik Colombo Dakkar Korea Seoul Daejeon Daegu Kwangju Pusan Latin America Buenos Aires Cordoba Rosario Rio de Janeiro Salvador Fortalez Belo Horizonte Uberlandia Recife Curitiba Porto Alegre Campinas Joinville Anto fogasta Medellin Cali Guayaquil Guadalajara Monterrey Queretaro Lima Middle East Africa Luanda Qatar Alexandria Cairo Accra Nairobi Casablanca Port Louis Lagos Karachi Islamabad Lahore Riyadh Dakar Johannesburg Pretoria Durban Cape Town Port Elizabeth Bloemfontein Dar es Salaam Tunis Abu Dhabi Dubai Ouangadougou N’Djamena Kinshasa Libreville Accra Lilongwe Antananarivo Niamey Seychelles Freetown Kampala Lusaka .Australia New Zealand Brisbane Sydney Auckland Perth Adelaide Hobart Ballarat Melbourne Wellington Christchurch Lower Hutt ASEAN Bandar Seri Begawan Jakarta Surabaya Medan Makassar Manila Cebu Chiangmai Bangkok Pattaya DaNang Ho Chi Minh City IBM has established presence in many Growth Market countries..

‘Simplifying’ technology for companies is key to IBM’s growth .

IBM ushers in a simpler era of computing introducing "expert integrated systems” – PureSystems The world’s first family of expert integrated systems Infrastructure System: Expert at sensing and anticipating resource needs to optimize your infrastructure 29 IBM GMU External Relations 2012 Platform System: Expert at optimally deploying and running applications for rapid time-to-value .

IBM PureSystems integration by design for clients Deployment Applications Middleware Development Optimizes the complete solution stack: • All hardware and software components factory integrated and optimized • Single point of unified lifecycle management • Integrated monitoring & maintenance • Integrated and elastic application and data runtimes Management • Application patterns allocate system resources for optimal performance. security and reliability • Fully virtualized and built for cloud • Storage tuned to data needs Virtualization Storage Servers Networking 30 IBM GMU External Relations 2012 .

and integrated cloud environment Optimize Consolidate 31 IBM GMU External Relations 2012 Innovate Accelerate Cloud .IBM PureSystems enable multiple client initiatives Using a consistent. standardized approach Optimize Innovate Better tune and automate systems and applications to improve application performance. scalability and reliability More rapidly deliver new applications and services to meet new business needs Consolidate Accelerate Cloud More efficiently consolidate systems and applications to reduce operating expenses Launch self-service applications efficiently in a secure.

services and brands. India. Japan and via Watson Retail Helping retailers to both "hear" the global conversation about their products. Government Enabling agencies of all kinds to immediately answer citizens' questions on myriad issues. Quadrupling HP patents & leading Oracle’s total six times over 1000 researchers Dedicated to services and business analytics Banking & Financial Markets 500 patents Providing automated and intelligent investment advisory services in emerging and mature markets. and then determine the right next best action. from zoning regulations to eligibility for specific services. . Israel. business and IT for a better world 19th year IBM leads patents Healthcare Creating a massively intelligent physician’s assistant that compares the symptoms of an individual patient with millions of related case histories. On business analytics each year developed by Services Innovation Lab Leading Innovation 200 universities Are working with IBM on curriculum and training for business analytics 18 first-of-a-kind projects Since 2010 IBM has been working with clients on breakthrough business analytics topics Working with Clients IBM research in growth markets New labs in 2011 in Australia and Brazil.IBM Research is IBM’s market differentiator – pushing boundaries of science. adding to growth market research in China.

Research: new innovations and Research & demo Commercialization Future technologies .

Analytics is enabling clients with trusted and relevant information in REAL TIME • For each industry the journey consists of a series of steps along a path of competencies to reach a smarter outcome for organizations • The power to pull together many sources of data in real time to source actionable insights and optimize clients’ business • Revenue IBM generated from Analytics solutions grew 16% from 2010 Through to 2015. more than 85% of Fortune 500 organizations will fail to exploit ‘big data’ for competitive advantage --Gartner Predictions 2012 34 IBM GMU External Relations 2012 .

8 times the 2010 revenue Cloud Enablement technologies IBMSmartCloud IBMSmartCloud Services Managed Cloud Services Solutions Cloud Business Solutions Infra & platform as a Service Software & Business Process as a Service Commitment to open standards & broad ecosystems IBM GMU External Relations 2012 .IBM has developed capabilities that improve visibility. control and automation of cloud computing services IBMSmartCloud Business Process as a Service Software as a Service Platform as a Service Infrastructure as a Service 80% of the Fortune 500 use IBM cloud computing capabilities IBMSmartCloud Foundation Private & Hybrid Clouds IBM generated 3.

IBM response IBM response • Citizen demand • Disaster response • Broadband for education • Border control & immigration 36 • Core banking for customer demand • Analytics for risk and fraud • Private & hybrid cloud IBM GMU External Relations 2012 IBM response IBM response • EH&S requirements • Pressure on grid infrastructure • Asset control and operational efficiency IBM response • Customer experience demand • Cloud infrastructure • Enterprise mobility solutions • Infrastructure for new markets • Traffic prediction & congestion charging analytics • Contractor network management • Transport logistics for speed & efficiency .

By ‘smarter’ we mean the world is becoming instrumented. interconnected and intelligent. 37 .

IBM is working to improve the quality & efficiency of services and how they operate and function. healthcare. 38 IBM GMU External Relations 2012 .A city is essentially a system of systems— transportation. To enable a Smarter City. public safety and education.


Smarter Planet principles deliver client value by solving industry specific problems Enable business service and product innovation Increase agility Drive enterprise operations' effectiveness and efficiency Connect and empower people Manage risk. security and compliance Turn information into insights .

Argentina Curitiba. China New Taipei City. India Toluca. Morocco The Smarter Cities Challenge is a competitive grant program awarding $50 million worth of IBM expertise over the next three years to 100 cities around the globe. Designed to address the challenges facing cities today. Ghana Nairobi. Thailand Cheongju.Investing in cities. India Pune. Mexico Rosario. Korea Nanjing. Australia Jurong Lake District. Colombia Accra. Brazil Medellin. . Singapore Da Nang. creating a Smarter Planet Smarter Cities Challenge Award 2012 Geraldton. these grants have addressed topics from urban agriculture to public safety. Vietnam Chonburi. Kenya Tshwane. South Africa Rabat. Taiwan Ahmedabad.

IBM is now a software powerhouse with leading positions in nearly all categories.” Morgan Stanley March 2012 .. Global Business Services Global Technology Services Global Process Services Global Finance “With over 60 acquisitions since 2005. which our analysis of 103 Gartner Magic Quadrants identified. But there are also several white spaces..IBM’s portfolio of solutions are designed to help clients solve their critical business problems 42 Brands Acquisitions Development Business Partners IBM GMU External Relations 2012 Services Systems Technology Group Research Business Partners Software Hardware IBM has more leadership positions than key competitors.

equating to more than 1000 person years of service in just this last year . community investment and education development. services and expertise to help solve some of the world’s most complex problems.Integrating corporate citizenship & social responsibility into every aspect of IBM IBM engages with communities around the world by offering our technology. Empowering employees to serve their communities We identify and act on new opportunities to apply our technology and expertise to societal problems such as disaster response. we’ve developed a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to corporate citizenship aligned to IBM’s values. In 2011 IBMers around the world pledged more than 3 million hours of service to their communities. Over the 100 years of IBM’s history.

44 .

Pro-bono business and community service builds foundational relationships at city levels Corporate & Executive Service Corps Deployments 2008-2011 & plans for 2012 Russia Poland Romania Kazakhstan Turkey China Morocco Egypt UAE Mexico India Ghana Nigeria Colombia Kenya Brazil Tanzania Peru 2008-2011 Argentina Vietnam Thailand Senegal Chile Bangladesh CSC ESC 2012 CSC ESC South Africa * Sri Lanka Philippines Cambodia Malaysia Indonesia .

China and Africa to encourage the training of skills required. helping to develop long terms skills curriculums like SSME.Evolving the IBM corporation through talent & skills IBM is making long term investments to develop talent for the growth markets Government Partnerships Global Placements & Mentoring By helping governments to establish new national research facilities. Malaysia. Bulgaria. Brazil.000 universities and 10. Egypt. Transferring knowledge and expertise to the growth markets is critical. One of the ways we do this is to move experts into the market to coach and train local teams. 46 IBM GMU External Relations 2012 Collaboration with Universities IBM works with 5. Russia. .000 faculties around the globe. India. we are helping to create new industries. We have joint initiatives and investments with universities in Vietnam.

Sydney Revenue: $106. Shanghai.9 billion Net income: $15.4 billion Number of employees (worldwide): 426. Dubai.751 Stockholders of record: 525. Prague. NY.9 billion Total assets: $116.Growth Markets are key to IBM’s roadmap for success in 2015 Company facts & financials Headquarters: Armonk. Beijing.870 * All dollar figures are US Total countries: 140+ . Sao 2011 year-end from continuing worldwide operations Paulo. USA CEO: Virginia M Rometty Chairman: Samuel J Palmisano Growth Markets GMU Headquarters: Jin Mao Tower. China Senior Vice President: Jim Bramante Regional offices: Bangalore. Singapore. Seoul.

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